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Q&A with Koloff - #34

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 14, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #34

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 14, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita is joined by Illinois-based friend Frankie Rodriquez for a round of questions and answers!

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network.

This is good Truth Network cuticle all fear questions and answers they would go off the double Frank Rodriguez Frank. Welcome to the official welcome to show thank you Brad Mikita and now do you go by Frank to go by Frankie. What would what most people call you.

We are trying to call me Frankie family call me Frank. I so okay I get you friend I mean call me Frankie Nikita so family calls you Frank friends call you Frankie yes I want the book.

I feel like your family and a friend. How about this man will I appreciate that.

Thank you will listen. Thanks for real thing should be in a Q&A with rolloff in the hot we we go back a while now to refresh my memory and on on how we first met. There was an event in Atlanta called latent media. And I forget the person's name through that event, but he was promoting it me had you know what superstars call into the show and got my radio show and that the first time I I got this speak with you over the phone. Then I flew out to Atlanta I met in person. We been ever since, but about how long ago was just not done too many shy try to jog my memory. Any idea about when that was roughly that that was thousand 10 years ago. Okay 2010 and not just on you still have radio show are no no I looked the radio industry it's it's funny you at that because as of yesterday, I just got back in his Bureau of syndicated show a political show here in Chicago and that just started on Monday. Okay so yes, though I had gotten out of the radio business altogether.

Now I'm back in stock. How long were you in the radio business from 2009. Then Fort King I have my own. I had my own love. A radio show here in Chicago for five years and I did TV for a little while okay now you jump back in in the radio and and so were when you got out of radio did was to be kind of that the dealer did you do something else besides. Yeah, I actually went well. I'm going to peel back the secret here is that the curtain to see Maynard.

Frankie you don't make a whole lot of money in radio unless you know you are a Rush Limbaugh type or write or something like that. I don't know, something that like some just a broken or something. Kurt Karen oh I mean you know I would more than pay my bill that would have been the most fun I've ever had in my life.

It was a pain the bill so yeah I did know becoming a business consultant for 7-Eleven. You know you that degree that I got from the University and it's just that's what I've been doing and it's weird that out of the blue I got a phone call from the radio business that you come back again in the offer was right though that's what that's what I'm doing. Well that's cool will.

Congratulations on all that that's that's pretty cool and your ear up inside town Chicago and you been there all your life. My whole life born and raised, but born and raised. Note that ducking and dodging bullets, but other than that everything else is great here yeah yeah a bulletproof windshield on the car if you don't, you better get one.

No big. Here's what I learned about Scott know where you don't get off the wrong exit that that's what I was instructed in Chicago don't get on the wrong exit.

Now I remember stories you telling me about you are you and I getting lots and at the police officer for direct loss in Chicago. As I Chicago was not one of my favorite sounds by way that not all fairness, I don't know a all you Chicago listeners don't take that personal but anyway I keep going. Yeah. And from what I remember you telling me that the police officer noticed that it was you and I've ended that economies the Russians and he told you to go pound sand and go F yourself and the directors of the building for the record it and I don't know why, but that interstate system up there. I'm pretty good with directions but for the record I reps like I'm like it was easy for me to go to town one time and not go back a month or two later in and know how to get to the building and to the hotel and from the airport and in all that to the gym and I beat for whatever reason that I struggle with Chicago and I would never try to get the UIC pavilion and we were lost to me, it literally from the time we landed, got a rental car were headed to the bill.

I think it took us about a total of two hours to eventually figure it out and get there, but yes, in the midst of that. There's like a copper. I was driving him like I will pull the masses, how to get that you were looking for the UIC pavilion. It and add is job like a light officer's rights to be like a ticket or something. Also one of the best he would. Chicago's finest will be mad at me but you know what that I look I go Sarah go to give us directions to go to the UIC pavilion is like it lost it all, like we are. Try to be smart with our I get the car like Ivan.

