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Life is Tremendous

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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October 2, 2021 12:30 am

Life is Tremendous

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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October 2, 2021 12:30 am

Nikita is joined this week with Tracey "Tremendous" Jones, the daughter of Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, to discuss how hard work and leadership can lead to a tremendous life.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network one small world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner not keyed a call this time. Welcome back to it's time to man up cuticle off no longer the Russian nightmare. Now the couple's nightmare, and I suggest today. It is such a joy such a pleasure. Such an honor to have this mighty woman of God Tracy tremendous Jones on the show would be today. Tracy welcome to Matt up tremendous to be with you and all your wonderful and today I want to jump into your story and more of your story what you're doing and just how you're impacting the world because you are and we go back a number of years that I was first introduced to you and II think through a mutual friend, Jeffrey get them or if I'm not mistaken I think that I was first introduced to you within the last couple of years, you and I and some other authors and book writers and speakers have been doing on a monthly monthly call where we just learning gleaned from one another and share ideas with one another. Right leg. That's it. But you know it's great to see the manna podcast, but I love having ladies love Evan women on the show because reasons want to just brings a different perspective. I mean and I do have lady listeners is not like just been listening to the man up, she'll write. I bought it and so I'm excited to have you on today just to bring a different perspective for both men and women just to glean from some of the things that you've done and and things that you're doing. But before we get there before we get there. You know if if the listeners are our listening there like Tracy tremendous Jones us an unusual name. There's a back story that there is a back story and let let me just quickly fill our listeners in that and then you can you can fill in the gaps force okay yeah you grew up with in my eyes, a famous father had known his name was Charlie and and had the nickname tremendous Jones. Hence Tracy tremendous Jones as you have taken over his extending his legacy. Charlie tremendous Jones over 50 years.

Just had this researcher Tracy that I love what this is. It had. He had a simple yet powerful mission to help people improve their lives through reading. Now that's something that you know is shifted and changed over the years will talk more about that specifically what you're doing, but Eddie entered into the world of business as an in the insurance industry at just 22 years of age by 23 he was awarded his agency's most valuable associate award. That's pretty amazing it's 23. There's a lot of really cool quotes to hold off on the courts right now from from your dad and it in fact the speaker. I mean, he loved to motivate people be a book author fact one of his books.

I found out. Life is tremendous, has sold more than 2 million copies printed in 12 different languages.

That's pretty amazing in and of itself, but Tracy, what was it like to grow up in the house of Charlie tremendous Joel, I think that way to describe it with a crime between sitcom and boot camp.

Okay everything went like Seinfeld or anything comedy.

He knew him he was hysterical and unbelievable event which most felt people doing hopefully beautiful display emanating and he only brilliant sense of humor. Everybody that he would meet. We can go anywhere and he would be connecting with people.

If you came within a 50 yard orbiting him that they were tugging at getting it now.

It was probably conversion praying you don't find books on because he came from such a difficult background and he knew the value of work it with very disciplined, very right you so I grew up learning how work and find are inextricably linked and that was a wonderful thing to learn as a child because so many people there in their champion. I hate it and then I go to leisure and not congruent sections of your and your ballot became one of the other your work life balance sheet never really achieved every day and balance on but it would. It was wonderful a court as a TH I did not like it because he was… You know he would get out there cricket it with no having to get a date because there is no African Belo pointed out to meet him, just like any good father would you write thank you that I product up when you become an adult.

Right now it's working, reading, and you know and growing in the Lord. He took her key. How we were and I really like trash in trash out you can get a job job from 13 on I got I got a job you can be reading you can be volunteering. You can be playing for you not to have anything that will on Friday, we were like guinea pigs and not our summers were spent traveling with him to meeting put it on a Volkswagen camper with a cop on top.

You can't do it all in pocketbook. We drove from Montréal, Denmark, Mexico City, and we park at KOA campground. And then he got a and then we can pick him up and then we have the campground the workbook table while it was really very very interesting way to Greylock's work so work ethic with a sense of humor that's in. What a great combination that is right there and how some things you said you know II course I can relate to and think and reason for girls of of my own when I was ill introduced guys like Jeffrey get them or like your dad and Jim Ronin and others you who you know were not only motivational but inspirational had no rocksolid foundations in and try to instill those same pigs in my daughters as well.

