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A Year In Man Up Time!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 18, 2021 12:00 pm

A Year In Man Up Time!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 18, 2021 12:00 pm

It's hard to believe! Nikita has been teaching us to MAN UP for one year. Stu Epperson joins him to celebrate his one year anniversary and discuss the impact the program has had and where it's going in the future!

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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network one small world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call this time back to another episode. Man up, show with the devil's nightmare building God's kingdom in storming the gates of hell and I have a special show today.

I made a super special show there's two reasons. This shows special on the start with reason.

Everyone because of who I have in the studio and that is not other than the man himself. Stu Epperson Junior not to be considered to be confusion Stu Epperson senior but Junior is in the studio with me today still welcome to the Maddow show. It's an honor to be here this is just just to be in the bid to be not in the ring with you to be on the show is a very good thing. But Nikita cough. God bless you love what you're doing for the kingdom. I love your program I listen all time and now I'm aghast. What a treat well and there's a reason you're your gas to get dominated get to that. Why this shows the special you being the reason there is there is a man up showing what I mean by that give our listeners a little bit up a little bit a quick background that the backup on that was around April or May 2020 that I got a random phone call with us from this guy Stu Epperson any psych we need to talk please. This is where I remembered we need to talk to Mike okay and he goes to come down to see us. He drove all the way down the canal was North Carolina spent three hours at my house. We had lunch together. I'm I made you through a look through lunch together and we had lunch together and we talked and you like you need a radio show. You need a podcast on my okay in my mind, Stu. I'm thinking giant would I even have time to do a radio show and/or a podcasting but but here we are, which which leads me into the second a special reason why you're on the show's were coming up on it. In fact, this show will air on our one year anniversary already one year and I can't thank you enough for one, the idea of having to show but to make it all happen in, and for those who don't know Stu, I don't even know what your official title is, do you have enough for Bobby are you you not the chairperson. Are you the chairman to you. The president idea what what what exactly Carlos is the truth radio network on the chief servant chief servant.

I'm here to make all your dreams come true in your Russian nightmares come know what I just absolutely love walking in the building and when guests are here look around, you know, just encouraging them and serving them and give them something some coffee and bringing people to Jesus were all about point people to him yet though the title that is the most important is Lord Jesus Christ and we are in sales. He's in management and so that's well about you and your program because we know that millions of people worldwide are into pro wrestling writer into the theatrics and their end of the technique in their end of the fanfare and all the buzz and what a beautiful way to point them to the King of Kings, the ultimate Lord of the rings, the Lord Jesus Christ right in and that well and sorry I get in so seatless is a seer. The CSO that you're the chief servant officer of truth radio network.

So as I was saying Stu I love the idea of the C. C.

S. O. Chief servant officer, but there's many other titles that that could apply yes well as a president you call me CO you going founder, but ultimately the whole reason I'm here and the whole reason this network exist is to connect people to Christ, so that's why truth.

Jesus said I am the true truth is not some feeling, or some philosophy or some idea. Truth is a person, the Lord Jesus Christ network where here to network to connect and we want to get as many radio stations. Many programs like yours got out on the year so people can hear because were taken back here because the press the power the air has no power here. We are lifting up Jesus and reclaiming him so were trying to network you know the greatest network on the planet is the network called the church, the body of Christ in you and I are brothers in Christ right and so were to be spinning eternity together. This is just a rehearsal but where together so that we can network others into this glorious mission of following Jesus, knowing him and making him known. So everything were trying to do here from the Christian card. I showed to truth, talk to all her shows two especially man up, it's time to man out.

It is time to that always about networking connecting to Jesus noted, by the way, know what you hear our voices right now. If there there radio or their phone wasn't network to something network to a Wi-Fi connection network.

I would ask Ryan connected network hardwired into their car or a computer into a mainframe and there's algorithms and there's all these things are networked together so we were called Truth Network, because we literally want to network people with the truth. We want to introduce people to Jesus Christ and that is the greatest thing ever happen to someone is when you encounter Christ like the cuticle lofted back in the early 90s right. Everything changes because he's the only one that has the power to change anyone.

And so that's why that's why were here. That's why God put on my heart. 23. Some years ago.

Okay to start the Truth Network wind you're in your face and your family, your dad because I met your dad this to senior yesterday and and a lot of them met your cousin recently and are involved in the whole radio industry. Yes, a lot of family is involved with.

