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A New Method of Ministry

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 10, 2021 12:00 pm

A New Method of Ministry

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 10, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is with longtime friend Justin Porter, formerly in church ministry, and now a real estate agent in Concord, NC with RE/MAX Leading Edge: Jayne Helms, talking about how they met, God's work in Justin's life, and how God has empowered him to be bold in his witness in the real estate marketplace.

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Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network wants all world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ once told Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner cheetah call time. Why would a welcome back to its time to man up the cuticle off what's the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's nightmare is my hope that every day I get up.

He's like oh no, he's up again.

What did Michelle got a favorite guest of mine, Justin Porter and wait to hear this man's story is pretty, pretty amazing to me and I hope it will be due Justin.

Welcome to the map show is so good to be here to give thanks so much for having I'm excited to be. While I am excited to have you back.

Our story goes back pretty far.

We did talk about but what would you well I say when when we first meet that you may have a different view about that right as a kid you go back to what I was a huge wrestling fan as a kid I was a thanks Nikita Coelho thing is a kid and I got stories to tell WHAT what would be what is your fondest memories of of the Russian nightmare fondest memory as I was 11 years old my family just moved the Concorde North Carolina and we went to church after church we went to Ryan's steakhouse.

Okay were standing in line and all of a sudden I noticed in front of the wraparound line. Now they wrap around right right so were in line there is this giant man with a white dress shirt on right as to the back of a bald head. My dad grandmother so he says, Hisun he says see that huge man over there. I said yes. He said that's the cuticle off and I said no way.

And then you turned right and I saw the mustache and saw your face and I was honestly scared to death so you first story we didn't every time you look in my direction, or even to the thought I would just turn my head is 11-year-old boy and that was my first encounter with the Russian nightmare in the flesh in person. So you see everything David never said you're just a word mad men on the Hornets how to talk to them but I was shaking nervous here that you would look at me. I mean, Nikita Coelho looked kicked off today in line. It was one of the Sunday line yeah yeah well I that have got people said to me that their life scared me to death as a kid you consider it is LOL I guess I did my job well you you did. You did your job a lot of respect and fear, I put the fear of death people back in those days the I guess it was the eyes as I looked your way and I said those eyes, those are the tears right through you, and I was right. I was filling myself will what we may talk some more about that.

But does that was always our inner sense or might officially say be our first encounter.

But then we would come to actually meet each other down the road less intimidating.

I'm I'm thinking. There was another experience in Annapolis as well.

One of the most significant moments of my same childhood in church. It was a memory that's always stuck with me week there was a revival in our church at the callous Church of God and we had an evangelist there and he was calling folks out of the crowd and all the sudden I didn't realize that you Nikita were there. There were not a people there guys is packed. Yeah, and you remember this and the evangelist said yes sir. Stand up and acumen. Because when I'm not at all the sudden I knew you were there is the kickoff across the church standing up and you can spike speak to you and speak a word over you and I can just see God all over you in a way that was like physically moving to you.

Yeah, right. And I mean I'll never forget as a young but my dad said son did you see the way God touched the cuticle off Nikita Coelho and if God can touch the cuticle off this disc and again a little boys view this man, this giant man he can touch you can touch anybody to do anything right and so that was memory always stuck with me. I just have this picture is yours.

You're describing the massive intimidating Russian nightmare, bowing, bowing to the mass of it and sometimes intimidating God of the universe right ahead and add you will what will you do it in this lifetime or and or the age to come, every, every knee will bow everything I will confess that Jesus is Lord, right quick. Just a quick funny part of that story is the man on the platform was looking my way and going, sir, sir, like you're talking about. Pray for you right now I'm looking relic for really look like passed me like I figure he's looking past me and he keeps repeating that in my mind like who's the moron that's not responding to this got real arises right. I know I made sure as I called it that.

I know I bike I thought I I I have for God's forgiveness later, but I literally want what I like looked over my shoulder like dude like raise your hand. Do something. When I look back at last, after looking at my soul. I made like a little eye contact is Cheryl talk about you and I like oh my gosh I promise you felt like my heart I could but I could touch it about a foot out of my was beating through my chest line. Then he goes share sir, come here, come to the platform and a bike you give me you want me to go in front of all these people so I do what we say no right right up there right I do. He never leaves a plan for ice I said as she spoke over me and that boy, you're right man just is that the presence of God just came over me and it was an encounter. I've never forgotten. It is obviously made made an impression on you and whoever else I guess that night.

