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Restoration: Rick Joyner - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 24, 2021 12:00 pm

Restoration: Rick Joyner - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 24, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is joined again by author and speaker Rick Joyner to discuss wrestling, his books, and MorningStar Ministries.

It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
Man Talk
Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff

Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine podcast where we explore relationship and start a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call. It's time to ride back today the devil's membership toy, a taste of the old rusted days your wrestling days I am back in the studio with with Rick Joyner. MorningStar ministries and it is such an amazing first show we have with them alike.

There's just too much to this man there. There's too much to talk about so what we we Rick welcome back for second show good to be here while it's great to have you back and you know we we got some of some of you on show number one. Some of your early life and growing up in Richmond, which is a way very familiar with Rich for the Richmond Coliseum. Many, many memorable matches.

I have there at the Richmond Coliseum with the nature boy Ric flair, and so many others, but the I know I don't have time to get into it today but I know you had it a little taste of professional wrestling over the years with with Reggie White right yeah Reggie was tell that story well funny in a red you have been almost best friends may be best friends for several years and he was asked to do a wrestling event that we WCW. I think back to that world champion wrestling is W said that Charlotte Coliseum and will he and his family were staying with our family and I had help Reggie memorizes lines with what I have that when I rest all you really knew the whole fine plan we knew what was going to happen really knew what was going out in Landau.

I'm sorry I hope I am not just somebody's bubble that yeah well, some of it is real. The only way glad to help him rise and hysteric that is part of the story so my wife and I go up in the stands to watch it at a pretty I would not understand very long force and safest place in the building is in the ring.

Wrestling fans can be a little crazy and generally would sometimes turn and asked me what's going to happen next. And I would tell her and everybody would turn around look at me after it happened. Everybody got homosexuality know this is exactly what she knowing what's going to happen still got so excited, twice the archers came and made her get down off of hill just because wrestling will for those who are wrestling fans be that it does it draws you in like that. I love her right in. It was it was so much fun even though she instilled you. That's funny answers, had asked her to get down to two different 50 yeah, and she was embarrassed to me and not only bears these bears do that course we went backstage met all the guys. Yeah right time, but I see the draw. It has a way for whatever reason he just has a worldwide like it's like a magnet. It just it in and when you're in that atmosphere is as Julie expects when you're in that atmosphere there is there is a tendency for you to forget about the fact that it's entertainment and and just get caught up in the story right. Yeah. So captivating and so interesting and bizarre, yet at the same time but is compelling. I've thoroughly enjoyed it when you're not the first. You're not the first to tell me that that sometimes what was happening outside the ring was more entertaining than what was happening the ring because of the fair there was a tie Rick that will cook back in my the Cold War arrow up.

How do you introduce me. Whatever your introducing me the most hated man I used to think it was mostly men in the world that he got demoted he was only the most hated man in America and America wrestling in America but I can tell you half a dozen times I had fans jump over the barricades and and in the very first on the great American baskets Ric flair actually get in the ring and get get his hands on me and that was my first introduction to some of these fans are generally a little bit crazy.

Not just a little bit, well, something way beyond that. I knew you had a personal experience in the in the world are wrestling with with with Reggie in itself that that's a great story and and not now what Rick what are some fully jump into want to talk about get more into into your books and in it but also MorningStar ministries and what all is involved in.

But what are some some hobbies for Rick Joyner. What was Rick like to do it is what is not writing books and and and speaking around the world well and we arrived but my motorcycle whenever can you go to hear today is you yeah Charlotte and love doing that we brought up in the mountains. A lot did that for years. Also I played golf for many years of love that game. Very relaxing right now just in its biblical because you know this is to test yourselves to see if you're in the faith, and I can tell within three holes with someone where their Christian maturity. As I said in any type golf will humble the greatest athlete. I don't care how great athlete, you are it will humble you and I like that. Yeah. It is one of those games that you can't beat it. Yeah, you have nobody's been totally beaten this game you may have a good around every now and then but it's really challenging, but it also is used to tell people you can either go through the great tribulation to be purified or play golf.

