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Q&A With Koloff- #61

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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March 22, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #61

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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March 22, 2022 1:00 am

Today's episode features Nikita speaking with former professional wrestler Lodi of "Raven's Flock"

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network is one welcome to another episode Q&A with welcome back to another segment of questions and answers with coal off Q&A with coal off the cuticle fear the devil's nightmare, and I have a special treat for Q&A today, my man, the loading monster a.k.a. Brad Kane, Lodi, welcome to Q&A with coal off the old board of the well, it's a it's a pleasure having you on the show and I know we talked on on the man up show and you just got such an amazing story.

I'm like I have to have him on that show as well and in so on Q&A today. I know you know on that show I asked you a lot of questions to give you on this show is kind of reverse give you the opportunity to ask me questions, but before we jump into that so just be thinking about a couple questions. It could be all can be life related. It can be rested related. It can be ministry related.

You know, whatever you want to froth and hopefully I'll have an answer for your fair enough. There will before we do that though on the man up show we we talked about right. It's kind of the tail end of the show for all those who may have listened that no just got about a brief story of you as as a Christ follower heard a lot about your wrestling career and your success with WCW world championship wrestling.

The fact that you're even active today in your personal training wrestling school you got a lot going on but share share with our listeners how how you went from growing up in church and and I think the word that comes to mind. Lodi is distracted so you got by success you got distracted. I think you said even as far away from the church and away from a relationship with with with God. But then something true you back to tell our listeners this year that some of that story with our listeners and I'm blessed and thankful to have one. Great me and I jokingly always say we have an open door to the church door was open. We were there. It is a matter of the morning. The night Wednesday night Bible study Saturday night potluck dinner, we were always in church and in hindsight a look back at the best of my young life. But as I graduated college and got into professional wrestling and in my mind made it and the money and fame and the things that came along with being as we always carved the start. I really did get as far away from my walk with Jesus in my in my Christian walk is I could have probably had a really hard time with drugs and alcohol and leaned on the whiteboard have been Supported where which a lot of French funerals who had overdosed or committed suicide while just could not so blinded myself by the abuse I was little of his 81, the matter of thinking about how Michael to get over that you know how how can I do more tomorrow yeah and in hindsight it is hard to have a conversation now that that I'm sober and not be embarrassed by it because I know now in hindsight. Looking back on my problems.

I was in and I remember being an addict until people I'm not hurting both of myself told me Mikita I still time from everybody you care about that kind figured out how to get loading the rehab Lodi curriculum begun to fade Lodi my friends that cared about me, they would call each other good night at the time.

Further, their life got them talk about me and my problems and you don't see that when you're the drug addict, but I don't realize all people around you so that I get that I realized I still so much time for my mom for my friend to buy my close friends multiple times try to give me help in the only way I can never repay that love them about God, you know, at the height of my wrestling career with more money to know what you're coming from a poor upbringing in the world aren't type background. It was a shock and I didn't necessarily know how to spend it in but I never felt the feeling was that there is never enough bind $500 certain think I'm cool with $500 hurt me this ridiculous and hard against the right after I left TV and and toward some overseas and I just realized I had really let myself and I had to get sober I was to be dead and available rehab center and an outpatient thing and index cleanup drugs, then I come across addictive, which a lot of addicts do drink okay and justify that Michael Wilde overdosed on drugs when I could possibly kill me it would take a lot of alcohol when I can kill me? Our club.

I got a little paper there just as I have yet to justify it yet though. But one of my personal training client invited church a couple times never push that all may not have been the church year Michael back to church in just a couple times drop that to not put on your nothing will hang out, but if you want to your church on Sunday. I put your opponent one Sunday in. I really enjoyed what I heard it in all honesty I was probably still hung over from the night before and both church and started going to church in an wonderful pastor who spoke to my heart spoke to me like the pastor had before looking teaching more so than preaching at me and I realized the glaucoma life just how far away I had gotten from Jesus and how much I needed him in my life that big gaping hole that I've been trying to fill with drugs and alcohol and money and stuff right. It was never going to be filled until I went back to him and then know I'm coming up on August of this year.

