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Q&A with Koloff - #14

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 27, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #14

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 27, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita answers some questions submitted by fan, Brandon Hunter, on Twitter, including: What is your story of finding the Word of God? What was your catalyst to begin the process of turning towards Christ?

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This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers they would call off the devil's nightmare. Welcome back to another segment of Q&A with Geeta Cole all the devil's worst nightmare, hate today's questions come from from a twitter follower.

Follow me on Twitter go to the cuticle off with the 1 behind it. Also on Instagram and look for me on Facebook look for the one that has me standing in the river. I'm in the river with the million dollar man Ted DiBiase and another Russian body touching the Jordan River in Israel. We were taken taken turns baptizing each other in the Jordan River. Following the steps of Jesus, who was also baptized in the Jordan River, but Brandon Hunter submits these questions he was not available for a phone call today because of his job obligations, but he submitted some really really good questions and so let's just jump right into this, Brandon says or asked as I was wondering what is your story of finding finding the word of God.

He asked so interesting question. What's my story on finding the word of God and you know I was say this in my in my search for truth right over the years and I was not always a believer.

Many of you know my story or some of you know my story that for 34 years so I was, not a follower of Jesus Christ. It was not a believer and just out there in the world doing my own thing.

Living for Nikita, not living for anyone else.

In fact, it was my world. You were just living in it if you didn't like it will at the door slamming on the rear end on the way out I was honestly kind of my my attitude that I meet at outpost wrestling after walking away from a wrestling career November 1992 in other business ventures that meet this Christian couple Dicken Elston Dick Elston Dick and Charlotte Elston I meet this Christian couple and in business and invite me to their church and in October 1993 17th of October 1993 I find myself in an altar surrendering my life to Jesus now had I read the word of God. Prior to that.

Actually I had believer not little quick back story actually attended a Bible college back in the day. Now just for the record, I didn't go there to learn about Jesus.

I went there because I knew several of the coaching staff as it was right out of high school as a junior college was right out of high school and I knew support of the five coaches.

In fact, one was my very first male mentor my life. If you've heard the podcast of me talking about my dad sure my dad story I if you had heard that go back and listen to that podcast me sharing how God reconcile the relationship with my dad. After about 45 years and you may even if you hang tight with the podcasting maven here.

My dad in his own voice and just saying it is anyway you left at a very young age. Bill Burke came into my life in seventh grade. He was my football coach my very first football coach chemical male mentor to me.

Fast forward is the deepest defensive coordinator at the junior college and so was instrumental in becoming over to that college Golden Valley Lutheran College but you are required to take a Bible class gnomelike man like for real.

Like we have to do that. Like you know every every quarter semester. Whatever was it I honestly like this to start where my ball In there and tried my best to sleep through every one of those classes that I don't know how the teacher how the professor didn't come down on me, but but they didn't. Anyway, so I was exposed to the word of God and back, and in my college days, but once I gave my life to Jesus, man. So part of my story.

Part of my journey due to Brandon asked the question, finding the word of God. That way when my eyes were opened after my salvation that I was hungry. Did that, then learn more. In fact, have a Bible sit right here in front of me and I was hungry to open the word of God and find out what it was. God wanted to say to me what he wanted to reveal to me what he wanted to show me through his word and in his word is is it's called you of the good news is called the living word because it is alive and well. God's word is is alive and living so if you're not, you're not reading the word of God, can I just challenge you and encourage you to consider that pick up the Bible is that my oldest granddaughter was just over in Nashville Tennessee visiting my grandchildren just had grandchild number nine Wohl number nine oldest grandchild. We're talking one day she goes to Christian school and she was asked me grandpa. Have you ever read the whole Bible I go, I have money if effective read it. I think four times through her eyes got big as saucers.

You should like wall what I going to read it for the fifth time right now and I'm just because why because I'm just hungry for the word of God, and I hope that you are or if you're not I hope God likes a fire in you and in you get hungry for the word of God.

