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Tower of Power: Dave Yarnes - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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July 10, 2021 12:00 pm

Tower of Power: Dave Yarnes - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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July 10, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is joined again by Dave Yarnes, Executive Vice President of Morning Star Ministries in Fort Mill, SC, to talk about the ministry's international reach and the recent restoration of Heritage Tower Communities.

It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
Man Talk
Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff
It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff

Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare know the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner not keyed a call this time while walking back to it's time to man up with guested devils nightmare to cuticle up and man. It is such a pleasure to have back with me. I said when he was on the first time we've got to have you back. This is just so much to talk to today yarns about and so Dave welcome back to the show man is so great to be here and you know what, what a cool guy Mikita Cole office menu live like for lifetimes. What like being around. I think my testosterone level. If you took my blood just goes up like to be around man guy well all hope we all live up to that reputation.

Thank you, David, but for real though Mably the last time you are to me that the show in my view just flew by so much great conversation. In fact, he talked about it okay to send around some your business acumen and Brown is as we mentioned last time, and with with again quite a history of accomplishments and for those you who may be missed the last show, go back and download that go back and listen to that for sure would be a Dave yarns and I just say this, you will not be disappointed and listen to that that for show. Dave brought such really insight and wisdom from his 30 really plus years of experience and how you can can emerge that into the marketplace of your marketplace person so it's vital. It's vital now if you would've told me 30 or 20 years ago when I was really kicking it in business we be facing the kind of things were facing now, especially in America where so much as antagonistic to our faith, our country was built on Christian entrepreneurs. You know the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the date, they said, at the risk of our life, our livelihood and our sacred honor.

Coming forth with what they believe to be right time for us to man up. It is and and and and they were servants, yes. First and foremost Ray yes and and if I understand I'm not know certainly by no stretch of the imagination a historian but but they had.

They were marketplace men and women right who had a vision and and part of a vision was was to create a country that would create an opportunity for anyone in the world. Common and I and I will be sent last show we just set it off air, but someone who could wake up tomorrow and go on the gold so I'm a go create a widget and go sell it and and nobody can tell you exactly right. Only country in the world work Mikita Cole often wake up tomorrow and start selling the cuticle of action figures, and you don't have to get anybody's permission of think about that because the root of socialism is that the government is sovereign over you America. It's the reverse. God is sovereign over man life, liberty, The Pursuit of Happyness, those are God-given attributes and I'm sovereign over the government. Recently I send in a request for information to the government you're requesting some transcripts or something yeah and you would've thought that they miss is that this was their material. It's not their material.

It's my material they're just stewarding it for me.

We are the people that I just to say last time I checked this as we the people exactly right at the person is what our Constitution says and you know, think about your point where you see you like so what a big why is it a big deal that you can get up tomorrow morning in America and start a business and you don't have to ask anybody's permission, as long as it's not illegal or you really require some certain licensing you can start sewn widgets you can you can start you know law fixing computers or whatever you whatever you can put your heart to. Why is it important, let me mention a few things.

IBM started in the garage. Harley-Davidson started in garage Hewlett-Packard started in garage Apple Computer started in the garage don't go out by a garage and start a business.

But my point is that they would never happen in any other place.

Because of this American experiment which is worth protecting. There is exceptionalism I'm knocking to be embarrassed or ashamed about it.

I am proud of the country and now deceased socialism on the rise. Yeah, it is never work. If socialism could've worked it would've worked in the futile days when kings had absolute power over the people. Israel never worked anywhere and to hear socialism running up for the listeners.

I mean didn't do look to your homework you don't do your research and your unfamiliar kind with the roots of of of socialism and Sunday's other of forms a government that I tried. I mean, do your research. Go to your homework and see see what's been most successful over the period of of history over the period of time and and oh by the way, you mentioned the action figures in it. And for those you listening out there you know that there are few to be found in either limited edition they tried to buy one got ideas ride to eBay one and I walked away for a second and I got out this but but they are out.

I know there are a few out there limited-edition end and usually when they find of the bring up two-minute autographs I say would you sign this on units but that to your other point, though, it's funny. See, I could wake up tomorrow because you know what I look back on my wrestling career. I didn't dream of being a wrestler but I got a phone call one morning from a buddy of mine's name is road warrior animal and on and he said hey what you think about getting into wrestling and with no experience, no background, no training, professional, amateur.

