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Q&A with Koloff - #15

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 4, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #15

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 4, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita is mixing it up...his Q&A guests are in studio! David & Wendy Graham are BACK to ask Nikita a few questions, like: What kind of breakthroughs have you seen in your life or the lives of others because of fasting? And do you miss the wrestling days?

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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible.

$100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring. Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word are chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network unit call for questions and answers they would call off the devil's nightmare. Hey, welcome back to another segment of questions and answers with call wall unit call fear and have fun with it with the segments in the euro sometimes.

Sometimes I don't want to get because like you as a listener or a follower on on social media, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook will will sometimes submit your questions to me and then I kinda know ahead of time and maybe can even prepare to answer those questions, but today's little different for a couple reasons one I've got a couple with me in studio not normally with questions and answers I'm calling you and you're at home or you're at your business or your wherever and I'm calling you and and I we we talk and you you're asking your questions and but today's different like this couple of guys do know that there are no stranger to the manna podcast because they been on the manna podcast in the past, but I thought to bring these guys back and have them on the Q&A show it and I don't know what questions the good so then no pressure here, but I want to welcome to the Q&A would call off Wendy and David Graham welcome guys got heavier today to hear what's great to have you guys.

It's been a bit by the way, if you did not hear the show with these guys that that the manna podcast with David and Wendy, I want to encourage you go back and listen to it to the interview I did with them. They had some amazing insight you're there occurs there Christians out in the marketplace with their car business with the storage business interested in such a phenomenal interview that I did with with these guys and so I encourage you go, go back and listen to that interview. But today Q&A with coal often so you know we hey guys we talked on the show how you know we've known each other for quite a few years.

I guess I don't know.

Let me talk 12+ years in which we talked on that show how how we Madden and since that time have built such really a wonderful friendship with each other and you guys are big supporters of of cola for Christ ministries in and but but but today little bit different format so you're in studio with me. It's Q&A with coal law filled II guess Wendy only to go to you first and and give you the first, the opportunity to ask whatever question God's put on your heart to ask me you can be anything raggedy wrestling anything so the floor is yours Wendy what what what you get, what questions you have her call off today when Nikita's been great getting to know you and these last years and I David knows you better abate you have stayed at the house a few times and have gotten to know you little band known how important prayer and fasting.

He and Steve, I see that in your life and I just I guess I want see a lot of people. They may pray that I don't think they have a lot of experience with fasting and I want to know what current net give me an example that breakthrough may be that you have seen the calls fasting in your life mate may, or may be worth fasting for someone else's prayer to be answered. And they are life. Can you give me an example of maybe a bright three you thing. Okay, that's a great question and let me just for for the listeners out there. You may have may be a term a word that you're not even familiar with right fasting for the talk really been really talking about mean, you know, I know it's it's been my experience all my travels in talking with people and encouraging them consider you'll fasting the Bible is clear.

Bible talks about in Matthew chapter 6 is to remain main things Jesus references in Matthew chapter 6 giving praying and fasting and interestingly enough, there's not an F in front of that you know though is like if you give, or if you pray, or if you fast pretty is pretty clear.

He says when you give. And when you pray, and when you fast is a limit to say first for those who are not familiar with fasting right.

I know we get a variety of listeners to this sometimes you know they they might be a follower of Jesus, a believer in Christ, or that they may not be a believer, at least at this point, but maybe they will be after listening to the manna podcast or the Q&A with coal off so that may be a very foreign word to them.

Fasting what you mean. Let me just say first I will get your questionable get an answer for your question that if you're not familiar with one of the best books on that is a book by Mike Bickel. Just Google that name Mike Bickel called the rewards of fasting and what God first called me to fast Wendy. I was like Lord like like you need food or like what exactly are you referencing you back in the day I be nice to eat like in the wrestling days like 10,000 cal a day on average. I is a lot of food is a lot of food right to maintain a 285 pound frame and is active as I was in the ring working wrestling almost every single night working out to three hours in the gym every day. That was my lifestyle right so when the Lord when I give my life to Jesus in 1993 after leaving wrestling and he starts talking about fasting. I did, I didn't know anything about it either have a clue what what I read about. I sought the Bible them like I know what that means is I had to go educate myself and got it. Got a book on on fasting to understand it. To understand why. Why did Jesus say and when you fast right and so I learned about it and then as the Lord impressed upon my heart to do it on like in these like he was pretty pleasing yet food, okay, how do you know that's years and years and years ago now walk with the Lord for over 27 years, but it's become a a what I call a lifestyle for me so fasting is as much a part of my life is eating is a part of my life.

I just I just incorporate right into my life guy and on and so the significance of it for me.

Wendy is so I guess part of how I would answer address that is is I've learned that on the days I fasting. There's all kinds of different fast out there, and most time for me it's either water faster or or liquid fast right, not eating, you know, solid foods and that sort of thing.

What I found for me personally is my hearts might my spirits. Holy Spirit my spirit lives and dwells in me and become so much more sensitive my spirit become so much more sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that on the days of fasting will when I'm reading the word, eating the scroll.

I like to say reading the word, spending time in prayer talking to him and I'm getting better at this. I'm not. I'm still working on this, but the part about listening to him. Good luck talking to him but I'm not so good yet on listening to hear another word to spending time in fact I think it's funny right what will ask questions will ask him questions in the how often do we should run away for the answer is were such a little busy right busy lives so so one. It really postures my heart to be more sensitive to the word sensitive to his voice and to listen and hear from you and so I'll now I'll do that on on a very regular basis and then there's times when you call me to extend the fast and and partly it may be for for a breakthrough for myself and made him really searching for an answer on something to keep to be an answer about a business Lord must was to get involved in this business, or as you made reference to I might be fasting and praying for somebody else's breakthrough or them looking for an answer for some something and I like to tell people hey if if you're in a situation where were you looking you been praying about a breakthrough or looking to get an answer from God and then you might consider fasting and add that into your life.

