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Q&A with Koloff - #17

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 18, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #17

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 18, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita is joined by longtime friend and real-estate agent Justin Porter for a round of questions, including: What were you like outside of the wrestling ring? How did you go out in public while having to maintain your Russian persona? Did you have anyone you would dread matching up against? And during your wrestling days, what did you fear the most?

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This is the Truth Network unit call for questions and answers Q&A would pull off the devil's nightmare.

Hey, welcome to Q&A would pull off questions and answers and I got a special segment today for Q&A would call I got a good friend in studio would be just important. I normally normally people submit these questions, you know through my email right you could do that to call just go email me some questions and can be wrestling related it to be ministry -related. It can be life related writing and I'll do my best to answer my Promise. You always have the answer but I'll do my best to answer. While today's show with Justin comes as a complete surprise to me because I have no clue what questions he's going to ask me but just welcome to Q&A with the law is good to be here. Nikita thinks perhaps it's great to have you up before jumping to the questions that we are our life goes way, way back.

I know we've had you on the man up the man up show that's right. And we've actually talked about some of our story, dating back to your first memory of love. When the this posting intimidating figure of the Russian nightmare you saw in it in a restaurant lot as to a stake line or some 11 years old scared to death. That's right, I encounter the Russian nightmare right there.

Ryan and I think is that if I even glanced your way you like. Turn your head. I saw the back about this beastly giant bonehead and then and then under my death and there's the cuticle of sun and the source turned to look the other direction, which was, I was sort of at the pretty 11 I was I was shaking Scott's scared to death. When you look at me.

I had him shaking in his life shaking in their boots and most of them were my opponents, but but some of them were fed well that's right that's right all that that which is is crazy to think back to me intimidating intimidation of 11-year-old, but then we would go we go on the all clear eventually have this this friendship and trust has it in and not only in the restaurant. We cross paths in in church, but then we have all eventually you because you get involved in ministry enough getting to know each other on a on a personal level and in building a relationship with each other. Yeah yes so good. And here we are all these years later and and continuing to just build upon that relationship. While immunoassay for the record, just apologize for the record he offered such an intimidating imposing figure and he left you say can you please but I guess I did my job well, you did a good job that your presence was was terrifying to 11. Your little boy, that's for sure. When I I've had a number of stories listed guys would just like Pierce right through you know they like you had that look on your face like I'm at Ryan's, it's Sunday.

I'm hungry.

I'm in line with you. Nevertheless, the lines it rhymes would be like so long like cattle going throughout. Yes, you just look so mad I probably was hungry. That's right well today so she'll worry where here I Q&A and and I think you've teed up some questions for me and have let's let's just have to find in a Rome is okay. Don't go in the first question first verse questions about a story that another former professional wrestler talk to me about years and years ago right. Note did note it. They were not out of our name in today but we had a luncheon years back and they said I was good friends with the cuticle off in the wrestling days really yeah yes it will tell me little bit about that is that we know Nikita was a really tough wrestler in the ring and out of the ring I was like I would love to hear about that right because I saw Nikita on television and magazines.

I had the figures. What was Nikita like all out of the ring right so he says our member. One night we would go to waffle house a lot like summer like that you said waffle house and Nikita was always speaking in Russian all all the time all the times I do ask about that. But he said there was one time when someone like was on her bumper and are convertible or whatever. We were clear that whatever driving and want to cause some problems at a stoplight didn't know he was in the car and all the sudden this wrestler was with you in the cuticle off get out of the car and just stand up out of the passenger driver seat back in their direction and a spinoff.

I'm not just from that perspective get you someone cuts you off and then all of a sudden maybe maybe your acting in a behavior that would cause anger and then all of a sudden to professional wrestlers got the car in Kamas you and your gone right anything like that happened.

The only memories of that learning anything related that it is a true story what it's this probably one of many stories and that what was creek over here is always crazy is like uncle uncle live in Cornwall we would travel about and it didn't help that he had our bear on his license plate.

You, as he was known as the Russian bear okay are the R.