Otherwise, I walked into an office in Charlotte North Carolina from a five-minute phone call in and the cuticle off was born in the hallways of Charlotte that career. Yeah so just to kind, it's your past you know where else could you do that, but dumped listen I wanted to today. I really want to center on and kinda focus on shall be your man of faith out in the marketplace and and again have such a track record of success, but you're also you're also the vice president MorningStar ministries right now yeah located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

There's there's an incredible story about that property, but so you're responsible you're responsible for overseeing the ministry that has that has an international reach. Actually and I and but in addition that as far as your oversight of MorningStar ministries corset. It includes the physical the financial infrastructure course with your business background you the right man for the job but as well as planning, implementation supporting letters developments, including the tower to tower wood will get that will get that will get to the tower. That's quite a story in itself, but I mean the underside. I got rid. Object direct under the direct oversight.

Excuse me, of present Rick Joyner cell right me. Tell us so Morty set me on it. There's a church there's a university there's a K-12 school. You have an international reach. Just tell us a little bit about how to I think like like the way I got there is a cool story.

I had actually won an award for hotel that I built from the ground up and coming back.

I sent a friend of mine said hit you if you remit Rick Joyner. I stopped and is no.

I talked with Rick and he said what he do I sell one hotel award. I'm really exciting is why am hotel and you know I'm always worried about like faith-based mystical times like anybody else see this is in the spirit realm is an actual real touch this, and egos not I got and I go how many rooms do you have so that's that's kind of like sizing you up as I was like 80 room hotel so it's typical stay bridge. We know how it ends. That's about it. Okay he said I got 550 and I like my God, that's gotta be the biggest hotel in South Carolina because I think it is one of the biggest and I go how do you run and manage that goes well, your pastors, I'm like my head is exploding, you know, so I go to business come next week and check this out and what it happened is Rick got a word from the Lord to go back in and by the old PTL property while eluding the Grand Hotel. The tower 600,000 ft.˛ of stuff while and start to put it back on line and when I got there, right in the beginning I was like oh my Lord somebody grabbed a hold of the Tiger's tale of a better because it's more than any of you know the homeless people had broken in none of the buildings were fit or habitable hundreds and hundreds of motel rooms were destroyed.

We had it coming. There was it was just such a mess that Rick himself, so I'm not sure if we can rebuild this God gave me a word, but today all 550,000 ft.˛ 60 acres. Everything is been remodeled.

Put back in place and it has been a 13 year effort on my part and Rick start to get us well you have the right man for the job and and I tell you Dave, I have course, I've been a bit on the property numerous times you are local hero when picking up guys and ladies and gentlemen. When Nikita walks into the front desk staff just come straight now put on their coats, you will be given the best room the nicest seed so you're like the local hero when you well and I didn't really curse that back in the PTL days I didn't freak with the property then because I wasn't a believer, I was out of the wrestling world yeah doing my my stick.

There you will do another.

But to hear the history and see some of the pictures like I've been at some your conferences, I mean MorningStar has so many conferences every year. Amazing conferences for people and fall of the world yeah you guys have an international reach Jenny coming from everywhere. Becky even now is people living on the property from South Africa Honduras and yeah hung up all over there. I see pictures what you're talking about about how the building how dilapidated the buildings were that the kitchen usually the huge officers of the home rough.

The kitchens were just the whole thing yeah and you know I think the really cool thing the Lord spoke to me about was that sense of yes you could tear it all down and build something new, but the analogy is like human beings in our lives. Did he just get rid of me to get rid of the cuticle law when you were outside of his will. I say no for me. Busted.

Disgusted could be trusted or did he undertake this act.

This enormous rebuild process and that's what happened here.

We were not of kin with Jim and Tammy Baker: we know the history of Rick's good friends with them, but that property was an international symbol of the disgrace in the body of Christ. I mean even today people just remember you know that the court cases and all that stuff but to be a part of seeing that redeemed now, people come from all over the world that were former PTL property are up partners and they say to me.

Thank you for restoring the staff. Thank you for it was seeing this vision continue well in hand. It is it if you've never been, or don't know the history and it is it is a fascinating story. It was as I learned and could tailor more more more about that story and I mean I'm just envisioning that again.

The pictures that I've seen in the past what it what it what it fell into to where it is now in and that restoration process that transformation of that physical property into what it is, how it's bringing glory to God. Now, I mean, day by day, week by week, my pilot, month, year by year again with people who are coming now just being blast on that property to look at look at your story. Having that incredible platform of being an international celebrity.

