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Chris Chicago- How To Overcome

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 15, 2022 1:00 am

Chris Chicago- How To Overcome

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 15, 2022 1:00 am

Today's episode features Chris Chicago from WAYFM. Nikita speaks with Chris about God's timely saving grace as Chris's career takes a new turn.

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Because this Voyager man talk radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you.

This is the Truth Network.

Once all world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ once told washing night.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call this time. Welcome back to another episode, another show of its time to man up with yours truly. The cuticle off formally the Russian nightmare… But now the devil's nightmare.

And I gotta special guest on the show with me today. Chris Chicago almost sound like from there right now my my roommate.

Your real is assigned a radio name is like your real name. My real name which the irony is you are in radio so that the irony I am I am I been in radio for 20+ year I everybody my radio name and whatever you know I you radio the new 51 questions I get when teaching the arts. But she cocked my romantic just like earlier in Houston right now. Yeah, what about the question what you can equip you well Chris there though I don't know. All right, Bobby baby, you know, but that's awesome that is so awesome 20 foot but and I want to jump into that here in a moment before we get there to to to your your your your your tenure in the in the radio industry.

We we first met you were you were broadcasting to do a radio and Nashville, Tennessee while yeah go back quite a few years ago now and and that that we met in really are our our families mapped and have tried to member how many before coming on air, but any idea what 15 well now you going downtown Nashville Gospel music week showcase "important and I remember that yes, I think you would look to speak or hear something there I was doing some broadcast and we can't have that parking lot and out like you would like you like everything to me like a normal person… Like weight you're not. You're not from Russia is all the time, believe it or not, the Internet, it still have itself so you grew up okay so you see groupware grow up. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico or Moby Dick, Chicago, but okay New Mexico.

Okay where it while in and so I wrestled some in not a whole lot but but so were you curious what you are wrestling fan growing up, then I want I will walk you up when you I would watch what's left leaning on the cable network that you let him and I think how a printout really really little and I had Saturday night on that was put on by now the man I remember him out first guy coming down, down the down correctly and I just couldn't.

I couldn't get enough of it so you so so cool would be some of the names you can remember from your child or the kindest stick out for you. You know I would require never hoping Don I never hoping he never ran wild brother that's good.

Yeah okay you you know you know getting toward later 80s. I really like your ultimate warrior.

Obviously think it's really really fascinated me a painting of the road warrior yelp LOD rocket came along. I would love show Michael to Marty Jeanette and I pretty much stayed Sean Michael for his entire team HDK so you you are rock, cursing, and so that would you have also been a rock 'n' roll express. I need you.

Robert impacting the their incredible remember the midnight express with with Jim Cornett you forget you tennis racket racket loud loudmouth man. No Jim DeMello loudmouth though. Jim, if you're listening. I love you buddy. I like you know one story school I would get bullied a lot right and I became pretty big like type II I would go crazy.

Like you to think care getting an became a member you know you was trying to fight me in the part and I never want to fight before in my life and all the sudden I came to my mind and and that moment I became Roddy Piper and I went ham on the bullion. I was never picked on. Again real yeah and I remember even seeing the psychiatrist.

You know that my school maybe be because I gave your looking class. I did very abusive situation at home with my dad psychiatrist telling my mother that I think that the reason your son is so obsessed with wrestling.

I think that he looked to be guided by the figures in the time I got it.

Now that I've grown older, I looked out and I really look up guys on the screen, but it home.

I made a real connection for you and you knowing that you're not say this Chris. You're not the first guy you know that weathers know about autograph signing conference. I do these complement a conference like slogan, I do these camps call man camp and an innocent. I hear lots of guys stories writer people email me of the message meant social media but but man I've I've heard that story one time.