Not intake the TVs out of the house. I bought I've motivated them by actually offering them cash money if they would like watts or certain programs and/or reader or read books and that sort of things like you gotta relate to that little bit reading and writing book report turnaround facing to personal development. They think you know or not biography and autobiography and motivated to retail that that is exactly exactly what they had to read a little summary that are adjusted to got to be a full-length report. The battery that write a little summary on review of one or two nuggets that they took away from each book that they that they read so that is really cool why I have you know I have a special surprise for you that I think will encourage you Tracy. Are you ready for okay so so Robbie, who before the show.

Just open up with a word of prayer for Robbie Gilmore who makes all this work for me. I mean, he is the man when it comes to the recording the shows and in programming in podcasting that sort of thing and up II a couple weeks ago I mentioned hey I might have Tracy tremendous Jones on the shows like what and he tells the story so Tracy bring Robbie back on it and have him sear just a brief story with you that I think can encourage you and bless you and your listeners as well. Robbie taken away so I'm guessing we must be pretty close in age because I grew up in the 60s and 70s as well. My father was a card and so early on when I was like 17, 18 years old. He wanted me to learn how to sell and stuff. So what is he doing he signs me up for tremendous Jones conference which actually until Mikita just said Charlie.

I didn't know there was a Charlie involved. I just thought it was tremendous.

Jones MMS. And it was the first conference I got of any kind I ever attended, and in the thing that I would say about your dad that anybody that ever heard him would have to agree with me. He could say tremendous in a way that only he could say to with you know anytime it's only would say something that's tremendous you have this booming way of saying that you think you I have about you, watch videos YouTube videos and yes… Some recordings and what effect it had on me and I'll never forget the humility of the because one of the things he said that just totally caught me off guard that I remember to this day was. He said God didn't give me six kids so I could teach them.

God gave me six kids so they could teach me right and then he went all the stories of things that were teaching him and in the hard way like like my kids are taught me so I understand all too well now you know having had three of my own but I have to say that it was one of those early influences in my life. I wasn't a Christian. I didn't read books you held up like 18 1918. I'm aiming for things that were just unique concept to me that you where. Where did you go to first year he went it was like the Colosseum in Albuquerque. It was New Mexico right now.

Yeah. So is it was a big deal and there were thousands of people. I mean it was a huge deal and stay on stage as I recall he was walking all around going that's tremendous life in so many ways.

So, I'm so glad that I have a chance to share that with with one of those kids. He talked about that one can't believe it… You have blessed mother. That was Robbie that was back in the 70s of the guys like 78 and maybe somewhere in the snow so I Tracy I thought that story all these years later, Robbie still remembers a silly, but it impacted his life then and is impacted his life now thought that would really bless you to hear the one you guys know new levels.

New devil that every time I'm about to go you know what, I'm not really sure I get a comment like that like you might be thinking so much for that word about wearing encouragement. One thing was thank you and I get the doctor's daughter, Mia really is for me to a real treat. I've been so excited, so like yeah like this what I want to outsource your couple couple. His call today and let's jump in transition into you know some some of what you're doing is while we so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you slice copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring go to call off.that's cool off.and the ET and make your contribution the cuticle all fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M. C.

The number because you are number one double quotes that that I found you be the same person in five years. As you are today except for the people you meet in the books you read quote number one quote number two leaders are readers, and quote number three I like this in as well. No one is a failure until they blame somebody else while I write you like where while that's exactly right.

So there's some of the other. Is there anything is there maybe a quote that you remember one more than the other and growing up in that household. Tracy what he read growing up like a Lord you know I tell people I think I had to read on how to win friends and influence people for the pokey little puppy like can we just can I read you know and I did not read up on you to rebook.

You need to be booked out on.

I never really understood that, until I got I got older and I love you never Kelly Kipling, somebody out you know another one at a thinking thing. I would lament about you know you hurt me or betray near happening and he is anything worth what she got out and I like writing and he was only knowing he and right property want to own a great mother left them not apply to an upbringing by all right he would not lift it all and he had every marker against him. He met my mother, Gloria, and he found life insurance and then he, quite, and so it doesn't matter where you start it matter you know what imprint on yourself.

