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I'm Changing the Narrative!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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February 6, 2021 12:00 pm

I'm Changing the Narrative!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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February 6, 2021 12:00 pm

Once we've encountered Jesus Christ, we are no longer the people we used to be. We are a new creation! Nikita is joined by Rachel Baribeau, groundbreaking national sportscaster and founder of the I'm Changing the Narrative movement, to talk about how she is encouraging college athletes, and those in all walks of life, to take back the narrative for GOOD!

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This is Han's trial from the finishing well podcast on finishing well.

We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth.

Podcast network. This is the Truth Network. Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call this time ever thought about being the king or beauty queen. Hey, if you're a Jesus follower, you are royalty coming up today, a rare interview with Rachel Barbeau. Welcome back to its time to man up with one and only your Russian nightmare anymore, but the devil's nightmare and a cute couple half admit today is so special not normally for those you who are avid listeners tuning in from week to week, you know that with the show titled it's time to man up that a lot of times I have male guests on but today it's so incredibly special interview I have today and I know I probably say that all the time but this for real. This is like super special to me because I have an amazing woman online with me today. Rachel Barbeau did I say that right. I was so nervous I like to say her last name. You are so gracious to cut it filled me in on about but Rachel Barbeau welcome to it's time to man up well one will write me morning, that's right again. I talk a lot will gain Later when your feet.

The floor, the devil got exactly what I really just got up really you sent me a little bit of information I was reviewing some other information in your background and in the course. We have a mutual friend in a Frank Shelton who's been on the show before it adequacy introduced me to you and the minute I saw is what you're doing and like I have to have her on the show and your story just so intrigued me. Rachel at 17 years as a sportscaster and Ed tirelessness.

How you chose that career and then just give us your a few highlights of that career might my great wedding football. They were attracted to me again. I grew up being a caterer on my athletic ability to church volleyball… Big people at and I went to school for generally reporting what I thought I would realize that God made me the kind of woman a human being a miracle that I get the door day and I knew that I could not have fired carrack looking like everything will die and around that time Auburn and I cannot find that out for football game out on the sidelines of a football game. Boy, I got bit with feet with about again the crank, the adrenaline all and it can get from that moment forward and out Mikita golden green reporter and I keep that goal.

But I never doubt the great barrier exactly what I did, I think… Every day I think about the women that little girl.

The big girl that inspired behind me that she could do it I could do it and get along the way ended up becoming the first female). Examine a college channel I motor voter knowledge and then put the college football playoff of the first five years of its inception really got make history with the college about how it ELIGIBLE and how the college will prompt a champion.

They went from one to another trick to playoff rewrite alongside them for the first five years of maybe clear timeline radio, television, all of that and that was very telling her for many many years were a pioneer of sports for women breaking into all of what you just highlighted that we can never get me And you can probably relate to that. You could pick your head down to grinding and you're doing your thing right along the way God brings the thing and I think I'll think out fine for me this morning in the midst of all that, I would say I'm conquering the pioneering breaking feelings with a lot of field that can have you forgotten the Lord, I want to quit our women in the industry are and so I don't want anyone to hear that the pink bow yeah right right right of the career because there were a lot of swivel down around.yeah yeah grand plan for my career and it would all be a runway for what I'm doing now is to get into that in just a moment for the ladies listening and and when we do a lot of women it's time to man up, because it will these guys talk about what here with is so silly to have a lovely visit so just let Rachel story for you today be inspiration to you if there is yet an unfulfilled dream or something in your heart that you may be apprehensive to pursue holding that something Rachel says today will inspire you to maybe get off the couch jumping the accident.

So let Rachel more was a couple humorless as a couple. We want to highlight is likely no name dropping drop fours like you who are some of the more well-known people you've interviewed are you have the privilege of talking with share some of the O'Neill and many many heightened boulders at any Hall of Fame coach Bill Snyder and a candidate in the College football Hall of Fame dear dear friend mom Bobby Wagner to be a friend of my and yeah I Gene Stallings Alabama. I'm very fortunate in my career can be around a lot of really neat people to accomplish what I think, however, I never did that make you are worshiping thing in you being sure you are. I think you can either that that they can understand. I interviewed anybody down around their human being like me can't find it back and might I have problem issues the triumphant failures like I did treat them like being hello how are you anything to get to meet you and on our I learned about you and and and you know I'm describing When you do your research on somebody really cannot get out and watch people open up like a flower and you want your research and talk yeah I just learned along the way to get you treat people. Each one of us about creation and will miracle and sometimes we need reminding that fact and down you had been around really made me plead guilty inherent and polemical thing and all the people and the boyfriend. Neat people of people and were all miracles. Love you bring up a support because I do know from from my background you know of professional wrestling is that it it it is it is easy for some people.

