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Tim Sethna- Victory thru Restoration

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 29, 2022 1:00 am

Tim Sethna- Victory thru Restoration

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 29, 2022 1:00 am

Nikita sits down with good friend Tim Sethna in today's episode. Tim explains how much of an impact Nikita has been in his life as his body and heart changed physically and spiritually.

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Joanne McNair with the podcast storytime Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

Once the washing night.

No jumbles were start in your tagteam partner Sheila call time will go back okay to call off the nightmare here with the mat up show excited to go. As we rolled into 2022 very strong and powerful way, bringing you a message and hopefully conversations that are impacting your life and maybe others who are listening into the map showing I'm excited today to have the student with me. A friend of mine that we go way way back to talk about that but to himself not to walk him to the mat up show like great to have you in studio today. We do you know what we do go back will assist cover that for a minute week week one years old you were when we met and course it wasn't in the wrestling ring was it was at your gym all cupcake. It was all had different names of it like I think it will. What was the kid is for personal fortress of fitness. It was his fortress of fitness but I just remembered the cutest yeah yeah so I don't know why. Some do know some don't know that I did have a one point in a number of jams one Concorde North Carolina Denver North Carolina Fayetteville North Carolina was in partnership with with Jean Regan was also a professional yacht.

We were we were partners and that eventually Connick got out of that and then long story short, just open the club by myself which is the 1 You Gain Essential Drive Dr. for this is your 18 years old. So tell us about me I'm better think walking distance to Wilde but at that time because of the shape that it was in the one place I revolting was it was from a bad to the bathroom and okay into the kitchen and that was my so all but anyway she blown over so I was in shape it was just right. It was a shape round is a shape I go. It is just not supposed to be at that shape the way God is good know I just about got so tired of it and one point just got… Gotta do something about it when you go into belt belts. I do all those the worst thing you can do is the current state Napa Tom were good friends but she goes with the shop and in trying to impress her, and it is hard to impress women when you weigh that much.

But anyway, hadn't tried to squeeze own a pair 44's okay right now man and so I go back and got comes up to maybe, just maybe, to try these and he whips up to paragraph 52's know all yeah and now and I'm just like you as a piece of drywall present pants and I think okay and just got the house: drywall and so hands I will like you just take them out of his hands and acid medicine junk solid as it was just embarrassing. Yeah, and out the way down walked out girls where she said what was wrong and I said nothing and keep in mind I had I had of me me me me okay I say Ozzie Osborne when he was young and Pratt fatter than what he actually is like. Pillsbury with mullet and I think those that ripped up and say you never got over there.

Dana went down so you actually think you might about here. I think brought out I will point out that my own little mullet. As impressive as your guide anyway. So what I never met you but no. It was really shocking to hear you first day because I was used to Russian accent with my English improved quite a bit just not me.

I thought wait a minute, so I thought okay I guess it is a wrestling thing and watch a little bit wrestling back when that was good okay see you are familiar with. I like that golden era of wrestling. Okay see you were a bit of a wrestling familiar with me about that often allows us to live on the cycle and everything that's okay. My English I was in and out but I joined up the guys were there and it really helped out a lot different amount of property was in power lifting body build and then got with the human just really learned a lot and actually it went from about 335 pounds to thing the lowest weight was ever like to 15 to 2335 down to about 250 and the cutest you baby.but there is one thing that you tell me and stuck in my head and nothing all Blake Davis tell me sit is not all about the jam it's 80% nutrition. What goes past your lips to help people understand that like all work offered 10 hours a day. I'm like oh that's that's just a small part of the nutrition meeting. You know all supplementation rights. What goes past the lips. Most important so well. I think that they read what is nowadays it was on Facebook and Instagram and their got a gift hours.

Gotta get galleries we do get from Burger King and McDonald's say I like less calories to get ready. But yeah, so that's where I got started out, been a little bit lazy about it now but working everything so I need to get back in there. So you need by Jim. I just Jim, you and I hold you will invite you over to the home will so I lease and I'm grateful that I was able to ignite.

