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The Integrity of True Humility, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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February 4, 2022 7:05 am

The Integrity of True Humility, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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February 4, 2022 7:05 am

Walking with Integrity in Times of Adversity

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Today on Insight for living light is to price while dethroning ourselves. We look for ways to give him center stage and then slip fault behind the curtain and applaud with everyone else as he gets the credit. We consistently reject praise for our souls as we deliberately redirected to our Lord save, that's the way we live our lives. Ambition benefit provide for our family. We need a good dose of get up and go but ambition can spin out of control times. For instance, when our personal aspirations cause others to feel trapped gravitational pull, orbiting the world that revolves around our personal agenda today on Insight for living Chuck Swindoll challenges us to break that cycle for something far more redemptive is a leadership style that Jesus admired and upheld teaching from the Gospel of John, titled today's message the integrity of true humility. Chapter 3 something interesting along the same line of thought a little time is past and so there's a debate that breaks out over ceremonial cleansing. According to verse 25 in the John's disciples don't miss that John is the following. There they really love John they really believe in his message and and they repented and there they lined up alongside him in their narrow part of his team if you will. There his disciples there learning from him so these two gathered around hamburger joint was for him came to him and they said Rabbi not know. Look closely to see a whole lot of humanity emerging Rabbi the man you met on the other side of the Jordan River, the one you identified as the Messiah understand Jesus is unknown is right at the beginning when he starting his ministry is another Jewish man for all. Everyone knew, so John goes, the Lamb of God.

He came to be baptized. John was reluctant to do it.

The voice came. This is my son, my beloved one. Him and the dog came was clear to John. This is Messiah and so they referred to him. You know the one you you identified as Messiah. John he's now baptizing people he's doing what you're doing. Furthermore, everybody is going to him. Instead of coming to us. John's response to this verse 27 no one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven. So everything we have the gift that's grace now read on. You yourselves know how plainly I told you II I'm not Messiah trees, not talking to his disciples. He's driving it home. You understand I'm not the one star point I'm just a voice I told you that plainly I'm only here to prepare the way for him read on is the right group varies the bride. This man simply glad to stand with him and hear his vows.

Therefore, I'm filled with joy in his success. As one preacher talking about another preacher. You don't hear that very much. If there's one sin we preachers make more than the other is in the is just raw envy, jealousy.

You see, this brings up 1/3 characteristic of humility. Seeing God's hand in another success, and rejoicing over the beautiful thing to see. Talk about a need in the body of Christ, not just among pastors. You know that some on all all of us. It takes humility to push aside all this will oversee the two words. All this competition and all this comparison was of the sins that lead to envy and jealousy done little study on both want you to listen. The results competition risen to the definition striving to come out ahead without humility.

We view others as rivals, not brothers and sisters, not people on the same level at the foot of the cross, their rivals there taking our sheep when they never rushing to start with, you're not my people you've never heard me calling you that your God's people.

I am not your old own you. You answer to be. Let's get a room straight.

We all serve one head is called Christ. He's called the Lord is the head of the church. So were not competing with some of the church or some other body are some of the group to go on. We are forever striving to be number one in your competitive.

We fight to be upfront to be seen to overshadow others to be larger to be better than to have more than call competition is no place in the body of Christ is no place in the believer in the body of Christ is the other comparison competition grows out of comparison comparison is the habit of examining for the purpose of noting the similarities and/or the differences without humility. We lack individual acceptance of others and personal contentment within ourselves. Hope you're hearing this, we envy others, we become jealous of them. Envy is resentful desire for another's advantage positions or accomplishments major issue among Christians. Now, jealousy is the fear of being replaced by arrival. We spell out the major differences between envy and jealousy. Listen closely.

Envy begins with empty hands morning over what it doesn't have jealousy begins with full hands but is threatened by the loss of it and he wants to have one another possesses is unwilling to rejoice on behalf of another who has more jealousy wants to possess what it already has its unwilling to release it to bring another joy John is wearing these new jealousies and that's the way it's supposed to be thrilled you see true humility cancels out both. John saw God's hand in Messiah success and he had zero interest in clinging to those who have been following him or having a larger following than the Messiah know you said his group enlarging really pleases me.

I'm filled with joy. By the way, I came across years ago, I found very interesting little piece it it's it's a spoof on how things would be among Jesus and his disciples if they did things like their often done in our day to day little humorous series of statements is a way it would've been Pete is the one weekends. The meeting meeting is been called at the request of Matt, John, Tom and little Jim bar leaders in prayer.

Okay, sure.

Almighty God, we ask your blessing on all we do and say we earnestly pray that you will see our side as your side. Amen. P immediately follows with Jesus we been following you around for some time and really concerned about the attendance figures, how many were on the hill yesterday. 37. This getting the ridiculous Jesus. 37 different things Jesus we expect things to happen.