I can't tell you how may times I've heard a similar type story how in their childhood. Rough childhood are not the asked childhood ever and ever, yet they can look up the wrestlers inspired them, motivated them, but I have to tell you, for the record, your you're the first to to to imitate Roddy Piper in a bullying incident and overcome that that situation to be bullied together ask you like a how did you overcome will you give the answer you just you were Roddy Piper for a moment that yelp wow now that's you and I have you'll have a little bit in common. For me it was it was elementary school that I was bullied in elementary school that is in a sense really. The Lord showed me the Lord revealed to me that plagued me say plagued me was an underlying current instilled this a level of fear for for 50 years was only recent in 2017 that that that I got revelation of how that bullying incident impacted me in in elementary school in and in and was set free of of all that in 2017, just in 2017. But while I'm glad let me just say I'm glad that wrestling could be an outlet for you and in and help you and that we provided to that sense of motivation or's inspiration that you can look up to help you overcome all that like on a serious note, that's that's really awesome snow, even on the negative side bell influence form. You will die well yet not abruptly go and so I would I would you know maybe my care. Rely and I remember I would do it On People You Know My My Friend Would Do the Commentary about Somebody, You Know, the Heartbreak Kid, You Know Really Got a Gimmick. You Know Why I Try to Play Well I'm Being Church And Myself with a Story That I Regret I Still Wish I Could Go Back and Do over and This Girl Don't Have a Crush on Me and Know What It Wanted to Be My Girlfriend and You Know, Playing the Part of Sean Michael's I and Made Her Think That I Was Going to Be Stretched Man and I Went in to Give Her a Hug and Right before She Went to Hug Me Back and Eat Your Heart out Girl Because I Thought Sean Michael Breaking Her Heart Back at That Now Don't School I Was Walking around the Clock Shop. I Not Know Emily Is in Real Life Hope Hope Hopefully She Got Her Heart Mended at Some Point along the Way Chris Broke Her Heart. At Church, so Chris, now I got asked the stories a. How did you come out of that would transition from mimicking the bad guys to becoming the good guy that you are now winded that transition take place. Tell us well I think about God will plant for me 001 know God controlling and I knew ultimately what you do in my life and how to reach it. People but it took me becoming a bad guy in real life to really come to the real libation that I was back and I went to church my whole life with your high school, but I counted you know I like to be about five. I like the church by I have to like the part and so when I went to follow my senior year and I had no real reason to get to class on time, or keep my grades up. I started party party and really hard.

I started going to rain.

I started doing dry and then I you know comes really equally phony and so I printed the and they started having the right drug for them and I decided that I wanted the money aspect of the drug situation and so I became a drug dealer and when I did something I don't like getting know I can go all so you want to be in the top of the drug game and out so I started with myself in situations where I should've died were talking no gun done situation situations where I had to be rough with people. If you're to be not treated like a punk in the drug game you have to play you have to be button top with me inside on 6 to 300 pounds going to bed not with a football player in high school. You know the kind I would mention three 5400 pounds thought I would talk to people and so I was doing a strong I was getting myself in situations that I would type US and I remember just coming to a point where I want to live in more especially the life that I was looking and I remember crying out to God in the parking lot got either you save me from this and tell me what to do. I know this is needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars who put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M. C.

The number because you are number one jalapeno green vinyl tile from the time ran when his carbon right now number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to limit for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 truth that were well like my whole like my whole world. Everybody and I change my phone number. I quickly drug called turkey never looked back down how God quickly quickly put people in my life to replace all the frames and community that a lot and that world surrounded with people about that knew him and loved him and would like right away. You know, put me in the Christianly which will ultimately change my life from that point, you know, you hear stories of people that are on drug addiction in these rough world. The man went when you cried out to the Holy Spirit.

You asked that string you ask for that answer your and got yet about world never look back. I was just say that you just said. The key word there obedience God says do this and we just say yes Lord, then in the miraculous. In my view, what you just described you were instantaneously set free.

Certainly can doesn't get Canon does happen. Your your testimony about it how whole-wheat HotBot about how old were you when you know what I was when an applicator younger teenager. You need 17. I would volunteering at Christian radio patient, but I would walk the walk like Christian music and I still wanted to be around radio but I would eat 1819 years old when when I turned my back on the world all to God and literally within months. You know, working at Christian radio station. I had a talk show and I was surrounded by by other believers that were really pouring into my life.

I saw him yesterday to me that you made the transition, God starts bringing the right people into your life. I want our listeners to hear that you made this a serious decision and the commitment their God brings you in this period of transition.

Now bringing the right people in your life that you embrace that open up new doors of opportunity and in fact I remember a weed little got a little wrestling stick at one euro hip-hop.

I gotta tell you this because I've told you this before but I think it was was in Florida. New member of Florida yeah we do this you brought me down to be like a guest speaker like this to pothole hip which the whole hip. I was a new world. It was all a new experience for me right and I remember we do the singular ring of the soul that we had so much fun with a blue people's lives were impacted but I gotta tell you I slipped inside the some of the hip-hop artist and I don't know that I knew three words of of the plethora of words that they were sampled that platform just for the record, trying to hear what the right understanding so that all world. I just marvel at that whole world and is, but what that said God could use anything in any one.