I would be totally clean and sober now for 12 years now. I saw Celtic growth. Before that, though the people that they, like, you could go 12 minutes with Tri-County gold and got wonderful people in my life to help me and then my pastor has aligned I don't know. Can the in the midst of my highest drug user alcoholism, it would've helped me but I hear it now, and I'm in agreement with anything you know you're an addict you will stay in addict do you find something you love more and I finally realized Mike, I love Jesus a lot more than I love you drop it it that that that help keep me sober a lot of what you I don't love alcohol is now called the though and you and I because before, but the more I give myself to him the more black I felt with my life and do some really cool thing that I know the only reason I was able to do those things you love his blessing, like nothing I did. You know I can play what one will work out getting the body to give you the breath of you would like to support call for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 to Cumulus's adoration of thinking dollars McEwing wrestling set for $100 more, you will include a signed copy of the tale of the ring a lot.donate today green vinyl tile from the top right number one thing this is the cuticle that I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon.

1230 on the truth that were my walkway be an addict walk away, you run back to Jesus. He moved always been there, right it's it's like that story of it to say one-time you know the husband-wife are driving in the car was back in the days of of something I remember with cars at a bench seat in the front of bench seat so you can visualize that the bucket seats. No snow counsel in the middle bench seat right and he went with them with with metal you know right right so so just to try to visualize with the Sierra bench seat old-style car bench seat and in the mail would always open the drivers door and she jump in and slot slide just far enough or he could still turn the steering will write it so fast forward 25 years later there celebrating there was silver and anniversary. I guess her name is the golden anniversary 50 years anyway at some point she has a she she asked. She asked the man she was. Hey hot how can we don't sit right next to each other anymore and he kinda pauses and he looks at her reflection as well.

He told the story will go to get this picture in your mind goes well, I've never moved right so slid over further further and further editors that you like tongue-in-cheek and illustration is God never moves right he's always told the wheel where the ones who move away from him never to never leave us nor forsake us right so well know that that's that's powerful. I really want our listeners to hear that part of your life that that side of the story how how you really were. I mean it, and for others. Lessee out there who may right now be struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. I love you know some other you know I addiction to know as you listen the Lodi story that you two can be set free and he heard what he said. He said God is fall more in love with Jesus now than anything else. And so you just know that that if you struggle something out there you're struggling with some sort of an addiction, food addiction, whatever that you can be set free Lodi as living proof of that, and they let let's do this then I appreciate you sharing that partier story and there's so much more. We we could say but I want to give you the opportunity and in just a kind of reverse roles here and and let you know maybe asked me a question or two and will will light up the conversation little bit here and and and and so the floor is yours Lodi go ahead through a question or two out there.

I'll see if I have an answer will start out with the rental equipment guide people correctly Skype was the most difficult guy you have read work with this podcast is made possible by the grace of God, your faithful prayers and generous. May God bless you for your donate your listening to the Truth Network and cool man, that's a really really good question to me for the most part, you know, I really tried to really is much as possible. Even if I didn't necessarily belong with the personality of the other guy, which as you and I both know sometimes that does happen. Personnel personalities do clash with weather and absolutely whether the squared circle or or and under the roof of of a family somebody's house right personality clash.

But that said probably that the for me who I had you I had to guard myself. If you want to say or protect myself the most from was was from Van Bader. Big big big Bader you don't have who had a history of of being reckless and in injuring guys and in fact my very last match in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1992 of them at the November was against big ventilator where he injured my neck and then lo and behold I did note to the next day I had a hernia for picking up his you know bingo you love lard but you know for 40 for 500 pounds and and there were certain moves he did. I think I think because friends was called like a power bomb or something like that and I was like dude I go, that ain't happening on the Russian nightmare if you can do that. I noticed, but will find another finishing move for you and I value the health of my body so I would say probably Vader as far as far as reckless goes couple the strongest guys the course. The road warriors probably go without mentioning and the barbarian were some of the just raw strength of God right know and I know you been to the ring with a barbarian. I think I'm at, you I have you noted what he would know what we talked about God throughout their note how how you work with black hole met we we got shot.

We had dozens and dozens itů Yeah, I lost count is what people realizes back then you could just about work much every nighter 1986 at work 454 matches.

