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A Truth You Dare Not Dismiss, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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January 3, 2022 7:05 am

A Truth You Dare Not Dismiss, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll

Today, a powerful reminder that God is in control judgments or unsearchable CDs for the work.

Finally, these eternal and were temporal so were not on his level. We can't grasp plan and sovereignty is brave wisdom and knowledge and wisdom that's beyond us and our wisdom and knowledge that is ahead of our knowledge last week and again today addressing a relevant subject.

The power of God's sovereignty.

You might wonder what the sovereignty really mean how does it impact what difference does it make today on Insight for living. Chuck Swindoll invites us to follow along as he continues to look at a passage in the book of Daniel. This relevant issue comes to life a proper respect for God's sovereignty will revolutionize the way you see the new year ahead. Let's pick up our study.

In Daniel chapter 4 about a truth, you dare not seven years, takes place in the space between the end of verse 33 in the beginning of verse 34 the King is no longer on his throne. If they did see him but I saw him rolling in the field like an animal, totally insane seven years. He finally acknowledged what he had been resisting all this time in his life. After this time had passed with 34 note the pronoun change after this time it passed. I Nebuchadnezzar you know what happens at that moment says to Daniel, give me the stylus. I want to write this part. Daniel is writing the book at this point Nebuchadnezzar takes the stylus and now he writes in first person. The balance of this chapter hi member reading this in 1961 as if it happened yesterday morning was a warm day in Northern California. The room was silent. I was all alone and I began to shake. This really troubled me. Especially when I began to read of the change of the man's life after this time it passed everything I Nebuchadnezzar looked up to heaven. My sanity returned and I praise and worship the most high, and honored the one who lives forever. His kingdom is everlasting, his sovereignty is eternal. See the word sovereignty in your Bible reads that look at the word closely right in the middle of the word is a smaller word ranging Re: IGN hidden right in the word sovereignty is the rain. Our God reigns and Nebuchadnezzar is acknowledging that and then verse 35 all the people of the earth or is nothing he does. According to his will in the Army of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth, and no one can stay his hand or saying to him what are you doing, so it reads in the new American Standard Bible that had become my favorite Old Testament verse but now I'm on my knees in my study, tears are pouring out of my eyes. I realize that Nebuchadnezzar's testimony speaking volumes to me.

But the man I've become self-made, you would not know me, but you would never recognize the person that you think is me or you now know is me. I poured out my heart to the Lord said to him, please forgive me. That was a life changing experience that drew me ultimately to this doxology in Romans chapter 11, I haven't forgotten that we are going there, so please turn. Romans 1133 to 36. Paul is been dealing with the great doctrines of salvation.

Salvation of the Jews of the salvation of the Gentiles.

The election of those who are due to be born again, the predestination of God's hand in the lives of others honor some of you hear those words and you cringe because you don't understand you don't cringe when you understand that God's election is something to embrace that his sovereignty is something that hold you close and gives you rest in peace, and takes away your worries. You don't lie awake at night, restless and turning and struggling and twisting over the details of life that you can't put together.

He's putting life together in your need is to fit into what he is doing and how he is putting it together, look at this doxology. He comes to the end of the great doc cross-section any rights as all the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God, how unsearchable are his judgments and unfathomable as ways when God makes decisions that are called judgments.

When God has a plan to call his ways, his judgments are unsearchable and his ways are unfathomable.

You can never get to the bottom of them when you try to explain big you can't explain fully.

You can't grasp fully what he's up to and how he led the way he's led because this is his. His judgments are unsearchable. You see is infinite and were finally these eternal and were temporal. So where were not on his level where we can't grasp the plan and his sovereignty is brave in wisdom and knowledge and wisdom that's beyond us and our wisdom and knowledge that is ahead of our knowledge, you can't get enough degrees to learn that much.

God, this is a truth it's very hard for the very well educated to grasp because in your process of getting a great education you have probably become proud, not for sure but quite likely you're proud of your achievements, humanly speaking, you certainly have a reason to be grateful for having learned this much, but spiritually speaking. Give no reason for pride.

You can begin to plumb the depths of his knowledge.