Absolutely I'm I'm I know I did for me and I'm sure everyone else when when a picture of God's power go well and it yeah and I could I could testify to that. You when you come into the for real presence of God in I'll go as far as to say this, you may not even be able to stand.

Let me just write it right. Unlike SL and there's others from the Bible that have proven that to be true. Sure, and anything like even if you think about angels visiting you now and almost every encounter Justin seems like when an angel shut up everyone was like almost that same impression you had standing in the Ryan Stateline that day. That's right know their life.

Oh my gosh you know that there like almost fearful of the Angels right right right. Not ever. Personally I've never seen what I have not had got visual encounter with an angel, but from every description for the Bible, then they must be like like like 10 foot tall and bulletproof.

I mean there right right they stay strike fear. Everyone that's that's better.

Almost everyone right yeah that's right. Seems like so yeah anyway so we've got those those two stories, which is your interesting stories and of themselves within. We would eventually meet later on in and tell us about little bit with crystals. My family just gives Conservatory by family. Sure my wife much better half. She's amazing. Elizabeth we been married for 13 years been together for 19 years high school sweetheart.

She was back on date sent from God sees a preacher's daughter, our families, we were childhood friends. We would go to each of his birthday parties, his children, so we have all the key pictures and she's amazing with two children, Peyton J.

Spates nine Jason six and gotten so good to us were so blessed that's that's amazing it is that she's a preacher's daughter just triggered a memory of my went wind up were part of a reality show.

I say we was really centered around my youngest daughter Colby, who was a preacher's daughter and it was lifetime network and probably still out there somewhere, but that struck some controversy, depending on which side of the religious value fell on butter but it did impact some people's lives that the dog shall preacher's daughters. I love you so personally I think it was real. It was so real. Yeah, good well and that in that instant, for real, how to speak for our family. What what we discussed and what we what we portrayed on the show was was real life stories and in different settings and in discussing those things and that's about the whole family was all all the girls all the daughters were were all involved in, and their mom and anyway you disunited when you said you went to preacher's daughter liked it so so you would eventually sell. You see, there is one form got this wonderful family and and but you eventually we crossed paths a I think really threw you a youth ministry at at the rep my home church, the refuge thruster J. Stewart and you are very engaged and very involved in youth ministry tell tell us that I was there was a youth ministry there, Providence House, led by Pastor Elsie Lentz of the time and with founder and really like me to look a lot like Jeanette, he would mistake me for him. There was like Nikita and it was like stone cold Steve Austin, but it was faster elderly Lentz right and that was that was always funny, but we we heard that there were hundreds of kids from inner cities being bussed in 1520 buses every Wednesday night for church and have had to see I had encountered some but begin to visit the refuge. Pastor JM and love the refuge in a Wednesday night, just as a volunteer was going in and in just it it it I got bit by the bug I was in a row, don't abandon.

They asked me to write in a van just a ride along and experience with that was like in the some of the neighborhoods with the kids and men first night I was just it was a God thing.

God really lived all my heart for those kids who are so hungry for love and and for caring for just just just positive relationships and this was like like God lead so this was in this church so it was phenomenal. That would lead me into sort of an accidental path of ministry. I was out I consider myself to be in ministry, but I never expected the path to take a turn to where it would be a job full-time. It would be a I would be a preacher never planned on being a preacher about what would happen through that course of just serving the Lord serving kids showing up after work. I would out of a burning in my heart to share the gospel in a deeper level got God begin to open that up and I had opportunities to preach. I was preaching in a van. I was preaching but then add up to preach a platform and it bothered Tom.

The whole ship was turning my whole life begin to turn with it will let let's let list hold that thought just remit a case that is so much to that story the cuticle off fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today. W. S.

M. C. The number because you are number one green tile and carpet right now number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank lemons support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth network that I want to go back to you experiencing those inner-city kids and my guess is you I grew up in my early days as call it officially was called the Minneapolis Housing Authority.

Well we call it that we as call it the ghettos about the projects of Minneapolis right and a suburb of Moscow. Just kidding. I'm getting there. But all that to say, and I'm guessing a lot of those kids you encountered you either had no dad there was no dad anywhere in the picture and and therefore had no no encouragement probably are. Hey, you can be somebody one day stress sounds like you had ample opportunity to speak that and a lot of these young these young inner-city kids just 100% and and then shows so God puts it.