One of them will hear from you well and what's funny it will lease for me anyway. It only takes one hobby. You can play 18 holes hit 100 bad shots but only takes one good shot for you to come back and you remember that one and then you think I should be on the tour on the PGA Tour at the Masters hello itself well that that's wonderful and what was the last of this to do about what is about men and motorcycle when you think what my dad had motorcycles was acute okay were my first memories is run on the little scooter stand up in front of many graduate to Harley-Davidson's and and would take me for rides on those I just loved it, and most my life I've had motorcycle okay. The amendment just gravitated to the motorcycle days. I guess the freedom of it to write this you're out there you just see so much more. You can't see in a car which you can see on your drives right yeah and you're out there in right and I find that I can probably bedroom motorcycle anywhere. It could be because I'm always so close to death with lazy drivers on the road and I have one lady yelling into my lane today.

That was really all yeah she's got to push me over and you get on the interstate. People don't look all yeah they they don't did it. I arrived I've ever written for my 50th birthday I bought myself a motorcycle. You might present to myself and and I've enjoyed I've enjoyed riding. I don't do a lot.

Been a while since I happen I enjoy so what will let's let's let's pivot here. Let's transition Rick and and and talk about MorningStar ministries because you not know went winded when did you get the vision for or or law. How many years ago did. Did you watch MorningStar ministries. Well I was actually I was 1985 okay run my first book finished in 1983 drawer is I've been so buried in it did know if it's good or not, was at the two trees and trees in the garden. Okay.

And then I put in a drawer for two years said after two years I might take it out like it still like it out. See copublisher got accepted by the first public publisher of Senate when they sent me back. The blue line to prove it. The printing they had changed a lot of what I was of my message really change the meaning sometimes to the opposite of some things I believe I just said I'm not going to do that so anyway I decided to publish it myself started.

MorningStar is a publishing ministry. Okay to publish works where the truth would compromise dinner where we had to say what we get to say right editors and I got handed it out right.

Well I had no more visions or MorningStar than that at the time and and then one day when I was at my report I heard the voice of the Lord say MorningStar is going to be bigger than this aviation is which at the time that Faye said it was one of the two biggest in the country of its type right and I just I was like, what, how is that going to happen in my really here in the Lord and course rest is history. Now it had explosive growth like mine aviation business. But it was it started with the publishing the book passage and quickly two trees was a bestseller. All of the world willing them in countries with you that which one last show James Robinson was impacted by what was what would he think it was about the content of that book that really impact James Robison but then but then thousands and thousands all over the world.

I want to copy this book. What can you distill it down into well I think what I did was I said look, there is a message in these two trees that the whole rest of the Bible elaborates on your gamete from one tree of the of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and that tree is a good side and an evil side in the good that comes from that tree is just as poisonous, just as deadly as Leibowitz there's human goodness there's human idealism and all that is in conflict with God now showed how and obtain and able you see these two seeds from these two trees you see it out twice and throughout the Bible right Saul and David. There both eating of a different tree in conflict and you see this Jacob and Esau. I mean it's a conflict.

You see growing over and over and over, and it's the same thing they cannot abide together, these two said you're going to eat of one free of the other so and I'll elaborate on what the tree of life is tree of knowledge of good and evil and I guess I did it pretty well because people like that.

My rented yeah it's took off. I never ever ever had to advertise that book fact, we never we advertise in our own circle would let people know when the books out. Normally we trust the Lord to do the marketing and it would you say Rick, would you say that I know of one or more popular mean so many of your books and again I'm not just is not just tongue it tongue-in-cheek when I say this so much content in value and wisdom and knowledge and and in these books you write the final quest that was a pretty popular one. I guess I'll see it that way but it was the most popular of okay so this is the final quest is is the biggest seller that you have my moms over okay the final quest and was there one blade, it might be hard sexily asked me what was your favorite match. Nikita and Mike United 454 matches in 1986 out. I distilled down to one match but it was there one book and you say audit out of the really does is it doesn't it doesn't I think it is you're nearing 100 that you written was there one that maybe has stood out it was maybe more fun for you to write that and then another, or are you just what you say. Well, you know truth has to be timely to really have an impact. Okay, Have books before, not even like them read the same book. 20 years later site. This is the best book ever read in a but it wasn't on time for me the first time try quest timing for a lot of people this stuff were seen on phone today still really on, it is still relatively yeah that's unfolding in. So I think that is one factor and I think I'm been blessed to be able to write and release books in a timely manner.

