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A Nobody, Nobody Noticed, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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May 25, 2022 7:05 am

A Nobody, Nobody Noticed, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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May 25, 2022 7:05 am

David: A Man of Passion and Destiny

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When King Saul approved himself incapable of leading the nation any longer. A dramatic process for selecting a nuclear began to develop today on Insight for living Chuck's window I will examine that dramatic transition.

As part of his biographical series on the life of David in first Samuel chapter 16 we watch the story unfold when the young man, David was chosen from virtual obscurity to be Israel's new King.

This message started yesterday and will pick up right where we left off in first Samuel 16, Chuck titled his sermon on nobody nobody noticed what our lives are marked by change in alteration that was not expected nothing of God's altered or unexpected. He knows exactly what is going to do. Look at how the Lord reveals himself to Samuel.

He says to Samuel, fill your horn with oil and go. I will send you to Jesse, the best way I might, for I have selected a king for myself home on his son's peers. Samuel coming they don't know it but to anointed king and their fearful verse five he said I come in peace, I've come to sacrifice to the Lord. Consecrate yourselves and come with me to the sacrifice he consecrated Jesse and his sons and invited them to sacrifice. I don't know exactly what the consecration involved. Perhaps it involved the sacrifice of a lamb or some animal. Perhaps it involved some kind of liturgical washing to cleanse themselves maybe. Time spent in prayer, but there was some sort of preparation before there was the anointing and I take it that is Jesse and his son stood with Samuel.

They went through this juristic ritual to prepare themselves for what God was going to say so here they are in the room understand they don't know what happened, not even Samuel knows which one is going to be standing around sort of on one leg, and that another looking at Samuel. He's looking at them and suddenly we get a little bit of insight into what Samuel is thinking. See verse six came about as they entered that he looked at Ely gab and thought he didn't say this. He thought this surely the Lord's anointed is before and how practical that is if you're single, you can appreciate that statement this evening talking and all of a sudden you're in a group and you look across the room and you say, surely the Lord's anointed is before me, use those words, but you know what I'm saying is amazing how wrong you were.

As you think back over those days should outweigh Iliad looks like the guy you normally choose for a king. It was apparently tall and an impressive he had the marks of a king. He was certainly a man of battle. He's the one that's fighting in the next chapter with Saul and the troops against Goliath. But you see what Samuel did not see was the character of Ely gab. He didn't see as we will see in the 17th chapter that Iliad was given to a pity vision. He was critical he was negative. He looked down on his brother. He didn't view God's hand in the situation.

He saw everything from the place. By the way, you gotta be careful how you choose and I would warn you this evening that if you choose according to the externals you're in trouble if that's the basis of your choice.

I think it's interesting when you asked the young man what they're really looking for in a wife, the very first thing most of them will say looking for her to be pretty right right you don't want to marry Moose. Let's face it, you want to look good but that's all right, but what you really want is the character down inside that's what you really ought to want because that's what you live with and every pastoral old pulpit committee that's represented here can tell you the same thing when they look for a man they don't look for a man that has you know all the marks from the externals I mean just look at the one this church chose amazing fact one of the men on the pulpit committee said. He looked, squirreling when he first saw Hampel Riley said that I'll never be able to get over that quite so matter-of-fact it probably was right as I was out here looking this thing over, so matter-of-fact I came across this interesting comment that was set up all the apostle. This little book is entitled the acts of Paul and Thecla written by Onna Severus of I Connie and in this book. It describes Paul listen. A man of moderate stature with curly hair, scanty crooked legs large knit eyebrows and a long ugly knows that God is squarely. Let's face it, that's the one you think is squarely say I'm convinced did not have on the externals. What you would think he would have. That's why when he came to the Corinthians.

He said come with a swab of the Grecians come with all that eloquent clout I come with the wisdom of God that your trust might not be in me, but in the living God, but was enamored of the externals. Like most of us are handy sought Ely that when he walked in the room and he said there's God's man exhibit a was not God's man. Look at exhibit B, verse eight, Jesse called a been a dad and made him pass before Samuel and he said neither is the Lord chosen this one is a better dad probably looked as good as Ely gab. He was the second oldest by the way Jesse had eight sons and two daughters.