BEA are on.

Unlike dude like you like a magnet for these crazy fans out there back in the back in the early days, they love to hate me right now is like the number one most hated guy wrestling right right right add so not only an intimidating figure.

Only she would think but but I can recall one time what time him and I were driving.

I know Tom amendment shall be North Carolina, where drive some and and and people recognize us in his car and mandate based on a quick 180 you turn it came up alongside is that were shaking their fists and they were like scream and yell it out for about an end and to the point where I went ahead and got my first car which was a 76 banana yellow Fleetwood Cadillac to be the biggest car you could get on the road and by the way, one of those comfortable cars. It had, but I had nothing to do like a limousine because I was like oh, put a stop to this list in my car note was good be able to look in the windows and see who's in it right right right by all that said, there were definitely more than one story like you just described that we would have to you might say I don't know defend ourselves or make a point of who you a this is who you're messing with right right.

Oh yes there is a lot of truth to that story is so great, another question related to that topic as a wrestling fan growing up seeing wrestlers like yourself Nikita coal off the Russian nightmare who I so my kids today going UT right I told him I'm going hang out Nikita again today will be talking on the radio and an MI could just go crazy right it is lucky we watch YouTube it is all the time. So when you see the Russian nightmare speaking a very heavy Russian accent how to Nikita coal off go out in the public to restaurants where you speaking part English, Russian, were you talking guys I would like a waterfall and and I know are you purgative or are you well I got Mike do one felt like a number one, she's that's adjusted by the way that I could not be headed for good imitation. Well it so the crazy part of that story is that so about the first part of the story was you as a nephew to Ivan coal off the Russian bear was that I spoke no English. I was just like right off the boat right I was. They gonna shoot right I was shooting Russian came came right from Moscow.

You know right from the Kremlin's house so I spoke no English is about a guy that's a little easier.

It is valid to talk to anybody I talk to anyone anywhere other than like in the car with maybe I've been to Dr. Noto who just so happens that I talked to actually on the way up your today Dr. Noto and I want my original partners. Occasionally the dressing room advance of the dress on the rug. Johnny got restless John be bad.

Mark Merrill is yes, you name it Johnny be bad.

He told me this is just a number of years and not that long ago. You know we first came to Midatlantic championship wrestling would be the dress group you talk with your accent and it was for one is just tell you you are doing just you were doing when intimidating.

Scared the crap out of you.

Soon I was so afraid of you could say that on the docket for my pocket anyway so you scared the heck out of you about that anyway, and any goes, but then you talk that accent them like this. You know like were smart to this business click window is not really for Russia right but all that said I carried. I eventually developed the accident. Learn how to learn how to speak English good English tutoring, but when I hear that accent with me get this for 12 years now for those you want to do the math. I was only in wrestling activist for nine while but I will. I walked and talked with the accent for 12. In other words while anywhere in public anywhere public restaurant, movie theater airport. It did matter pulled over by the police officer before judge talk with the accident like for real. While just to protect. In fact, I went out screen tested for Rocky four was Sylvester Stallone standing by my side who had talked with the accept the slightest alone right, no bag anywhere and everywhere. So I guess is why people even to this day still still bottle they so bought into the character that when I speak I guess it was real. It was time to time gather like your accent you are. When I return. Anyway they go that's so great, so great all in.

Solomon asked him his question to be fine. Some of the serious mother question was did you have anyone that you would dread matching up against him, and I mean like it could be because they were great. It could be because all maybe offstage. There was tension or it could be for whatever reason did you have anyone in particular that you just dreaded going to the ring where I yes and no. What I mean by that is I mean there were some. I did not know so much dreaded is much as didn't maybe just look forward to work with certain guys because they have reputations of settlement of being reckless and I valued my health and my body will realize you know even though it's entertainment you're still putting your life, your body into the hands of another person. A great example that would be stone cold Steve Austin, who had his neck broke from a piledriver from from the guy who did know how to perform a piledriver you know how to execute a piledriver yet, so there's a lot of trust involved.