John like to suggest that you pull all more miracles that walking on the water bid was most exciting thing of ever seen, but only a few of us got to see that a thousand or so have a chance to witness it man would have more of the hill and we can handle little Jim. I agree I agree that healing miracles are terrific, but only a limited number really get to see what's happened. Let's have more water to wine more fish and chips never hurts to fill her stomachs using the still more storms. Jesus have more signs people like that PI think publicity is essential. You tell half the people you sure to keep it quiet. Got stop saying that Jesus left the word get out Matt for miracles, but unlike here few stories I can understand all that is those who have ears to hear, let him hear. Just clouds issued Jesus yet to make it clear to most of us be able to take some home with us.

Big Jim. I like offering new order of service, start with the story, then do a big mirror thought about offering then maybe saying report or something followed by a small miracle, something to bring it back next time 03 if you like Tom yeah, we gotta do something. Jesus little Jim is for sure attendance is been awful. It's like a spear. You wonder how many elder meetings include stuff like that. Not ours never never this is something we manipulate some of the draw crowd something make you feel good. Send something down to the church down the road were not out doing this is a calling, which is seriously no fun. Great time. Absolutely Susan about us is about some game plan that competes with some other outfit. The secret is really in verse 30 talk about motto to live by. Look at it. You've heard it, it's worth repeating.

He must increase his decrease is my motto to hang on your your your door.

Someone said humility is the fairest flower the grows soon as you display it, it withers you live it you live in. This brings up the fourth characteristic of humility being fully committed to the exaltation of Christ and the submission of self fully committed to the exaltation of Christ and the submission of self fully committed to the exaltation of Christ and the submission of self fully committed to the exaltation of Christ and the submission of self is all about him is what we do our music all about him/study is what I preach what we witness. So you tell people about Jesus fully committed our greatest delight is to enthrone Christ while dethroning ourselves. We look for ways to give him center stage and then slip off behind the curtain and applaud with everyone else as he gets the credit. We consistently reject praise for ourselves as we deliberately redirected to our Lord and see that's the way we live our lives.

What is it going to take to turn our attention away from ourselves and back to Christ we start handling our families like that so that we talk about Christ more than what we will what we expect. We Christ and his standard becomes more important than our rules and regulations at our church with Jesus and Jesus, especially, is magnified and you can even remember the names of the people who played the solo for saying it. I like that is a man sent from God. Oh, John.

He was not the light. Jesus told people about the life I quoted earlier I end by reading it. Matthew 1111 want the words to ring me in your ears. Matthew 1111 I tell you the truth of all who have ever lived. None is greater than John about. That's quite a statement required state. My hope is that God speaks deeply to us individually. I mean that there is a balance of stinking pride you're cultivating over whatever something you own or something into something you've accomplished some big deal you think is that big. You need to know when you die.

Gone with you. Unless of course it's making Christ known that lives on is like a sweet aroma filled the hearts of those attending your funeral. That's all I can talk about deployment meter Christ or she was model Jesus to me and I needed believe you live like that you have no problem convincing people that Christ is worth believing in because they will never seen a life like yours ever just walk around your finger up after you made a good title is that's that.

Does it that that's fine and that's okay.

I will know what that man's life is like behind-the-scenes when he's not in uniform and his home with his family does got a sick baby and the wife that's run out of energy on the high treats. Not this deep down inside I wonder what come to daddy's or mama. It all starts right here to cross it all starts there all the ground at the foot of the cross is level we bow right there. We all look up. He must increase. Please bow with me please take these words to heart.

Taken personally.

The Lord is speaking to you. Yes you if you're married or not your spouse to you.

If your team member, not the other team members to you. You own a business finds talking to you and others who work around you each individually, you've never trusted in Christ.

Humility begins by submitting to the cross for your sins were paid for her.

One died that you might live in by his grace is making his life available to you. Take it. Thank you for live his life by his grace, Lord help us all help us all.

We do have many models of this it seems like talking about a phantom these days.

We vent good moms and dads had good friends and were grateful for each one.

How rare it is to really say this individual decreases as Christ increases in his life, or life. I pray that you would rise raise up in in the midst of our ranks and others around us, other churches, other Christians, did you provide a formidable body of people whose lives are so convincing that it takes no persuading to attract the attention of those without Christ. When they trust in you when you get the glory. They live for you. May you be exalted. This is your work, your church, this is your word sing your songs. We are your help? She in Jesus name with that every church, every believer might take on the humility of John the baptizer you're listening to Insight for living and a message from Chuck Swindoll titled the integrity of true humility and if you like to learn more about this ministry.

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