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Man Up...At Man Camp! - Part 4

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 28, 2021 12:00 pm

Man Up...At Man Camp! - Part 4

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 28, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is at Man Camp talking with three camp staff members - Joshua Gill, Pastor Gary, and Pastor Jeff - about their work at Man Camp, their personal experiences, and the impact it has on men from all walks of life.

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Because this mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you.

This is the Truth Network a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ once told washing nightmare. Now the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner cheetah call this time the cuticle I back at man care that I'm here with my job element of the job. I may tell you it's progress. We've probably walk together in Christ. Since at least 2000 and I can remember as a young child see corral and my brother was like that's whole lot bigger than the buffet. Together you yourself experience you can't get you can with your son was one of those kinds of Holy Spirit ambushes say we came together really came with no expectation.

I can remember the ride Looking at each other like all we really like. I know I know were going to go from a moment to make camp. From the moment we step into that environment.

It was just so evident just the way that the spirit was moving God the father, God the son God the Holy Ghost just pressing in on our hearts, and I'm truly got experience with my son. I don't think way for me to replicate that to re-create that it was really one of those moments just God's divine hand reaching and brought so much ability to our life so much perspective and really imparting manhood, not just a him but even to me as I was his dad and I think one of the staffers at that time said to me he said you know he's getting older and getting over the relationship changing and although you never stop being his father now have to learn how to interact with him as a Christian man. That's the kind of stuff it imparts for man Never planned, it's just very spontaneous. It just comes alive in the spirit that if you don't if one is is so challenged by God to come to live a don't miss out on opportunities for the Lord to take like speed ahead is almost like an organic growth at the camp and I don't want to even closer together as father all absolutely, and we work together every day in day out, so you know there's there's this relationship of impartation just the nature of the work that we do together and walking with him everything that man camp has caused us to have to walk with each other as Christian man, not just the father-son partners in our family business, not just as you know, I think of one way of explaining is like if I'm for instance I can tell my son pick that bucket up and hold it while I do this or I can say to show you how to do the task I'm doing man Taught me to impart that saying nature of impartation in our Christian walk instead of me just say stand beside me and do it now.

He has learned man camp and through just the way God works in our life and making a major catalyst in that he has learned how to take to just to walk as a man of God and watching him walk as a man of God and his integrity, imparting more integrity and make camp was one of the major catalyst in our lives together to show for the message out there.

Great example.

Joshua is almost like I'm reminded of the same.

Do as I say don't do as I do with your say do as I do.

So you're bobbing for him things for him that he can and imparting to such as words or actions even your imparting to him was even above and beyond that is as man Imparted to me.

I have imparted to him the same time, the man camp staff was imparting to him and he was important to me dynamic. Just say it doesn't exist in our churches, but five days away chasing the heart of God is is something that very few do the same range and for those that choose to do that there called into it and they choose to do that. I believe God encounters them in a very special way and waited that I have, that's powerful for the this is out there.

You, your father you love to bring your son just know is I was 18 years old at this point you will bring your son you experience it together with him, or vice versa for your son. And he loved that just as sensitive to to a man or even easier to cool quick questions Josh wrap up our interview here so you were impacted and now you're back volunteering at staff and department ministry team you have a history of very very gifted and anointed for ministry pastor, your church, and just as just what why did you make a decision to come back and volunteer time. Well, first and foremost, I have received and I want to give fact that I received from from this process, impartation that I spoke about the spiritual credit was growth but spiritual growth that I experienced. Learning how to center myself and quietness and in prayer how to interact with other men all that I experienced all my man camp. I wanted to be able to impart back to men coming on the main camp retreat and also watching as a pastor watching people do ministry in the main camp setting. I just knew that I needed more that impartation in coming along under the authority of the man camp staff and working alongside the leadership the main camp was going to impart even more to me and even this week for my my first time staffing man camp after after attending main camp.

The impartation has just been like drinking from a fire hose. It's been really rich time for me so you know that.

I guess the question is, is a how healthy my well so I dug it to a certain depth on man can and you know I came back to get out even deeper alongside of the staff and with the great point is staffing they perfected diverse economy Extremes may Event you will have the opportunity come back staff and isolate encourage Evite by saying you are such a valuable asset to the ministry and and now what you are seriously what I witnessed imparting some of our settings.

In fact, it's about the activities of the stage so tight on Eric's of the guys came back and said your staff meeting the illegally referred you a job for which you were teaching at the outdoor activities they go wow that was really my words so I think they should come on the show today.

