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Q&A with Koloff - #28

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 3, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #28

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 3, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita is at Man Camp - and he is joined by Stanley Camper to discuss why he attended and the impact it's had on him, as well as Josh Oglesby, a Man Camp staff member.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast story Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network uniform fear questions and answers for the double goal of your back your law and It is just this week is just to God showed up and done what she just touch the heart of bad and really just transform the lives of her lexical verb apart for our staff and what we've got to witness this week is I can't put into words is just a word he could fill the blank with me right now is his family. Family will show well. It's great to have you here Stanley. We went back one a while back that he did banner conferences now to sell your Church of God over were just a little girl I go to church except as time went by your name popped up on the registration for Campo about a year ago so you came and personally asked what prompted you was conference of what was said. There prompted me was when you did the promo for the main camp. It was to help what God has been dealing with me about taking care the hill.

Matching spiritual body is physical health problems have a lot of trouble, physically, really, that was affecting the spiritual part when I wasn't even in the right place. Spiritually, yet I was pastoring in preaching no and I just felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit. This is something that you need this assault. Morgan what the church can provide or offer to all the wicked Something for our listeners just don't work will be based On first Thessalonians 523: spirit, soul and body, I say over and over and over again is an area of your life that's lacking or lagging behind the weather's physical body or mentally, emotionally or spiritually better off interconnected and your testimony just now suffered physically and was seriously probably yes. Well, so your focus initially was I go to Get help get healthy on this UK course flex flex is tremendous in his presentation chiseled physique. He was wrestling. I wrestling the years that and it is over.

Let's present some information over the course of camp we talked about some things and you went home and embrace what you learned that can happen if you and your wife all yes my wife and I we knew that something had to change, but she would get on board and not be off the board and get on board and get off board. It was a yo-yo effect payment was dampening to both focus saying they were bringing up kids in the summer going to pass on the dam. I told her so we got to get on I should share with some of the nutritional information what needed to be done in long story short from from June 6 that week that we went to camp until right now to present my wife is also close to 70 pounds while I went from 553 pounds 300 and course of the last couple weeks back on the golf course, but I got back this weekend looking for. The goal is 200 but it is not the physical. I want to be healthy right so I can be preaching not hypocritically love that God wants us are temples to match what we preach.

Bad that's good that's good right there for our listeners.ones are temples or bottom to match with how the host spiritually healthy way going to balance capturing mental, emotional and physical add so so that the basis is almost 70 AI put a few coupons that he still had 53 pounds 50+ pound weight loss. She says 70 pound weight loss so that campuswide but then you reached out to me. Stanley said can I come basic can I come down want to come back again or can I come back again and on and on like yeah absolutely everything in it which destroyed me to see the hunger refers to speak inside you want to get more so. So what prompted you to make a decision.

Want to come back a second time. So here we are now at your second what prompted me was I started noticing flipping back and wait will have old habits. I am just in the church you know coverts have been so stuck at home mom start get into the habit of fast foods all time, which forbade all and got started, put the mirror told the congregation about this change, but didn't dare start to see Hades put in his weight back.

Conan my mentality.

Conviction is just a keyword and I just say God I feel have me back I'll go back to my second trip to the buffet table. God is always best to assess this wonderful shot is still shows there now on your second time around. Another way they got is enhanced or impacted your life at the second yes he is impacted me to be more sympathetic on other people more compassionate than what I normally have been. He has showed me that that he's put a mirror from my face and in fact in things that I didn't know I was dealing with – apparent press suppresses a word I've heard a lot this week he brought to my attention span.

