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Remembering Jeff Paggett

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 25, 2021 12:00 pm

Remembering Jeff Paggett

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 25, 2021 12:00 pm

This week's episode is done with a heavy heart. Nikita's long time friend Jeff Paggett went home to be with the Lord shortly after this episode was recorded. Nikita and Jeff discuss Jeff's jewelry store, Jewelry Mine and how he serves the community and the Lord.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network wants a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

Once the Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner not keyed a call time. Welcome back to man up, though it's time to man up and normally you know I'm pretty jacked up excited when it comes to the introductions in the interviews and in today's little slightly different it's it's with a little heavier heart that I introduced today show my my guest on today's show is is Jeff Padgett, Jeff, was a part of my Bible study a dear, dear friend for many many many years and since the time of our recording. We had his lovely wife Kathy in the studio with us. He has since passed away. Went home to be with the Lord. So I really hope maybe more than any other show you've ever listen to.

I really hope this conversation I had with Jeff Padgett really blesses your heart. I love having entrepreneurs on the show with me man of God. And this man is a part of a Bible study that we hosed and is been gracious to even at times cook for seasonal prior to our Bible studies, but he's a thriving entrepreneur has an amazing business down in Concord North Carolina at the Concorde mall in the jewelry business Jeff Padgett Jeff welcome to the manna show. Thank you Nikita. You give criteria introduction to someone who burned the ribs for the first feeding well.

My understanding on that no ribs are not easy to cook on a grill and/or takes takes experience well know that when Nikita says thriving entrepreneur God keeps us close in a lot of ways and for me. We have been leaning on him for provision for 24 years so thriving in monetary note probably not thriving in faith, absolutely, and I would not trade money for fight is a great point and for those who maybe don't. Or maybe those who this goes out into the Charlotte community. This goes out into Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Richmond, Virginia, Raleigh triangle so you do though your the silver mine right is that the name of the business. It is the name of the corporation we do business as jewelry. Mine were predominantly trading in gold and silver coins and jewelry. Okay okay jewelry my jewelry that's at the Concorde mall right not Concorde meals, but the Concorde mall Carolina mall conical seat. I got you on the show today bringing about all these corrections because apparently I didn't do my homework, I'm pretty clueless. Here is the Carolina mall off of exit 58 that I know off of I 85 yes okay alright well I just want people to know what kind of where you're located in and the hey we've that gosh Eileen. I don't even know how many years. Any idea how many years and we met close to 20. We've been there 24 years and I would say 18 years, 20 years okay as I have frequented you know your your establishment and you have been very helpful.

These affects one of the most recent ways you helpful was was my daughter, Kendra and's something I do know something happened to one of her jewelry pieces or something that always come in you you all, you always come to the rescue like something breaks or I need something extra or whatever your the man for the job. I have found we have a non-site jeweler Sonoma repairs are done within an hour or so and so you know it what's been interesting as we have developed our friendship over the years. Jeff is is wind in in you sharing a number of stories, a lot of different stories with me is is you don't just have a list to say a jewelry business that you have that and you cater to a lot of customers and and I know you been a blessing to a lot of people but more than anything what what really impacts me is how how you as an entrepreneur you as a business man utilize your business as a way of being, shall we say salt and light to the world each day as I come into the store. There's a prayer that says God don't allow me to miss an opportunity to share your nature with a people that need to see and you find that you have many opportunities to do that if you're willing to do it and the key is to be willing to do when God prompts you to say or do something simply do it and give him liberty for the outcome of it. Don't put your span on what should happen simply do and you find the miraculous tends to hover around that kind of mindset with God giving him liberty show is so set a per visit. Like a like you say like every morning likable guy bring bring some to cross my path to bring somebody I can minister to your honey approach that as I'm driving in. I simply say God don't let me miss an opportunity and there is ample opportunities everywhere you look, the field is white with harvest will just be obedient and it the key to it is not needing to know the outcome is simply hearing a prompting obeying that prompting and let God do what he does and it often impacts people dramatically so you got God nudges you.

God prompts you. Somebody comes in your store looking to get something repaired. Maybe, maybe looking for a piece of jewelry or something the Lord prompts you nudges you to say hey say this to that person has there been times Jeff went when you felt that that you like Laura, I am not saying that to this person has ever been that scenario that always is one of the first battles you have to fight when you hear it.