I would say that we write, sparking you an interest of for you and in better health and which is amazing and you will succeed about that particular facility or that building you you I guess you know this but fast forward a number of years later years. That was a 97 yeah about late 80s or so that that you we had the facility fast-forward to 2004 I had at that point I noticed so that that business to one of the actually one of the two members at the time it sold the business just want to get out of the healthcare business.

I thought mostly in healthcare, but I just want to own a gym. I want to be confined to four walls south.

There like 1012 06D subtype six, seven days a week like trying to help people like yourself is I've always just really had a heart for that. A passion for helping people to better health. You know, certainly initially physically prior to 1993.

Post-1993 that would be my salvation, that then it shifted to want to help people be healthy spiritually and is still in healthcare but for many many years. I'm put fast-forward to 2004 and I get a random phone call from a guy named Jay Stewart who actually been my pastor for 20+ years since he Nikita aces were were planting a new church and like that's awesome Jay congratulates if you Jay before this I Jake when I go back back to 1993 when I got saved in October 1993.

Yesterday my pastor whole entire time while my eyes and so all that to say this is just what building we got. Please get your old Jim building here it is for real and I'm like you just got completeness back to this building and at the time it had been shut down, although it still had old equipment and it some equipment together. She was still some equipment is subject equipment but is working to convert Manning into the refuge church get out of here so I felt like to be part of it. All that to say condense the story. I got the little he watched him that building physically transformed from a fitness facility. Jim training physical muscles into a church and watch people get their spiritual muscle strain by Pastor J behind.

It's just paralleled my own life.

From what I once was to who I am now and so scheming that physical example and so many people like yourself. I can't begin to tell you in the 10 years we were in that building before we go to campus in Kannapolis that said dude used to be a member here matter like your cardio is like right over there. Your free weights were over here at my right actually went there one time and I can't remember what it was but it was still an insane bill had not granted any right and no Singulair again and now the gunshot got back to when I met you the first time you didn't have your your blog is just out of wrestler belief okay yesterday and wants are you church. I didn't know you were in because you didn't have air wavy and black. It is not a full head of hair did not realize I have a full head of hair choose to shave it but I saw you, Larry and Sergey again and then periodically think it was the company classical property yeah okay yeah Colby. My youngest daughter and Kendra both went company classical school and income. According student that still that what a phenomenal education they got. They were taught course your you're so young when he went – think they taught Latin Lycan kindergarten first grade 2nd grade house of time learning is need to get it will stop form yet is not an easy school, no, no, it's not yet the headmaster all the teachers just love Jesus and log those kids and okay so we bump into each other there and then we didn't see each other for for quite a while and then on recently. We got mother was there was one of Thomas are you church okay during the Christmas play was I in the play without playing a soldier or I think your point. Jesus, I did play Jesus is first assembly and finally caught up with you in my life and my boys at the time there was is born yet but tell and you came up.

He talked to us and you and you prayed for Lawson born and now it meant the world to me and I don't know that he really understood you were because it was signed that it meant a lot to me and then I didn't sleep for a long time until recently, until recently so, but just a little bit more kickbacks around that show. So I played kids that that's the church at his friend my life to the Lord and was the first assembly of Concorde times calls on those now but but I played a Roman soldier for like three years and that this is not like right after I got sale badges on fire for God. I want to give these to play and then back to Jay Stewart again. He had always played Jesus, but for some reason he was like to be gone. That year, and so the music director goes I want you to be Jesus. Not everybody thought he lost his mind is also about 240 pounds at that time for us to come to Jack not like the rest of their life taken off the cross so we gotta carry them off the cross right down a flight of stairs, so I have to honestly say that thought actually cross my mind like who's going carry me down without dropping my head right. Dad write all that to say was one the most humbling things I'd ever done was was portrayed Jesus and Stripling home for Rio. That was one of most humbling things to do next to cool off here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem sure to check them out today at W. S. M. C. The number because you are number one. If you would like to place ministries $25.