He was very helpful. Let's keep going. You know what it is and to be honest, Nikita. The UIC pavilion use location to get it was not.

I'm sorry thank you thank you Frankie for that because it was not it was it was no well-baby pundit and it was a nightmare for for us for the Russians. It was it was a nightmare to get to bed and by the way, I love the men in blue month men and women in blue just for the record, I love the minimum of the blue support had you guys a blue lives who lives a love you guys so all of you serve in our our great nation out there. Put your lives on the line every day protecting our cities and so thank you guys. I so Regulus let's jump into it. Now let's you know you got the probably couple to three questions burning that that will humbly been arrested for by the way.

Well, I wanted to remember to be on it.

You know my my dad watched it when I would look me know a little kid 910 not understanding what wrestling was, but I like it. The I like where I only remember watching any memories probably 8283 okay right before my debut.

Yes and and 84. Yes, yes, was white, which by the way, they just publicly say thank you me on Instagram and Twitter and everyone of what was that one of the best reader and your you are jogging my memory pull announcement credit right now. Currently some credible stuff with Ivan crusher crew shelf in the cuticle often and you just posted some great things on Instagram and Twitter and do not follow me there. Follow Frankie Rodriguez there, follow me the cuticle off of the number one behind that's me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook all social media, but your posted some great stuff.

Just so you know you know and I'm glad you know you you're appreciative of it and all that stuff because and I'm really watching it, it met the memories are flooding through my my brain as well and there's that don't happen that I didn't dream and remember happening in, and to revisit it and to see and to be able to share with you is amazing because there's a lot of things yelling on Twitter you like. I don't remember that happening will, for example, for those who are wondering own and when I go go go check it out. For example, when you post the picture of Dr. normal Sgt. slaughter and Michael TA and I like man and I knew I wrestled the sergeant over in Kuwait in the Middle East.

I remember that but but that we had those matches psych oh my gosh, because she thought I was locked in its original Frankie the original storyline. Sgt. and Don Col. little chemical. The whole idea of a nephew for Ivan Cole Sunday that shot, I exist because of Sgt. slaughter, Don Col. Kai. That's why I exist in the original plan was that that I come in six men champions intact Is all that we turn on Don like we did and then Don would get the Sgt. Oak is used restless private Col. little was Sgt. slaughter and will have weed out flag versus flag and were wrestled for the bell to be Ivan and the kid again start the you know the good little boys from America and you know and just weed.

Have you know, years of matches and Sgt. was, I guess given a good offer to W.


F. At the time came, W. W. E. And and so apparently we had a handful of matches, but he left for the WWF and and so the rest of that story never unfolded or materialized. And unfortunately for Don, but what day anyway but that's why I'm here because of Sgt. slaughter doctrinal that and again see I did. I didn't know that that that at the meeting in. That's why I love talking to you Nikita in known to Luger in and all all the guys that it been in the ring to hear those stories that behind the scenes.

What caused that to happen. You obviously unless you're here in the locker room or in the board room or wherever you don't know that that that's why that stuff happens that that's really cool. Yeah it is in fact I'd spoken up you Don enforcing Don passed away. Sarge was one of his pallbearers and I spoke God always thought it always made me promise to speak at United's funeral and courses his brother Rocky Wally immediately called me asked me we were worked. It all worked in my schedule calendar because I certainly want to be a man of my word. And Sarge was there and I just said publicly there just like the Sgt. said I just want just want to publicly thank you. You, Nikita cough would not exist if it had not been for you and for Don Col. little in and coming up with that whole storyline of a nephew for Ivan and so very, very grateful to the Sarge very grateful for to Dr. Noto and grateful to all of all all the fans like like yourself so they go man in and I know I've told you this many times Nikita nice and I say to everyone that ever gotten in the rain. You know for for all the sacrifices you guys made that yield the abuse of your body that just to entertain me. I think you because man EEE you you took this kid and captured his imagination, and for for whatever was going on in my life at that time what you guys ride PP a nothing else mattered. I just I just needed to see the Russians get their butts kicked a baby love it well and I appreciate that you know all all that fake wrestling is certainly taken its toll on my body. You know there is a rush to match a metal chair, a cage match or walk in the other days it was one behind the oh my gosh what's wrong with your leg. Unlike my what you mean, like I go you talk about the boat.