Did you say God, this probably is not you and that is me yeah my key is when I hear it that thought will come then I will hear it a second time, and I sometimes will resist it twice and then 1/3 time. 1/3 opportunity will come up and I know not to go beyond the third time and I do not at the third time I take the leap.

Sometimes at the first prompting. Sometimes a second one that I never go beyond the third and he never fails to show up while it's that way. That's some pretty good lessons right there for for for the for the listeners than it had in so obedience is the key, which is better than sacrifice obedience is better than sacrifice, and I have learned. Maybe you'll you'll agree with this that saying yes when he prompts or nudges us as opposed to saying no follow you say no every time it's easier to say no, but every time you say yes I get slightly easier to say yes. The next time you nudges is that you found that to be true. I have found it to be true, but equally so the more you say yes, the more opportunities you get because he sees he can perhaps trust you with her that I would think about that listing about for just a moment that the fact that he nudges her prompts you to say something to an individual that but you know who. Who knows who you right were not walking in their shoes. We know who knows what kind of pain therein or how their heart is been wounded or just the fact that they may need in Encouraging Word that day I and he entrusts you to nudge you to say something to that person that's that's that's pretty amazing that it I think that's pretty big and I think God's looking for people that are willing to do that one of the first things you have to battle is I look foolish if I say something.

This way, offboard outlook, foolish.

I guard just a little from moving on the first, prompting second prompting.

I'm thinking okay got your nudging me again. Third, prompting I'm saying.if this is not you don't give me 1/3 time because I'm going to jump on the third time. I don't recall ever missing the mark and and I know because you have shared with me a number of stories on on all on what were talking about Joe if you could give our listeners an example or give maybe a recent story or maybe maybe a story that just sticks out in your mind to be from 10 years ago about what what what won't share a story with us something to happen soon walks into your store. God nudges you prompts you and bam what what happened okay most recent God prompted me to not be so quick to speak always that when someone is being ministered to. Don't neglect what they returned back to you. And so I had a young lady come in the store about two weeks ago and we were prompted to pray with this young lady, but in the midst of me arguing with the first and the second time I am getting her to do that when I argue with God. I do, maybe I always with no unintended. I wrestle you in a little bit of wrestling. Jacob knows little about wrestling. This will be a direct and I you wrestle with this decision as I am wrestling with asking this young lady, can we pray with her. She stops and says can I pray for you.

So she says can I pray for you.

You just cannot break Jesse Fuchs around. She flips it around does not happen very often. Okay, but this young lady prayed in spirit. She prayed in truth, she prayed with power and she prayed I blessing onto the business, but I was prompted to not be so quick to always be the giver to listen for the blessing that may come back from the other side because there always is. For instance, several years ago at Christmas had a young lady bring in watches to sell her and her husband young Spanish lady. The watches were very low in watches that want anything that we typically would buy but I took the three watches I walk behind the counter at the God what am I supposed to do with this God says give her $100 and give her merchandise back. I turned, I come back to the counter.

I handed watches that we typically don't buy these type watches but if you will accept this hundred dollars. In Jesus name.

I'm supposed to give it to you and she immediately crumbled tears running down the face, hugging her husband. When they turned and could talk to me. They said that they were trying to get money to buy their daughter's Christmas presents well just being obedient to that and watching the young ladies heart melt.

I don't remember very many high-end sales that I make and we don't make that many in our store, but I'm saying that the monetary exchanges in the store. I don't remember but I will never forget that young ladies face and she this happens weekly it it happens is often as I will give God liberty to use me and that is why we have a business doing what we do. It's just our platform. Nikita has a platform of being a professional wrestler. My platform is a small jewelry store but all of us have a place and a role to play as priests in this end time and just as being prompted right now. We love Jesus with all our heart. I love Jesus, my family, we love God with all your heart and your story after story, but I found out recently that for too long the church has looked at Jesus as the Lamb of God, and he is and he gave his life and he shed his blood and he sacrificed and we love him because he did that for us, but we have neglected the nature of Jesus, that is, the lion of Judah, so the church has suffered by not mixing the lion with the Lamb and we been pushed around much more than the church with the authority of Christ. The church should be ruling and reigning instead of constantly on the defense plaque to be a whole show right there, Jeff. That in and of itself, you share some really good nuggets. I will, our listeners were listening. That's a really really good inside.