When people are complaining and you know Mikita and Robert if you had beautiful way. He might Lock and yelling for think I was never a preacher because he would come to them him with an air like it would've been murder that the shepherding type because I really thought he was very much in you don't talk that stupid your new creature get with the program and especially men and Italian women you just sometimes need somebody to shake you and thank you your own way your printers are the king thinking, thinking, knowing that you think you need to check up on the neck up my life.

He would tell me don't go wrong and break your heart to break you down. You can give up and build you up that you can be all that Christ intended you to make any effort multiple chambers and so whenever something bad would happen either by my own doing or something completely just put it in my life or whatever you economy.

This is not about you. This is meant to make you a greater friend, a more compassionate year. Just a confidant to somebody that years from now, or dates are now going through something and you're really able to walk along find themselves really just healthy respect for failure and suffering that I thought well God you sure put me through a lot of thinking, a lot of people you know someday because I think he taught that they make any make it more more sweeter in Christ and more dependent on him that I was really on really what when you let it now.

And yet, and I love that I love you not like my everybody out there looking for the perfect job in Utah. They need anything to make you you make job so you can be in the worst job with a big idiot thought.

We are called to Christ the excellence in everything and so even very much. You will need all and it's up to you until you decide you're working for yourself and not somebody out here always got to be looking for the next job or backpay or whatever. Very much taught me, it's where you are right now live in the present you the best you can't, because all these things are unfolding. You don't see them yet but be patient, be diligent and it will now do the job thing and it will come eventually.

While wealth plan were what what a tremendous offering he takes Hallock for real, I got I hope you are listening to what you just said is there was a lot of rich Nuggets and in those words and will let let's let's transition talk little bit more about what you're doing.

So I mean I know you pick up the rain so to speak with no one in his passing a number of years ago stepped in from the publishing to the book writing Sotelo listeners little bit about what you're doing presently currently really want to share with the listener unit or incomparable potential.

Like my father and I had only I can get back I might only hope that I would come back in high tech airport big organization and their other often very bureaucratic loaded organizations with anybody and a big thing. I would like my hoping that I can get back we would talk about it but it never happened when my father was alive, for whatever reason, it might do differently think it didn't happen and I got my tiny I now I got today.

He still had me to come on back and take over the country could even thought, why wouldn't you know I'm I know what you think I can't do that and I finally realized he knew what he might like any business, family, no different than any other bureaucracy out there is not fact sometimes because you would like it to be better like is your blood and it wasn't until today before you happen I just said that I come back any week mind and that I know you'll take it like I never could question planning.

It wasn't how I get on his two I was always very clear. God let me now because when my father And just let me now what ever you go and whatever you do, and I knew in my heart I know it actually get on an angelic truck there. Just let me know.

Hey Aldrich that he talk about it for real and you have all the supernatural cloud of witnesses on your side because little girl that Mikita my faith walk with Thorley Worley lacking writing I'm Christian in name only made yet. I never doubted Christ reaching the relationship. I knew I needed that now that the real think so and I thought you know what to do and I just had unbelievable support network of people like Robbie and you and Jeffrey and I thought will think about the coming from an engineering background and all publishing creative world of hurt about. I got all that. Tomorrow I now had a chance to share that motivational speaker. They haven't done anything you think their only talking. Your life will obviously never work with people for you to make a statement like that you haven't had your heart broken you haven't been called the court or anything like that.

And so it went on back to work were doing wholesale distribution for people that like tremendous book really publishing them on my course in the podcast speaking old black take what he did and just to continue it now 12 12 1/2 years later by the grace of God.