I was able to pull up to the banquet feast on what the Holy Spirit's conviction was and say okay that's hard to swallow, but I'm going to eat it right animal regurgitated overnight and I'm going to need to begin the next day and thank God for his redemption plan and he's a God of second chances, 13, 14, and just to see not only my transformation, but the Daniel chapter 3 it talks about King Nebuchadnezzar's dishes change when he got so upset about them. He was not will bow down before the image and I really never understood the countenance part of the physical change into Outlook myself in the mirror and also all the guys look totally different then sent right to talk about four days ago you know it. I just a complete transformation in the last three or four days and it brought more clarity to the word of God, of how got something going on inside of this commitment is tennis up inside of trying to suppress it. Trying to swallow it was that we heard this week. We don't realize how that affects our parents and and when we get that taken care of in the God of light can shine. You don't have to walk around the say hey I'm Pastor I God of light shines on you, and some I knew something different and it reminds me of a couple that got saved in the church a few weeks when they went down there was one person when they come up may need to smooth walls to come down into true salvation of Jesus Christ, changed right and that's what I'm making as long as you have me back I'll be back. You know, as long as I can, and always support you hundred percent is what you're doing, man is life-changing transformation. That is, no one concrete. I appreciate stamina and I know it thrilled to hear that and I witnessed even my own life the Lord.

I like the layers of the lake just as shines light on areas that he still wants to deal with work work things out in August. You know he can work more of himself shall that's awesome we don't understand how many layers actually allow God to peel them back right side of the lies I shine the light so great to have you back a second time Stanley and I know your church and congregation can be blessed by the changes transformation is taking place in you and got continue to pray for you and your bride is that path of fiscal health of 40 or more pressure forces the future be like that, even if all the last call devils that are not back with Josh will be Josh welcome to the ship happy to help. Have a beer great to have you here, Josh and coursework were here making it your live in living color of a camp and a and as is only God could do shows up just shows out. It does what he does best touches the heart of man he feels the heart of man sets man free for those who are looking for, and Josh, you you attended handicap and this is just maybe a nugget of truth or something that impacted you at man You are able to take hold and implement into your life.

Sure. So the one word that I would say man can't just really shined a light on for me was manhood so going through life. You know where we are led to believe manhood is a certain is a certain thing… Or where right right what that's supposed to look like and man is it just cannot just get nasty and toxic becoming a man camp.

It really laid the foundation for me.

I thought I had a really solid foundation already, but it was was a house built on sand and after the material and the experiences in the coaching and teaching and just like you said God showing up really laid the foundation for what what biblical manhood in my opinion, real manhood should look like a well and others chime in on that because you know I went to Québec in 2006 and 47 they got on the bus got a bus camp but like a camp, but only for adults and just part of my testimony was your point was my world manhood was defined by data fenestration group that I had no male role model for St. Joe Burke and and yet all picture of what was manhood look like was how the world to find right there is a whole lot I could going to travel for sick time, but I'm at my camp. My eyes open. Exactly what you just said little manhood look at the way God defines not the way the world find and it rocked my world like to say that I was a male method for the first time. I like at age 47 I stepped in it.

Since that time, 2006 I didn't pursue the walking that out, and now from things I've learned things like Kluger has learned were now here it can't instilling those those biblical principles into other bands, so that's a powerful testimony that you just shared that it that man can't believe that foundation of what it looks like man we got to find right.

While that's that's that powerful show so you are impacted at band camp but you decide to come back in and volunteer on staff. In fact, you got it more than once that you volunteered correct on staff and why would you do that. Why would you sacrifice your five days of your life and time. You know will first is just that the love that I was shown my man can been served. I wanted to turn around and take what I received and if there was anything I could do to give back just the sheer joy.

I mean the walking it out, having a servant's heart said to me being a part of this manhood biblical manhood and having that's having a servant's heart. You know if we have a servant's heart. We can mean – this just the environment, the stuff that I've been around on a couple of these is just so fulfilling. And I feel like that helps my servant's heart grows me it matures me in my walk I can take that back home to my family so that's why I do that I want to serve these men and be able to take that that growth.

I get from that and take it back home. It is pretty biblical right that it will not stick to it. I don't know what the Scriptures that Jesus himself model that force right. Jesus said I didn't come to be served but I came to serve right.

In fact, one of the greatest illustrations was in the upper room took office convicted Neil down squatted down and washed the feet of his disciples right and what it was so much the active of washing their feet as much as what he was mocking for all of us right so you exemplify that and I can't thank you enough for coming back in solitary times you do have a true servant heart and so grateful to have heart staff. Pleasure is all mine that he would also publish 11 limited English.

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