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I will send you a personalized copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring and redemption go to cool off.that's cool off.and the ED goal and make your contribution the cuticle while I am back here at camp and I have a brother I have a friend in the Lord. We go with the way back to you think you will retire pastor retired pastor Pastor Gary with me today with a personal relationship. The backrest is only back to the ground and I okay yeah we met there basically an outline at that church in I turn around and reduce myself into. It is ironic in that I have watched freshly one of young, but not one of my greatest passion and there was very few people that I had never really remembered in one of them happened to be the key to call off and having, all people, and I turn around and introduce myself and we shook her each other's hand and I told them my name. He told me his name and asked, educating and selling the desire to actually grow as those you want to know why I grow my hair out long here shows you not a brother guy saved my life shortly before. Prior to that – but little did we know that that that that counter that that line all the usual years later would be such amazing friendship. 27.

20 something years and and Gary, you came down he came and attended attended man camp and I guess it just curious as to maybe how that camp. I know one thing that happened at the Lovely) but but is something that that impacted your life while you attend Over 50 years in the ministry you're in your 70s still hungry for God is still willing to come to camp and run after the heart of God. Just something that impacted your Well you know is a long process of trying to conformity Jesus and there were still issues in my life that I needed to deal one thing that the man camp did was clarify those one thing I really appreciate among many other things about man camp is set you and your staff don't deal in hyperbole are duplicity we you face CNN issues as a really are just given example. You know me and have a problem with sexual fantasizing. Well, that's a fancy word instead of using wheat is adultery what it is you like that camp clarified a lot of issues where we we we have ways of trying to hide things that really are kicked me in our life cover-up. Sugarcoat and make a little bit more palatable problem is sin and noise as true and that was one of the things that man camp. Does it really does clarify issues where society has tried to make it more palatable. Acceptable in the sky like a article is written many years ago. What ever happened to see in you know in our society today and even unfortunately I will be negative even within the church see and really in some ways is not really address really should be. Plus I think man can't make too much for me because were living such a strategic day of strategic time. Some of the problems really are centered at the source it. The absence of man in their homes. The absence of male leadership society trying to feminize me and and masculinized women and trying to take away the God-given roles that God created us to fulfill man camp also clarifies those in a definitive way to things to I think they report about man camp is it gives you a face-to-face confrontation with God.

And then secondly it gives you a face-to-face contact presentation of who you are really not who you thought you were when you came. Not what other people thought you were when you came, but in reality who you are and death to help me face and issues that needed to be dealt with. Even after 50 years of ministry and being a Christian that I dealt with have noticed this week and that's one of the reasons I came back as a staff member because it had such an impact on me that in some small way. Maybe my participation as a staff member could have an impact. Some of the van and make a difference in your life that were coming in since I drink here. I really see how society is negative, negatively impacting the nuclear family and particularly what's happening in the home to house a 50 million such a negative way right. While I appreciate that it fast for listeners. We get fathers and sons in this.

This time around you have your grandson here who is on the back Your staffing is on man camp that I know without going into great detail of short on time without going into great detail I don't. You got the witness of how his life is been impacted this week while on man, And even some of things that he was no transparent in sharing what you said – I know, about 99% of those of those things, but he was bold enough to open is open up his heart and and allow gun committee cleanses heart and instilling him more moral, instilling him more characteristics of Christ that when he departs from here. What we do to write areas is our goal.

We are let Lex I look so good. I'm told this equipment and sent them back home to do with the very thing you just said to walk out the God-given role in being a godly man of godly husband and a godly father, one of the practical thinking you alluded to it. It happened after I left that I'm not sure exactly any particular thing it man camp that happened but the fact that I was changed and transformed is that when I went back I started reading the Bible with my wife and praying with my life. We read our Bibles and we pray, but after almost 50 years of marriage.

We had prayed to start doing that and it it's it's a transforming experience. I know we don't have much time that I asked my grandson before came here not knowing the on the podcast have said, how's it going this week how he said it.

It's been great, and then his next statement was. He started name and young man that he wished would have come with him. They can attempt to get them to how much the only impacted and one of the other things I think that one of the most significant things about man camp is is said it is a safe environment that man can hope in their hearts they can reveal their pain, share their Siemens share of their tendencies openly reveal their addictions without condemnation without judgment, without any stonethrowing and also the fact that they know it is a safe environment that what they share here will stay here under the blood of Jesus Christ is the most to me.

That was one of the most powerful things because it you don't find that in most instances write it in or out of the church now yeah well I appreciate that observation. That is something like that work are honest developing a culture of honor and the ability for men just to be able to deal with it.

