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Q&A with Koloff - #26

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 20, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #26

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 20, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita is joined by Illinois super fan Gene Stover for a round of questions, including: Which wrestling persona did you enjoy more - the good guy or the enemy? Do you have any regrets about your wrestling career? And who was your toughest opponent?


This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just a few seconds.

So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network cuticle all fear questions and answers they would fall off the devil's nightmare.

This is exciting for me today. I've got the justice what, superferry. I don't know Jean Stover is with me today and where it is good to chat for a bit and let him fire some questions that me Jean walked in the queue. What I would call off it's great to have you with they cheat for our listeners like so where where were we were, we connected.

Where were you living to give our give our our listeners little backdrop on Jesus over all on marked all-knowing, which is about an hour to wear in about 1/2 hours straight. St. Louis, Missouri. Okay so I give Skip go to for those who are geographically is that the right word.

I'm no scholar for Jeff that was just me but I did work for Jeannie worry where you live.

Orgies at Cilla was very cool and and and see what what keeps you busy back home, farm boy, oh farmer. Okay yes sir we farm about 3000 acres of grain while you recount and rattle your went quite well. What would you say this I said again.

We finish about 20,005. Hope you yes I thought you said wow day. Yes or think America feeding America. Wow, and we yet we also cattle. We can The same weight is not that many.

Well I guess I mean thousands of thousands of acres and so family business or how many generations have been farming Jean well online but answer question number five generations and 305 generations yet certified generation. Okay well just tell them thank you, thank you for helping feed America can a giddy can you pass that on.

From from the Russian nightmare, and I can do that.

Clyde appreciated it and I'm guessing who said that I've never spent the day your trailing watcher, but I imagine you you dear you do earn your keep out there on the farm. Yeah they wanted full day coming back and think about it, it's rewarding you know I mean good things you know were but Milana but Milana meet on tables around around the world. You know, today it's not just the United States throughout the world economy the sense right so yeah yeah and you know same thing I'm going to bring a lot cooler now and also ship the world. Yes sir, wow so so Jean so with when you have time to watch wrestling Jean sounds like you're out.

Fill in the fields every day that what with when you get to watch wrestling well I'll tell you. I watch wrestling when wrestling was real wrestling and I was quite a bit younger in the 80s out there. You're right now I didn't regret very much I will build in school and I can always left in my mind exactly a sport. Planet income Saturday night about 50 5 o'clock in evening in front of the TV and I need one can't make an encounter made peace with that. Not polite what I I and and so did you have any did you have any favorites that that like names to just pop a pill well other than present company excepted, of course, Jean. But did you have any other names that that were kind of favorites of yours that that comes immediately to mind. Oh yeah you are one of the bigger block Ricky Robert got yet and what what I write all yeah you know that when I was in high when I'm looking P and you know you hang up a poster here and there, you know one thing or another in the weight room yeah yes sir I had a picture of the recorder hanging on the wall. The weight room and not by what Mark wanted like Delaware animal, especially a picture of them guys of the Mohawks and probably spike so that should motivate anybody of just saying it all paid on their family. Yeah, you know that don't coming that's that's why were well My experience Jean Witt with bedrock. I got around some farmers and made you guys just have you grown up and working on for just raw strength but like natural raw strength public award summit that never even touched a weight in their life, but thrown around bales of hay. They might, they might as well a bit of the weight room for all their life. You say Bobby understand what I'm saying right. Yes sir, actually funny. Not one got into high school and they come to me and will need to go in the weightlifting team that's trying to get a step above you know team member was raised in town on the night they get the weight room, you know, earlier than I did nighty night they would innovate with bench pressing in on hundred and 50 or hundred 75 pounds or something you know you know underground bales of hay 75 pounds but okay was nothing yeah yeah you know where, whatever and hay firms to grade out all you yard had my say a leg up on them already.

But when when you get the waiver himself. I did, I did. That's amazing. That's amazing and I know the warriors you know for certain that this mother walking streets of gold or both of a bid made a profession of faith prior to their passing, and so another there. There are there enjoy where they're at right now why we get the opportunity. Enjoy this conversation right so right. Well, let's let let's get to a question for me.