Nikita will send you his seating, duration, and is wrestling with success $100 or more. So okay so so fast forward though, fast-forward, and we run into each other, of all places, the refuge church actually just when there's a Christmas okay year ago okay Christmas and loved it. Now we went back for service in J and L ball away absolutely blown away that music just everything about it.

We felt like is a little bit stale and out and it is nothing against the church are wintry before the great church people just walking something to kind of like me up missing Mark you have a spark right and I didn't know, and I asked Pastor J a self-taught woman asked masses Nikita. So come in here and he said absolutely don't usually see it and I'll save that think a couple weeks went by on this one so you spoke to you and heard about me and But that's all it was was I just heard about it. I got a look into it now.

Sorry again and ask you about it and don't hate me when I tell you this every time I tell somebody about it now tell you in the queue came up to me.

Tell me of change. Life will change your life and I'm like trying to sell me yeah you're right with me and know that the course and signed up for went and the words will change your life. Don't even come close to what it was an experience that I've never felt never ever been able to let go. Some of the stuff that came out of me. You know will sit down and say confession, but we were talking about conversations you share your heart mentally and yeah it made a difference in let that out and talk about it much, that the men and just just feel that way come off of you was just unbelievable and did I murmur you asked me how secure are you in your salvation and I couldn't answer it and sorry, Vanessa, Linda just came over me like a ton of bricks and no I never felt before. And now the next day. I remember that night to 23 other guys it and try to explain vaguely that these aren't just these are small little nerdy looking that these are grown men that a few of them look like they snap you neck if if you said something wrong doing an orange had a right and you need to see all these men get around the edges is nothing like I've ever experienced. In no the next day we had a fast day know you too much okay well I want when I decided to collect spirit lead me to where I am supposed to go and have them alone, but tell that one that was impactful very like. Describe so so we used in room two for a second there, so obviously the listeners those who hear this.

This broadcast will sense I believe you.

Your emotion and what you really encountered and who you encountered it in for those out there listening what what I want to really highlight just for a quick moment is getting church over the years because Kevin talked about looking first assembly refuge prior to us re-engaging just a year or two ago.

What of the time line is what anyway so here you'd been in church, but in that setting at camp we could just draw always get your village if you will get away from your comfort zones soon away from cell phones and all the distractions that life throws at us in that setting God revealed himself in a way that you had never experienced before and I'm would it be fair to say on that day you drove a stake in the ground in terms of your salvation, and from that moment on. If anyone asked you at this point. Are you secure yourself. There's no hesitation that I don't run it as you've actually noted the date and the time I think right. Was it 1018 20 5 PM October 18 at 8:25 PM you drove a stake in the ground and drive a stake in the ground and you help me the next day got baptized, and I doubt such a cool experience to take to you Springs water baptism and I will say to those out there if if you're saying give your blood wash born again and you've never been water baptized. I want to encourage you to consider doing that following the footsteps of Jesus and John the Baptist baptized him and he kinda set a precedent for not that that it in any way prevents you from from entering into heaven, but it's is just a step rot while you're breathing in her is yeah why it's it's assessment is right so it's you say to the rest of the world.

Hey, I've made this inner decision.

This internal decision hears an outward expression of this inner decision I've made to receive Jesus into my heart and I want the rest of the world to know and Psalm to get baptized in water, and symbolizing the burying of the death of the old man in the water coming out new creation in Christ. Right.

And that's not to say that it's not still a struggle because because it is blocked.

But what a powerful story you have, you know, the whole thing about man camp, you know.

Kindest the sound pushes change your life management view it really did make this quick comment. I've always believed in God and you would make a comment I got saved my long time ago but it never made its way to my heart and that's what finally made its way to my heart and that makes all the difference think there's a lot of people unfortunately that have asked.

Since that same thing saved in their head but but it's never mediating this trip to their heart and so they know that they just battle and struggle with all kinds of different things that they might not have to could be free of addictions or just all kinds of struggles right so like she understand the Bible never read the Bible. Now I understand it well because now the spirit of the Holy Spirit living you like for real not just in your head, but in your heart, and now it brings revelations that when you open Scripture because it's the living word. Even the written word is still alive now to live in you as you read, let let me let me let me ask you this to you.