You don't become starstruck and and you don't want to go and rightfully so, but in your line of professional what I'm what I'm hearing is you know it was never really that for you and in what you just said about you lead people are people and as to whether it's a euro a secure O'Neill or or or someone who's maybe even lesser-known but yet have. It was had a prettier you know stellar career that you never really got starstruck by that you realize this is my profession, my chosen career and I have a job to do and how I want to respect that other individual while at the same time not ducted, caught up in the whole stardom of it all right hello when I was a reporter that story to tell people get a little help telling what I do now as well. I felt like it was my job to conduit people to tell their story today little bit deeper love the yellow without the love that you need to get down and immediately probably typically writing making a personal interest story became interested think Greg digging in and confirming the story behind the story below is really not going to be that on anything that happened in my career I was presented with a number of opportunity to do things that that would telling out for me.

The relationship always came first at respected the person always and I would think the people that presented that no I respect my relationship with XYZ to match is my light or or hate in the headline on any immediate gratification breaking story of the person for me my whole life.

Yet people are my current thinking and because of that of a billionaire for me.

My relationship are trumped everything right, Mike. You make a connection to people that are around. I know that I love to work with trumped everything that I believe in the industry.

I gained a reputation as a hard worker been a people person. But somebody you you could try often and down the wrong for me at the end of the print now any money from only held the relationship highest regard about the story about the opportunity of the money about the job for me.

I can't sleep well at night knowing and looking back in my career know you could use you for that because again it's easy to kind of get sucked into that other world is that if you're not really kind of you want to say all on garden and have the right perspective and certainly no the end of the day. Those released as you just testified to become very invaluable, especially if soul and if people begin to to really understand your your genuine your authentic your person of your word you you operate with integrity and with ethics in and I just to meeting you and getting to know you little bit since to that of the Lord really and knowing that about you that he is really honored that in blessed you and in taking that approach to what you what you doing what I do for which I'm not afraid at all about I'm not afraid for that day. But when when I go in that day. I want people to come together and tell stories about me. I want them somebody keep my journal I want my Bible now and I want people to tell story word can feel like down and and how he worked in my life and he told me 1 pound mud and forever, my goal in life and I will never achieve my goal and like to be a Bible that fact remained that I will be the only Bible people ever people never pick up a traditional Bible because of what happened to them to get people of hurt them because the world is that they are like parent that I know for fact that I will be the only Bible C in South in that regard. I want every single day with Mike G that in the Bible is much as I can and that's what I want when I go to be with my maker I want I want To see why me stories about America. She sure loves Jesus love that I like to see this with very similar. My goal is to be Jesus with skin on roads who Jesus was, cannot. And there's a quote that I often give the credit to Sir Francis of Assisi, but if it's right here that is this at all times preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. And when necessary use words so awesome let's transition here is your you brought up a couple that I want to let me just share this for listeners. You're the founder of time. Changing the narrative and I like what you wrote. So you went from 17 years as a sportscaster analyzing players to now lifting them up through their struggles like that tell us about that nearby cabin analyzing breakdown and I felt like God calling me telling me about approximate account that make literature. I cannot relate to that where you know God calling you to something calling you carry across the county take a leap of faith contract and calling God calling you and you and you trust him to bring back into your heart, whatever that may be fine for a while and a few doors on the side of the door to get my thinking and say the way I want you to go. He was really thinking he was all of that in the making with the runway. Now, your lot might motivate rec.your line like to tell people to the king or queen a royalty and cut each one of them and what we believe in the treatment that is greatness inside of every single one of like a perfect because of what we call funky junk which is anger, bitterness, chain unforgiveness.

I think trauma we often wear like a yoke around our neck and never fully see the potential that we are supposed to be and are likely never create Greg.

It was to create my job. Now, heavenly job title is to help people find their soul on fire and run towards it with everything I got my heavenly job title to help you look in the mirror and see Their fate.

Your hair Lord in their eyelashes that make it happen and Peter stole and what is good so thank you for thinking to drop off drop off the funky junk like decay.

I don't think about and so we definitely knew it happen to start without great, I started in college football neck print out all I think the college is its radical Christians and churches in law enforcement now this year and I need to introduce you to the particular.

I think you would be phenomenal part for one of the magazine cover over getting a prison ministry in 2021 and this is that that that I got one and I can for one magazine and I getting covered here before, but on the cover. This magazine going into 1100 present 40,000 copy traffic public package once they think a conference to be handpicking. Therefore hundred thousand prisoners somebody the other day magazine cover didn't have anything to my vanity and not anything to try and have everything to do with telling the lease.

Indeed, that you could still change your life.

You can still come back to God. You can contain generic and you can still make a man you can still be accountable and live in such a way that you can live in such a way that that you lay your head on the pillow at night wake up in the morning upon the person you are now not you were when you perpetrated the crime and theft. The answer is in your life where you just start cramping and faith in you. Following him and then you look back at work start I doubt the poor and the poor thing it's grown into something beautiful, my friend. It's time you like to support the show along with colossal Christmas cloth.cloth.or make a donation of any amount want my latest book you receive personalized, until the ring redemption well that that's the reason I have.