Probably family you know about this involved. I here got all time related him, related him and what is not about around 1940s brings on this kit from college builds a radio station in the attic, knowing of the old farmhouse know and preachers come by with money and I'm sure a couple pro wrestling Harley race might've been alive and on this booth as he says for sure what a bit like them either tights and a day ramble right there in the living room and a gizzard probably play the organ harmonica in but uncle Ralph had a radio station going in that radio station became WPA Q1 a for station estate or Carolina but he really got the rest of us involved in a might that rest was I would quite around enforcement dad was there. He'll be that we wanted exit interviews while at end of course you mentioned a number that shows any truth radio network has so many mixed masculine journey is another one right. I mean there's so many great got Alastair Baggins and Greg Laurie and Dr. David Jeremiah so many amazing men of God, ministers of God that are on truth, radio network, and so it really Stu for me is just a a privilege and an honor. Let me say this to you because it's interesting again when you first brought the idea in my mind I thought, man, do I have what I have time to do this and I cannot have what what icon aha moment which is like this you my prayer is been over the years in my walk with Christ as Lord expand my territory, expand my reach, expand my influence.

You will help me reach more people. I can only be in one place at one time that the aha moment was wall hello. I mean, what better way to reach the world. Then the radio network through the radio waves, and then of course always see the podcasting platform now that has exploded and so I was like you know in a reach back out there like okay this should have been a no-brainer, but I had a moment and so we started recording last year we launched a one year ago. This is the one year anniversary show. Happy anniversary my friend that I use stool. Thank you for again for having the, the, the idea and reaching out green vinyl tile from the top carpet right now number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth network for the Russian nightmare here for crescent automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan and Jimmy Johnson at Crescent automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car with no hassle. The windshield pricing no matter where you live your dream body is all you need to know is right there) everybody drive to present you should try crescent here we are. Fast forward a year later had some really amazing guests and some amazing interviews over this past year, just a variety of people. For those who may be you haven't tuned in, or maybe you haven't listened to the to the man up, show and another segment we do to the Q&A with coal off kind of a separate segment we do on on the podcast platform where where I give people the opportunity and nonsense wrestling fans to to ask me questions and so we had fun with that and a brand-new announcement. So actually this is point number three thanks to you and and the creative idea of of David Mamet the marketing man.

We are going to be launching the man up minutes which is a little is 62nd inspirational, motivational, thought-provoking minutes back and just someone on their drive time to just go man got to make something right is so what are your thoughts on the on the Minutemen allotted 11. I love the idea of we can't get enough of you on the weekend they would need a little snapshot during the week. It's a little minute to win it. It's a little spark plug right there. When is a little challenging sometimes our churches made especially my mind will drift you or your waiting for the next great message or talk show on the Truth Network got right in between there you might hear a an ad or a promo for the Christian card I show her something else going on, but then you hear a man of minute like a little devotional devotionals are little devotional books right.

Sounds like an audio depot and will challenge and encourage people got on their journey and also remind them that hey, there's a whole powerpack half hour. This on waiting for them on Saturday mornings or Saturday afternoon or whatever time shows on that particular market nuclear tracking are showing a lot of places. If you deftly have a message this year were tickled to death to have that I think it's a great additional way to touch folks and reach people and also we have some sponsors been very gracious yet don't carry both the show and the man of minute you you watching you as a wrestler which I did and so many thousands of people to bill your fan times and always Yep it what watching the aggression you had your aggressive layer. You are a man I wish I was intense.

You are not going to know until someone was bleeding or dead are carried out a category you organized religion. I don't care for is Ricky steamboat. I don't care if it was a blow the butcher as a honky-tonk man, dusty rose, American dream nature boy road warriors mean, who else in history and their history is double close like talking animals. One moment when I just like to watch like his watch it over and over again. You got I got forgot about that you are a man on a mission and now it's like you are hunting souls for Christ.

You are a man on a mission reaching people for Jesus and it's just almost like an apostle Paul, and I know there's a fictitious nature of revenue. There's a narrative and there's a storyline and that's right say that for the Q&A and all that right but if there's a sense, to which people when they saw you picture this guy like I don't want to be in a dark alley with him unless I live in and he's like a hiking on the same side is exactly right. And but in so now it's like you're the devil's worst nightmare.

In that the devil what he doesn't want he will by the way friends will leave you alone if you if you simply will not do this one thing, don't talk about Jesus right will bring them up regular jump around a social justice. Critical race theory have some fun with some some giveback things and some good ghettos philanthropic kind of conversations right so you won't mess with you and factually present, saying that all the social things are bad, but when you start talking about the message of the cross Romans Army first it is chapter 1 verse 18. The message of the fox cross to those who are being saved is the power of God to those who are perishing, its forces and we start another the message the cross, the enemy is scared doesn't want that to go out why because the word of God is a return void right. It's a seed sown its supernatural. It's powerful it's like that musters you to grow through a massive it's a look at this.