I meant boy we could talk more more more about that but I do want talk about this to want to transition clickers about your business because I love the name of the victory rest restoration that just parallels your story you just told you had dreams October 18 and God restored your life and that Telus real quick about your business is located. Location and it is how did you come up with that name… Gave it to me like that of a long time and he led me to do it. I wanted to be able to have something where I can have the ability to help okay and sounds kind of probably sounds locally, but this is what got him hearted now, but I was with another company and I didn't later because I'm still scared and now one of the quick things I was telling you about you was in Raleigh and am God.

You Know What You Got to Give Me a Black and White Son.

It Is, You Gotta Tell Me You Maybe That's Why I'm Stubborn. Likewise on That. This Is One Space to Do and I Leave the Office of That Good or Jamming a Car Pulls up in Front of Me. This Got Carl Appleman and on the Back Window Victory There's My Sign Right There Now As I Got the Jam Thought It Was That It Was Coincidence, and on the Way Back Singles out in Front of Me and I Still Stay Stubborn, but You Know Something's Happened and I Frolic Really Paid Attention to It, and No It Is Been Good God's Original Minimum Things in This Year Were Looking Forward to A Lot Of Things Happen That We Focus on Roofing and Siding with the Gutters and Actually Doable but a Stonework Using a Different Type of Method, but Now It's All Really Fortunate with What's Been Going on.

Hopefully I'll Be Using It to Spread the Word out There Be Wellness Love That Your Your Marketplace Guy You're on the Market, but That's What Jesus Did Most of His Ministry in the Marketplace. He Didn't Hang out in the Sanctuary. He Spent Time in the Sanctuary.

We Then Spent All of His Time There Are Hardly Any of His Time Really and in Relative to How Much He Was Out Of the Marketplace of Working People Find More out about Victory Rest Restoration of a Website or Call Victory See a LL or They Can Call 704-960-6358 Victory Restoration Was Kannapolis, North Carolina. Nine but You Travel outside the City of Greater Charlotte Metro Area. Yeah Okay Victory Restoration Will You Your Story Is Is a Victory in and of Itself and Restoration. I Just Love It Victory Right Victory Restoration Is Not Always Your Business Name Parallels. Now the Journey of Life and and so Glad That God Reconnected Us in an and You Made the Decisions It's Hard to Miss Other Guys to Make That Commitment When It Comes to You Yes We Come to Camp like You're Saying Yeah You Know You Try to Sell Me. I Shall Realize until They Actually Experience It for Selection. I Know What Will Tell People Is Camp Is Not Just an Event, You Know, It's an Experience Knowing What You Know What It's Going to Do for You Is to Make That Commitment and Income to Camp and Find out for Yourself What God Wants to to Reveal to to You As an Individual. So for Any Man out There.

You Would Recommend If You're 18 Years Older You'd Recommend It to Any Man, No Matter What It What Is Your Is That Right… It Doesn't, I'm 53 Befit for Next Sunday and Now It Is. I Don't Think I'd Really Matters or Anything Get It Done but I Will Tell You One of the Things a Try Today Would Try to Donate for Every Job Would Try to Donate Somebody in a Part of That Ministry and in the Hug Said Somebody Thinks Again Afforded Yeah Make That Call Sweep Yeah That's Awesome Because We Do Have Scholarships and and in Everything Else, Himself. No Victory Restoration, but I Hope You Are Encouraged by His His Story Today.

I Know I Was Great to Have You on the Show. When I Look Forward to More Victories in Your Future.

So Thanks for Dial-In and Thanks for Tuning in to Man up with the Cuticle off Yeah I Will Catch Again in Another Episode.

God Bless You Douglas Enjoyed the Man up Show And/or Man up.

Well Guess What Time the Man Style.

That's Right, You Heard Me Wanting to Man up Older Man of No. On Mornings That's Right Dial-In Man on MorningStar Green Tile Right Now Number One Thing This Is Nicole and I Want to Limit for Supporting My New Show Man on Saturday Afternoon at 1230 on the Truth That Were This Is the Truth Network

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