So what I'm what I'm hearing.

It is an ad for the listeners out there.

You know, maybe you're not a professional wrestler maybe don't.

You're not an entrepreneur you don't own a Jew restored a jewelry mine you will, but regardless of your walk of life, you will use the word platform show every single person regardless of what you can be a stay-at-home mom and have a platform right because if you're raising children.

That's a platform to train them up in the way they should go so when they're older, they will not depart from it right and so I'm your store really is it for you. It is is a mission field.

Jewelry is you might want to the byproduct, but the main thing is is it's a mission field. You also need a green vinyl tile from the top brand carpet is that right and stop number one in the reader's choice awards that are serving thing. This is Nikita Cole, one of the women support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon.

1230 on the truth that were not for the Russian nightmare here for crescent automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan and Jimmy Johnson.

At present, automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle, she will place where you live your dream body drive is all you need to know is right there with a price everybody you should drive it. It is a mission field.

The field is white with harvest and for those that love God, it thrills us more to see our usefulness to God and what he does to the hearts of people so much of the preaching is done to minister to the physical aspect of knowing God and knowing about God.

But when you get into the spiritual aspect of it hearts, get changed not just trying to attempt to bring a truce to someone in their mind you actually cannot attach truth to their heart when you will listen to the Holy Spirit because then you're operating out of an authority that is God's. It's not years is not you trying to prove a point.

It is God using his power to change a life. Yeah, it's getting past what I have found Jeff as it's getting past the battle of an intellectual battle to what you said just getting past the head down to the heart right if you can access the heart of an individual than there's a good chance any way that that there's got to be some transformation for that person. Whether it's a first time decision surrendering their life to Jesus or even in that the personal growth of I establish this relationship with Jesus Christ now want to grow and mature that relationship and you and I even get that opportunity right as it's not always those who don't believe in God the coming your store although you have plenty of those in you been able to plant seeds. I know from some your stories you been able to plant seeds but it's also those who are followers of Christ that you been able I'm thinking either water seed or sheer nugget of truth spirit and truth and and help them perhaps grow and mature's are one of those one of the water of the story.

What are other you know those stories well there is an authority that comes when you listen to the prompting of God.

That means that the Holy Spirit's power is ready to use that because he's prompting you not to just waste that energy but he's wanting to demonstrate authority and you're speaking with authority. So add a young gentleman about a year ago. Come in the store is looking for a necklace for his wife. He's a truck driver.

God gives me several words for him and one of them was I said you don't know what tribe you're from the he said I do not PA was a professing Christian and a truck driver. He said I do not I said year of the tribe of Dan and he looked puzzled. I like me right now talking Benjamin year of the tribe not of Dan, I'm sorry have to correct that is a tribe of Benjamin.

Okay Benjamin being the very last of the 12 tribes now the 12 and 11 tribes prior to Benjamin, their mother named each person you can read through the genealogy and say that the mother named every tribe prior to the tribe of Benjamin. When the mother attempted to name the tribe of Benjamin, the father said no. He named the father named the tribe of Benjamin in that the last tribe was named by the father.

So is the last priesthood on this earth, in my view, is not named by the mother, which I will consider the mother as Baptist, Pentecostal Holiness, Lutheran, any of the names that we can give to different parts of the body. The last tribe is named by the father himself, and he has no banner on the wall that says I am graduated from this seminary I get this degree I can now preach at this church. The tribe of Benjamin has authority that God gave from himself that authority is deep. That authority will be different than any authority that is came from the 11 tribes prior and when I spoke that to him. He just melted in the store that this was a 6 foot three, 240 pound athletic government that just melted. He said you don't know that I have been wrestling with trying to preach. I want to preach but I can't preach because I don't have a degree and I see people that I meet in the trucking business which I'm going to remain in he said, but I don't feel that I have the authority to preach and so is this allowed him and he came back several months later to say that he's ministering to people everywhere that he goes because he was released to act in the role of a priest outside of the pulpit. Write it in the day and take advantage of his platform absolute everything truck driving absolute you a world of truck drivers you I will save for one drive stopped a lot of truck stops. There's a lot of truck drivers as well as other people or stop a truck stop but what a platform for him and and what a word of encouragement from you that it and I could actually Jeff Abby relate to that, in the sense that it must go back to the original 12 that I don't know for a fact that wasn't there, but I'm pretty sure that Matthew the tax collector and the fishermen another didn't go to some seminary and get a diploma put on their wall before Jesus released them into the marketplace and and go minister the gospel message which brings up an interesting point that fruit for all you missing out. I mean, if God prompts you to go to seminary all means do so little I mean if you prompt you to do go a Bible school box but you don't need that as as a proposal as a backdrop, or a qualifier in order for you to go out and share the gospel message right in and so that's what that's what you're doing, Jeff. That's what I'm doing is or sounds like. Praise God this truck driver is now doing as you shared that word of encouragement with him and he felt the release to go do that, that's pretty amazing.

