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Answering Life's Ultimate Question, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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July 22, 2021 7:05 am

Answering Life's Ultimate Question, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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July 22, 2021 7:05 am

The King's Ministry: A Study of Matthew 14–20

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Today on Insight for living. The cross is looming large. You will, ultimately, is a concrete future. But before there is a crown and the authority of the crown of the establishment of the government over which he will serve as the leader, there must be the cross. The cross receipt friends called diction times. The conversations become awkward spiritual differences are magnified by current issues. Taking headlines such as politics or personal views about morality today on Insight for living Chuck Swindoll reminds us, it rarely helps to debate the nuances of cultural when eternity is at stake. Much better to focus on the ground of Jesus and the cross that precedes it title today's message answering life's ultimate question began with prayer. Your father for your sovereign care for us for your delight in your children and for your faithfulness and goodness to this nation. We read in the Scriptures like people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. Heal us, our father, for we are broken.

We need you as never before in our generation have your way, calm our spirits as we sang earlier in the overlord. I put my trust. We trust you for the outcome that you will bring good for your glory sometime in mysterious ways, unexpected ways. May our focus be on you as we faithfully do our part to pray to wait to trusts your gifts and we release them with joy and generosity through Christ our Savior. Everyone said a man study the book of Matthew with Chuck Swindoll.

Be sure to download his searching the Scriptures by going to Insight world.or/studies. Another message from Chuck that he titled answering life's ultimate question you can't see it but Matthew 16 is like a massive hinge on a large gate. The book of Matthew pivots at the 16th chapter. Up until that 16th chapter, Jesus is ministering openly, widely and in various ways. All the while his disciples were watching. Hopefully learning, listening, discovering what he's like who he is, because this time is short. The cross looms larger and larger. As each day and we will pass so he puts the question to them. That is the crucial question that would prepare them for the days yet to come has to do with his identity.

Do you really know who I am. There is a quick answer from anyone except one. You got to admire them for this. Peter really gets it right, Peter says you are the Messiah. Some of the living God at this moment. I wish all of you could read it as it was originally written by Matthew it's it's beautiful. Matthew renders the word Messiah Christoph which is the Greek word for obviously Christ meaning anointed Messiah is is a Hebrew word meaning the same thing anointed the anointed one nice answer, Peter admire him. First of all because he risked nobody else said anything he's willing to get out there on the limb and he does it with such accuracy. He steps into this with a profound statement. Jesus doesn't waste time as he responds.

Simon, you are blessed son of John, so he offers this blessing. Blessed are you, Simon bar Jonah because flesh and blood did not reveal this unit learn this from your mother and dad learned from a friend on the street got gave you this became as a revelation to you from heaven from this father you just identified as the living God, the one who anointed me reveal this to you profound statement falling from the lips of a man who certainly was not in himself very profound. But God is the Lord doesn't finish with that. He goes on to a name for yourself.

Now I say to you now I see you you are Peter stay with me here Petross PT ROS Petross means rock on this rock I will build my church, was it me with some are quick to jump from rock to rock and think it's Peter on you but is changed from Petross which is the name he gave them to Petra.

I want to suggest this rock like declaration this rock like revelation this truth, this profession of faith that will be the foundation of my church but I will build the verse again. Now I say to you that you are Petross and upon this Petra. I will build my church.

Five words you can preach an entire sermon on observed edits in the future I will is not yet started when we move ahead in time and we get to the day of Pentecost for the spirit of God comes and ignites the lives of those in the upper room, Peter, among them the church begins the flooding to the streets.

Peter delivers his message, 3000 believe the church has taken its first breath from the crew it's begun. But at this point it still future, I will build and please observe it's his church never ever forget that.

Never allow any church to revolve around anyone personality anyone voice anyone authority Christ is head every preacher, hearing my words right now. Let us never forget. We are not the head were servant leader.

We serve the head, who is Christ. It's his church, I will build my church and look at this double promise not only I will build my church.

The gates of hell will not prevail against it. I love that part don't you it'll never stop its growth. It'll never be interrupted because of the power of the evil one.

No adversary will ever interrupt what I am building and I'm still building it's going on right now if you love music. It's like a Lord crescendo marked in the score that gets larger and larger day of Pentecost starting it and that it begins to grow and build and expand large were along the way of its growth but look closer, the power of hell will not conquer it and there's another. I will I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven.

Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven. Whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven. One man describes this single section is one of the storm centers of New Testament interpretation to the initial reader. It may seem rather innocuous, but it's anything but first he mentions keys which would refer to the authority or the ability to open a door, I will give you the keys that will open up and with that will come the of already of forbidding and permitting. I just suggest these are the doors of Christendom and these keys initially promised to Peter. He would he would use that key given to him to open the door to the hearts of Jews when a priest of the day of Pentecost and Teresa Gentiles when he is in the house of Cornelius asked to ask 10 but then we read whatever you forbid or bind whatever you permit or lose will be bound or loosened. This is where it gets sticky. The Roman Catholic Church taught for centuries still teaches that the authority rests with the Pope and his prelates having the authority to bind or loosen, and according to what they state that will be true, but I think a major part of the promises left out. Next, the repeated words of heaven. The authority obviously rests in heaven.