There is still with certain guys yes I will I will me. I will mention one name is passed on a big fan Vader who had a reputation of being reckless to ask was my last official match right here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and and injured my neck and because he was a behemoth. He was about four, 55, a positive get a hernia picking them up for body slammed all night as well and so there were certain guys that I didn't look forward to going in the ring for a variety of reasons suck sometimes it was just a personality clash with things all you guys all buddies you well.

Really I mean are you friends with everybody you work with probably no. Anyway, yet up in those days. What did Nikita coal off. Love the most. What was her main focus. What did you enjoy the most. What was Nikita coal off all about. In those days given people there's mother monies were that's an easy answer. I just had this conversation on somebody else's podcast recently that from Bell time to Bell time. I enjoyed the most and in that I could go in and be creative with acute base to a cocreative control and other was we spontaneously improv while we were a in the ring from the opening bell leading into the outcome of the match is so weary and if you want to say complete control of what we did in the ring talk you listen to the fans and determine what I want to do in the ring by fan reaction. While I and yeah that was that was so much fun the politics before and after the match I could care less.

I had no it really I know decide no interest in man to be able to entertain the fan and hopefully they walked out going that was it. My hope my goal was that was a great match with the cuticle off and whoever he was wrestling yeah yeah so you're known around the world, then and now world heavyweight champion your own television all the time.

You represent the masculinity of men. What did Nikita coal off at that time. The most cool wow this is great. That's a great question. It's really great question. A wow I would.

I guess if I had to me by truthfully answer that question. I I for the longest period of time Justin. I felt like I was 10 foot tall and bulletproof, and so I don't know that I could honestly say that I was really afraid of of anything at that point where I probably should have been right, but more or less was it just because I thought I was invincible sure sure she mentioned maybe a dangerous place to be appreciated and answered honestly and you love your story and so that's good. So good lilies interject this.

I have a different perspective. Now having given my life to the Lord in understanding that I'm to have a healthy fear of God just throw this in here for our listeners that I'm to have a and and that fear is someone like TO strike me dad is just that I have a a a very hello, I believe a healthy reverence of who the creator the universe is the God of the universe is shot of out of respect and referent reverence for the created universe is that type of fear that I have now. Thank you so much for sharing. So honestly, to a tough question very very good others. Every day you post something on Instagram that I screenshot it makes you wonder the gym makes you want to pray to be a better dad, how do you post real encouraging words every day that are motivating better that that make everyone to you for that follows you will get better.

How do you not not just in a social media stance, but these are things that you live by. This is over.

I'm I know you personally this or as overflows of your life. How how do you develop such a consistent flow of not just encouragement but daily health guys this is a focus of mine again be just phenomenal question because up that part of. I feel part of my life mission is not just to spread the gospel and the good news which wishes first and foremost be being salt and light to the world and hopefully be in Jesus skin with everybody encounter face-to-face or phone call conversation or even through an email or something that nature, but taken advantage of those platforms like Facebook like Instagram like Twitter to hopefully and and and and interestingly enough, there are number people like that will come back or will direct message me or even just post for the world to see. Now I just I needed to hear this today and I buried it I very believe or not I that those are very well. I say this with thought out little blurbs I put there such a sum by just want to randomly throughout their like like something to be like a whole FEMA mycology go to theme to this this week and I really think through and prayerfully consider what I'm in a little write up. I do whatever it is I post in hopes that to your to your point, in hopes that it touches somebody's hard work or it just encourages them that day exactly what they needed to to see or to hear and then discipline would be the keyword I'd I've been a very disciplined person almost leaped pretty much my entire life and I want to make a point of each day putting that out there for somebody to seed. Hopefully make a difference in and we did that, but I appreciate that you do that absolutely will thank you for posting such encouraging messages that that hit so many different areas of life, which brings me to my next question. How do you so family life, business, ministry fitness relationship with God, and even more, but just these these areas of life that so many people that are listening or walking through trying to juggle how do you balance family life, business ministry, fitness relationship with God.

