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Those Final, Dreadful Hours, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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November 9, 2021 7:05 am

Those Final, Dreadful Hours, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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November 9, 2021 7:05 am

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In light of his suffering on our behalf. We give our thanks to Jesus discouraging is driven into my hands and feet. Thank you Lord for paying the complete price for my thank you Lord for dying that they might live forever and ever with you how grateful I am for the rest. In the last few weapons. Chuck Swindoll has guided us through a detailed description of the final hours of Jesus life is source is the gospel writer named Matthew who meticulously describe the vicious cruelty of the Roman authorities they were unrestrained in their brutality deliver the slow and agonizing beating that preceded Christian fiction today on Insight for living.

Chuck Swindoll continues the study of the final verses in Matthew chapter 27.

This passage is not for the faint of heart. But it certainly raises our affection one who suffered our Savior, scourged by brutal Roman soldiers who could care less about who he wants just another crucifixion criminal to them. This, if the victim lived through it and Jesus did, which tells us something of his physical condition he was in great physical shape to endure such torture. They leave him now along a path we read about in verse 32 through 34. Along the way they come across so they came across a man named Simon the Jewish name.

He was from Cyrene. He's randomly chosen to begin with. These forced into the scene, which he never expected as a visitor in the land of Israel. He's forced to carry Jesus across verse 32 in background.

They carried only the cross beam which is the horizontal piece that weighed approximately 200 and then reread they went out to a place called Golgotha, which means the place of the skull therapy for the mailing again. Matthew writes with such simple words. There they nailed him to across but before that noticed the soldiers gave him why mixed with bitter call. Some mixture of oil with murder click oil designed to stupefy the one about to be nailed a large beam to keep them from struggling and screaming violently. These are small meals. These are what we would call spikes there driven into the beam through the palm of the base of the palm of the wrist and once the beam through the feet brought over each other that are drawn so the knees were true from here on is almost more than our imaginations can comprehend.

We read verse 35, after they nailed him to the cross and the Matthew goes on. Understand that his nail while everything is on the ground. The crossbeam is attached to the vertical beam and then it is lifted and the vertical beam or pole was dropped in the whole is the victim now hangs, pulled by gravity, so they crucified people who pass by.

According to verse 39, or shouting their nurse mockery and they are shaking their heads as they yell at him, misquoting him see his his words from earlier times, even the leading priests and teachers of religious law and elders joined in the scene there.

I add that his own mother is watching it all along with a few of his closest friends unable to do a thing hearing these words that taught the one they love. As he is going through his darkest hour. Let me add this as horrific as the pain that isn't the worst part you read the worst part at verse 45 down through 46.

Look in your Bible darkness fell across the whole land until 3 o'clock.

We would call it an eclipse, but it is of the natural eclipse. It is a supernatural shroud of darkness over the land at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Jesus literally screams with a loud voice translated by God, my God, why did you abandon for the first time in all of existence. God the father turns his back on God the son, why because the Lamb of God is bearing the sentence of the world, a holy God cannot in any way relate to such a conglomeration of evil being born by the sun. Thus, the father's abandonment in that brief period of time as Jesus bore your sentence. My sentence the sins of the whole world. If you are like me you were reared in the church.

You've heard of the cross crucifixion. You've heard of the death of the Savior all your life, but I doubt that you have ever heard sins listed as I'm going to list in all my years of ministry and preaching up never done this before, but I sat down alone in my study and so that I might have some sense of order to keep myself on target. I listed as many as I could think of alphabetically you hear yours and I heard my as I read the list allowed several times. Always thinking I could add more, and finally deciding its inexhaustible.

These are the things he bore on our behalf. Listen to your sentence. As I listen to my therein the list. He died for our sins of abuse, adultery, argumentative spirit, arrogance, assault, backbiting, bitterness, blasphemy, boasting bribery, completing coveting contention course joking deceit defrauding denying and despising the poor are dishonoring the aging disrespecting parents envy evil motives, fornication, fraud, falsifying tax reports giving grudgingly and even not giving at all. The height of selfishness, gluttony, gossip, greed, hating others, holding grudges, harsh words, hypocrisy, idolatry, spiritual indifference in modesty, jealousy, loose tongue, loss of temper lost, lying, malice, manipulation, mistreatment of children and others who are defenseless and helpless murderous thoughts murderous acts prayer listeners prejudice partiality pride racism rage rate rebelling against authority, refusing to forgive resisting the Holy Spirit returning insult for insult selfishness being sexually inappropriate, slanderous, lawful stealing ingratitude secretly viewing pornography, violence, loving the world system not loving your neighbor as yourself, not loving your spouse as you should being unequally yoked with partners in business and I finally tired of the lists and I hardly begun the Lamb of God for those sins of others in his own body on the tree that he might free us from that which would otherwise conquer us and lead us to a perishing greed. What an unattractive, unpleasant undesirable list of role yet he came and he died for each one, and thousands of other those in your life and those in mind a message like this is not easy to declare it isn't easy to hear. I understand the subject isn't attractive is altogether unattractive the historical setting in the biblical scene or gruesome just to imagine, say nothing of reading the same as our Savior bore on our behalf or distasteful shameful the price that he paid was awful. Enduring it to the point of his final releasing his spirit having born the sins of the world. But there's good news, there's good news had it not been for what he did for us on the cross, we would all perish in our sins we would die to our world would be a dark world without hope and is there any worse way to live them without hope. And when we face our final day, our last breath. What we would then experience. I cannot put into words like God for his forgiveness.

