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Q&A With Koloff- #52

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 18, 2022 11:34 am

Q&A With Koloff- #52

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 18, 2022 11:34 am

Today's episode features Author, Missionary, Corporate Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Children's Author. To contact Al please email him below.

Al & Coli Argo

World Missions Ministries

LifeChurch Cebu/Life Coffee House & Library/ Leadership Training & Development/ Life Upward Sports


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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network cuticle all fear questions and answers Q&A would call off the devil's nightmare. Walking back to another episode of Q&A with coleslaw questions and answers where you get the opportunity to ask me a few questions.

Normally it's me asking the questions and I love sometimes just do a spontaneous where I have no clue what's going to be asked and so this is the scenario again for today LR go in the studio with me. Welcome to Q&A with cold thinking to get a call for the privilege to be here in person with the man himself in the hour. The man with the power devil's worst nightmare Nike golf can I think of the road, just introduce me like that and I were out early on and I can't wait to get you and our friend Frank Shelton into Southeast Asia, where were we are bringing about 13 to 15 former NBA players who happen to love the Lord and we are going to rent these coliseum about 30 40,000 people. You and I and Frank and I and maybe one other special guest star that we were not in a release now, but because he's not confirmed that he's a famous boxer who also love the Lord.

I just leave it like that and I were going to work on yet again.

It was supposed to happen wire it prior prior to this horrible prior to get us right before that, but it's going to happen in the name of Jesus. And that word and in the midst of all that share the love of Jesus that life is filled with chaos as rhymes so I can introduce you.

If not in America, at least in Southeast Asia will coliseum says the Lord.

Terry's so this is just a practice this morning, ladies and gentlemen in unit 202 pounds. I'm not sure how much you weigh yourself. Yes me to Q get a feel of me that would make me like what sumo wrestling anyway so I will for those who don't Noel take to committed you not really a wrestling announcer your missionary to Asia Right talking about is your book author or speaker corporate speaker leadership trainer.

Children's books have been what I leave out. That's about it.

It's nice about it man of God, godly husband and godly father and Leo, just a friend of the Lord, and a friend of mine and a friend of years in a free African and we have actual friends you've integrated Shelton tremendous Tracy Jones and Donnie Ingram, Donnie Ingram and others even yeah just other restaurant we do we do is let your your world trade, like myself, this is a lot of relatability your world traveler, how many countries you been to. Have you ever try to tally know my children help keep up with that for me that night.

They like doing the numbers and so it's just a few dishes a few about 25 stand just about 2525 for those you have left your city limits you else been to 25 different countries is also my give-and-take.

My goal. My goal is is really to hit all of them at some point in the future, you better get started and this MI goes also to hit every state in the US euro to get started you to get busy so that's right. What was to order something walkies radio weathers Lotta countries but use the busy word I we don't want to be just busy. We want to be ones that point I got dizzy and productive. I get that I give it up if you hit 200 something countries you get the up goal, my friend. Well, and there Lotta can eat you know how to speak in imitation about 5 to 8 years ago and I rack that I had to turn down because my wife didn't want me going into Iraq with wishing time for love and a level of danger. Yeah Littler Zara will have the yellow alert read. I would like to learn how to like you are well. So here's what's interesting so the radio show and the podcast is Stu Epperson approached me and said you need a weekly radio show you the podcast alone of all time to do that and then it hit me was that moment LC double hitting every country on the planet. I was very numbers but they say like 208 countries. So I said you have a goal mean years ago.

I really felt like okay hundred countries only get 200 countries and met 30 about 30 since all I'd have to do my giddy up and go as well.

However, the more I thought about the idea of a radio show on the podcast about well me if I want to reach out to more countries. What better way than through this new technology called podcasting and coarser radio in the airwaves and and and eventually a television show and and so even I may not physically be in every one of those countries.

I can now reach at least half the world. So far, be reachable over quarter of the world. Anyway, that's also very go and the best is yet to come.

I receive a lot of ministries that I declare that what I appreciate your such a great supporter of of what we do and grateful for that.

Just all the although the connections it said you you help me make and so on that note, this is the Q&A with cholos and so we get to flip the table so to speak, and you get to ask you the question so what we do one fire away at your app just for square absolutely so in Luke 252. The Bible says Jesus grew and grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God on God and man.

So I've got some questions that revolve around that verse, but So the first question is for found that two young boys of I've got the two young men in their late when late teens early 20s so so wisdom what the best bid of wisdom that you can give the young man who might be listening to that's that's question.

Go read the book of Proverbs. That's the short answer demand.