Does that make it that the answer? I can be more to it for you know that that's good.

I just wanted to yeah see what you want your thoughts Warren, and I know I listeners out there.

Probably a lot Evelyn had never fasting. I never even doubt about it and maybe this will dislocate them to the point sheet to read about and read God's word. What a night. What he says about fasting, and if he wants us to. I think it's being in the and and it's been so valuable for me personally to to implement that incorporate that into my life and I'm convinced I'm convinced that you can chime in on this in the second to if you have a few thoughts regarding fasting. I'm convinced that that there's many rewards and blessings that believers have missed out on because they're not fasting because Jesus goes it when you fast and so because they don't try or had never even known, they should have missed out on a lot of lot of blessings and and rewards with which you delete that at slightly since I feel like it's becoming more and more important to me and God wants me to Eli see to incorporate that on a regular basis in my life and save it is just in the forefront of my mind these days and that's why that's why I wanted to ask you grants requested David in any any comments. Any thoughts on fasting well you know that the first time ever fast was with no use part of it back in 2011. Yet if the camp yeah just I never did that before him and you know when when I did fasting. I thought is committed in the world without food, likely not survive. If you have anything for me to hear you stopping when when I did that know that's when God really spoke to me especially when I'm when he said when you when you said it was over with but he said what know with. I continued up fast and then he distorts become more and more clearly. I could hearing more. I can see more and always asked I was asked for my argument sensitive eyes and ears will bill see what you're doing. Were you working it.

Let me hear you speaking to me and when I fast you know when he lays at him heart you know he is a space to me like so clearly, this is Emily that's good well and what what what resonates with pops up in my spirit know you guys are we discussing this is his intimacy. The word intimacy that that you know it's about a relationship with Jesus, but really start about religion. It's about a relationship with Jesus. And when you posture your heart and you walk in obedience to to that word that it there's the possibility of growing in intimacy with with Jesus right so that's what I'm hearing you say to you as you speak that yeah mate a balanced way. I still like it should.

I really don't want. I don't when I think about faster animal do that though he lays him heart. I do is be obedient and then he shows up shows off like he always does his blessing follows will be blessing falls obedience okay the other thoughts or comments when he or okay right so David so that the floor is yours question of question for coal off okay well match. I know I'm on I probably know the answer list no match in a way, as I know where you're at and laughing what God is doing to you know. But do you miss the rest on days do you miss that scene in that popularity of people you know this to all the fanfare you and I get asked a lot III actually do now a ghetto, I have all podcasting and radio show, but I I I do a lot of interviews for other podcasts. I probably done a dozen different podcast interviews last to three weeks in a constantly I got another one as you want and in Ireland, one in Australia and I got a couple more that have given me an invitation overseas and here in America it like I get that question a lot, you know, do you miss you miss it. And truthfully, I would say I do not miss being involved being in the ring now look back on it and it was it. I feel wonderful part of my my life journey and certainly it's I will say that is easy for to get caught up in that the the hype and the hysteria and the fanfare and all of that. It is an ad.

It's easy to get caught up in that and it's difficult for some to walk away from that life that they it really is is a kind of feed off of the frenzy of autograph seekers in the roaring cheer of the crowd. I enjoyed that I would be lying if I if I didn't say II enjoy.

Have you got 20,000 people chant your name and cheering you on. I mean all or or in some cases for you is that even if they love to hate me. In the early part of my career, but I think what's helped with that though guys, which helped me with that is I haven't completely walked away from the wrestling business meaning I'm not in the ring your necklace if you want to see me in a paradise for those you listed out there will pull up YouTube because you will not see me live in a pair of tights of just let it go save you paradise of life by glossary YouTube but but I'm still involved in the sense of of like ledges, autograph signings.

We do a lot right now.

Like a lot of virtual signings and an in person signings you know and so I get the opportunity and that's not only at signings, cons different venues where I get to meet the fans and hear their stories, but also on a smaller scale of the wrestling shows like regional shows with a bring me and because of the name you know to be a name on on on on the show and so I get I still get to be around the active wrestling and every element on there's the possibility the fan may get to see the infamous Russian sickle is that every dollar they it and so all of that to say I'm thrilled them. I feel just humbled and honored to have the career I had, but have no interest or desire affect this as a reason. Legal little one off the queue like just one more one more pass right. Not like you know they made it in some of these guys.

You know something's got this out your one of the few guys that retired and actually retired like say retired right so these guys would come back and I get it withdraw from a couple million dollars you noted to have a message for Goldberg, whatever. 2.5 million to have one match over in Saudi Arabia right so it so the money can be tempting but is that what God wants me to do I do a one often go weighted and have another matching so so yeah so you know all all that sat up.

I'm throwing a God still using that wrestling career to his glory, and with it without me putting on apparent tights so I is a great question yeah love people want to know that so well Q&A with coal off you guys said great questions go you different coming from different angles on aware of Madden and again just appreciate you guys love you guys really grateful for our relationship and our friendship and thanks for coming into the studio and chela are I will hey next time on Q&A with coal off dial plan will have another great some more great questions answer for you and and hey, just remember just long pull pull off.nets and submit your questions.

I want to hear from you and and and in you may get a personal phone call from the Russia night manager toy and I'll answer your questions on Q&A with coal off thanks for tuning in.

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