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Q&A With Koloff- #45

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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November 30, 2021 3:32 pm

Q&A With Koloff- #45

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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November 30, 2021 3:32 pm

Nikita sits down for another Q&A session with today's guest Scott Rupp of Pettisvile Man Cave Ministries. Listen to his love for wrestling and God.

It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
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This is the Truth Network Unico welfare questions and answers they would fall off the devil's nightmare. Welcome back to another episode of Q with coleslaw of questions and answers where you, the listener get the opportunity to ask me the questions and Sosa sometimes. I know what you might ask. Most times I don't.

So this is spontaneous.

We just flow with it. And so if you ever want to do that to submit some questions to be go to You can email me right to the website: and YouTube to receive a phone call from the devil's nightmare about Russian nightmare gentling but on the phone with me today, a man that I've come to know and income to love Scott Rupe up in old Ohio pedestal Ohio Scott. Welcome to the Q&A show I am doing great great to have you with us today. It's so pedestal Ohio and will talk about how how we connected. But before we get there while you tell our listeners a little bit about Scott Rupe. Just don't tell them who you are in you.

What keeps you busy up and Ohio really appreciate that. Yeah I am a financial writer appeared Ohio but also I run a men's ministry that keeps me busy. Regardless of the main cave ministries and have a bunch of guys attended and from different churches just as awesome slicker to so so you say your Celesta cool so salon your marketplace guy financial investments and how many years so how long have you been doing that. Oh, 25 years while well of you that live say you had a taste of success. Not bad yeah and I am guessing your clients overall are pretty happy with it with your services. I hope so.

And that's about that now. Have you have. Just curious if you so you have you had some with you, you know, did 2025 years of me longtime malevolently done okay well that that speaks volumes of your of your abilities and so obviously up there with you that long. They are happy with your services so you that's pretty cool you have a family up there, you have three boys senior in college and got more in college and a senior. One of the names David is Melissa and Matt and Nate three. My overcoat engage so will you give a girl in a family here.

Now I say you go there you go and salon a lot of testosterone around the house. That is the right thing yeah listen was before I went off to college, but I bet some your sons of course.

Yeah and so see your marketplace guy and and but you also, as you mention had up a ministry man cave man. I like that the man that's that's awesome that ties into the man camp that the total package.

See the complete package.

Lex Luther and I co-facilitate is on the video we check out one of the videos we did. We challenge men to get out of there man cave and come to the man camp right and of course we we've known each other because you you have been gracious enough to bring me even even recently to to bring me up to pedestal Ohio to not only do not only preach and minister on Sunday mornings, but to do the man up conference. So this is the part of the man up radio show podcast but also I do these manner conferences, and you had me up there. Really, I may have been up there number different times. You guys are such gracious hosts and just think, thank you for having me in well laid out there want what's a good conference, many commitment that you I appreciate your pastor out there listening to the Q&A and you like to bring the Russian nightmare into your community and and I do a Saturday man up conference. We can do that and I could hang over preach on Sunday and so I do appreciate appreciate that. I love the heartbeat of your church and your vision Scott for man in your passion for men to want to make a difference in that's amazing to you got seven churches represented, that's not the norm.

Do you realize that people tell me. Well, they are right. We really enjoyed it be for real.

Like I not been all 50 states administered over 1200 churches and I can testify and say it's not typical to get a bunch of churches. Either a working together and or man coming together from a variety of of church backgrounds and just running after the heart of God's bureaucracy doing something right. So congratulations on that.

It's what you really work together together my minister together to write yeah and so something unique about what you do as well is is you get guys out there in the community and doing some different types of projects to write you a lot of supper area and people in need and that was one of the things we started out as mentally about my basement and and some of the guys changeling we wanted to we started adding service project started bringing in speakers, vandalism for a men's conference and well and I really got big and discipling and mercy and some major impact in our men's well you just hit the nail on the head. I'm pretty sure that's part of the great commission was go out into all the world and make disciples and so kudos to you for having that vision to to disciple man that's part of the idea with our conferences and camps is just maybe, maybe even jumpstart manner. We've actually seen number of men actually surrender their life income come to know Jesus in a personal way at the conferences in the camps and and then see you got your guys you get you guys got to get their hands dirty and help the widows and orphans. I think that's pretty biblical as well at selections on that one way and I just got the community, whether it's whatever right, change the oil in on there, on the widows car paint the fence to put the roof up with the roof on. I know you guys all kinds of different projects so that's amazing so well. Kudos to you my friend. Well alright so this Q&A with cholos.