So whether to pop music or classical music or whatever else you know, I know God can use it in you got such an incredible story and in and a beautiful family to write, talk, toast to commit. It tells about your family to yeah I've been married years and I have for you that age range is only a 13-year-old boy all the way to a two-year-old boy with a nine-year-old girl in between beneficial boys club and I'll and I'm super blessed well and and and sear out there in the end in the music world and and see you you're at your at a station at your station in Houston right what's the station and thinking I actually help put on their station and I did that for five years and the ministry actually change the signal to a Spanish station which I filled the transition now and I'm I worked for a radio network called and we have radio stations all over the country hurting and melodically market and I want everything on my way down there by Mike and I Want to Show so If People Wanted to Hear Chris Chicago, How They Do a Chris Where They Were Living There Is Money and Everything Will My 8 PM to Two in the Morning Monday through Thursday Home on Friday Night, 8 PM to 11 PM on Saturday Night Thinking to 11 PM on Sunday at 7 PM to Meet on Fantastic to Search Way up in the App Store and This Is Actually the First First Person I Told You Publicly. I'm Actually Starting a Christian Talk Radio Online Base to Start Called so Flow Radio and I'm Building a Radio Station Currently Well You Are You Are the Man for for That Task. A Lot Of Dialogue Because It Is Been Fun. This Is the Font to Watch You and Your Perfect Your Craft and Do What You Do.

It Really Is Your Great On-Air Personality. There's No Question about That in a Course That You Don't I Know You so so Well-Connected.

Not Not Just in the Hip-Hop World, but Just in in in the Christian Community Is at at Large Enough Ministry Wise You. You Made a Reference to so Are You Thinking Days And/or outside of Radio Engaged in Any Type of of Ministry There in Your Local Community. I Want to Be More When I Was a National Art You You You Quicker. My Church in Nashville on One Story. A Lot Of People Know That Levi Left Me Levi Were Actually Nuclear Calgary Albuquerque and I Remember We Were We to a Bunch Is Given to Colorado on We Were Seen by Young Leaders and Levi Was Preaching the Word by the River to Annapolis Didn't and I Remember Standing down and Thinking Oh My Goodness. This Got into Storage and Probably 2122 Years Old and Now My Lust on What God Is Just Incredible and That's a Fun Story but I Know Now, I Haven't Gotten Involved in You at the Church That I Go to I Want to Eventually Become Mortgages Focused on a Good Husband and Father and Making My Family, My First Ministry and in Once You Know God You Know Said It's Time to Go Back and Think about the Ministry, I'm Deftly Churches Here in Houston. I Volunteered for.

I Try to Get out the Community and What I Can like I Said There's More to Come.

Hopefully Donnelly My Family, My First Ministry and I Try to Devote As Much Time As I Can Well and Picking up Father and Husband Yeah and I Commend You on That in This Much-Needed Hence the Man up Show Challenging Manlike Slogan I Whether It's at a Conference Camp. Wherever You Are This Radio Show the TV Show Challenging Men to Man up and and You Have Done That in and Certainly Said the Right Things and That Is Your Family Is Your First Ministry and for Every Man out There Listening in and out for All the Ladies Who Listen into the Show Because I Know There's A Lot Of You Hope You Are Inspired by Chris's Story Today, and Especially Woody. He Just Said That His Family Is His First Ministry in and It Referencing Obedience and the Other Thing Chris Heard Is Is When the Timings Right. So Don't Get Ahead of God.

You Heard What Chris Said Don't Get Don't Get Ahead of God, That There May Be Some Other Things That God Leads Her Guides You or Directs You into Doing but Don't Put It on Your Own Time Frame Your Timetable.

Be Obedient and in the Listen for the Lord's Clear Direction on That.

So Chris Man. It Is Been Great to Have You on the Man up Show Today Bro. What an Amazing Story You Have Our Fun. Well, I Know I Bob Confident Our Our Audience. Our Listeners Are to Be Inspired by Your Story of Overcoming Not Only Overcoming the Bullying but Overcoming Yield of the World of Drugs and All of That and so I Can't Thank You Enough for Assurance from Your Story with Us Today in I and I Just Want to Encourage All of You out If You're Struggling with Something It Whether It's a Drug Addiction. A Porn You Know Struggling from from a Bullying Incident for Maybe Years Ago. There Is Help Available. Chris Thought about Ending His Life but God Stepped in a Miraculous, Miraculously Set Him on a Different Course in a Different Path to It Again for Another Episode of Time to Man up with If You Enjoyed the Man of Radio Show And/or Man of God. Well, Just One Time.

The Man Style. That's Right, You Heard Me Wanting 20 to Man up.

The Man of No. On Mornings Are That's Right, to Dial in to Man up on MorningStar If You Would like to Place Ministries. Nikita Will Send You His Adoration and His Wrestling Was More along the Russian Nightmare Here for Crescent Automotive Buying a Car Is a Nightmare for You, My Friend Ryan and Jimmy Johnson. At Present, Automotive Make It Simple to Find Your Preowned Dream Car, No Hassle, She Will Place No Matter Where You Live Your Dream Dr., is always right there.)

Everybody you should try present. This is the Truth Network

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