The considered to be the wisest ever ever lived on the planet and and according to Scripture, had more wealth because of his answer to the question Solomon what do you want any said I need wisdom to govern these people as you know I am young and I'm young and I don't have it and I wanted I want to be a you know what I want to steward these people well and so because he didn't ask for wealth or the death of his enemies are any of that God gave him. In addition to wisdom God gave him riches and lay all kinds of stuff right and said there's no king before you in the be no king after you will have as much wealth as you have an wealth is a relative term right just reminds me of a book that was written, call, wealth, riches and money. All three of those have different meanings.

Well, riches and money and all that said, to all young men out there anyone else listening you lack wisdom.

James as he lacks wisdom, just ask for wisdom and and if you want to garner greater wisdom. Go to the book of Proverbs because it says in the book of Proverbs that you know the fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. There's such a just with that book is interestingly enough 31 chapters in Proverbs 31 days in most months right in for eight years. I read a chapter of Proverbs every day for eight years.

That is so interesting and high school to Christian high school down in Oxford Alabama shut up the Trinity Christian Academy and Dr. CO Grinstead wrote Road tight as well. That's right, we are the Tigers my Bible school teacher might my semi-teaching Bible of that Christian school had us do a Proverbs Journal.

We took topics to know if that was our senior class project urging your class project but is very interesting.

I've lost that notebook in the last 3040 years, ever since I've been at a high school every element has been I wish I had the right so okay so follow question with that is out what the best book you've ever read outside the Bible what the best book you've ever read are a book that you've read in the last 12 months that has made an impact you not yeah meet every month we talk about books we talk about not only what we are writing but things were reading so share with us what out one or two books that have made an impact on the cuticle off me you should've warned me about one I go to the next question will to see if if something pops up in my spirit because because you know I go and sees the threat ago were like we got read a book a week and then I go or I don't read any books for couple months or whatever Nelson and right now I got about 15 books stacked up like his people give you things right. Everybody wants to give me their book. I really want to read this and like all put on stack it up. You know more books. I even know what to do and read we can leave that blank and and I was hoping you say something by out argot.

I'm not just just getting for the ranch out no listen I don't read a number of your books for the rec artist and my grandchildren have read your children's books for the right which is awesome. I love the pictures of your grandbabies with Chris.

I guess they had Just all some yeah and so is got to the next question is like here Jesus grew in stature. What is the past, body exercise, not not that that way.

What I'm asking is what the best exercise I can do that. You're recommending using only my body weight.

All our heart are with non-equipment, whether it's set yet for what you recommend and far men my age and men older and younger push-ups and air squats. How many do you do a day what what you what I don't is a day when he recommend if I don't have access to it to a gym, you know, vomit in a foreign land that has no club or whatever. For some reason I've adopted and learn to do things with out weights to so is my philosophy as something is better than nothing. That is true. I saw you crunch is not usually do you know how to hundred crunches are 200 push-ups.

Not all one time I look, I like you like what just let you access to 25 okay but my goals like 100 push-ups, 100 crunches 100 air squats to know what you mean by air squats well do you know what a squat.

This notice squat and since you have no weights, no bar upon the back of your neck on your shoulders.

You still can use just one squat with just know weight person can use your own weights and so was squatting the error my friend up and down are you doing planks Nikita.

You know all I've toyed with the last really honestly last few weeks and I'm not a fan of them. However, I have found a kiss have gotten results with them yet, but there's so much you really, honestly, there's so much you can do without joining the gym without having way of the string. There really is a lot whether it's planks are just so much you could do these men you can do jumping jacks. I mean I just tell people well get more active, that's right. That is true, that is true. Just move just I'm a big believer if I got wrote a book called walking, living, learning has helped a lot of people begin to walk with someone about wanting living this about growing in wisdom stature if they would not favor minutes about getting moving but also as you move learn supply put headphones in and I walked in, so that walking live and learn just one year journey. So there's a reading for every day of the year were actually share my journey throughout Singapore and Malaysia and Indonesia, but also share what I'm I've learned that day. From reading a particular book, and so follow question: what I thought will. The question is what flashed in my mind was some of the walks I took in some of my trips to Africa, walking down the dirt road so my I hope I get back to where I'm going. In fact, I hope I remember how to get back to where I'm going with out walking in the bush. It could, you could easily get lost, but nevertheless, I still did my exercises and still got my regardless where was an end with the with your trips to Africa and you know again you are planning this trip than evangelism event in Asia Re: journaling the eternal Nikita. It's kind like reading L goes in spurts. So yes, I have tons of journals but II there's spurts all Journal a lot and then there's spurts while hardly Journal at all but I will say any cheery about not preaching on a Sunday morning. I'm sitting in listening to my pastor or someone else. I am a copious note taker still have lots of sermons that I have recorded so awesome big believer in journaling. I wish I had been doing it all my life about four or five years ago I began to do it every morning.

I have not missed a morning.