Jean went through fire await your first that I've no idea what you can*by the way for the listeners so fire away your first question. Well, what?

Tell you what.

When I found out that I'm down and started making a list of questions and literally I went from two pages the notebook pages the question down to the well SPG that this means I'll have to have you back on another time.

Fair enough and eight yes I would love felt that down well so you so you narrowed it down to maybe your top two or three okay so all right that go for what did you like better.

Maybe you know I really, honestly, I enjoy them both. When I I'm glad I'm glad I'm glad I got the spirit to experience both being on the on the good side of the tracks and if you will, and in all on the bad side because they were two different very different experiences, especially how back in those days. Anyway, especially how you related to the fans right like as a bad guy you know I wanted to yell my goal was to be hated by everybody right in. I guess I copasetic as at one point I was the most bloated, most hated you on the world of wrestling you number one most hated and add a course I fed off the outfit that fed into that to buy it so we try to get my autograph and and just give that store to get all Russian nightmare.

Look, you know, with the eyes and it had to try to run them off so you know, so I got I had that experience. I am glad I had the experience. On the other side you want to be a fan favorite in so much as posted just the other day maybe was yesterday on social media you on twitter and Instagram. Some of their favorite magazines and out I glanced at it and under most popular so I was already became a good guy. At this point right under most popular at the top was Hulk Hogan in at number two, number two was yours truly, all Russian nightmare the cuticle off as as most popular in that particular addition of of the wrestling magazines and so I got I got a got experience both sides with so I can't say I enjoyed one more than the other. You done something there in the top 50 maybe for you and you have been in the top three, at a minimum, on both you know what ever I never thought about it like honestly tell you said that I just your right at number one most hated and and and I don't know if I actually officially other climbed to number one, but I know in this particular addition. At least I lease was just behind all stuff you know brother are right so right well very cool wall. Great question. What what else you got Jean you have any regret something that you would in your wrestling career something that you wouldn't have not get to you or you retire another another great question that a lot of things people people ask this question. I have the will take titles world six man had the beat Wahoo McDaniel will unify the national heavyweight title, having won the US title get the best-of-seven is Magnum the will to be titled in the fight that against Terry Taylor.*K when he had the UW FTB title so that a lot of world titles on what I didn't have was was Richler know when that take that one office office waste hello people asked me did you ever read Gratz you not not winning though the world heavyweight title actually had opportunities to do that and I'm not referring to the plethora of matches I had against him more matches than I can count against against the nature boy. One of the best of the best grass, but he offered it to me. Not once but twice, and in Jean believing I turned it down and some might might look back on that. Go now wish I had, but honestly, you know, I have no regrets and in and in and gracefully seeing thank you but no thank you not know what a bit fun to win it sure would've been funded to add that to the list of accomplishments sure, but I look back my wrestling career. Honestly, I don't know.

I can't really say that I that I have any regrets. I'm just very grateful and very thankful that I that I have the career that I had yes you did have a really good career. Thank you really did not bring you wrestling I don't have to pay the cast of characters you had around get worse walking and I expressed on all what you have staying if you have yeah what you know God's route. If you have any idea at that point in time that that would be the most talked about era and told Marion of wrestling on your crime. That didn't talk about it like that.

I didn't see and man again.

Talk about being thankful grateful humbled up. Look for real like you to have this conversation with you and I mean that in all sincerity you have this conversation with you as a is a long time loyal wrestling fan and in so many others going out to do legends autograph signings. These newest things are virtual signings and in just to hear a lot of your your insight and in what you loved about wrestling is probably one of the biggest blessings for me and and if I've heard it wants what you just referred to have heard it. I don't know a thousand times or more. The golden era of wrestling and certainly I would have to say at least from my perspective. Not one of us really ever thought why you know what you're probably 3035 years and now people forget to be talking about this. You can have your podcasting to be interviewing wrestling fans and I Jean and in a in a gazillion years I never would have dreamed this, nor felt, nor know that the people would still be sold. Boy, that's what I really appreciate about all of you so loyal in following us and is continuing to support us all these years later just it just a keeps me humble Jean keeps me humble okay go Atlas to glad I'm sorry your whole boy you know to narrow down to one would would would be difficult.