So let's flip the table here and give you the opportunity to ask a few questions and so fire away. Let's let's see what you got while you don't have the right nightmare. You know the phone here you got at least one wrestling question right away at least one if not more. Big data go in moment in your career like you got that reaction from the crowd either. Either he or even cheers who, that's a really good question. I've got a pretty quick answer that is actually recently or were I guess was risotto. Time flies. Anyway, I did a podcast interview with a guy named Tony sure Bonnie you know the name Tony sure Bonnie. He's one of the best of the best in terms of of of announcers in wrestling. I mean he's please been on a recent NWA what became WCW use with WWF, what became WWE currently is with AEW with with the JR Joe Jim Ross and they kinda are a tandem there on AEW wrestling and on his interview actually actually verify this because I've heard this numerous times. Others of of notable names that that confirm this, but I asked the man himself on all my interview with him. I said, Tony always heard that, or you been asked what was it any course he's been. I mean he's called color commentary to the for Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage and Rick flair and it you know the best interest of the best himself and he said what was the biggest pop was the biggest, sheer you ever heard and he quite quickly said the night.

The key to call off turned baby face the night he became a good guy came to the rescue of the American dream to have to remove the tower of power to three to be where it had up. He said and and I found this out.

I did know this part. He was standing next to Jim Crockett, Junior, the promoter and he said is one of the very few times ever that Jim Crockett teared up at the fan reaction. Yes, while exactly I was like wow this pretty cool to to know that you yeah that my turn had that kind impact one on the wrestling fans but then on the on the man himself.

Like Veeck, the guy was sign my check that had that kind took them up and choked them up so they go well. I do remember that moving resident yet another question. You know you you retire from business and he said he gave electric right.

Maybe within a year after he retired 11 months so can you talk about every disciple right away. We mentor came on the site you available great question, especially since you are big into discipling them right so that's a really good cousin yeah I did not immediately just jump out there. You know, headfirst you know her into the deep end of of ministry was about 11 months after I made that I officially retired a wrestling. It was nobody who are nothing like that they they never make no big deal out of it well.

Other than Vader big-band Vader who injured me my last match right here actually in Winston-Salem word truth radio network is headquartered since interesting, I happen to be doing a show in a podcast from their but that said he they kinda tell all yeah he ended the cuticle of his career which he really didn't Debbie yes I did get injured. However, I walked away under my own terms by choice. It is to set the record straight and and then 11 months later find myself in an altar. 17. October 1993 surrender my life to Jesus and add like anything I've ever done Scott like like on all and kinda guy right I met you I like a pirate pickup Iron Man magazine age 12 and I am enamored by the bodybuilders I get an immediate vision, and I say to myself and a few others. One day I would look like one of those guys. Well, you can't just say that and then just through osmosis. You know it's not the Incredible Hulk show here, you know, turn into the big green giant.

Yes, you have to lift weights and go right to pursue that and I did it in fast forward 12 years later from the time I picked up that magazine to the time I walked into Jim Crockett, Junior's office and I went from about 100 pounds soaking wet with rocks in my pocket just a little guy to 285 pounds a percent body fat and 34 inch waist right and so so that hat that happens and and if so whether it was it was that or football like I got Philip a football and I ate, slept, and breathed it. I mean, you know, I do the playbook back and forth inside out.

You know and and was writing even writing my own writing my own place right so football, wrestling.

I said okay and as you BRI Rasul or as as they say in the South hate you one member Hassler's.

I guess how you spell that.

Anyway so but but I don't headfirst. I give my life to Jesus and guess what I did. I dove in headfirst right and so the church doors were open on Sunday morning Sunday night Wednesday night church revival crew sit whatever I mean first thing I did. Scott is a one on building projects at the let me go get my hands dirty here and you know I wouldn't how I never build houses when the construction guy, but I want to Trinidad and help help build the church lay the concrete floor and laid some cinderblock big cinderblocks that I went back to the sister island a few months later to try to a Tobago and help build a Bible school inform columns and pour concrete know that's kind of and then I made the ultimate trip.

My first trip to Africa for three weeks to help build the church over there and so I just got my hands dirty and then I want to three mission trips with with my daughter's youth group to Singapore will dove up in Bogotá Columbia and I was the security guy probably can guess why, but I was the security guy, but all that to say there was a five year window in there from 1993 to 1998 to where I just what I was disciple Pastor Tom Whidden, Pastor Jay Stewart who still my pastor today a 20+ years later began to mentor and disciple me as well as a number of others. Now over the years from from Mike Bickel to Francis Chan 22 Rick Joyner to Dr. David Jeremiah to Alastair bag.