You can explain to this family who's lost a child while their child died in their child lives why her husband passed and her husband lives why this individual got well and this one became increasingly more sick. Why that lady when she swam hit her head, broke her neck and is now paralyzed in this person's been swimming all his life and never once heard himself house that all work together. You don't know you can explain your wise if you pause and say much of this we live with God and I'm not trying to cop out on trying to be honest with you. Finally, finally I got to the place where I could say I don't know now I've really begun to master that phrase I tell you I II don't hesitate at all. Not infrequently do I say I just got a phone call this a two weeks ago from a man struggling with very difficult situation and I will get it in the details, but when we were halfway through and be civil. Why so sad when the I don't know he poured out his life and over the details as best he could and he said, but many names.

So it's always a really good friend. He said their life is been like a downhill slide look at my essay. I know understand.

You see when you embrace this. It doesn't mean everything that they said that a fairytale kicks in everything. You don't live happily ever after the tests we went through in the latter part of our foot to two years. Adele seminary.

You wouldn't believe, and it led right on into more in the days in the years to come is the sovereign absolutely God not believe that the audit tossed it in on a wooden pursued ministry. But you see, I realize that I'm not in charge, let me let me see if I can get to you a definition here is my bear with me. I wish I could do it in a few words. I can't.

So rather than my wandering all over limit.

Let me just read you the result of hours of my study be just read you what I've written. Sovereignty means are all wise, all knowing God reigns over us in Romans beyond our comprehension to bring about his plans that are beyond our ability to start to alter to hinder to fully understand or to stop. Let me amplify that God's plan includes all gains and losses adversity, tragedy and calamity as well as prosperity blessings and joy healings and those who are not healed.

Remember that. Don't ever probably someone, he or she will be healed. You don't know that in the Bible doesn't teach that God's sovereign hand determines that his plans include illness as much as health perilous and threatening times as well as great comfort, safety and ease his plans are at work when we cannot imagine why because it is so convoluted and unpleasant like last week as much as when life is filled with delight and pleasure, which we don't deserve his sovereignty being inscrutable has dominion over all hardships, heart aches, helplessness, broken dreams, disappointments, disabilities and lingering painful difficulties. His sovereignty lifts up certain ones and promotes them to places of public prominence while reducing others to obscurity and anonymity. I do not know why some are promoted and some are demoted. I do not know why some are elected in, and some are voted out.

I do not know. I cannot explain it except it is in his plan.

When we cannot explain why he does when we fail to grasp the reasons he understands fully when we cannot see light at the long tunnel the end of the long tunnel, he is there.

Nevertheless, urging us on all of these things and that's just the just brief your volumes written on this, but that's a brief overview. All of these things I've read lead us to the three questions at the end of the chapter. All three questions had the same answer. Look at them. Verse 34. Who could know the Lord's thoughts. Nobody second question. Who knows enough to give him advice. Nobody now. We sometimes do not weep. We feel like we need to remind God of certain things and and I think he's very patient to put up with this at those times. Rather than turn this into a black little crisp burning up at the point right there in front of them.

He graciously puts up with us when we tried of advising no one can advise God and who has given him so much that he needs to pay it back. Nobody all three questions are answered with nobody, nobody, and then look at how it ends, for everything comes from him so he is the original source of all things from him and God alone is the sustainer look at the next phrase everything exists by his power comes from him exists by his power, and third, God is the goal of it all and for his glory. Everything is intended. All glory to him forever. Amen John order to start is a great statement. He writes in his book on Romans.

He is the Alpha and the Omega and every letter of the alphabet in between helped ease all of this. He's everything you sing it with you. Remember what your son are not.

You are my all in all your everything. You are my hope, my future, you are my reason for existence. You are my source of joy and the one in whom I trust.

Sovereignty of God was what I had failed to acknowledge until that day, and since then and is been now, soon to be 60 years. I finally come to accept it, and I committed to you without hesitation. Early on I was a worrier. I felt like I needed to explain everything that was happening.

I was often proud of my achievements and I look for ways to get credit for my accomplishments, I say to my shame having seen what I've now seen out of Daniel four and Romans 11, I will see these four statements number one the sovereignty of God has relieved me from anxiety and many worries I would otherwise have had.