I can relate amount of smoking in a handful of prisons over the years, as the Lord is open that door and I just really appreciate what you said no for them. We've all none of us are are without you having made mistakes and suffered different consequences for those choices we've made unforeseen for some, you know, they've ended up in jail ended up in prison right yet I have found it's been my experience kind of dog to take on what you said that lots of them supposedly look you could do more being in here incarcerate with all the time you have hung our heads that some who are supposedly walking free but but consumed by the world and everything around them right. So, since they stay more focused what will let me ask you to do so in the same vein be a king be a queen you read one solution to help kids, teenagers, adults, as you were been alluding to find their true purpose. I saw what's couple videos you you have viewed 70 couple videos and for your very powerful speaker and I can see where to go through just your passion and excitement and even watching those videos.

You know how you got it done is blessing you to really impact other people's lives and make a difference could just add a little more to the big be a king be a queen lately and I were there and everybody thinking it couldn't be cleaned it queen of the Royal I really had a holistic approach to the whole matter the whole want to make that we believe that each human being was born to leave a legacy but with a perfect athlete again. You can even translate that to career Manor career women and I say you weren't born to.

You can make money a guy born work at John.good morning right Eddie think that's all you're born for my gosh, what wishing and so we talk about perfect passion for what we create is what do you think Nikita you were given extraordinary gifts and showmanship, writing, and to change look like a stripper perfect platform we talk the interpersonal relationship between her cleaning relationship and then most importantly, I think right now and we talk about what it healthcare look like what is mental mental health mental health look like for yourself first. Good luck yourself and others.

And here's the reality you do talk a lot and have a lot of men get paid if the men I'm not to grant retrograde or your grade alive and not a whole are a lot of men there is an idea Nikita had been compounded itself. All felt that it telling that across this planet record number and that it is very good idea that mean I start to become a man at dirt on it and keep moving. Sure don't show emotion and because there are record numbers that make Nanda holding thing literally dying and walking around everything with a smile on sitting in their job. Okay why we have recommended a Christian because men think a lot that not all the think that it's not masculine or strong you ask for help and I come and you never been so strong, you have never been so Matt attracted when you think I'm not cool to be able to get with what I like the illustration of your in your garage and you have a job and even Allen wrench if you drink in your toolbox.

Nikita you Allen wrench correct right you going to when rent looks like I'm struggling. It might be going on a calling that there baby before that going to get the Allen wrench asking for help is what we call taking off the proverbial map destroying the perfect go from there. I break down like that.

I think big Elke Allen Rick.your toolbox to be able to function at a high level every baby born Allen wrench and fell when I began to take off my because I had what I call a dark night of the phone where I had avoided telling me to kill myself.

After I lost my mother and in May 2019. The cancer and I struggle with whether or not to talk about network because I thought I would be effective in leakage broken people wouldn't look me and he wouldn't see me as a company. He wanted to keep the area Lord reminded me that my girl, you are a warrior.

I think you for a perfect you've got a purpose. Now you got a story account, go tell your story and go carrying buckets of water for people that are still in burning house finicky. I feel like this is now my high back link to help people become their most authentic self to live at their best doubt, have proper and good and positive mental health I could take off and that I get for the Berkeley loyalty. So while I believe this was amazing how fast time flies on the show so much more we could talk about it but I have to have you back again sometime because there is more we could talk about with everything you just said it is really in line with no I were talking today because no one of my wrestling peers and I you mentioned you made a reference to whole matter, whole woman in it and we we do a chemical man Is based on first Thessalonians 523 being whole in spirit, soul and body, and you talked about men you're bobbing things up. I recently did an interview with a wrestling fan actually about. Specifically, the topic of suicide. So you are spot on it and everything that you're saying it on it. I don't really do want to have Rebecca's something else I was going to discuss with you, but maybe perhaps the next time you're back.

We could even cover this in as a topic that is a Sean, your notes were where you have Bob where you have been you were ofa victim of the domestic violence which you've overcome that over combated and perhaps that's something that we could have you back on if you be willing to come and talk about that. Would you be willing to do the lately and I don't. I think we got Bob and I are going to hold in 20/20 way, working to get a walker.

Jesus walk. I didn't want the board to gather and now we build a friendship and not able to walk with the holy land.

I cannot wait to show that will be amazing for before we go tell our listeners how can they find Rachel Barbeau. How can they find every social media platform. I believe in the I get social media not want to put Nike out the world and the echo chamber. I don't talk back. I create it in the back and fruitful relationship because me a background like family. Anything from your LinkedIn twitter Instagram update Rachel Barbeau DAR I DEA you or you can, everything about amazement at time IIM changing the narrative.forgot the letter I am changing and Eric you can find out about my online Ecorse think you can find out about March. You can look me to speak, we can work one-on-one I get so appreciative of this new relationship that we had today with you. King and I can't wait to get well think you'll for the listeners out there.

There you have a Rachel Barbeau who was a woman changing the narrative. Thank you so much for coming on today. Rachel next time on his time to man up moon I would like to challenge you to consider spending five days.

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