These 12 guys that turned the world upside out why because they preach the gospel right because they were not straight commission salesman. They were great commission salesman and they went out and all the world and so with with you.

You are aggressively bringing people to Jesus you're inviting them to Christ. The enemy that is his worst nightmare, and what you're also doing is you're empowering enabling mobilizing people to listen to this program. The beauty of radio. The beauty of media is this message goes out all kinds of people can listen to us right now without you having to be, you know you are traveling all over the place. Every night you're going here you're Cleveland tonight your Toronto the next night the next night you're in Boise.

Jacob, you're in Chicago you're in Madison Avenue next dated like crazy.

You can get Mina Mike and literally going to people's living rooms and into their cars with the message of Jesus on the phone. Yes, those are those are out there. Those are a bunch of little Russian nightmares, making the Jesus dream come true. But here you're creating your mobilizing it using this this this force that the light of Jesus Christ, which is far more powerful than any wrestlemania or any star Kate 85 or 86 or 87 or any cage match or deathmatch or foreign object must obtain mass don't get on the running game Russian team. While I can at me like I am's I am right now too close to the most dangerous man on the planet. The most hated man in the world.

Back in the late 80s the Russian nightmare himself Regina call off but but just the power of the of now leveraging all of that gravitas to bring people to grace to the grace of God. So that's what encourages me brother I would affirm you that I noted I'm answering your question a lot longer and you had to open. I just want to affirm and confirm that's that's what were about an how much time to the king were to to the Lord Jesus Christ splits that sky wide open and I turned tricky so we got a start. Invite people to him like what you're doing like we got a jump on board.

What I think is it right and I think this and I appreciate that.

I'm certainly while you your words there are. Take take to heart everything you just said and there is an obvious sense of urgency and in my view, and in many others who are dialed in. There is a real sense of urgency to to what's going on Weaver that in the past, but I think if you if you really pay attention to really pay attention what's going on in your even remotely familiar with and time last days type prophecy. Whether it's the book of Revelation. Enter Daniel. I say I mean you can go right right Zechariah. You can scroll right through many of the books of the Bible and and so yeah so I am I have a passion is your is your referencing Stu that you might see with the same intensity I applied in the wrestling ring as a believer.

Now is a Christ follower and not unlike anything I've ever done, whether it's been football or weightlifting down the kinda guy if if if I'm in like yeah hey I'm in like all in like I'm not sitting on the sidelines. I'm not can be warm and to bench you know when you guys provided this this opportunity for me. You know I'll click them all and let's get started.

Let's get rolling start records and shows you can edit them later and you know it it's so it and add to your point of the impact that this show has his hat in one year and one year thrilled at the latest count that the podcast is been downloaded into into 55 country.

In fact, I just did a recent just the other day, another podcast with a guy the UK so other pod casters as they heard the man a podcast under the man up showing trees radio are now reach out to me is that he will you be on my podcast and so weathers the UK, Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia. We have doing I'm doing other interviews all over the world and but it's all connected. It's all networking networking in its it's using your opportunity. You'll be invited to and I love you sent me that website to watch the YouTube of this, some of the stories of some arrestors that yeah is a documentary done but I just love how your your Paul said in first grade design is on all things all men that I might win the more now. Paul never said I'm a pro wrestler to professors but the fact is King aggressively all that mess. J that's exactly right. But people will come in turn out in big numbers and Rob using it. You Know Rd., Christian car guy has got people that will that had with it what you couldn't Dragon the church with a hog chain.

You start on my get under the hood of the car you talk about fuel efficiency. You talk about building up.

You know the euro 1950 Chevy of or whatever they are suddenly turned on their excited and you use that in your use in wrestling in your your your on these massive secular platforms, but your proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of lords, the ultimate king of the ring yeah which is crazy for me to think back to have these conversations all the time.

Think about how my wrestling career which you know most that public this of the show are somewhat familiar with it as well, and if not going to call Read more.

The story by the book until the of the regular redemption you get all of my story my life story which you mentioned Robbie in the Christian car guy just recently one of my favorite guys that I call the mentor. Although I've never met a person was guiding Jim Rohn and I use a worldwide motivational speaker.

I just heard this recently goes if you change your mindset because let me take a mechanic for example, you might think you fix cars but what if you just tweaked your mindset did not look at it like you fix cars but you help people arrive at their destination. While strong is really strong to UNICEF. I'm not a mechanic to fix cars. I'm a mechanic who helps other people arrive at their destination.

