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A City on a Hill: Rick Joyner - Part 3

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 31, 2021 12:00 pm

A City on a Hill: Rick Joyner - Part 3

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 31, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is joined again by author and speaker Rick Joyner to discuss MorningStar Ministries, the restoration of Heritage Tower in Fort Mill, SC, and the building of a Christian community.

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This is Han's trial from the finishing will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

Once the Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner Noah Kita call. It's time to welcome back for another episode of it's time to man up the cuticle off your your host and I have joined me in the studio today for the third time is the content was just so good and show one and show two and there was just so much more to glean from this man of God Rick Joyner MorningStar ministries Rick welcome back for 1/3 show. Well, good. I guess we can move in.

Now right yes you can claim resident.

I think the Colette squatter's rights is a feeling we got some right now. Well, you know are our host troop radio network here. Winston-Salem is is one of the best of the best of the best in and I know you said I think I show one is that I love the name of this this the station that the Truth Network yeah so you're in Richmond so like Raleigh-Durham always places that were Des Moines, Iowa yeah all over the place right in a growing and expanding more and it will and for the man up the map showed it continue to expand across the country and around the world is my master so well what I'm referring were appreciated were were praying for that so far we've been we've had download said for the podcast and 35 different countries, but I'm not. I'm not satisfied with that number.

I believe it for 100 hundred country says the nations or his inheritance. We have no problem well and and I know I know MorningStar ministries as we were concluding show number two and talking about acquiring the old PTL property and back in the day and in 2004 and then and then since that time, the restoration of of of that building, which was now the ministry itself is as you grow, you said the Lord told you was going to grow bigger than the aviation business that would you conclude that I think so you know when I reach in everything we've done are doing and also the complexity II haven't aviation maintenance aircraft sales air charter flight school at an airport with hangers with aircraft basin with us. Now is multifaceted and have run something like that.

But MorningStar is even more so well and in that Kathy said last show that you're basically 80% international MorningStar's reach around America is is about 20% of of what you do. But your your reach 80% international.

Last time we checked it was 8020 8020 rule always applies.

Somehow, someway 8020 rule always applies. While that's amazing in and of itself you know and and that the story of of the restoration of that of that building. Talk about little but just a little more about the about the transformation of of that building.

Could you do it is kind of where we left off feeling like you do it well. Your first step property when Jim and Tammy had in its speak, edit, speak, it was the second biggest attraction in the country while 6 million people a year visited that property second only to Disney World in in Florida in Orlando while yeah and that was a kind of attraction.

It had worldwide foot programs when everywhere. The everybody knew about and then when the problem happened. It was like became a world international humiliation rides and and I moved to Charlotte right when everything scratch and I didn't know much about. I'd never been drawn to that kind of ministry or anything.

I'd only watch maybe 10 minutes of the program ever right and did know John merchant any of his team and we moved to Charlotte right when it's all crashing down and right away, people start coming to visit me businessmen and all who want to purchase a property asked me to pray for myth to see if it was God's will had number people doing that and really I didn't know much about everything but I pray for him and one, springform Lord showed me he was going resurrected, but I saw I had an open vision and I saw the gates and can be shifted to be changed. The doors and it's going to be in the grave. It's going be dead for what the time it was still thriving. I think Jerry Falwell got it and some other people and it was still thriving. Tons of people were common so I start on these business people. I said I wouldn't buy it now. It's going to die. I don't care what plan they have for making this work. It's not going work that places Canada was meant a few years later when it was totally shut down the chains I'd seen the vision were on the lid literally literally on the literally on the door yeah but I was also showing the Lord was going resurrected and he said because of the widows, monks. He said he watched over everything that have been sewn into that he was going resurrected and use it as a unit. Kind of a demonstration of his power of redemption and restoration while us believed all that but I didn't think I had anything to write out your cheerleader yeah and no rickets. You yeah I know I would run.

I did run but anyway that's been a heart that I have to.

If we do this we had to write you and it's not done into that towers done right. That's right, everything is to be restored evenly was finished. Jim's a good working you will completed the asking. And so I you know are job is not done to that place is completely restored and I think, but almost immediately, it became a witness against it's resurrected in our first meeting we got certificate of convincing ever for service in that building was seven years to the day from the day that shut down while the day you reminded the scriptures about the seed must going to the ground and die in order to exactly 7 years today and we didn't windows like Thursday will work to meet on Friday.