The bend the ball in my left leg like yeah are you this is your deal care your kids. It doesn't hurt my cousin. I go in that that's that's the not not. It's typical for an athlete, you know the building we get them to our legs. "Out from from you the abuse to our bodies. Weather was football and wrestling, weightlifting and other things that I did so I probably appreciate that I will question question Frankie question okay so for all you okay let me not my first question is okay no I know you wanted to be a football player and wrestling ended up eloping the path that you know your career went on did you grow up watching wrestling where you and wrestling it all. I was not a me I was familiar with the Minneapolis you you flip through the three channels that we had, you know, there was no remote control ejection to get up out of a chair and turn a dial.

Believe it or not, to the younger crowd may have to Google that are YouTube that but so I was familiar with AW All-Star wrestling sanctioned by the AWA you know Brendon Mehta is all of that was familiar with it, but it wasn't like or can't wait you know till till Saturday or Sunday or whatever came on in and so I was familiar with the prepaid football was my passion just football. I live day to breathe it weightlifting and bodybuilding. That was my passion in college as I was playing college football. I did get to know Jesse, the body Ventura work out his little sweat box Jim in North Minneapolis and my first live wrestling match ever was at the St. Paul Civic Center with him doing a dead lifting match against a guy who was known as Paul Ella ring who went on to become precious polymerase manager of the road warriors and and a few other in his stable and that was my first exposure to professional wrestling and and that's where I first learned that it may not all be real at that event so yeah so there you go. So now it did not properly watching it and was not necessarily a fan of it. Great question.

Okay, so that leads me to the follow-up questions are now you're in the business. You obviously didn't know Dean go to some big lawn training regimen training right so now it's time for you Dick to be on camera be be be on stage to speak right and they tell you you gotta get color. What is going to your brain through your mind when they tell you how how you gotta get color complex.

Yeah, that's a great question. I don't know.

Ever been that asked that you know enough is it's funny to hear the stories like chicken blood you guys you know, we varied capsules tucked in her cheek. You know, in the short have wound like real bloated of my yeah as a mentor for at least I can only speak for myself. I can't speak for anyone else right right in their light. So I how did you do I go is called self-inflicted wounds in their life ha now I will say for the record, there were times that that wherewith it was cold, hard way. In other words, yes, where it just happened like I can remember I still have allies looking the other day little tiny scar on my by my bicep. I'm pretty sure was Lex Luther that I was wrestling where I think in Michigan. One of those hockey arenas and and we were outside the ring and he ran me into like the hockey boards or whatever and I and a hard waiter you my sig. after my my arm open and it started bleeding so there was there was no that so that's the hard way. Write it in or Mehta or over the ring posts or a chain or so. There were times when that happened, but the other went when the at the other option was a self-inflicted wound and so I always thought it was a bit crazy but I understood that the I understood the mentality of the psychology behind because the old adage was red equals green is yours, you know, people, people got to see the guy they hated most like the Russian nightmare.

You know, bleeding and battered and beaten than that.

That would prompt them to possibly or probably buy a ticket. Next time right and right come back and this was all about the sales of tickets back in those days right there was no paper view were paid by how many people were in the building and so you noted to get color meant that there's a good good possibility you'd have a bigger crowd next time that you came back and my philosophy was that was this just for the record, they could tell me I had to get color. They never said they never said how much I had to get it so my self-inflicted wounds were very minimal compared to like I've been dusty if you look at their yeah heads back in the day you look at mine. Now people are like wow you like your four head looks really good ole gal that was intentional so they could tell me to get. I thought I was kinda crazy about like okay but a part of the business. I was just going to make sure that when I got to the stage of life.