The eight sons are never mentioned fully by name only seven in first Chronicles 2 is a list of them and there's only seven of them there apparently one died in battle we not told, but there were eight altogether. There named seven of morning there were two girls and it always lists second is a been a dab and he said that's not the man were not told why were just told is not the one. Maybe he looked like king material, but he wasn't king material. Here's 1/3 peers exhibit C.

He made Sharma to pass by, said neither the Lord chose this one sounds more and more like looking for me, doesn't it just keep looking and is not the one you keep looking is not the one you keep looking.

And suddenly you come back to the principle of choice as verse seven. I purposely overlooked the Lord said to Samuel do not look at his appearance or the height of his stature, because I have rejected him.

Why have you rejected him, Lord, because God sees not as man sees for man looks at the literally the Hebrew says man looks at the face, but the Lord looks at the heart if there could be one thing I could change about my focus. That would be the thing I like to change. I would like to see people not biface, but by heart is what legacy would not be a marvelous ability what discernment you could hear a person say something as a sort of blow smoke on you to make you feel great and you see right down inside the heart, and you see right away.

That's only are you see a person that struggling to express himself and you see down the heart that's real you see a person. He says I really have a need, but they don't just try to get you over there side and you see that you see we are not able to do that, we have limited focus. Only God can do that we have to God to give us that kind of discernment because we don't have it in ourselves.

God says Samuel that's the principle of choice, and that's why I said no.

He sought Ely gab is what he really was misread. Further, verse 10.

Thus, Jesse made seven of his sons passed before Samuel, but Samuel said to Jesse, the Lord has not chosen these now. They went through each song one through seven, and not of the young man happened to be God's choice. Remember what we read earlier. I've already chosen my man.

I will designate him way over Chapter 13 God said I'm looking for a man after my heart I'm searching for that person.

He knew he was is highly significant to me that Jesse didn't even have his youngest son in the room. Maybe if you're the baby in the family can understand.

It's remarkable, isn't it, how Jesse reveals two very common mistakes made by parents number one. He didn't have an equal appreciation for all of his children and number two he failed to cultivate a mutual self-respect among that's easy to do some of you here this evening. Her parents some of you here this evening are still under the roof of your parents and all of us could testify how easy it is to play favorites. Let's face it, some kids are easier to love than other kids. There are some that just sort of grow easily. They love the things you love. They look at the things like you look at them.

They love the Lord and his ways.

Some of them do not and it is easy in the process of growing to cultivate one relationship and not another because you have favorites let me say that if a kid knows he is a pet at school. He certainly is sharp enough to know he's a pet at home or not. Jesse didn't even bring into the house.

His youngest son. Well, let's face it had 10 kids. It's easy to forget one is we only have four and I'll never forget the time we left, one at the church.

When we drove home. Our youngest daughter, Colleen.

We got in the car put all things in drove home, got out, took all our things out when inside closet door started the process of getting together lunch and all of a sudden wears, eat all I guess we left her.

So I got in the car and I drove back down here.

There was one little girl standing at the front of the church going. She was so angry, you know, honey, just know by an ice cream cone. The quiet to do that, but it's deeper it's deeper than that.

If you look at how man forgets and God remembers verse 11, Samuel said to Jesse, are these all children. God told me that one will be designated as his king is not here, and Jesse love this. This is all yeah there remains, there remains, yet the youngest and behold he's tending the sheep the way it reads suggests kind of a slam but he keeps sheep heat paying a piece of trash is baby you don't want him implied. One of the finest books on self respect, self-esteem is been written by Dr. James Dobson entitled hide or seek really wish all of you had a copy of Dr. Dobson's book hide or seek in the fourth chapter he says it's high time we declare an all-out war on the destructive value system. The destructive value systems of our society are, you must be either beautiful or you must be extremely intelligent if you're pretty or handsome, or if you are highly intelligent. You got it made in our society. But God help you if your dumb and ugly.