A receipt be healed, set free and I know I know you review what you know to man camp takes a holistic approach, not just one-sided, it's just not is so body and spirit is a holistic approach to that.

That means a lot.

Well Mr. Mr. Gary Custer, Gary Carruthers, I get the company and give visit a few minutes of your time and love you my friend appreciate love you all right. I'm excited and I'm excited for Dylan get that that's one of the great experiences memorable experiences of my 73 years possible effects of the other show was my friend publishing man.

I don't know how to describe the sky. We got we got a long history goal going way back would be so near and dear to my heart and limited lovely bride Don I just fall in love with this family apart part of the cloth Christ ministry prayer team. I mean the I just want to say that their financial supporters to what what we do. Just it is great Jeff. Jay is a great and good. Well, it is just great to have you here because we're live at man can still just talking to some of the staff and the idea before we get to that, Jeff.

All you and we do the way back which is youngsters like that is just amazing journey with with you and your family sheet you made a decision. Would you give an invitation to come to me captive religious experiences for yourself. And so what I'm curious to hear today is really hot in what way it narrowed down to still help distill it down. How all men Maybe impacted you were. Maybe there was a nugget or take away or just how impacted you and in explaining every show with… What happened. Well, it was a hard decision, because I knew you, and I knew your heart for me in the ministry when I came up, had an idea of maybe what it was going to be like that when I got there I was really just taken back by all the information the book. The study, the other man, and so my take away probably was.

I considered myself a good husband but after being camp.

I felt like it took me to the next level of how even my wife saw me. From that point and so my marriage was impacted greatly and everything else was just was just an extra no bars the spiritual side was was amazing.

The information on how to take care of your body is great, but for me personally. I didn't think my marriage could get better but it did so that it is less Lexus again affected today. Teaching on on on the body. The physical body and mandated that God has for us to care out that physical body and look for such a great job about them. So just to be overall as you referred to Cook curriculum, teaching just some of the things you learn some of the takeaways there. What I'm hearing is just really just really enhance your marriage movement would, absolutely, it was. I've always heard the term drinking from a fire hose or trying to drink from a fire hose I experience that all men count money I couldn't write fast enough in there when I got back home I was trying to remember all the information it was just it was overwhelming but the things that really stuck were just about my marriage and even from a spiritual aspect is how how I positioned myself to interact with other people and I mean like being able to kind of see someone in the light of hay that persons acting this way because maybe something's going on versus they're just acting a certain way because there nugget person that made sense but yeah just equipped usually get to relate to others that actually engage in. Without in relationship with other shifts okay well I am interested in the marriage itself is is just a goody-goody yeah I do not put words to describe.

I didn't think I could love my wife better, but I did after man While well and we do I will say this year, you referred your firehose. There is a a lot you I think five days. While there is a lot of time but there's a lot of information that really does down a short period of time. If you look at the overall scope of of of of life five days to your point. Our goal is to equipment and send them home to be better husband to be better fall to be better, more godly man. It is not information but we encourage the been and what of the Holy Spirit reveals to you. You even post Rikers can continue to to meditate on dwell on what you've learned and even enhance your walk post As well. Yes, speaking about post And I don't want to make one not mention it, but created some great relationships and great friendships with other me and I still have these later. That's awesome in that part of her goal to build relationships so camp and will be long like is long-lasting relationships with this transition is less the validity or so to your impacted you made a decision to come back and volunteer staff which by the way, for those who might one day experience, camping, perhaps you might be here this facility.

This part of it. Jeff Pizarro's email, you use the spin doctor. He sets the tone for the for the office.

He does all of our worship and gifted going to do that so you're part of the ministry team, which are also also here leading worship weakness in the presence of God, to walk back several times just one time numerous times staffing. Well, I would tell her this is why what what I told the guys we first got here that I just got addicted. I got addicted to seeing me in slabs changed and in my life right now. This is one of the best vehicles that and so I will be part of it well and I know you, you, like myself, like left some others that have a real heart and as some others have said on on interviews. There seems to be a lack of genuine manhood in our society today and so is God's given Lexus station to empower men to be meant to be gotten bad at all. It's it's great to have you part of Jackson just so love you and your lovely bride Don.

I think they should be a part of the men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days left to live or die, and pursuing the heart of the ladies you're listening. Will send your manhole with God godly husband's involvement. Do you give them your blessing and am signed up today at band camp.full pastors you would like to bring cooperative rights ministries and man up conference to your community order and email. Remember this.

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