In fact, if you will allow me to change the tense of the verb from the English to the original meaning whatever you forbid on earth will have them for given forbidden in heaven. Whatever you permit on earth will have been permitted in heaven.

The apostle merely announces this thing is this these things, as do the other apostles.

They have been bound or they will have been loosed. According to the power of heaven and it will be the privilege of those who declare it to draw that authority from the one who inhabits heaven for us.

It could best be described as the authority of the Scriptures. One can speak authoritatively of what is forbidden or what is permitted based on what the Scriptures teach 15 expositor puts it in these words Christians do not determine what is right or wrong for given a run for given, rather, on the basis of God's own word, they recognize what God has already determined to be right or wrong for given or unforgiven. When the judge on the basis of God's word.

They could be certain their judgment corresponds with the judgment of heaven that gets put very well but what surprises us is this closing statement. Don't tell anybody know we we we build our theology on one of the spokes of the wheel is evangelism get the word out. Let the world know Jesus is with a stern warning do not tell anyone that I am the Messiah to be just 60 seconds to unpack that the Jews of that day lived for the day they will be. They would be delivered from the authority of the Roman government. The boot of wrong on the Jew was a galling thing they knew that when Messiah came, he would come as conquering King as a military and political leader to set them free from the already not only liberal but all other authorities and he will establish his kingdom where he would reign as king over all who call themselves king and Lord above all who make themselves as Lord.

But he says don't tell anybody remember my comment earlier in the message. The cross is looming large. He will, ultimately, as a conquering King. That's yet future. But before there is a crown in the authority of the crown and the establishment of the government over which he will serve as the leader, there must be the cross. The cross precedes the crime had people heard in the day that Messiah was here that would've been mob violence all over the land of Israel and beyond Messiah's here he's conquering, it's time to take charge and there would be chaos everywhere. Furthermore, they would miss the realization that he first would come as Savior from sin before he would come as conquering King over all other authority. So leave this between us men. It's true, I am the anointed one that's between us. What is appropriate, will announce all that. That will mean but for right now.

Something heavy on my heart that I want to know, communicate, and that's what appears in 21 down through 28. That would be his death on the cross and his resurrection from the and for that information.

Peter Wood reprimanded and lived to regret. That's enough for now. We certainly had our plateful, but I need to ask you the crucial question you can't hide behind anyone with this question is asked who do you see us not go with you. Each one of you. Are you ready to claim that he is in fact Messiah, the one who did, in fact, and in fact died paying the complete penalty for the sins of the world, including yours. You're willing to submit to his will and ways to kneel at the cross and say I invite you now, by personal Lord and Savior. That's the answer. Whether it's your answer or not. Only you can say that with me. Would you please it's soul-searching time is close your eyes when you draw your last breath as you will. When you stepped all alone into eternity. As you will with no one there to answer for you. Your creator and maker will be listening for one statement I am here covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, the one who died for me rose again for me play and paid the complete penalty for all my sins.

I'm here under his blood.

All who make that statement are ushered in all who cannot face a horrible eternity and there is no purgatory. There is no second chance. There is no option later on and after death there is no room for any answer but the one you gave during your life. Trust him now believe in Christ. Now, now we would like to help you in your journey from earth to heaven by assisting in your growth and being a part of your life as we can be as a church is friends but it all begins with your decision for Christ just as eating from the table and drinking from the cup is open to all who are believers, regardless of your church affiliation or any church affiliation.

You know the Lord Jesus, you have a place at this table so you're walking in the light as he is in the light, you come with clean hands clean heart as a child of God, please eat the bread remember his body given for you. Remember and respect his blood poured out for you worship him.

But if not, that is it you please let the elements pass simply pass the plate until you are ready to trust in Christ how good it would be today to have many many many, for the first time is believers in Christ, and partakers of the meal, today's the day. Now's the time make this time very meaningful. Our father as we bow before you remove up from us all the preoccupation of the afternoon all the things before us this week maybe be as Wesley Road lost in wonder. Love brings turn our hearts to the living Christ loved us and gave himself Maritime around the table be as meaningful as it must've been to those early disciples's had their last meet us. The spread in this glory of Jesus Christ listening to Insight for living would follow Chuck Swindoll's message was a special time around, the Lord's table.

Observing communion with other believers.

He titled today's presentation answering life's ultimate question to discover what resources we have available for you on today's topic, please visit us and adjust before our time is up today.

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