Someone had looked at the old you know of papers that Hal and realized it seven years to the day and we've seen so many things happen. I think you know there real estate miracle there mere business member.

There's all kinds of miracles is not just healing miracles and we just walk through miracle after miracle to make things happen and to see things happen in but I think it's also God is far more concerned that people that he is any building unit now that building is important to him because as a symbol and I think he wants to use it but it's the people he wants to restore at the end of the day adds the restoration of people's lives. Yet the end of the day that the bill is just to a gathering place but yeah and some the people that we were brought to to help restore I looked at them like I did those bones. I don't know if this person generally writes is this person that I was to never consider anyone beyond the power of the loss to save, redeem and completely restore the power of his cross is enough. So I went into that think in the it's gonna be his power to do this. This is over area and my people, far more so I can restore anybody. I wisdom is not going to stop it's the power of his but the power is sacrificed, the power of who he is. That's what we gotta connect them to stay human. Not just say I want people just you know when I trundle MorningStar were trying to build the kingdom and repair the way for his kingdom for the game so people you but you he you know to watch him do the work he does with people and too much work he did with our facilities right was so excited well well it's rolling in and I you know I again on the property and that been there many many time if you're Ulysse you never been to Fort Mill, South Carolina, and and I just want to extend an invitation to you right now because I mean you have so many conferences react. I got your rounding and again people gather. I mean, worship, conferences, and no just recently got invitation from you which incredibly humbled by freight for the harvest in this this fall for that of the harvest coming up and speaking there and and so I always want to encourage encouraged you as a listener. If you've never visited every there's there's what I can. I guarantee you there's one of these conferences or more than one that you would be interested in attending and and and you as you listening to Rick talk about the restoration of this this property see it firsthand. But more than anything more than just as Richter said more than the restoration of the property is going to be restore yourself or be equipped or be empowered by some of these conferences gives you like, like how many conferences Ricky have. We've had roughly last count, which was years ago we had hosted well over 200 conferences probably over 300 now what other ministries can use our facility students are but we had that many of our own and a kiss yet because I'm thinking that, on average, five, six year, typically, would you say some years since 89 some years is three lately it's been a little less wheeze to do much bigger conferences and we did. We decided they were more effective when they were smaller. Yeah, more personal with people so we the these facilities are perfect for heaven whole lot of smaller once it and where people can connect with each other to an end I mentioned earlier. Anyway, like the come from really from all around the country they come from.

From what we've had single conferences that were represented by 65 nation that we counted 665 different nations and in one competent engaging involved in an aggressive, if for some reason it just not able to make it to Fort Mill or the specific the Make it to Fort Mill this year. Maybe they can in the future, whatever.

There is the always the opportunity or possibility. They can watch some online only have hair all online, we televise a whole lot of what goes on the real important stuff.

We yeah yeah were young far more people come that way than personal yeah more people watch our church online than come to the right connection to cool off here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russia sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today at W. S.

M. C. The number because you are number one we so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you a personalized copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring and redemption go to cool off.that's cool off.and the ED goal and make your contribution reckless talk about Chris. We've been taught about the restoration of this building and am excited and I know your vision for that tower be completed and I know that's can bring even more people on onto the campus as they common because your building a community there it is on the property. We really are, you know, one of the things the church is supposed to be as a city, really.

We cozily admit to you what in the two that it's a me, we are essentially a small sitting there right now we have from nursery kindergarten through wearing a vanity unit, S&M University, but we also have all these ministries we have. We call refinement center not a retirement center like that and that's what that building is going to be, but these are people I believe if if they have vision and purpose interconnected with other people that are engaged, they don't live much longer and I think some there greatest fruit is going to come in their senior years and we've seen that happen so they may be retired from there occupation from their their J OB they want to, and purchase one of these condos apartments are not sure what you call the tower, but that the heritage tower again. I write in the make him thinking they just get ill sail off into the sunset says but but know you like know if you come here. We want you that we want to get you reef fire to get you involved in engage in some hopefully some level of ministry, something of ministry yeah I don't have to be our ministry. Remi don't have right MorningStar but right and people come here for that reason, we are have our heritage court. We took 100 units in the hotel right that was the biggest hotel in South Carolina. While we broken down into it made some units.