This book, I think, make may become one of my biggest want to hold them ahead of the second American Revolution/Civil War yet brand-new. The reason I think that is because I just got all this media attention in Newsweek in New York Times the right and I type tabloids even overseas right exposure at I've been around this. That's really advertising that is a God thing that is my great advertise that threaded make that happen to bad or indifferent. It's free arise, but I think this is very crucial knowledge that we need to know to understand what's unfolding right here in our country for the as we talk on the first show for the warfare. The supernatural the spiritual warfare. I mean the Angels are real. The demons are real Satan, Israel, God's real, it's real. It is already. It's real affect you way more real than what we think of is reality yeah it talks about this being a shadow of the heavenly things. So all of this that we call real only has the substance compared to the heavenly reality right that a shadow does compared to you right that's how much more real that Romans green vinyl tile carpet right now number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon.

1230 on the truth that were not for the Russian nightmare here for aggressive automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you my friend writing Jimmy Johnson at present automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle fuel pricing no matter where you live your dream body is all you need to know is right there right place. Everybody should try present which again there's some out there who are like man eyes. You know II found anywhere you like millimeters of my life I wanted dive you and that you're right, you will lament the Lord and then that room became far more because we become a new creation that's literally translated a new species. Once you are born again in Christ by his spirit.

You're not flesh first or not this major first year of that nature.

First, Elise. That's what were supposed to be grown-up into we should be more at home more comfortable in the heavenly realm and we are in the natural and when you're born again is like when you're born, you know what this baby is going look like it so you're just starting your journey in life. Same is true when were born again in Christ. That's not the end of the matter. That's the beginning of the were told in place like Ephesians 4 many places were called to grow up in all things into Christ and only once, quite.

In fact the boys a you grow up in Christ I've illustrated how is it will grow up not gold ingress case you grow up in Christ not in church 50 years. Let's give Mohammed how mature are you yeah really grown into his image.

Are we becoming like him in doing the works that he did is his body, right that he uses to do his works right and so so you got it insides occurs all of the listeners out there and it is taken me is there. It might get a little ahead of myself but but where would they find your books and I know that you got bookstore there at the moisture property but where else with a online will they been there online. Okay, most bookstores okay one of ours was number one bestseller it like Barnes & Noble chains usually find them anywhere but if not you go to and find us in order by going online yeah and what yeah they're pretty available yeah and no indoor visit. The proper now let's let's let's talk about that. Let's talk about this transition to that's a good word by the way what what what you were to sample it sophomore so she MorningStar ministry starts out as a this is a book publishing company. But then God says it's it's going to be bigger than your aviation business and and which John looked up, think Innotech is I know you got you got schools have you got that the K-12 school you got MS you like the University MorningStar University.

She got the schools and add me and and ministries that mean that impact the world.

I'd even know how you like your doggy bushy up even know how they ministries are now under the banner of MorningStar.

Any idea I do know a lot you can connect on semi levels. But yeah, I know I only know me churches we have honestly that connected I yeah and all over the world. We have yeah yeah there is I got your comment as people come from all over the world to go to attend the conference.

I MorningStar will are footprint is basically 80% international right are you know only about 20% of the people that we return America govern the US while were mostly in lease the last time we checked that out right is the fact right but yet we were at one time in every country we had publishers and most all the major languages. One time, our books good translated into 40 to 50 different languages every book while so we roll over and sometimes we had the number one bestseller in many countries at once and so we've had a real successful time getting the word out the message you went well and in a you MorningStar TV MorningStar journal which I think I just recently learned as a now a 30-year-old publication in and of itself in people can subscribe to the Journal they can plug in the MorningStar TV and watch watch yeah and we have our conferences or conference center. Yes, you know, our retreat leadership retreat center open Moravian falls. Let's let's touch on.