This load drops associating your heart about you starting to commit not only minister to these kids, but eventually end up on the on the platform there with it was youth ministry and I would attend a lot of those I can II like to say kinda hung in the shadows and just was praying and interceding over those services on Wednesday night.

You know I literally would hang in the shell -like way in the back where it was the darkest working I wouldn't. There was a day when the spotlight was on me.

I like to say I'm not interested in being in the spotlight anymore more interested in in the light shining through me. The in the spotlight shining on me at this point, but so I would hang the back and just generally I remember you being in a platform bringing the word. Sometimes I was back there praying for you.

Yeah, interceding that the skits are to be touched by I can remember, and an announcement just say this upfront so much of the best ministry most impactful ministry did happen on the bands that happen at McDonald's have conversations so I don't want to put too much stock into the platform platforms are incredible and should be respected and Scott's platform right but God also was a platform on the church bus that's okay to say them so much ministry happened there but as far as our story goes, I think the second sermon I've ever preached.

I was preaching and mechanical out there.

You are in the back like you describe in our member thing all my goodness this is my second sermon ever preached publicly. Nikita is here to listen to me after the stories from growing up in the fan I was a wrestling and I remember you coming in every single week for a long time and praying in our member, you T-shirts of the with that think and crawl and passing pages that I just I love that sermon and if you don't mind I like to use part of that that ensure that Scripture supported your word in my travel travel and preach in our member I was floored by that of its own. Everybody I knew it ministry about that because that was a word of encouragement from someone who again I'm going up and watched the thought of Harold has a change in an end and now as I was humbled by the fact that someone who has national spotlight and influence of speaking speaking in the church now insert all of the country all the time to come in on Wednesday night and to sit and to pray for kids that now I know represented your childhood. I'm humbled by that and I just I respect that.

So much so thank you and it meant a lot to me that you would come in and just listen and then give those words of encouragement. Well, that's I appreciate that in and some great great memories back. Think back to those early days of the refuge and promise house it and you would eventually go on to you from their unit eventually go on to become a campus pastor friend in Salisbury, North Carolina for the refuge campus there that eventually got put on your heart to plant a church in in Hickory, North Carolina and is you again. Step out in faith and you and your family and you go to Hickory and you plant that church and and about five years or so right that you have the church then Hickory six years military okay yes sir. Okay, that was a great experience for you. Overall it was.

It was a great experience.

We we saw God do impossible things over and over and over that the walk of faith there. It was a it was a daily faith walk and we just saw the Lord move in so many ways and it was there was a season of stretching and growing for us and for everyone that was a part of it.

It was it was a great experience. Yeah, it was also a lot of lives were impacted and say that this just just to make my spirit to say to you about just going back just a minute ago but also ties in with even the church plan Hickory and I know I just been came and visited Solomon and saw what you were doing there. One surprised by if you want to say the success because I know your heart serving your adjuster hard for people, but what you said a minute ago about my mind like churches that just not showing up on Sunday morning for 30 minutes sermon.

Whatever an aunt Nora's oars ministry for those listening out there know whether you're in ministry your or your butt in the marketplace when you talk about that just a moment you're in the marketplace that ministry happens everywhere. It's a great point. You may has not happens on on a church van. It happens at McDonald's. It it happens it could take place anywhere enable behind closed doors on your own roof with your own family tree could take place yeah ice yes absolutely so so you have this experience of plant this church in making a difference in and sowing seed in Hickory, North Carolina, and I don't just recently I was excited to have you on the show is that I didn't realize at first, the folly on Instagram and in a social media and those places and in them like that he's like he's in Cape Town a lot actually called Kannapolis, North Carolina And I Come to Find out You've Moved Back God Has Now Led You into a New Season of Life with Your Family and to Tell Us to Tell Our Listeners about That Transition from Stepping down from the Pulpit in Ministry in the Church Now Ministry out in the Marketplace.

Tell Us about That's Right Often Hear Sounds so the Best Way I Can Put It As I Had a Plan for My Life and God Said, I Have a Different Plan. I Can Relate to That Actually Become Head That I Wanted to Stay in Hickory.