The exact same size. Everything is those in the tower and we are have a community there and it's working way better. We thought while these people are so bonded together so that it is such a cool thing happening. We can't wait to get to the other several hundred people are supposed be living that tower there, but they've connected with a lot of our youth with their students in our schools who need elders now and we need to have a way to honor our fathers and mothers. The only commandment promise never promises that will go well with you. So were trying to fulfill that Malachi 4 store in the hearts of the fathers to the children them connected. And it is working this is so so for the listeners to get the picture so you got you got this this year heritage community, a community that MorningStar is building here with Elton elderly who have opportunities to interact and engage with the young Stella, Paul and Timothy right just the opportunity for them to engage one with the other in and be able to glean from from from those that the seniors that are ever living on the property in an with the schools in the universe and everything involved with reckless let's let's talk on monitoring. I want to transition as we thought restoration of the building restoration of people's lives. But I know something that's that's really on your heart and and it is discipleship on our last minutes together here today on the show want just talk about discipleship as I know, as I look back at me to say this verse to look back my own life and on and I did just jump into ministry not using one of the show self I'll add to young age. They ask you to pastor a church or like I had knowledge glad the wisdom you don't but I just jump right in the ministry. I feel fortunate looking back that when I get my life.

The Lord 1993 there was about a five year window in their where where I like. I went through a discipleship process of the doors were open. The church I was there. There was conferences or camps or I was going to go and I went got my hands dirty. Another was I went on some construction project is financial guys ago. I don't know anything about construction, legal, what will find something for you while the something was carry the big cinderblocks you go from bad file over to look like another delay these things is these blocks to get awfully heavy, but anyway that that said, I went on on three different building mission trips to to Trinidad and Tobago and was my first trip to Africa, Angola, Africa three weeks to build the church over there. I loved it and I loved. I love learning how to survey Jesus came to skirt is not that the survey so discipleship you and I talk some about that but Dr. listeners about the importance of not only redemption and salvation and redemption, but the process even of sanctification and discipleship. Can you well.

That's the one thing it's the last thing the Lord said when before he ascended to heaven this the last command gave make disciples going to all the world's called the great commission and make disciples of all nations teaching them to observe everything I've command.

Now we been making converts, but not disciples having for the most part, and we get people to make a decision for Christ. But then there is left like how long would a newborn baby survive without apparent almost constant attention.

At first, and the same is true spiritual way too many are falling away because I have no one to rise in Effingham spiritual that they follow a spiritually and you know we've had some study showed as little as 5% of the people who actually make a decision to follow Christ actually do that ever end up in a church or anything while just 5% while in their book of acts. All of them did you know all you know who came to Lord were added to the church is some major breakdown here. I believe it's the discipleship thing where everybody needs help to get going. When need the right kind. There needs to be and it's gotta be relational. You can't just give them books so much as I wish they would give them all my books and everything that's not going to be personal. It's got to be the Lord uses people, not just things and so that's the main thing were trying to implement where there's far deeper committed relationships all the way.

Now we had a discipleship movement back in the 60s and 70s the car went awry. But I think they were, you know, I have known, the leaders of that movement, and they've really evaluate where we get so far off track everything I've tried to learn from it to because my people turned away from any form of discipleship. Because of that a lot of people became that time you did may have never even heard of this, but it was huge it was worldwide at the time and a lot of people got hurt when Newsom some abusive went on which it could happen controls. The people but yeah people do stuff like that you buy. I think we overshot the runway we overreacted and turned away from discipleship entirely when it is the only biblical way that the Lord left for his people to be raised up by you don't seating in the seminaries even give us all these other things. We've come up with may be really helpful.

That's not how he raised leaders even send him to seminary even choose the ones with Denver seminary.

He did life with Chris but Baptist.