How you balance all of these different areas but balance is the key word in. Sometimes people get so focused on one area of their life or another or you know that certain areas will suffer this, it's like out one thing's selection overnight. You know, facilitate will facilitate this chemical Mackey and it's a five-day catalyst in and we we want men to come in and hopefully equip them to go back home to be able to balance all of those things there.

Their family life there there throughout the marketplace.

You know they're there exercising your body soul and spirit. I mean joy it's it's a concerted effort on my part in the word intentional comes to mind.

I'm very intentional from day to day to make sure in each of these areas that I'm giving some focused time and attention to each and every one of these areas every single day because I'm a firm believer that your public life in your private life should look one of the same when it comes to integrity and ethics, and that all of it letters leisure vacation 1/2 in a holiday time, family time, work time that life should ebb and flow adult should all have and flow together. We should not live what I call compartmentalized line. While there shall be one and the same so good such a good word in response. Thank you greatest advice to dad's greatest advice to dad the word time TIME you know, don't throw money at them. Don't you know don't know. Don't try to entertain them per se as much is just spend time with them. I raised four girls so that in itself was a challenge me, I said and swim in the Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. But I did swim in the estrogen ocean. I girls able what I would do on a very consistent basis is I'd have what I call it daddy daughter dates and side rotated him like you like every week was a different daughter like a this week sure your time with dad now see they got older that can change what is it spending quality time with them. Maybe it was even only two hours, but without those two hours all attention focuses on so so good. I love it as a dad.

Thank you. Love that how you was the greatest perspective Alaska display was the greatest perspective to keep in hard moments when you may feel like you can move forward or giving up just in that every person the world feels what is the what is your key to a great perspective in those moments. I may have just reminded James 112 Blessed is the man he perseveres under trial, that no matter what you're walking through no matter what you're going through again is just making a decision of keep your eyes focused on the cross and and just saying determining in your mind and in your heart of hearts in the matter how difficult it gets. I'm just going to progress through this and I believe him any better. On the other side. Once I come through while while so good.

The end of the fun question, yes, let's let's do that yet.

Did you ever get into a fight get into a tizzy. Getting to maybe argument or slot faster or really, I mean maybe maybe maybe there was a real fight offstage and is in wrestling days that this ever happened with another wrestler backstage or the parking lot.

Your stories about Rick flair you hear stories about Randy Savage. You hear things happen and did that ever happened when the kickoff alright so yeah super Seca for names to remain anonymous but yes there was super at a certain season of my wrestling grillers up or to a particular person who would just get under my skin. Many had yet it a history of not knowing when and when to shut up when tickle is just just look just just shut up. Talking and add we were on time, to say the tile. We rigged some tomato that logo. I know exactly result where in the dressing room.

Rick flair's in there, Arnie Anderson and Kelly Blanchard, midnight express. Who else was in there at a terabyte you guys in the dressing room. This guy was just not shut up.

And this is going on for like days at a time you read and in gazing in the morning and of course I am still the Russian nightmare. At this point I'm still the bad guy right right whatever was in the view of the fans or even some of the guys I worked with surveys. I like where the dressing room and in this particular night he just went and I like the look just shut up don't say another word. Well, he did and I did what what art Arnie Anderson calls the Steve Reeves power walk.

People may not know Steve Reeves is good but just visualized it was a power walk across the dressing room he never saw me coming and I want but hand slapped him on the back of the head glasses went flying.

He went tumbling in and the place went quiet the dressing room went quiet while and I'll walk you back to sit down in my chair and the guy goes if I had a good night shoot you notice shut up while you still talking to said if I had a gun and shoot you. Not that I guy sipped dry good, you better make that first shutout and that was it for the record later on love because I made up, so to speak at all about but yet I bet is the story of Soto a roomful of professional wrestlers quiet. That's cool. I bet itself is is is a remarkable one except for oneself why they distribute our Q&A would cool off back, great question that you posted and I think you have the love you my friend.

Love you and your family. Love Douglas is our public thinking.

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