Now using that platform for redemptive purposes. Yeah man, what a cool store drain tile from the top brand carpet right now that a number line in the reader's choice awards that thing this is Nicole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were not for the Russian nightmare here for crescent automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan Jimmy Johnson at Crescent automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle. The windshield place, no matter where you live your dreams you baby is all you need to know is right there with). Everybody drives Crescent.

You should try one parallel story there as I think about the reconstruction of of the property there in Fort Mill when I think about my own life as I think I used every Jim back in the day when I just want to say I don't think you get the traps you had back in the day if that's with the reconstruction your legs and gentlemen if you've not seen pictures of this man. I've never seen a human being that big of my life like that. The muscle came from your temple down to your elbow is an incredible stuff like a ham was there. So I'm just not sure if that's where you're going you want it auto is crazy about that. This is God's honest truth is guys I smelt out what was your biggest banshee and I did have a big bet big bench press kits because I have long arms yes is a leverage just isn't there yet to have a big benchpress, but my traps up my ungodly weights with with with the building my traps yes no exaggeration back in the day in my prime. So don't expect that now but I am not.

I put the stress that the straddling interest in and you know you your big guy your lifter and I did. I wrap them around the bar and in the power rack and I'm not exaggerating as I would be shrugs with eight, 900 pounds your key I give for rent will highlight reps like not a lot of signal well under their use. Yeah I be pick up the hundred 50 pound dumbbells and do drugs get 150 pounds dumbbells and the traps for me was just the easiest thing and if you don't know what a trap is a trapezius. I guess you have to go Google letters up but it was the easiest muscle for me to build out of all my muscles. What I think is is far as a bodybuilder. Those are the things that really stand out when you see somebody that's ripped that yeah yeah yeah well I made course the picture you sent me last. I say look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Reminded me of that is one picture particular, on the other site with people googling that you pulled it up so I guess I just picked maybe everybody's interest right now. What is the transformation of the transformation of my home church, the refuge, because when my pastor person for me was plant a new church in Concorde is you never guess what building we got a Michael buildings like we got your old shirt you're on your Jim building. I like it is really a ghost stuff really goes. The Lord keeps leaders back to that building for some reason.

And so, what was once Nikita's genome were the cutest. Your fortress of fitness database.

They secure this building and then he says you're supposed to be a part of it. I believe in it and I just come back South Africa gap. If you've never heard the story till confirmation.

Anyway, I come back I will back as I look, Lord took his tendency for copiers hold of the servant of the time, but I God story. There, but anyone come back and I watched the transformation of this building from a gym that's can become a church and just hit them like parallels my life because I spent yes years in their training people with their physical muscles writing diets and exercise programs and everything else in the house could be used for the glory of God.

I get to participate and watch people build their spiritual muscle, you will exciting and I get to be a part of that. So the PTL property man that is in the redemption story that takes place.

You know I mean mankind, especially you know around the holiday season been time I think I need to write a book if I were God, I do it different is like a certain point in reading through the Old Testament you like I would've said okay and off and out of the crate all the race of people right but his love for us in his his ability to take joy in coming to bring you back to your old gym. You can imagine the probability the statistics of that ever happening in your not a million years.

What I've thought that would've ever happening course. The Lord is it we are on that property and for 10 years and Lord open up an opportunity to buy new piece of property and expand the campus sure of that to now 66 acres at the campus owns and just past Jan Pastor Jay Stewart just does a phenomenal job with that.

I hope I can talk about the tower at some point, as you mentioned that I was you mentioned. Would you mentioned to get to that we get that lets this information is something recently just ghastly half of the school had taught yet so what what would happen.

He was bubbling out of my heart because it is so very recent. This is breaking news. Ladies and gentlemen, so during the day of PTO to accommodate all the people that were coming in. Jim Baker and Roald Messner build a 21 story tower with 550 hotel rooms there 90 days from opening some of the rooms have carpet and you know things on the walls and you know paper and you know the carpet actually is marked from the vacuums and it and it shut down completely and it stood vacant since that day in the 80s. To this date. Now end of 10 years ago I petition the government for the ability to rebuild it because it's structurally sound. It's cool, it's wonderful and it's right there on our campus were to take the 500 hotel rooms and tournament 200 no really nice apartment dwelling for people coming from all the world want to be there and it was blocked through legal stuff red tape all that stuff up until just the last few months and now we finally have the ability to rebuild ready… Heritage tower communities is coming online I couldn't be more excited and add that is exciting. I mean, I've already put $1000 deposit, like what we have a Nikita Coelho floor all night. It's if it's any readily themed guy that I will have to make sure only wrestling fans get to live on that night, so I maybe get an action figure has upon purchase of yes so that is I know what you've created there what you what you and Rick and the others have done is is is create this environment to health community yes and so yes, you already have some people living on the property guarding hundreds yeah yeah converted some the other rooms it into suites in an apartment site, etc. so the long-term vision should share with our listeners of MorningStar's long-term vision for this campus so so Rick really sets the vision and I follow a lot of mechanics in the vision is that your retirement years become Rick Fireman years the high selling that that you know there's no scripture that says honor the youth.