I love it is just a great morning discipline from you and I wanted to ask you about that answer. Jesus grew in wisdom. Jesus grew in stature, a group favor with God and do and so any any wheat we talk about the book of Proverbs, but just tell us what your favorite Bible verse is today get there and you just will favor so I've drove to the few friends. I'm always walking in the fall like action items I do FOG give it to us favor but show I would you think you're meeting was solid.

I would think it would be favor talking in favor walking in obedience and walking in godliness and grace. This does not have that year I just isolate II just single it out to walking in the favor of God like that fall walking in the fall. Walking in the five favor of what I made a few good friends meant that is like something will happen and it all looked at like like one time I got out of a speeding ticket in this cryptically from a sit in the car trying to urge the officer to give me a ticket, and the officer happened to be a wrestling when you can do friends. You get a new friend I'm just kidding. The officer happened to be a wrestling fan true story is a wrestling fan. He hasn't given me his cell number. Now I had not yet converted my drivers license over to North Carolina and he said hello. If you have this one as well truthful about three years and he's like yours was James like 30 days or something like yeah I going I just I travel a lot Islamic the 30 days I go who goes is that not good.

My friends like beside himself at this point, I go get right and factors give me good afternoon Grafton mission trip because while 60 or 90 days work like yeah that's much better is my cell phone number. Make sure call me when you're coming over use because in his radio and everything in writing and any goes, we got a bunch of guys want like it so look for the story. I show up the share I he he he passed me progress of the courthouse right like like illegal you that were set apart Christ is the fog at the flock he takes it upstairs.

There's the sheriff and his wife Sheriff's wife, about 20 of the deputies all want to get pictures. The whole bill worth the ticket thing to go upstairs and come back down and that's at the icing on the cake so they take me down there in that little town to get my license in my whole nervous part about it was you did your written test number two questions I was uncertain with. When I walked in the gal behind the other side the computer. She was a fan as well and so she could tell, like I'm not certain she was. I can't tell you the answer but I can tell you it's you know it's probably not a or D Yosef the option style fairy had wrong right Another like that's just not fair. We drove away that night.

I just catch looking for my friend. I go walking in the fog.

If you got so mad I like it I like the acronym so I got a question for completely forgot what your current favorite Bible verse. What what that one Bible verse that your your walking glasses 110, Colossians 110 breaks down into four parts essentially says this. It's up. It's a prayer I just prayed this morning, Lord, I pray today that I can live a life today from Samara right I can live a life today that brings you on like I can just live a life that's worthy of worthy of your name and bring you honor them. It's my goal. Lord Michael part two to fully please you, not just please you fully please you in every way thought words action fully please you and my hope is Lord today that I can bear good fruit. So that's good.

Part three last part, and I can grow in the knowledge of God that is also that's my faith that's a great great verse not only for you but for me and for all of us who are listening today anyone and everyone.

By the way for listeners. What's your favorite verse I want you to connect with the show and so go to the show knows and responded.

Nikita and I and then Nikita and Robbie is here in the studio with us. They're going to forward us.

All of these verses because we want to kind of like collect your favorite verses we want to connect with the audience as Nikita. He wants to know that your listening. Now I know that your listing so we just honored that your Eve taken this time to listen to this Q&A session without Argo and Nikita Cole off and so Nikita I have one more question. Thanks again for allowing me to come into the studio here in North Carolina. This is just awesome to be with the former Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst nightmare Nikita Cole have a question for you. Jesus grew in wisdom stature for God favored man tell us about.Telus give us one pit one bit.

When pit one bit of relationship advice how men can connect with men, or men can connect with their families or men can connect with corporate audiences will give us a bit of Corp. relationship advice yup yup come to me and Smiled. That's also some awesome and tells what because now you get I can answer that in 60 seconds or 30 seconds, but well if you come to the metal conference which is just a few hours.

It was spent together even more important come to the man camp man, go check it out. Ladies go check it out and Ed and give your mad here's the dose that you need. You need to go to this camp say hey I heard about this amazing camp and if you would decide to go. You have my blessing in full support. That's good and is we can always improve right anyone of us can improve but on a serious note, anyone of us can improve in God, and those are things like weathers the conference of the camp that we talk about things like that about Bob about improving being being healthier.

Jos Dalloway, that's a godly man a godly husband or godly father goal is to equip, empower, teach, train, and deploy them in the spring to walk it out so awesome I think you for all you do for me in women and families around America and the world appreciate friendship. Can't wait to see you in person in Asia and were no see. That happens with the help of the Lord appreciate being in the city of Bowlby Schiraldi put put your information in the show notes as well so that people know how to connect with you go on Amazon Al Argo AR Geo by his children's books you your your kids will love them and all his books on leadership as well for all you? If you enjoyed the man up and/or man of God.

Well guess what time the man style.

That's right, you heard me wanting to man up. The man of go on mornings That's right, to dial in to man up on MorningStar This is the Truth Network

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