I know we could go on and on and always show me more stories of people that have come into it into your place of establishment did that just means you have to have you back on the show someday. So would you be willing to come back to share some more stories are you asking outcome all right and how you could pack a lot, but I want to get to it in her last few few minutes you want to talk about something else are you your bride is in the studio with us today could not convince her to come on the show.

However, she said I'm the designated picture taker and on the designated driver. She told me today so she drove you up here and and this talk just talk for a minute Jeff about about the miracle of of site that you experience for our listeners. God still the miracle working business on the healing business. How many minutes do I have it to give us to a two minute version of Howard.yup of how God miraculously touched your eyesight. Prior to coming to know the Lord.

I've been a diabetic since I was six years old. I knew that diabetes was a leading cause of blindness and amputations in many bad things.

Most diabetics did not live a healthy life very long and so my idea was I would party and play the games in this world is hard as I could because by the time I was 30 I would be incapacitated at some time.

This was prior to me, meeting Jesus at three months at about two years before I turned 30 I started losing my sight and I was legally blind for two years, three months before I turn 30.

I totally lost my sight and was blind had to be led around by the hand. It was in the midst of that blindness that I said Jesus I've always believed you were real, but I will submit my life to you if you'll take it. I have I am worthless. I have no way of making a living no way of supporting my family so I yielded to Jesus and no one believe that was the right thing to do until three months later, my sight returned at that point I did not see a doctor for the next 10 years as an eye doctor. But I did meet a Jesus that impacted supernaturally my world and I tried to speak of a Jesus that is only limited by how much we limit him while well it and we know from Scripture that that you know he there are several instances examples of how we heal the blind in Scripture and the weather each spit in the mall. It's been the dirt made mud and rubbed it in the guys eyes are or just spoke the words right in and said you will be healed. And so I know that was a very short version of that out but it I just want Arlette I want our listeners to hear that. Just understand God is still in the miracle working business. He still heals today.

He still heals eyewitness that many times personally with others that I have prayed for not I can heal a fleet but I can be obedient to God prompts me and nudges me and says go pray for that person. One of our meant recent band camps. God heal the man. He was in stage IV cancer got to go pray for Mike okay week later he had full full test on and in the doctors is real.

I don't know how to how to tell you this, but you're in full remission and so God miraculously healed this man's a great story. Great having you in the in the studio thank you and thank you your lovely bride for for coming up and end up bringing you into the studio today and I look forward to.

I really do look for to have you back. Go check out the Carolina mall Jeff Padgett the June reminder to get all that right you did get good good good loving said all that, write it off, go, go check like you have a website is a website for your sorry no not just a Facebook page. Okay, just Facebook page with every passing up and down I 85. In the Carolina mall and see this man of God that you might stop in to get your jewelry fixture by piece to Julie but hey, you never know. Jeff just might be prompted or nudged to give you a word from the Lord that may encourage you or release you into your destiny is no absolute if you do nothing else, maybe stop in for that reason and up while what I think you for tuning into it's time to mount up with the cuticle authentic. Hey, I hope. Listen, if you've never surrendered your life to Jesus. You know what man today would be an amazing day to do that I would just encourage it just stop whatever you're doing right now I give you driving like like this pullover. You know or be aware of you listening to this, the show just make a decision today make a decision, give him the opportunity to impact your life to set you on a course on it on a destiny give you purpose were maybe there seems to be no purpose and you surrender your life to Jesus and he will give you a platform whether it's in the jewelry business or rustler a truck driver or whatever else next time on the map show tuning again men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with less louvered. I am pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. Will send your men home better with God, godly husbands and God. You give them your blessing them. Sign up today and camp thought in full. Pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community protocol and email.

Remember this.

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