It's all God is just, just a block that's excellent. That's pretty baby so from publishing to to offering your own books, writing Jean. I know you're making such an impact. What would you say Tracy what was you when you feel like if you could pinpoint narrow down one thing to say okay this is I feel like were all making my biggest contribution are my biggest difference at this juncture of your life will what what take a minute and what did you pinpoint something publishing because I get tremendous joy. This is where God is really prosperous. I know this is where he wants us to be publishing helping people to get their expertise out to the world because back and get places in a way nobody would've written down one where the Christ said the Bible still the number one killer of all time writing finally took the time to write it down so publishing but also my course Mike Harcourt on just the richest. We have different coworkers going to that we read books together and get group and one-on-one coaching and developing the people can really wire up the Amato day within each one of them just an unbelievable think like you like you know God is really showing up in a mighty way. Well for the listeners out there a minute. If you're looking for some of the coach you are looking for some good resources and just to glean from from an amazing and amazing woman. Tracy tremendous Joneses is is one resource for you to check into will make sure she gives you her information where you can find your choice. Let me ask you one more question we got got it a few minutes left ear the time goes so fast, but you're having so many nuggets here. What would you say that I take a minute and what would you say to someone who maybe doesn't feel like they're making a contribution. What would you say to that person listening, I would say you probably are suffering from one of two things either to get a complication which is a terrible there to get you your spread too thin into broad and so you feel kinda depleted. So I would really, I would really work with them to really nail down what is your God-given aspiration.

When you get that singular. Okay, nothing can stand in your way and then you get the energy you can combat the weariness you start having the right conversations with people that the biggest thing Ed Oak at the other thing is to realize the line straight okay even if every day. The only thing you do on deeper love of Christ. Guess what else in the note. So if it's a very minimum you are actually doing the maximum. So I would just let people know I'm okay got this all done on people met with him and the more you do that tomorrow he can unveil to you what you singular purpose and happen and then you want to sit there and wonder if you're making it different anymore. A limit, trouble sleeping, your vanity so infused with that valve is a great word thank you with payments thank you for serving our military by the way as well. Just want to make sure. Thank you for that as well and some great words of advice from Tracy tremendous Joneses and Tracy were working working people find out like they wanted coaching and wanted to find out more about what all your publishing and writing and all that. Where were they find more about you two websites one is tremendous and that's got all the links to the YouTube channel lineup and again that you get two free weeks of e-book are contacted on that and all are tremendous, but you can order you cannot that is a button on that you want to publish with.then there's also the site. Tracy Jones TRAC EYE Colleen and Joan and my speaking little miniature booklets were doing courses on that… For the type of book in writing signed on tremendous leadership split weight women. Tracy C chose your middle listen was to whom it was from, but I know Pastor Tracy C Miller so I'm trying to seek out God's got you.

Well it is what a joy to pleasure to have you all on the show today. I know our listeners are going to be super blessed by all the things you share. I'm guessing Tracy they're going to go back and listen to this more than once, just because of how many nuggets that you shared things that are the people can take and apply to their to their lives in Ike. I can't thank you enough for for being on the show today.

Wow, thank you so much when in honor Nikita. Thank you well and this is been fun. Looking forward to how we are going to continue to to green and learn from one another and in and work with one another and let me just say to all of those you listening out there. Me one thing that really resonated with me that that the Tracy mentioned when I asked her the question what if you if you're out.

They feel like I feel like I'm contributing anything. I feel like I'm doing anything that that's what you were the you know to make make note to self. She said you know fall fall in love with Jesus refuted nothing else and just fell more in love with Jesus. Each and every day that as she said reiterated you know he's going to open up a world you that you'll she said you will be able to sleep at night you be so excited about walking in in your in your purpose in walking knowing understanding your identity and if you haven't surrendered your life you listen to the show today you could tell this is a woman of God. If you haven't surrendered your life to Jesus today that now would be a good time to do that pullover or stop whatever it is you're doing fine. Just make that decision surrendered your life to Jesus and email me email me and let me know that you made that decision and then I'll pass that information on to Tracy as well so Tracy things are being on the show today. What a blessing. Thank you so much thinking a lot about their all right.

God bless you and turn it again next time for another great episode of its time when I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days and I am pursuing the heart of your listening will send your manhole with God godly husband's involvement. You give them your blessing. Sign up today and Thought all pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community protocol email member this it's time I'll need a green vinyl tile from the top brand carbon that right now number one in the reader's was the one that had more thing. This is Nicole one of the lemon support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were along the Russian nightmare here for crescent automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan Jimmy Johnson at present automotive make it simple to find your real dream car, no hassle, show pricing, no matter where you live your is always right there with) everybody should try present.

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