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A Harlem Globetrotter Meets a Preachin' Machine!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 24, 2021 12:00 pm

A Harlem Globetrotter Meets a Preachin' Machine!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 24, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is with spiritual mentor Pastor Ronnie Dean Raven, also known as the Preachin' Machine, talking about evangelism and the work he did with Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon.

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Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call time. What does Arabian lark, a Harlem globetrotter in a preaching machine all have in common.

Stay tuned.

You do not want to miss this show. Welcome back to it's time to man up with no longer the Russian nightmare. But now the devil's nightmare.

Nikita Cole often. What a privilege.

What an honor. What a pleasure to have on the show with me today. Ronnie Dean Ray Benner, pastor Ronnie Dean Raven Ronnie, welcome to the show today are so proud and honored.

Here, Earl Dare well for our listeners.

You don't hail from the great state of North Carolina where you're from Ronnie. The Ozarks of Missouri cell there may be some listeners who don't know who Minnie Pearl is.

I just happen to be old enough to know who she is and a but nevertheless appreciate that warm greeting to our listeners were really honored that the Bible speaks double honored and that we just thank you for the privilege to be with you. We minister together and tagteam preached really everywhere for 24 years and it's always a pleasure to be with you.

I just got one disappointment I can't see your pretty face.

That's the beauty of radio though you know they can't they can't see anyone's pretty face. So there are greater gourmet really for television but just for you. I make a list that special sacrifice and I want all the radio audience to know that were basically Siamese twins in the ministry and the only difference between the particular chain and Nikita call he never had a bad hair day like I do. That's that's that's a no hairspray no hairspray required for the for the devil's nightmare. I walked on. We traveled together in the same vehicle to church and the wind blowing. I run into the church and you just casually walk that's one of the benefits of having a shaved head expects to have to worry about morning here or anything else in that stretch drive, brother hey, speaking of you mentioned 24 years running up until our listeners.

We meet to another rash were Jake the snake tagteam partner with Mike King cobra and that I can introduce to eight times champion Harley race and and we had a radically new grant that WWE and Reagan*productions at the old Statler South on Lafayette and Jefferson in downtown St. Louis and that's when I first met you. It was on a Friday and another was over a thousand people there and Harley had always let me preach during intermission in the middle of the ring and I told them I wanted to tagteam with you and you are going to preach out on the campground where I answered it revival center near Petrossian Parkfield Missouri. You will be with us at our 2 o'clock service at Sunday and you and I preach together. That's how we initiated our ministry and acquaintance of brotherhood in Christ, and it lasted 24 glorious years is now has become more than just a kindred friendship. In fact I view you because of it. We can talk more about this, but I be because of your experience in ministry, like a spiritual dad spiritual father really look up to you and have leaned on you many many times you know when I've needed answers whether his answers to life's challenges and struggles, or even just a scriptural reference. I mean you've always been there and and and had therefore you know you mentioned a legendary name Ronnie Harley race and for the avid wrestling fan out there.

They'll certainly feel to say recognize that name. I know you you are you are mentioning how hard it would let you preach it intermission of of his shows, which is kind of a unique thing right people coming to a wrestling event but then the opportunity there to hear a gospel message. How well received, was that Ronnie, when you not to silly the first time we got the tag together and do that but just in general because I know you do that on many of his shows how was that received by the audience wondered It was 12 God really honored that Harley would also let me bring in gospel singers and some die.break treatment twice more than one error measurement. I always at least one opportunity to preach and that I became very close and involved with his WW L worldly graduating and all those that participated on the staff. It was just agog written script. I could not have written a better script for that and one time we was in a rational event and the children of Missouri and the weather was real bad. It been flirting and that I went over to him and his wife BJ and God told me what I was talking to them and I spoke to completing the project blood of Jesus over both of you and I minister to and prayed over at 1 o'clock the next morning I got a call from Harley and BJ and they had on the back of their SUV. The trailer that carried the ring and the chairs and it slid off the road and twisted and went down a about 100 hundred 50 foot embankment and I quote from the highway patrolman each day when you folks go to church tomorrow morning. You think God that you're still alive because if that trailer had not come all and you would be dead and both of them were just BJ was crying and Harley just said I can't thank you enough.

Raven we know it was your prayers and that that really bonded us together like nothing had ever done before and he had me testify to that at the next event in the middle.

Lorraine's got a member you share this story with me in and I know you had. I know there were a number of conversations you had with them over the years and in you left them teary-eyed more than once, right that that corrected it was the Lord champion and I noticed a change in him throughout the years and it was very close to the million dollar man to DiBiase's dad died in his arms and Harley were doing that there tagteam practice and he had a heart attack and NEL they'll get fed into the business and that can't.

I've been with him as well and we double-team up on Harley and spoke about the end time and everything but the bottom line is champ.