The Rest of My Lifetime I Went in and Saying Telling Stories like We Here's a Woman to Be Told We Cast the Vision I Been about a Great Plot in Hickory, North Carolina. I'm a Guy Build the Kingdom of God.

Hickory Will When I Let the Devil Know of What He'll Know I'm Not Ever Leave Hickory Okay When I'm Here. This Is Going to Do and for Me That Was a Very Heroic Statement. It Was with a Pure Heart. So What I Wanted to Have My Life Planned Right I Was in Control God You Call Me. Yes, I Agree. Now Let's Do It the Rest My Life and Write about. I Think That for Five Years Then through a Series of Events That We Would Consider Some Some Hard Moments and Just God Begin to Turn Our Hearts, a Different Direction. Turn the Ship the Ship Again Did It Again. Yes Exactly Right.

And so and and I Just Want to Say That in That through a Series of Things That Made Us Uncomfortable Stretching Us in Leadership That Sometimes You Get Our He Got Our Attention and My Wife Begin to Speak into This As Well and so If You're a Husband. That's Very Good to Listen to Your Wife Right so I Going to Speak to That and I'm so Win-Win. It Was Clear That It Was Time for Us to Move with God into Something That Was Not Our Plan and Not Necessarily What We Wanted to Do and We Didn't Have Answers.

And There Was No Easy Way to Just Do It and Is a God Orchestrated It Dotting the Work That out and but It Was Simply to Set Again, What the Lord Said to Me Was the Amount of Faith It Took to Come to a City Where You Didn't Know Anyone Plant a Church. It Would Require the Same Amount of Faith to Transition Out Of the Season into the Next Season. If There's Any Hard Stuff That Happens on the Way. That's Fertilizer for the Dream and Skype to Trust Him Every Step of the Way and That's Just Exactly What We've Done.

God's Been so Faithful While in It. II Say Can Relate to That.

I Have To Chuckle.

Looking Back, As I Member at Age 12, Just Age 12, Picking up an Ironman Magazine Look at a Bunch of Bodybuilders and in Making a Statement Go One Day, Look like One of Those Guys Write Fast for 12 Years Later, Walking to Charlotte, North Carolina Jim Crockett Promotions and I Went from about 100 Pound Weakling at Age 12 to 285 Pounds, 8% Body Vendor 34 Choice Exactly What I but Also Age 12. I Said I Planned out the Whole Life Man Bodybuilding Football Professional Career off into Coaching and Then Sail off into the Sunset Only to Find My My Myself at an Altar 70 October 1993 Thread of My Life to Jesus and in Him Going.

You Know, Son. That'll Plan You Had A Few Years Back Is Not That's Nice. Many of the Plans in a Man's Heart but the Lord Orchestrates the Steps Right That He Revealed to Me for the Very First Time I Found Often That Somebody Else Had a Plan for My Life and so You Said a Couple Key Things.

Obedience That Were Not the Trust.Talk for Just a Minute about Those Two Words. Obedience and Trust Sure It's It's a Complete Death to Yourself. Whatever Your Preference, It Preferences Plaintiff Has for Me It Was It Was Walking into a Place That Not Only Did Did You Not Know What Was Next Unit Know If You like What Would Be Next. And God Says Go, so It's Not Only Dropping of Preference, but Obedience. Obedience like with like Say to My Son I Want You to Do Usually Have Something That He Doesn't Necessarily Want to Do or Feel like Doing Right Right Side of the Lycan Faith and in Our Blessed Assist with Award for Me It's Very Important That I Recognize My Own Feelings As Being Potentially a Hindrance to Obedience That I Didn't Drop My Feelings and Just Say Yes to the Lord As Uncomfortable As It May Be Hard As It May Be, God Has a Path and Not Only a Destination but Something He Needs to Do a Mere Change and for Me to Learn about Him on the Way That Destination That Comes through the Vehicle of Obedience Saying Yes Lord Yeah Whatever You Say and and You Find This to Be True. The More Times You Say Yes and Walk in Obedience That When It Comes to Try Austin or You Might Even Say Faith That Those Those Are Than Building Blocks of Faith And/or You Learn to Trust Him Even More Absolute As You Walk in Obedience and Say Yes to Whatever It Is You're out, He's Asking You to Do God Can Give an Answer to Something until We Don't Have One so until Were Adam, I Don't. I Jericho and Were Stuck in the and and We Have No Way to Get to the Promised Land the Moment Dr. Moves Her for Me.