Let's touch on that in 2000 for you. You purchased property that was speaking of making the news it had made the news. Prior to 2004 summative if they remember back to the old PTL days railing with Jim and Tammy Baker in which you are able to purchase that property 2004 that I went through. I've seen pictures. Ricky went through major major renovations and even just recently after nine your legal battle you have finally gained the favor of finishing that tower on that property which am excited for you guys about that but but talk just briefly and in our last few minutes here about about the purchase of the property and how God led you to that in your vision for that in MorningStar's future will read you used to wear me out Reggie White were supposed get that PTL property unit back when they had all the troubles okay and he really had a vision for an all and I introduced him to Jim Baker if you have small Jim is and how big Reggie was like that movie twins guy if he ever saw Richie was huge, but they just knit together.

Reggie Jim Baker actually became like the pastor of the Green Bay Packers. Nine they loved him. He would speak to their team and I always believed because I felt like the Lord show me 1988 that property was going to be restored and become a testimony of God's power of redemption and restoration. If you take the first three chapters of the Bible in the last three everything between those six chapters deals with one essential subject restoration chapter 3 Genesis, we have the fall everything until the last three chapters of Revelation where you see everything gets restored back to the tree of life back. Everything is restored that was lost by the fall, so God's main ministry right now mission is restoration that includes starts with redemption, reconciliation to God. But then we have to be restored. We have to be healed and delivered in a semi-things to restore his nature in us, but it is a process will anyway. I think I didn't want that property. I never vision for as Reggie's vision. I wanted him to do it and I was always on bread enough, but I had no vision for us. Jim Baker told me Susie first time he came to our ministry. You're supposed get that property and I'm just going.

Don't tell me that no way and I want to run a hotel and conference in our B admissions and anyway a developer came up it was about the whole thing wanted to develop the whole thing and he want to give us that section. The hope Grand Hotel: 50 some acres that tower and all that data for a tiny fraction. Jim said he paid 65 to 75 million to build and we bought it for 1.6 1.6 million. Yeah and I unit every closing is a mere right that it actually gets done this required 16.

I think different closings all happen on the same day at the same time before we got that and I'm just sitting there the whole time to work this will never happen until they come on this okay now your turn.

I felt like a little puppy that caught the train with and I remember I was walking through all the property with all the reporters you know it was still national news and they all asked me you really think you can restore the space considered generally.

It was hot I saw pictures. Yeah, it was the homeless were living in it.

I mean yeah I was bad it was and they asked me you really think you news. I'm glad I don't know this person. I thought yeah but we won about. I feel like that's where a lot of people and some the people of the gods led to us for them to be restored to me.

There were more shape than the property. Yeah. And but I think it is a sign and assemble and I've committed myself to be a slave or servant save you if this the job you give Mama do the best I can edit but I can't say I ever wanted to do it as soon as we get there and get it fixed up is like this is the most perfect home.

We could've ever had for ministry and we would've never built a thing like this herself right because of the conferences and all the visitors we have come in from all over everything. A benefits for well you listen to Rick Joyner. MorningStar ministries go find out more about MorningStar ministries by the books like really a brand brand-new book today. The second Ward sky, the American American Revolution Civil War writer and that's his newest when he heard a pop up the final quest and to treason and in the garden and if you have never surrendered your life to the Lord and man. Restoration can be yours today so when we come back on her neck, shoulder talk about the restoration that building and then something else on talk to Rick about as well as I appreciate you tuning in today come back again scribe download the podcast.

Let me know if you make that decision give you men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex Luther and I and pursuing the heart of ladies listening will send your manhole with God godly husband and on. Give them your blessing them.

Sign up today and camp thought in full. Pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ's ministries and man up conference to your community can email me remember this. It's time to man up. We so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount.

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