I noticed a big difference between him and BJ as the years went on and it's like Elijah and Elisha they never knew when they led the final result of that handshake and embrace analyze you when he was translated had 16 miracles. He had a double portion given to Elisha. Elijah is the originator, Elisha is the continue work and Elisha at 32 miracles and dinner at 33rd when he was dead and nothing but bones in a grave to a dead man on his bones and he revived and was resurrected and let It just like when we met when we shook hands and embrace. We had no idea of what God had planned for us and I want this radio audience to know when I start preaching with you and we tagteam you are wrestling and five-time championship in the right you nightmare seal the deal.

It carries you now in 2020. It makes no difference to someone meet you and doesn't know you were five-time world champion your ministry is carrying you, the anointing and power of the Holy Ghost and God's gifts and callings that are without great repentance. God will never apologize or repent for calling Nikita call to preach the gospel. You don't need any wrestling our history behind you, the anointing and divine presence of God is carrying you and your ministry right now. Well, certainly humbled by that. Ronnie think you mean I'm reminded of another evangelist from South Africa who a number of years ago who said a very similar thing to me and we resend the parking lot of the West Monroe, Louisiana, and said, you know. Currently, you know people want the rustler.

Nikita co-authored to come and speak and he was but there will come a day and just confirming what you just said as an encouragement to you that there will come a day when it won't be the rustler the it'll be the evangelist Nikita call off and I've certainly been very blessed to have traveled around the world and and in sharing the gospel and in many cases alongside of you and in teaming up together and it but there's other guys saw it.

In addition to mammy. We have some dear friends that we've teamed up with Frank Shelton who we've had on the show before there there been a number of other guys.

You know you Chris. We talk a lot about Harley race but there's other wrestlers you mention the million dollar man to DiBiase and in teaming up with him but there been others that that you've been around it. In fact, in fact, not just wrestlers. I'm reminded of of a name for the those who are some of our older listeners out there.

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This is the cuticle wall when I want to thank lemon support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon.

1230 truth that were walking back to it's time to man up. Talking with Pastor Ronnie Dean Raven dear dear friend of mine like a spiritual dad and Ronnie before the break we mentioned name Meadowlark lemon yellow listeners a little bit of those who might not be familiar with Meadowlark lemon who that is and how you guys were able to team up for the kingdom will be honored.

Meadowlark lemon is picking of the original Harlem Globetrotters back in St. Louis picture legend Bob Gipson who was also a Harlem globetrotter before he became a cardinal. A room together or best of friends and that after he left Globetrotters in the early 80s. They were never the same day the plainspoken, the legal Meadowlark was the legal and that we got together through Frank Shelton Frank Shelton can call me and told me Meadowlark was in St. Louis with Albert Poole close and he wanted a weekend service so he recommended me to try to helping out and we did and we got in the service year in Farmington, Missouri at the first free will Baptist and then that night we went to Collinsville, Illinois at the revivalist family and I were just thrilled to have running. I could never written a better script and got Road and I would not be happy the rest of my live to seven. Those two weekend services and leading him and that we get pictures together your autograph a basketball to me and put her Ronnie Dean. The preacher machine that your first cousin Meadowlark 11. We always call each other. Raven and lark characters and say that was the preacher machine Raven is my first cousin. The white sheep of the family and time in the audience with this ghost skyrocket up into the air through the roof and back and let I've met him through Frank Shelton that he call me back about a week later and they call me first because the machine eats a you know I enjoyed being with God speaking through me and I want to hook up with you. You get the revivalist manual come together tagteam and we did that five years over 300 events and it was just something that I still embrace it never gets out of your system and he told me one time championship. I have more picture taken with you that anybody else in my all ministry analyzed as a basketball player five years. Over 300 events together that that you and Meadowlark lemon the infamous Harlem globetrotter were able to have it.

I'm guessing any gas on on how many lives were impacted from those 300 services that you guys had together. IT you would need a calculator because 300 events that was clearly radio churches. We went to car lots. Thanks.

We went into doughnut shops different stores we was. He went out on the street two or three times and accusations airplane when God writes the script It goes from a busy the Alpine Omega, the earth to the sun at high noon and back many many times and it's everlasting. It is known in and he was in my hometown here in Farmington and Parkville so much and stay here.

It will be done locally. This is well lit eat when he was little he could do something we usually met right here and if he wasn't with me in a restaurant are walking with the down the sidewalk people I don't recognize you, your buddies, not with yet right was that close chat that great that relationship and I have yet to go under restaurant with Meadowlark that somebody didn't pay for her food. God just an added blessing of the Lord.

Right. So yes, it was always one camp you get the cash register in your meals already been paid for nearly like blowing out all the time and people would, and limited put their hands over their chest and go you don't know what you meant to my dad and us kids growing up and people would walk up to him best interest to go are you I think you are, you go know you're thinking of my father. Eli said something witty to say… There was nobody like it's pretty pretty quickwitted. Now you have a lot of unique opportunities.

Obviously… Already. Meadowlark lemon million dollar man.