I Think the Trust Part Comes in Will See God Move If We Position Ourselves at a Complete Loss of the Answer or Complete Loss of Direction Say Lord I'm Waiting on You. God Shows up God Is Faithful God Will Not Fail Us. The Bible Says David Says Those Who Put Their Trust in the Lord Will Never Be Put to Shame Is Never Diminishing, Always on to Tell Sotelo so Tell the Listeners Write Only What so He's Transitioning out What so What You Do Now Take a Minute and to Yellow Mustard so I Transitioned into the Marketplace, Real Estate Agent RE/MAX Leading Edge in Concorde St. Helens Group and God's Position Me to Be in Place in the Marketplace Every Day Meeting Dozens and Dozens of People Every Single Day That I Would Never Meet in Church. I Would Not Be in the Walls of the Church and Already in Just a Couple of Weeks and of Time This Year 2021 Had so Many Opportunities to Minister to Clients Who Become Friends and Become People That I've Prayed with the Coffeehouses I've Held Their Hands and Moments with Her Was an Answer Said God's Gonna Make Make a Way through This Woman Get through This and with Several Hard Life Moments They Have Known a Been a Minister You Will You Pray for Me. You Know about This in an Absolutely Safe Ministry Changed in Many Method of Ministry Didn't Change. God Loves People and Said God Is Just Doing Something New in My Life and I'm Very Excited about It. God Bless Not Business. And I Know the God's Blessing. My Business Has a New Platform to Share the Gospel. Yuck.

Is Your Your Your Honoring Him and an Intern He's Honoring You Your Your Bolding Your Witness and Those You Listening out There You're Listening to Just a Story, and Whether out, Whether in Ministry or or out in the Marketplace. You'll Be Bolding Your Witness. And Don't Be Ashamed of the Gospel Right and Just Take a Bold Stand and and Trusting That God's Got Your Back That No Matter What. And in Your Right Justin I Will You Know When We Do That, I Believe God Really Shows up in Years Shows out Does with What He Does Best. And so, Where Can Where Can People, How Can People Find You so You Got This New Real Estate Business in Any or All over the State. It Seems like You to Follow Sophia. I Am Helping People Find You Best Way to Find Me at My Website Justin Porter Pi on Facebook. Just Import a Real Estate Agent on Instagram Justin_Porter Justin a Quick Way to Get All This Placed Okay and so If If If You're If You're in in the Carolinas and Looking for a Spirit Filled, Godly Man.

Yeah, to Represent You and in the Whether It's the Purchase of a Homo That on the Sale of a Home Either Purchase, Sale Either One.

Okay I'm Here and I've Seen You in It for the Record You Posted Some Pretty Beautiful Homes on on Your on Your Platform I Have. Thank You, Thank You Well.

Hey, It's Been Great to Have You on the Show Today Yellow and One Remarkable Story You Have Been Semi and I'm Looking Forward to.

We Continue to Fellowship and Walk in Our Future Together. I'm Looking Forward to Continue to Build That Relationship and Is Excited about This Transition That You're in and Thinking Justin Knowing the Impact Just the Stories You Just Told about the People Praying Your Brain for the Coffee Shop or Anywhere Else How Guys Can Continue to Reward You for for Your Faithfulness so Thank You Michelle Hey Thanks Listening It Today to the Man up Showing Judy Next Week for Another Great Story. Another Great Just Remember This Today. God Is for Men. I Would like to Challenge Each of You to Consider Spending Five Days with Lex Luther and I and Pursuing the Heart of Ladies You're Listening.

Will Send Your Manhole with God Godly Husband and God Will See You Then Your Blessing Them. Sign up Today at Band Camp.Full Pastors. If You Would like to Bring Holland for Christ Ministries and Man up Conference to Your Community. Go to and Email Me Remember This. It's Time to Man up for the Russian Nightmare Here for Aggressive Automotive Buying a Car Is a Nightmare for You My Friend, Brian Jimmy Johnson at Crescent Automotive Make It Simple to Find Your Preowned Dream Car, No Hassle. Windshield Pricing No Matter Where You Can Dr., is always right there with right place everybody drives aggressive. You should try We so appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount. I will send you a personalized copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring and redemption go to call off.that's cool off.and the ET and make your contribution. This is the Truth Network

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