So that's part of my story. It is Brenda's question.

Finding the word of God. He asked another question since what was your what was your Kabbalist to begin the process of turning towards Christ. Another great question. In fact, I've already kind of alluded to it as your little bit little bit of my journey and you caused me back up to be just a little bit more back story because this is because it kinda comes to mind in high school and high school used to attend. Greg Sutton was the was the football captain my my sophomore year in high school and he was also though the head of FCA Fellowship of Christian athletes and and so I would attend the other. His FCA meetings. Once again, not for the right motives like you know I just told you the story about going to Junior because I want because their number one football team of the country and I knew I knew some of the Virginia because at the time, and I knew some of the staff.

Why want to FCA meetings in high school because Greg said was the football That that I bill brownie points with the football captain that will look real good with him and maybe I have of your better high school football career right but again the wrong motives, but to hear about FCA and in I'm hearing about God. Even though not a silly pursuing God I go to the junior college and I'm hearing about God.

Even though I'm not really pursuing God I bet I member dating a girl and it occasionally went to church with her once again not for the right motives.

I thought it would impress the parents in so completely wrong motives of why I darkened the door of the church it so there's definitely a path or you might say. Brandon asked the catalyst to begin the process of turning towards God, and you might ask the proverbial question. You know what about what about your wrestling days. Well, George, South congratulations George South credit to kudos to you for laying all those tracks in the dressing rooms and bathrooms and locker rooms attract being the salvation plan, you know, to the foot of the cross in and surrender your life to Jesus so clearly I can look back Brandon and see where there was a process or a path leading up to Dick and Charlotte Elston invited me to their church that led me to the foot of the cross. 17. October 1993 that was part of the process of turning to Jesus and sell it and the second part of the question was what what was the process likes.

I think I really, really already kinda answered and addressed that.

So and so Brandon I think you you know I and you said you love to hear your people's stories of redemption in so that's part of of my story of redemption in and so I thank you Brandon, I thank you for being a wrestling fan.

You said you didn't want to ask any wrestling related questions today and I totally respect that, but you did mention how you loved the matches with the rolled warriors mad you want to talk about like for real some brutal matches. You know, I know people have their their inclination of Lilo there viewing perspective on professional wrestling, but I just want to stay for the record all these years later my body feels the facts of of the professional wrestling ring.

I mean you can't be a human crashed on me like we were at and your body not feel the effects of that from a rope from a sciatic nerve that right now is been giving me fits for the last six months to do a neck that sometimes you know aggravates me from from neck injuries and other related injuries and in wrestling. So even though you know you may view it as as entertainment, which it is professional wrestling as entertainment. I want to tell you there's a real there's a real side to that as well. Our bodies feel the effects of the toll when it comes to the road where's listen those guys a mean rotor animal was a legit, about 300 pounds hawk was about 260 or so pounds. I used to work out with those guys in the gym and they threw they could throw around thousands of pounds in the ring, let alone what they should be in the gym, let alone what they did in the ring. In fact they were infamous for press slamming guys and I don't care. Viewer 200 pounds 300 pounds 400 pounds. I saw him press slam 400 pounds guys and so you want to talk about raw strength, the Legion of doom rolled warriors is talk that will all want our garage. That was a very good imitation, but those you who road warrior fans like Brandon you remember Hawks infamous old.

What a rush and a course the painted faces the Mohawks, the spiked shoulder pads.

In fact, all go on record to say far as I'm concerned. Lotta great tag teams and professional wrestling with the rolled warriors Legion of doom were were one of the great, if not the greatest.

Certainly one of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling. Hunter, Brandon Hunter, thank you for follow me on Twitter and for all of you out there continue to submit those questions call submit those questions to me.

And hey, if you're available. I'll give you a personal phone call will did discuss these questions one-on-one tune in next time Q&A with coal off.

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