Teddy Harley race Nikki to call off you been a part of the ministry team for two of the of the last Olympics in London in the Olympics and in real correct yeah and fracture, helping their I helped Frank Shelton years ago when he needed some help and I didn't know you can't help somebody without this happening.

What you make happen for other auto make happen for you and that I glanced Frank well the man it was over the evangelism and the coronation of all the evangelists in the Olympics in London got very ill, so they appointed Frank to take his place and Dr. Sam Lemos sent Frank somebody gonna take your place, and he recommended me and then that's how it all started, and that we preach deal with Carlos the Olympian of the century, and it just went on and on and those opportunities arose and then we went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it was even greater.

There and that I just the impact of it. That's another script God wrote I know one thing when you do something for someone to return the favor.

What you sow you reap.

And it has to go that way, whether it's good or evil and God is always embrace we can breathe on me and bless me when I bless others, he returns the favor that that's exactly what I was just thinking the sowing and reaping principles you talk about helping other people. Whether it's helping Frank get a speaking engagement for help and Menelik Meadowlark lemon get a speaking engagement or just helping people in general, you can't. You can't help enough people we know that and you're right, that's a one of God's God's principles sowing and reaping and Ronnie have seen you sowing to many people's lives and is certainly just some of your stories today are just evidence of what you have reaped and I had of one of my mentors a one time. You know it's you don't just reap what you sow you have to set this way, you have to you you you reap more than you so is if you wouldn't care if you were to sell one Appleseed you'll just get one apple seed. In return, I mean the fact that Appleseed can actually develop into an entire apple tree which which which can produce hundreds if not thousands of apples right so for the listener right there you'll just know you can't you cancel enough good seed, and then when you do the return on that can be can be just multiplied tremendously right to grand slam homerun ship you all the bases. And speaking of ill branching people always in the Montego Bay, Jamaica, you got me acquainted with the total package. Lex Luther and then we went to calendar Georgia and he and I preach the tagteam citywide went back a second time and Frank Shelton joined this account will Georgia will never be the same and league-leading Lex was just a thrill. Lex and you've always been our favorite rappers affect my son is a minister and you have breached in the church where he pastored that you were always his favorite rattler and it would even if you eat if Jesus went to the sun and I noted back in Daniel, we recently both of us together was with him and get the night over there at his place in the country and that he still ecstatic you call to this teacher buddies think their principal and superintendent of the school Eric input Tosi and they'll never be the same as it is.

If I question the first domino champ. Everything begins to fall in place and come together well. It's I'm always amazed at how fast time flies so what were talking 1/62 Ronnie how to get the nickname the preach machine tell our listeners, Gail Jackson would also call cyclone Jackson English front Sikeston, Missouri in the early 50s. He was in the top 10 greatest preachers in America and he used to frequent iatrogenic trip in Gulfport, Mississippi on the streets and lake under my revival there. The Sikeston area and that after every preach he got up and made the announcement. This was in 1972. He said this is Ronnie Dean. The pretreatment chain.

He got the old time religion in the old time religion is God in an that tank stayed on 19 while go back because I know Ronnie, you have ministered well over 50 years now correct yeah but for a few years this Christmas day and I preached over 9000 times on five continents and over 40 states in America and that God is my source I can't make it without them would want to buy good the Holy Ghost is my comforter. He leads me in all truth in Jesus Christ you like creating my Savior and the soon coming Lord and I just every day on her the holy Trinity in my life.

Ronnie, you have you out. You are leaving a legacy.

I know not only for your own your own family, but many others that you coming in contact with in touch many, many, many hearts and those 52+ years, and in what what a milestone 9000+ sermons and in all the continents and states in all the places that you've traveled in and share the good news manage its this is such an honor to have you a part of my life up or appreciate you being on the show today. My order W modern I trick I cherish and treasure the day God put us together and you rest assured you are talk to my live. I love you.

We've never had a crossword and 24 years and we bonded three exalt Christ, and were looking forward to the day we can spend eternity together with dance well and for all the listeners out there. Hope you are blessed by justice to some of Ronnie story today. Be encouraged to know that no matter what what walk of life. Whether you're called into the ministry is Ronnie, was many many many years ago and and all those that God crossed his path with O or you're just out there working in the marketplace. You know you or your home recent reason, a family, it's all ministry and if you don't know Jesus today can I encourage you today. Be a good day to surrender your life to the very telling a man men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days a bus live or die, and pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. Will send your men home with God godly husband and God will see you give them your blessing and them sign up today at band camp.full pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and men of conference to your community protocol can email me remember this. It's time to man up. We so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you a personalized copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring and redemption go to cool off.that's cool off.and the ET and make your contribution for the Russian nightmare here for Crescent automotive is buying a car is a nightmare for you, my friend Ryan Jimmy Johnson across automotive make it simple to find your preowned dream car, no hassle the windshield placing no matter where you live your dreams you baby is all you need to know is right there with) everybody is present you should try this is the Truth Network

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