That's the thought of the first three chapters of this book, he says, I think it's high time that we declare an all-out war on it. Hey by the way, if you're not careful you will favor the one in your family that's best looking for. Most intelligent stop and think. Were you the most intelligent, chances are you got the brakes and your family in the classroom. We operate like that. He says I reject the notion that inferiority is inevitable. Although our task is more difficult for some children than for others. There are ways to teach a child of his genuine significance regardless of the shape of his nose or the size of his ears, or the efficiency of his mind.

I love this last statement. Every child is entitled a hold of his head nodding, haughtiness and pride but in confidence and security. If you are not smart. If you are not attractive and you today are filled with confidence, your parents did a bang up job. They deserve some praise. Jesse said, will he keeps the sheep and look at Samuel's words. He said sanded bring a man bring them for we will not sit down until he comes. You see, Samuel is looking like God looks at what he does, doesn't matter how old is God's apparently all for the ability to see beyond the obvious to see beyond the bad track record to see beyond the age of the looks, or the lack of intelligence to see worth and value down deep inside that's what said that's what Samuel has Jesse doesn't get it. This beautiful moment. Remember Jesse David is out with a sheet he doesn't know what's going on down the house probably notice that there are few people gathered around, but he still keeping sheep. All the sudden the runner comes and says to David, they want you back at the house number he doesn't know anything of what's been going on. Verse 13 Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers. What were so familiar with, and we don't realize just how it happened years David he walks in and all of a sudden an older fellow walks over tournament is got a horn is got oil in it pours on his head he feels it drips down his hair drops on his neck. Josephus the historian says that Samuel, the agent whispered in his ear.

The meaning of the symbol you will be the next King Faisal failed.

He was still smiling like a shape in the sky pours alive and he says you will be the next King. Except for a few brothers to say they walk out his left all alone all over said to be the king situation like that doesn't come along ever other day.

You know God's ways are so marvelous that the most surprising moment, the most magnificent things happen to be the next King quantity do well. I'm happy to report he did not go down to make company a try on crowns.

He didn't have a whole new set of business cards made up saying change it from Shepherd to Dr. or King elect didn't have a bad saying I'm the new man shot up his chariot run down the streets of Bethlehem slant what it is. Well glad you asked, look down at verse 17 will look at this later on, but just to give you a note wishing what David did after he got elected King. This is why got elected.

Saul said to his servants provide for me now.

A man who can play well and bring them to me. See, Saul is depressed.

He needs a good musician. Bring me somebody that can make me feel better and will young man answered and said, behold, I've seen the son of Jesse, the Bentley might who is skillful is a skillful musician, a mighty man of valor warrior prudent speech.

I handsome man in the Lord is with them and Saul naturally sent a messenger to Jesse and saying and said send me your son who was with the flock you say well that's just an unusual case. Look at the next chapter, Goliath, the battles going on the Valley of Vila drop down to verse 14.

David was the youngest now the three oldest followed Saul. David went back and forth from Saul to attend his father's flock at Bethlehem is Kings music seven.

I mean, what's he doing keeping the father's flock would you do that when you got a heart like David.

That was his job and it made no difference that Samuel Kaman anointed him with a bronze that horn and hang it up and is it back with a shape and was also your fellow global warming went over and play little when he got to get back with much with the shape that's my job went running back with the sheep because he was a faithful man. How do you handle the promotion. How do you handle and honor someone seizing you the qualities and capabilities worth honoring and they bestow on you the honor does it make any difference. Your character are you gracious enough to live right on the same kind of life that you live before then, with hardly a mention of the honor you're getting ready to king it if you can do that. That's the kind of man or woman, God's going to use sensitive to hear the whisper of God's voice. Next King. And as soon as the big thing is over and turn out the light tease back with the sheep. They had to actually pull him from the sheep to get it to do anything that was related to the limelight, and you know the young need to hear that today just like the old guys looking for a break there moment in glory how great it is to see David humble enough to stay just like David. In fact, I think that's one of the reasons he was a man after God's heart was always approachable, believable, authentic RC three timeless lessons that hang in my head as I go over these 13 verses with you this evening. Here they are. 123 God solutions are often strange and simple. Be open.