I really do not twist and turn before I fall asleep at night and often have many things on my mind. But I'm able to say. Finally there yours when I wake and I hope you will help me with answers that I don't have right now. Give me the sleep I need. Second, the sovereignty of God has released me from explaining why I said that earlier and I want to underscore it because we who study the Scriptures are often looked upon as countable Bible answer person.

I'm not that you're not that either God is the answer you one sovereignty of God is released me from explaining all the profound issues I can explain some of them but many of them leave with him and I do so with relief.

I want to emphasize this third one I got to be careful how I say it could come across the wrong way the sovereignty of God is restrained me from arrogance. I have a number of sins that I wrestle with a number of problems that still minded octopi through and work out with God still live in Osan signature, but arrogance is not one of them in the is not one of them. I don't know of another person.

I envy of another pastor done jealous of. None is a major problem in the pastorate envy church is growing other churches don't. When your church doesn't your often envy the one who has a church that brought growth is up to God. Paul planted another water but God gave the increase size is up to him. I am so grateful to be delivered from that constant battle that plagues the ministry admits who's got the biggest church who's got the most disciples who's written the most books who's on top of this were on top of that, please. I am very comfortable away from the. The bright lights. My role is to be in the lights often and as soon as I can step out of them more comfortable. I don't desire the lights. I don't long for attention so the sovereignty of God is restrained me from that and I said it's hard to say that sounds like it's kind of bragging. I don't mean it to be bragging. I'm just confessing to you.

There was a time when I really was that, and I was envious I was jealous that they could tell you stories are about ruined our engagement over so so jealous I look back on that this is so stupid to be jealous, to be envious, and the fourth the sovereignty of God has reminded me that he's always in charge. Keyword always take always.

Otherwise, he's almost sovereign made no such thing like saying I'm almost a husband. Believe me, I'm not all books husband are like saying I'm almost a man or a almost a pastor here. He's either God or is not all of the words of the Michael W Smith said in one of his concerts, God is God and I am not beautiful way to put it God and God alone met with me please as you bow your head going to take advantage of the moment and say wherever your heart is right now. Force yourself to think back just as I remember to date in my life.

Can you remember a time maybe can't name the date. Can you remember the time when you gave Jesus.

Your heart, your your life. Remember what you did that.

If you can't, you probably haven't, because you don't forget that time Nebuchadnezzar will never forget that moment when you realize he's not in charge. You remember when you gave your life to Christ. Great if you can't turn your life over to Christ right now he's not willing that any should perish, but the truth is, some will because he doesn't force you to believe you've got a will in this and you gotta determine my going to give my life to Christ. Yamagata rejected you rejecting you will suffer the consequences and the dreadful throughout eternity trusted him now you know the joy of sins forgiven a secure home in heaven. The pleasure of walking with him as he leads you from one day to the Lord. Meet with us in a very special way. As we come before you. Thank you for accepting a sacrifice and hearing our prayers. We acknowledge him as our Lord and Master. Thank you for the gift of eternal life as you listen today.

Maybe you come to realize that you've never taken the step. Chuck Swindoll just described insight for living prepared a webpage designed to help you learn more please.

Well, God is prompting you to draw near to him take a few minutes to stop by to find a variety of helpful and free to know God, our topic today, a truth, you dare not dismiss. It's the final message in a special series from Chuck Swindoll to learn more about this ministry.

Just visit insight right now I'd like to give you a preview of what's ahead in the coming programs because you will be pleased to learn the checks upcoming series walking with integrity in times of adversity will help us understand how to navigate the days in which we live and to build his case.

Chuck will look at our biblical heroes, people like Daniel Noah and Joseph sure to join us for this brand-new study walking with integrity times of adversity and before we wrap up today's message.

Let me remind you that we are deeply grateful to those who have given generously to support this to give a donation today. Just give us a phone call listening in the US dial 1-800-772-8888 or if your online visit us. When Chuck Swindoll begins her brand-new series walking with integrity in times of adversity Tuesday on insight for living.

The preceding message. The truth, you dare not dismiss in the summer.

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