They had to come and live with him. They had to be with him. And there's something of this that has to be recovered were seeking to do it to make people Disciples of Christ, not our dislike ride just a little bit further ahead of them. Maybe, and we want to help give them what we've got so they don't have to keep reinventing the wheel and go through all the stuff that we had to go through but they can avoid you know and but also to just keep them on a clear straight course in others, to ditches as a ditch on either side of the path of life. Okay legalism on one side lawlessness on the other tend to fall into a ditch on one side and then they overcorrected in front of the ditch on the other side to stay on the path of life. We need a clear vision of the path of life. A clear understanding and it says the path of the righteous is like the light of the dawn that gets brighter and brighter until the full day.

If our life is not getting continually brighter.

Our path is not getting continually brighter. Somehow we got off the) sky.

Gotta get back on the path can remind me that there have read while that Pilgrim's progress which I think is the 407th page of the biggest book I've ever read the progress and watched recently watched an animated version of Pilgrim's progress. But, and I'm reminded breakup of a crusade I did in the island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania a member.

The very first Sunday morning service 19 respond to the altar.

18 men and one woman turning over the pastor one I want to call people on the audience that they know somebody behind everybody. We got into his office and I surpass what was that nobody goes all that they are now responsible lesson responsible for his for discipling that person for him next year and it honestly recommend minor molecular like a lead balloon America everyone to give every reason under the sun, whether too busy to disciple another person, but you just that I think summarize it well and that that I mean obviously churches is beneficial. Books are beneficial seminars seminary the end of the agency comes down the relationship.

It really does in word any other work and we gotta have them as annoying as they are is when there were just two brothers on the earth.

They can get along and now you know and they're meant to be that way you can learn forgiveness if you like I have something to forget are you a girl in love. If you're not learning to love those of you are lovable and lovable. Love the unlovable gap which is all of us that yeah I tell my my basic marriage counseling is God has called you into this relationship, it is ordained in heaven to kill you both God and if you survived this relationship you're going to be dead, but you get a dive to self yeah you and it's only way our work is the only relationships we got learn what is basic Christianity take up our cross daily relief on the cross be lifted. It's almost like almost all the sermons about us what we get prosperity and what we've got to again follow him and take up our crosses daily safety seek to save your life, you lose if you lose your life for his sake will find it. The if we got a self truly die to self and are dead to this world, we will be the most free people that have ever walked the planet next to Jesus because what can you do to a dead man is a dead man figure. Nothing previously could ever possibly be.

While in its I believe the the most fulfilling abundant life you'll never be more free than to be Christ's life and you'll never have a greater abundance and surrender all to him and see what he repays. While it's such a codeword which I'm thrilled that you are you willing to do 1/3 show the that's a good word) for all of our listeners in life maybe maybe maybe you've never surrendered your life to Jesus and what what a day today could be for you to make that decision and and just give your heart to him confess and repent asked for forgiveness, riches, reference asked for forgiveness of the creator the universe or or or maybe maybe you've made that decision.

But as Rick was alluding to you. You you you somehow veered off into one ditch or the other and in. You need to get back on the right path today get back on the right patches again just confessing and ask for forgiveness or for wandering off the off the debt straight and narrow path or or as Rick was really delving into an in and really speaking into discipleship. Maybe you know your whether your baby cries you been you would say you are a Christ follower for 20 years but but you've never gone to your own process of discipleship and an something Rick said today is really triggered like I need that I need that for myself. Will I would encourage you Dave reach out pray asked the Lord bring somebody in your your path that that could begin to take you under his or her weighing and begin to disciple you and help you to grow and mature.

It's not about what work hours were to grow up in Christ not grow old in Christ so so fine that mentor find that that person that can disciple disciple you and help you grow in your walk with Christ. Rick sent thank you so much for joining. I was going to be with you has always awesome. Thank you for joining this time to man cuticle law gentle and men I would like to challenge each of the consider spending five days with Lex Luther and I and pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. Will send your men home with God godly husband and God do you give them your blessing and am sign up today at band camp.enfold pastors if you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community. Go to and email me remember this. It's time to man up for the Russian nightmare here for aggressive automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan Jimmy Johnson at present, automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle fuel pricing no matter where you Live Your Dream Body Dr., is all you need to know is right there with right place everybody drives aggressive. You should try because it helped me to green tile, carpet right now number one thing this is Nick Nicole and I want to thank lemons support for supporting my new show manner Saturday afternoon. 1230 truth network. This is the Truth Network

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