We try to make got awfully complex and complicated. He isn't his solutions are often strange and simple. As with the case of Saul and all the complications of the throne. God simply said to Samuel go where I tell you to go. I got a simple answer. A new man. You just follow me. Don't make the carrying out of God's will complicated it isn't.

Second, God's promotions are usually sudden and surprising. Be ready at the time, you ask, you expected the lease, just like his sons coming from heaven sudden and surprising. He splits the clouds and these with us. Just when we expect in the least. He's there like a thief in the night so this promotions are. He watches you as you faithfully carry out your sheeplike tasks and he says to you, I know what I'm doing in the sudden and surprising moment you be ready.

I know where I am, I know where you are and how to get to his carry out your job is the last God's selections are always sovereign ensure the calm that applies to a mate. It also applies to the loss of a mate, I took tally of the funerals I've had the last 20 funerals I've had half of them have been people 40 years old and younger in the prime of life.

This is enough of a career in of a family. Many of these individuals left little children, several of them planning on a full life God stepped in and stopped sovereign ensure in the process of searching out God's mind to make a complicated don't confuse it. If the year 1809 was a good year. I know you're better than that. This would all the world is watching the Oval Office all the world is watching the international affairs and the unbelievable events that are happening in the big broad scale. We call life. God is looking up in the hills, the great thought. He's looking for his people to say you are mine. I want to use you there because you proved yourself faithful. There that's her calling to be faithful in the demanding tasks. Whatever education marriage occupation just the daily wind of life's words and please stay with us because Chuck Swindoll will conclude his message with prayer in just a moment you're listening to Insight for living and message number two in a comprehensive study on the life of David Chuck titled today's message on nobody nobody noticed. To learn more about this ministry. Visit us to make the most of this study on David I'll remind you that insight for living is pleased to offer the Swindoll study Bible. It's a wonderful resource because Chuck is written summaries for each book of the Bible including first and second Samuel and the Swindoll study Bible comes in a variety of book covers to purchase the Swindoll study Bible, call 800-772-8888 or go online to at Insight for living were pleased to receive notes, letters and phone calls from friends who affirmed the value of this daily program. You might be encouraged to hear this one. It was left recently and said Chuck I've known of your ministry.

Since I was five. I'm now 50 your love for God and his word is truly a gift. Thank you. I'm privileged to take part in your ministry while thank you for your kind comments and let me add, thank you for supporting inside for living as well. These daily programs are made possible because friends like you who value Chuck's teaching step forward and give. It's possible that you've been listening for many years to and today you're in a much better position to support nonprofit ministries and you were many years ago. We encourage you to follow God's lead and as he nudges you to give follow his prompting to support inside for living with a donation right now.

Call us if you're listening in the United States, call 800-772-8888 or to give online, go to to conclude today's program. Let's spend these closing moments in prayer with our teacher Chuck Swindoll. Okay, let's mouth. We do thank you. Our father for that distinctive hand. Your hand on our lives and I since this evening and this service, some that are just right in the crucible under the smarting rod of God, some hurting some confused some delightfully thrilled with a message like this because it verifies their exact experience, almost to the letter except for geography in the process of life.

You are at work. I pray that you would build integrity and faithfulness.

Consistency in the lives of your people represented here and those who will hear it on the recording. In the months and years to come.

Those who are faithful in the in the obscure place.

The place that's not applauded, not even seen as character is built.

When nobody's looking, thank you for your love Lord Jesus, I'm Bill Meyer inviting you to join us again tomorrow when Chuck Swindoll describes soft music for a hardened heart on Insight for living. The preceding message nobody nobody notice was copyrighted in 1977, 1988, 1997, 2009 and 2022 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2022 by Charles Moore Swindoll. All rights are reserved worldwide.

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