So at a lot of that's right. Let's high off here and I am the first annual MorningStar men's conference August 25 of the 27 man, it's time to have a phenomenal lineup, including NBA All-Star how would superstars like David Jason fed him a better brothers Gen. Jerry Boykin will renowned businesslike sheltie Chris Reeve Dr. Richter intercourse. Yours truly registered early. You do not want to miss this and start here's my thing. I first started out of the flock there were a couple times where you recollect why I would not mind what would be good for the ball read that right.

I love that you end up with the torture that is solaria. It happened you know, maybe mentor.

I don't know when a good somebody yeah you know my character.

Whatever by love to hate.

So who ever lived in the ring if they did something to Lodi they got the character everybody love to hate is awesome. You another heal but think Bob you think you're like multi-paper always but I remember how easy like got me up for it and I didn't. That way my company right being a note in the gym would like one thing I'll always remember about him was he somehow me but I come to look multiple times with him. He only got stronger. The longer the workout with crazy and he will tell.

Slight liking is a health segment at our man camps that he and I co-facilitated right it is a health segment and you say guys you probably not gonna believe this, but my physique and the way I look back then was about 95% of what I ate 5% of my working out so think about that how crazy that is right and I know you know that you you are in you you you look amazing. You really do it and it. I know a lot of it is I watch you eat or or or or not eat it anyway. Anyway, hate we could go to another question with another question, okay.

It will run through quick it in a short minute minute half your big take away from the Bible cool. I usually get give me a minute or minute have to to talk about how to make you make you do a quick that you do a quick wit you got make here here as well so so so the word worship, prayer is 333. The main through the many things I focus on being in the word get the word hide the word in my heart that I might not sin against him so word instrumented to spend time just soaking in worship. That's not even the silly singing songs. Although I do that just soaking in worship and then my quiet time I might like Jesus drew away you know weather is up to the mountaintop or or just to a quiet place and just focusing on intimacy with him developing a genuine you talk about you love you love Jesus more. You love alcohol morning, love, drugs, morning of yelling out so falling in love with him it and just been having conversations with him and make sure to dialogue, not just a monologue.

In other words if not just talking to him or praying but but also waiting and listening to what he has to say to me you did a great job right. Thank you, thank you party want to have this type have another wet wrestling question, how do how do you want to have the segment today. Yeah, your answer wasn't proposed a good job yeah I got your voicemail and leave me a voicemail but don't go look that up to see the look I have a college education like you, but I still had to go Google the word verbose like what the heck said even call your voicemail. You may leave your message but don't make it verbose on my what the hack and II figured I anyway what one final question for today a Q&A with Zoloft, go for anybody that came after your career become 92,000 today would be a wise man to go back to the 80s. Digital magazines really touted wrestlemania what else Hogan versus Cole off right.

What if what if you know that the minister menacing Russian nightmare against CAV and All-American Hulk Hogan. Whatever. Certainly Hogan. Certainly Hogan would now say it over. This couple at me that the rock I think it a good match against Iraq against AAA H and even what IMA funder Russell, Shawn Michaels, and in the module macho Man Randy Savage jumping the right, the macho man so those stars are few days but there's there's there's others, but those are few names all throughout their so and why why we supply so that the Y would be. I just think it would've been fun fun for the fans and just fun for me. Looking back, to know why I had the opportunity get in the ring with some of the biggest megastars in wrestling in the golden era of wrestling so that's the why you did, you did so well listen and listen you are you are amazing in an adjustment so fond just didn't get to know you over the years and and kudos. Hey, let's do this. How could people find Lodi.

How can they learn more about Iressa school. Your personal training in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you go to your field, all one word. Your neighbor Jim has a lower layer social media Bradley Kane on Facebook and then I got my twitter my grandpa Lodi one Brad pretty easy to find Lodi in search of pushing another gossip absolutely world championship dressing ravens flock to the man of the hour. Lodi monster hashtag Lodi monster hey thanks for joining me today on Q&A questions and answers the call off Brad Minnick you great God bless you my friend, this show is made possible by the grace of God in your faithful prayer support generous God bless your donate the cuticle welfare. If you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem sure to check them out today that W, S, M.

C. The number because you are number one this is the Truth Network

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