And now that that it didn't look like a railroad interchange on my head.

Yet some of the guys you work with it. That meant I didn't.the Manny Fernandez that I need right and a highway interstate system under for some say I was a railroad interchange I have something real easy. Frankie was crazy, but it's what it was like they were known as the research guys the business that were known as bleeders. They called and that's where they got their sympathy that's on the kinda made you know again that's how they made the biggest paydays you know and and and but by doing that so yeah that's that's a that's a great question.

You gotta know ever been asked that we got we had time for one more. Frankie, we had time for one more okay one more. Let me make this again when I know you probably 100, but when I just Misa have to have you back on sometime.

I do, I talked you all day you so I heard you say I've never ate mean you've never had this discussion by perky status and wanted to shoot interviews that you had a plan to retire by the age of 35 correct that with time.

That was it you wanted to be out of nothing by that time, injury, and that your career little bit early. You came back but you didn't see the reason for coming back for like a year. My question to you is knowing now everything that you know and in there is no way you could known this when it was happening but now what do you wish that you would've taken at the open New York to maybe Bennett Russ immediate to knowing everything that's played out it's a great question for point, a point of clarity because a lot of people will think think you know that the answer gets a invader didn't in my career which it is technically did not. I was injury he injured my neck fighting out on the floor which which later add a wrestlemania in Miami. He actually years later came up to me and and said hey I just I've never said this to you but I just want publicly just and just say I apologize like to ask you to forgive me for injuring you that night, which I thought was very noble of him and what was was just sold a great amount of integrity. But so so I did get injured I injured my neck that night actually didn't know till the next.

I got a hernia because it is legit for 5500 pounds. I got a hernia. You know, the night before his seal body slamming him or whatever so I had the hernia surgery I was rehab militating my knackered again, not career ending, but I was moving on towards my state your stated my stated goal of of being out of active in ring wrestling. Sonata says walk away from wrestling altogether, but active in ring wrestling and and so looking back, I have zero regrets no regrets. Looking back at. Although you had I gone to New York. Had Hogan and I wrestled you not wrestlemania or whatever else had I stayed on and and and with the explosion of the Monday night wars and paper view and in them the multiple millions of dollars. The guys are making it through the 90s into the into the tooth out.

You know than the new era, no regrets at all. Frankie, no, no regrets. Looking back, little did I know that 11 months later after making that decision, I'd find myself in an altar surrender my life to Jesus like having a real encounter with him. I mean it was life-changing and and little did I know than that that wrestling would become a platform that would bring me now around the world to 30 different nations total for all 50 states in our radio show, a podcast 50s+ nations that it's downloaded in and people are listening to these interviews.

Like I'm having with you today and impacting people's lives and in a very very hopefully positive way and in which, in my view, even though I've given up.

I can conservatively say luck slogan. I've had conversations about this as well as others. I can say that I gave up multiple movement tens of millions of dollars in income but I can't put a price tag on the people's lives that I have seen impacted by whether it's me preaching a sermon on Sunday morning Lex and I co-facilitating a camp called main camp or facilitating a conference call man up or having the shows. Frankie, I can't. I can't put a price on that rhino is so, no, no, no regrets. Looking back at all. So set great question and thought that this thoughtfully or amen by the way, I appreciate that. Just appreciate you appreciate you be. I really love will have you back on the show again sometime okay anytime you want to get it for sure I will will keep keep the fires burning there in Chicago. Frankie my my my friend my brother my my family member Frank hashtag Frankie fires burning in Chicago and thanks again for all of you silent in tuning into a Q&A with cholos, questions and answers they you to get a personal phone call with me just email me on social media and DME direct message me and I will have you on the Q&A with falafel will have will give you the updated answers published. This is the Truth Network

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