It's his honor your mother and father.

Some moms and dads. People in their 50s coming and being a part of missions and teachers coming from all over the world. And they're saying this to because with the community has been growing were over 200 people now.

This is the fulfillment of what God's called me to be and I wouldn't of found it if I didn't come into a community and that's what's going to continue on with the tower another couple hundred people re-firing and seeing their senior years being their most productive. I like that. Reread Fireman not retirement, and as part of that community. As I mentioned early in the show. I mean from MorningStar University to K-12 school conferences I've been to numerous conferences there that some book signings down the guys got a bookstore there and I'm blessed to be able to carry a couple couple my books there, but I mean what I think about what you guys are bill is almost like a city within a city. Jan Santelli, but we believe that the city you know mean God calls the church a number of things causes an army, you know, he calls us the saints we also assist your city set on a hill city component and you really do have an international outreach or or reach just enough not just all the people that come there to visit and/or to live yeah but in how many total ministries that that those MorningStar kind of REIT yet about 500 ministries around the little Sam a week. We are connected with MorningStar, and another couple hundred churches say were connected hundreds of businesses, say hey were there through the kingdom's Association. So around the world in on some countries were more known and we are here sure sure well I was can ask you and you give me a while ministry God story today, but I think you just did. I think good last 10 minutes or so we we have heard a real God story how God could take it piece of property that just was completely shut down and that someone with the vision step in God gives a vision in you step in and kudos to you Dave for unity for 13 years. In this journey of of overseeing this project if you will, and bringing it to the to the level of how to say the level of success that is having. Today has been an honor to work with Rick. I will tell you one exciting thing we we had a guy while back from Africa know the Lord and said God told me to come here to Fort Mill to this place. He had something so managed to take advantage of it is coming didn't know anything else other than let me get here and we get that all over because you probably Southern Baptists are the number one grouping of people to come but we get Catholic Catholic speakers, Presbyterian, Zeno high church people and it really is a connecting point for other people to feel safe and bring their part of the body of Christ together and to me that is a miracle and of itself, while or what one of the quick thought that that comes to mind two is knowing that the rampage of hurricanes that hit America. I remember Rick sharing with me not not too long ago, how how MorningStar became a haven for many from the retirement communities from Florida to the Yeah you guys brought in from the coast and in at all on your sense and on your dime and just house these people for dances and hundreds of yeah and and again just another way that you guys have reached out to the communities and and been been reach out to the world and and made an impact. And if you want to learn more about MorningStar ministries. MorningStar MorningStar you want to learn more about Dave yarns Dave DAV EY AR Dave hey check out we talk on the show last somebody about his buddies written three books and he's just a man with a vision who who doesn't sit on his hands but actually takes action write about it up breath.

His dad just like you know faith without action is dad and so I just commend you for. Although I mean I aspire to do half the things that you've done this really incredible inspiration all is an animal leads in general if you had a chance to be around. But one of the guys I and I will say this. This is just radio talk you embody the spirit of pastoral care.

You really care about people like you called me up in the store before and you like Dave what are you buying right now. I like chocolate chicken wings in your life. Did you have hard issues before actions you go to the yogurt section or get some greens and we really made me feel this like really care for now. I threw down half of the stuff you're the other guy, but all good. Good Lord convicted Lord convicted Lloyd well once again managed. It's been a pleasure to have you on the show folks, check out an interview. If you ever want are looking for an amazing conference in 2021 2022 2030 in the future. MorningStar you can find out some of this so much more that they do a mean monthly newsletters and will with Rick and David Buxton all all kind. What is this guy ever turn around with us is really 60 books and conferences regarding what incredible conference here some incredible speakers check on MorningStar ministries and if you don't know Jesus, let me just tell you today's a good day to give your life to Jesus because fast repent and accept men.

I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex Luther and I and pursuing the heart of ladies listening will send your men home with God.

Godly husbands and godly you give them your blessing them.

Sign up today at band camp.enfold pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ's ministries and man up conference to your community protocol and email. Remember this. It's time to man up. We so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount.

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