Just something as simple as that. There is a teaser for the man a minute right there. I think that's a know it all.

All prospective the late Howard Hendricks great man of God Dallas theological professor all through many books. He was a great professor and he had a student come up to him. One of his better students who was very very frustrated and very depressed. And he said Dr. Hendrix. I got it do something here you have to work my way to school.

I can't pay for seminary after working working his plans of bagel operation in his like there's over 500 people there and I'm the only Christian and I am I'm just on the verge of quitting. I can't deny I can't take it give me some advice which I respect of said you said you mean to tell me that God has entrusted you with five our souls to lead to Christ while get back there as quick as the doors opening clock in and keep let your light shine by being an excellent worker doing everything with all your might. Colossians 323 is on the Lord not amend right and get in there and let your light shine and leave us to a Christ.

What a privilege. What is stewardship and switches all perspective, we see obstacles sure but we see opportunities and we also see other people. This is real important. You happy always have and I have enjoyed had a dusty know you always have you whether you are the kids had a bad side is not so good influences. You know the front horsemen, you know, some may be really good influences. You know the steamboats in the other being the good guys. But there were there was always a camaraderie nest while in brothers and sisters in Christ, we can encourage each other like we we gotta build each other up and help with to speak words of life into one another, and that's another thing you're doing on man up because of your doings man up minutes. You are speaking life, your speaking God's word, which never returns void and I'm thoroughly encouraged by that because what you are instilling is not fear but your instilling the words, fear not in the people. That's good for them to Jesus Christ. That's good and and really take to see your point to get just a couple minutes already having time just flies on the shows with it you speak in some some real truth and appreciate that and have that rusty platform and be able to have this format and then the other with no luck slogan.

I do Campo man camp together and yes I do a conference on, and on weekends to call the man up conference in and to be able to and what's funny as many of the pastors that have me in the eyes and evangelist like yourself group action wrestling as soon never in a million years but I've never thought I said this on the on the on the interview with the guy the UK I go if I had to summarize my life journey. At this point between the radio show. The podcast what I'm doing there. The wrestling career football career children, grandchildren, I mean it's it's it's a real in the opportunities God is given me to make an impact in other people's lives within also than fellowship together like you're talking about and using the service. I can't think again. I just can't thank you enough. One year anniversary in and looking for greater and better things, and in year two, three, four, and power far the Lord wants wants to take the shown where we can reach. He will give you what you doing brother, Nikita, and let it let me affirm this money make a very very sobering statement. What you did as a professional wrestler and IP will collect showbiz and cults and mnemonic than call it whatever allegory, whatever.

But what what we saw there was an actual better truer picture of what the Christian life is then what most comfortable Western Christianity is like when I turn on wrestling. There's going to be blood to be a battle. This will be the Russian nightmare whether he is off the top row sweaters come out the middle turnbuckle, whether it's a circle. Whatever it is, but there's there's an aggressive battle. There's a war going on and you don't leave that ring unless you know you've either won or lost in the Christian life is that possibly wrestle not against flesh and blood battle. And so what you're doing now in in this time is so awesome to see in this season of your life you're in a different ring. There's a lot more at stake in this ring. There's all the souls of men and women right right in in in the battle is even more intense than those days when you took on all those photos in the ring on the big screen and in in no in the battle in the Army and Alanna were everywhere were wrestling right and in but now you're summoning an army to follow Jesus and to reach this lost world needs to hear the gospel of grace in the MS so encouraging to me to see how God loves you know skills well and and and I appreciate people I smell a time. You still wrestle my immediate response that is yes every day just in a different opponent it I can write out against flesh and blood in as we affect the call. The square circle. It's now spiritual principality, I quoted Ephesians spiritual principalities in high places. In Stu Epperson, Junior, the man who made this show possible.

One year anniversary for the man up showing looking for greater things to thank you for making this opportunity possibility in a probably now in all reality, thank you for being on the one year anniversary share with me today.

Praise the Lord and you know what time it is.

It's time to man up inside you have not yet given your heart to Jesus, you heard the man himself speak it's time to surrender your heart and your life's thanks for tuning in to our one year anniversary show men. I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex Luther and I man pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. Will send your manhole with God godly husband and God do you give them your blessing and them sign up today at band camp.full pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community protocol and email member this, it's time to man up. We so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you a personalized copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring go to call off.that's cool off.and the ET goal and make your contribution the cuticle off fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today at W. S. M. C. The number because you are number one this is the Truth Network

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