Thank God that he so loved us. He gave his one and only son to do for us what we could never do for ourselves.

It took a spotless lamb and he was that willing to bear the sins of the whole world and that he did.

Therefore, all our sins are holy and completely forgiven.

Jesus paid it all, all to him. I know say left a crimson stain and he washed it. What white as snow, crimson the same white as snow because of what he did on the cross on our behalf. There is only one appropriate response to what is the fourth gratitude.

Thank you Lord for enduring discouraging that I deserve. Thank you Lord for taking the males that should've been driven into my hands and feet. Thank you Lord for paying the complete price for my sins. Thank you Lord for dying that day that I might live forever and ever with you how grateful I am for the rest of my life. We have a rather recent months laid to rest some. Some people from our congregation loved ones we knew and and appreciated and enjoyed during the years of our friendship.

God chose for one reason or another to to take them to himself today so we lost him on this earth, though they gain him to be absent from the body is to be at home with the Lord. What a great message. We were able to proclaim as we said before, loving families and friends who admittedly were grieving the loss on this earth but were living in the hope of forgiveness. Why, because he took our sins on our behalf, and he forgave us so that we could die at peace with whole facing an eternal home with him for ever had great hungry is that filled with hope filled now with joy in anticipation of resurrection. I am so ready for the passage on resurrection I could scream I got Tom to the end of myself in these dark scenes that have led up to it.

And finally, this would but it's part of the message and I can't leave it until I speak to you who are here without Jesus Christ think of her. You are you are still under the load of that list. How do you think you could possibly step into God's perfect snow white heaven were always pure and clean and fresh and lovely and forgiven.

If you've never come to Jesus who took your place on his cross. What on earth will it take to convince you to turn to Jesus Christ you're surrounded by those who have you listened to one Sunday after Sunday with life is been changed by the grace of God, and I plead with you this to be numbered among us to be a part of the forever family of God was make that happen right now.

Bow your heads, please close your eyes sit very quietly. Please pray for those sitting around you when you do not know, some of whom do not know Christ. Right now I speak to you who are without Christ. God so love you, that he gave his one and only son he so love you.

Your sin separates you from him.

He's holy you're not. He's perfect. You're not, he's clean or not.

Write down your thoughts. God saw that even the thoughts of men and women were wicked even in the earliest days of Genesis and your thoughts are wicked. You are separated from God by birth, by choice, but your everyday life. But today, that can change.

He's built a magnificent bridge across the chasm between your sinfulness and his righteousness, and that bridge is the cross of Jesus Christ's. You will trust in Christ. Simply trust in Christ, taking him alone as your Savior. You walk across that bridge and you will know instant forgiveness and eternal kind of life do that now. If we can possibly help you in the journey. Please contact us. Please let us know how we can help you. And if you make the decision. We wish to help you in the journey from earth to heaven as you begin to walk the Christian way of life, which is altogether different from the life you've known. He who has the son has the life, but he who does not have the son of God does not have the life believe on the Lord Jesus right now you will be saved and say forever. In the silence of this moment, our father I pray that you will do a work in every heart that is unprepared. Not ready to die therefore not really ready to live. I pray that you will break through their wills reach deeply into their minds so that they see and understand clearly that there was no hope. Apart from Jesus Christ. There was one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus convince them of that bring them to faith. I pray and then we will forever rejoice over the rescue that you have performed the father we thank you for this significance of this message, maybe never again envision the cross.

Without these images coming to mind along with a deep sense of gratitude for all your son is done for us. We pray this in his matchless name and for his sake alone. As everyone said a man Chuck Swindoll has deliberately chosen not to rush through this gruesome part of Jesus story though it's difficult to witness the brutality against him. It certainly gives us ample reason to submit our lives to him. You're listening to Insight for living and learn more about this ministry. Please visit us

If today's the day you decided to confess your sinfulness and accept God's forgiveness. We want to point you to the vast learning resources at your disposal online. Each of these resources is designed to help you grow in your walk with God.

Whether you're a brand-new Christian were been walking with God for a long time. Take a look at the variety of resources.

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I'm Dave Speicher inviting you to join us again tomorrow when Chuck Swindoll describes the mounting tension prior to the crucifixion be listening for Insight for living. The preceding message those final dreadful out was copyrighted in 2018 and 2021 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2021 by Charles R. Swindoll. All rights are reserved worldwide.

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