I mean I've had some pretty M impacting ministries and men of God who have spoken to my life while yes or dirt yard. Right away, no thought five years five years and if in fact I say this were quick to fact. In Africa it was the very first time I had enough to actually to speak of the like, hey we want you to do the dedication service athletic like and say what you guys ever preached before and administered the Lord reminded me. Actually it's kind of a cool story. The Lord reminded me like the month prior to going like you just downloading stuff to me man I was journaling writing my God this is cool in them that what I so want Michael to speak about. He can attack me on the shoulder. Remind me hello myself a big guy, you know, just like downloading to you this past month. That's probably what you should say 00 okay edit fast forward a year later. Believe it or not that's what your later to a Bogotá Columbia and the youth pastor says you're supposed to speak one night here in my okay in a similar situation that happened but then it wouldn't be till really and I spoke briefly at some of the youth events back home. But really the God open the door in December 1998. He opened the door wide open and in phone losses came randomly in emails and I meet people on the like under a church is speaking and not you know all these years later, 30 countries, 50 states over 1200 churches and middle men's ministry in camps and conferences really matter. I feel fortunate that that together.

God has given me all the opportunities that he has given me what it what you to minister to men. How many well meant a flip around mentor kind of drip edge on to me and and one from the Reston persona Russian nightmare to get a cola in an athlete and so that that was part of the draw so so minutes can be drawn to me and and over the years.

Even young men right even back in the known today so football even prior to wrestling me. I just had to certain. I guess you might say charisma. So, speak to where people were just kinda drawn in and then got gifted me with the ability to to speak in and talk of microphones in front of cameras to the smallest audience was is been an audience of one the largest Saudis have been blessed to speak in front of was over 73,000 and the island of Jamaica have yeah and so Manchester especially. I went to a camp by only 2006 out in Texas. The ministry called Fellowship of the sword chemical quest and got greatly impacted me.

It was a defining another marker he marked my heart and was a defining moment for me and that really birthed the vision to minister to men from that camp, while yes or really appreciate you that we appreciate you so went on in and I love you appreciate I'm blessed.

I'm blessed by you and emote anywhere any other questions I have. You know when you're growing up as a really you know, young man, and in your life and it seemed like you're drawn to mentor drawn routinely working together a lot. We don't work for you know we work on teams we everything is working with other with other men, but it seemed like church were kind of isolated a little bit what you think that is so I guess maybe some of like a short answer that were shorter answer. I may say isolated day. Are you meaning the credit we try to walk on her own again yeah which which the Lord Lord never intended for that right right at all.

And I mean you know it's interesting.

Interesting that you really honestly that you asked that question on because like even even in my just to devotion this morning titled your let your friends carry you through hard times. That's the title by helping each other with your troubles.

You truly obey the law of Christ.

Galatians 62. And because, and here's what he says because as you know you to go through major disappointments in life, it's natural to want to pull back and isolate yourself interesting right you want to handle it yourself for me. Part of that is the big P word right pry men and their pride and their egos right you know you want to handle yourself. You want to keep your you know your losses. Your failures and mistakes your crisis a secret is a tendency to read withdraw, which is a horrible idea, really, without Onset is not when God described it right you go through to employment. That's what you need your friends the most.

I become on rhyme and and and in my view, God doesn't never intends for you and I to handle pain and stress by yourself. I mean, one of the healthiest things we can do is accept help from others. But again you have to humble yourself nobody mentor said to me, I like to come to the camp.

You know a bit about it. You know they give one excuse after the other wide by the cat which really, really, they don't want to come there is no their pride is like you want to do that seek the bombers were were wired for God wired us to be with each other like even the soul last 24 months. I'll just say you know God never intended for us to be isolated.

I mean at all you know this whole separate social business of the social distancing hello come on, there's nothing social about distancing if anything is anti-social. Sounds familiar anti-Christ. Okay so me were seen arising the antichrist spirit here in the last two years. Okay, just nothing God never created us to be alone or be single. In fact, I'm pretty sure Genesis. I think it was 218 where he said these words, it isn't good for man to be alone now course and we we we DO that's more related to IM to create a warm on for the man. But even this caught me think of others. It isn't good for man to be alone.

God didn't create us to be alone, so Scott I think it's a ploy of the enemy. I think it's a strategic ploy the enemy to get men to isolate themselves be so puffed up with pride that they can humble themselves to ask for help because we all need help, and especially in your own painful situations or troubling situations or challenges or difficulties and so that that's that's might match my answer that that it's a strategy the enemy. The two can you do it our own, or just keep everything a secret. Don't put it out there. Can you be too embarrassed or whatever else but we need each other.

Right after Josh and I hope you like we need each other. Many men and we know Robert promised 2717 as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the countenance of his friend right we need. I caught amount of money. I called about what comes from a different my little Lieut. Gen. Jerry Boykin battle buddy. We all need a battle buddy someone I can get the trenches with us that will yield 3% of the buses were struggling with something, you know, whatever it is, but will come and wrap your arms around us and embraces and and and help us to get out of the pit that we might find yourself in whatever struggle or challenge that that were faced with. So we need each other so we got a little like the Lord.

Prayer me to start out right away. Our father who art knows that my father our father. My father your father everybody about that is ran our brothers as well.

You are exactly right will listen.

We are out of time you came up with some great question Scott and I again I appreciate you have got this is the Truth Network

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