You know, we we've already listed quite a number of guys that an entity 13 on the tough in different ways right a mean I wrestle Richler for 60 minutes more times and again more times than I can count that was tough. I would like for really want to talk hundred 85 pounds wrestling for 60 solid minutes took some some tenacity took some perseverance to to to do that physically tough. I mean, you mentioned two guys who you pinned up their poster in the weight room. The road warriors.

I mean, some of the strongest guys your animal 23 inch arms benchpress you know a gazillion pounds at Hawk. Some of the some of the Samoans and tongs that I got in the ring with mean there were some tough got Dori from Junior who was tough in a Different Way, Paris is a pretty tough guys with amateur wrestling backgrounds. Mike Rotondo, Dr. Williams, right, and the list goes the really the list just goes on and on and on for for who I was fortunate to get in the ring with sought manager fired some great question got time for one more Jean one more question that will have to have you back on again your tell me one good money under down right now. Okay you got me all the woman called off one barrel would not stand a chance of just said even that my name's Nick would not use a consummate professional. He's the modern-day Richler like for a serious note, kudos to attend neck.

I really appreciate his interviews.

I appreciate his passion is love for the business how he carries himself, you know, EEA really is my sale of modern-day Richler. I think he's personifies what Rick represented back in that golden era of wrestling and so my hats off to Nick and Ed, you know, 10 years ago. All you know, 15 years ago maybe viewed asked me a question maybe want to consider it. But consider this, Jean. I am one of the few, if not, maybe even the only one I don't know. I am one of the few who actually retired and stayed retired so so I don't know that I would. I don't know that I would wanted to harness that because I sale the time I been coined the Barry Sanders a pro wrestling know you probably know that name Barry Sanders right being from where your ads are you a Chicago bear fan know who's your favorite game to have one year hundred 40 now and I'm going to keep it short and tell me why Jean okay you have said you didn't get me Crockett for all the right track.

Well I'm loyal go because I think Joe Montana. Okay, I think Holly I was a Joe Montana fan and they grant him and everybody knows what he's done and just because that that one player retired and everything. I still stuck with the 49ers up and there's been there 49ers panel most people, you know what, I appreciate that answer.

I do like one of my buddies Jean Ligon who wrestled in the NWA for many many years whose horse from Salisbury North Carolina all these years has been a Green Bay Packers fan right alike. Jean Caroline is pro how can you be in any other just a similar story. Let me add on this note Joe Montana note Joe get this Joe Montana actually inspired me all you want to know how when I was growing up as a kid you may not appreciate this to you but when I was growing up as a kid I watch these professional athletes.

Unlike what why can't these guys like to retire on top. Why can't they walk away. He was a champion. I want to say for the record, Joe Montana was one of the best of the best, but put Jean I'm like Joe, you don't look right in the Kansas City chief uniform Road you look you look right of the 49er uniform anyway. I say that the say him Jerry Rice about Jerry. You don't look right in the Seahawk uniform your 49er all that the center all that to say, for reals it was. It was those kind of stories that I said to myself as a kid when I make it.

Now, back then I thought of the Provo bought it will be progressing, but when I make it I will walk away on top you if you will, as a main event, if not a champion, which is why Jean I left at age 33, which is unheard of right for that business right but that was the number one motivator as to why because I'd set up. I know I said 3535 will be the max that I get out of active in ring wrestling and I be tickled by your so there you go so well. Hey, we will have you back on Jean, you fired some great questions and then keep keeping this across America and around the world. Okay.

All right. She will God bless you. Thanks for thanks for the time and it all look forward I'm serious. I look forward to talking you again get the more those questions okay. I Jean, thanks so much. Have a wonderful wonderful already.

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