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When Jesus Turned Up the Heat, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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May 25, 2021 7:05 am

When Jesus Turned Up the Heat, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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Money and knowledge make a powerful combination. In today's world we have access to both ambition delivers financial rewards of the World Wide Web is open the door to more knowledge than ever before. Today on Insight for living Chuck Swindoll's teaching from Matthew chapter 11 in this passage we see Jesus taking off the glove. You will in delivering a harsh rebuke to those would become proud of their privilege, state his audience was drowning in the truth, but failing to employ it.

Chuck titled today's message when Jesus turned up the spine of the fact that Jesus had done a workable file spoken the words of Messiah. They wanted nothing to do with it. So his people who are listening for the most part unbeliever. As I read the verses before us. I get the feeling that Jesus takes off the gloves and turns up the heat, he says in verse 12.

From the time John the baptizer began preaching until now the kingdom of heaven. I believe it could be read suffered from violence by violent people. It is not been well received. It is not been embraced.

There were those who have viciously attacked the message and want nothing to do with it before John came all the prophets and the law of Moses.

Look forward to this present time. They had spoken of it. They had written about it. Another we find ourselves in the here and now you want nothing to do with it. And if you're willing to accept what I say. He is Elijah meaning he speaks is one like unto Elijah, the one the prophet said would calm anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand the words you will need to have the same kind of forceful devotion to follow the teaching that the majority of you in your own vicious and forceful way are rejecting the messy and denying what I am offering. It's a deeply emotional and passionate word of warning fact he says in so many ways also hear these words must heed them. Please observe that there is sort of a game played and he refers to them as that.

Look at verse 16. To what can I compare this generation, like children playing a game in the public square, complaining to their friends.

We played wedding songs and you didn't dance we played funeral songs and you didn't more. It's clearly a slam against the baptizer and the Messiah. You want us to play your games and we won't. And because we don't look at what they did next. They call the names verse 18. John didn't spend his time eating and drinking, so you gave him a name.

He's a demoniac he's weird must be a demon because they would not heed his message. He told them the truth about what they faced Eddie is through. He hasn't finished beginning at verse 20. He begins to denounce towns that had seen a lot of him and watched him work and heard him teach and witnessed his miracles. He names them for us what the verse says Jesus began to denounce the towns, for he had done so many of his miracles because they hadn't repented of their sins and turn to God.

Look up at the top of the Sea of Galilee. You will find coursing you will find Bethsaida and you will find Capernaum see them. He's talking about those three talents know why because this was the area where Jesus spent much of his time and performed many of his miracles. Here's a classic case in point.

Not a word is said of what he didn't coursing or the works he carried out in Bethsaida, but the new some of these people were from there why the words of sorrowful anguish because they didn't care.

It's a statement regarding their indifference, their passivity, how visible and how significant was Jesus work among them. Look at what he says if the miracles I did in you. This is verse 21. If the miracles I did in you that is in your city had been done in wicked Tyre and Sidon, which epitomized pagan Gentile corruption and a life of worthlessness, seacoast cities, if I done my work in Tyre and Sidon, as I've done it here, the people would've repented of their sins long ago clothing themselves in burlap and throwing ashes on their head all or colloquialism for abject humility until you Tyre and Sidon will be better off on judgment day that you coursing Bethsaida Capernaum and you people of Capernaum. Would you be honored and never know know so proud of your seacoast town talking about the beautiful view you have of the sea, the lovely flowers are rolling the hillside know will be no better off if the miracles I did for you had been done in wicked Sodom. He goes even further than Tyre and Sidon, it would still be here today tell you, even Sodom will be better off on judgment. David couple things stand out to me that I think are worth remembering the kind of things we want to take home with us after a message like this is the first it's easy for people to forget the responsibilities of privilege, the greater your privilege, the greater your responsibility, the greater the truth, the more the truth, the more it must make a difference in how you live. But when you are privileged. It is easy to take it all for granted.

I met one my daddy would say on special Sunday afternoon we would we would do this for special activities. It was all good in the car to drive to River Oaks if you don't know that's that's were the elite meat to eat and live and got my deadwood says we would get close, he said, you know, this is where there is old money not Looking for old where is the all mighty.

They just thought you ought to be old and I Look at what and we put up for these beautiful home and would stop and say look children, three of us in the backseat. Looking around he said they had two bathrooms. I member thinking why you do want a lawn and something else in another amine. Is it any said, and they have wall-to-wall carpet, and nuts. It puts carpet. But when you're privileged.

It all deadens you if you're not careful.

Now make the leap today were all privileged. The home you live in. I live in my granddad would've loved to live in the home like so would my folks is incredible how in the middle of where we find ourselves. We take so much for granted what a privilege to have God's word talked believed. More importantly, obeyed so the repacked meals for starving children revisit in our community to those who are in great need and can't come or we take our music elsewhere and lift hearts that are heavy. Let's never ever forget outside these walls is a lonely, privileged community with great privilege comes great responsibility.

I don't say this to shame.

Many of us.

I'm grateful for all that we have we have so much how important to say rather regularly. Lord, keep my focus on things eternal guard me from gripping things temple help me to still hear the words of Jesus and to still imagine what it was like when he did the work of Messiah and performs miracles miracles in Bethsaida and coursing and Capernaum beyond voice so I won't see you hello to you your walking. The truth is all around you with the message that can transform your life that you wonder what's for lunch or when you're going to get your next race. People forget the responsibilities when there privilege is a second something tragic happens to those who are in different surrounded by great opportunity passivity as an enemy you become passive. Don't answer out loud. You remember what was said from this pulpit just one week ago.

Can you go back and pull from your notes.

Something said regarding Matthew chapter 4 or from one of the other passages we dealt with our lives. God reveals the truth the same time.

Notice he also hides it. Look at the unusual insightful prayer right in the midst of his presentation, Jesus prays all father verse 20 5O father, Lord of heaven and earth.

Thank you for hiding these things that, thank you for hiding these things from those who think they're wise and clever to put down on the intelligent course not, you never does that is those who think they're all knowing, thank you for hiding it from them. But for revealing it to those who were childlike, not childish but childlike with that teachable anxious to learn sitting on the edge of their seat drinking get in yes father it please you to do it this way a lot that I have to say that you are among the most responsive gathering ever preached to and I can't thank you enough means or listening. It means you're taking it in thinking about maybe making plans to do something because of it. How grateful I am for it means your childlike teachable open ready to hear but those who are sophisticated yawn. Perfunctory spirit. Business as usual what's going on tomorrow. Who's playing in that game who would be with next weekend. This is a privilege beyond measure and it may not be ours forever. You and I may live to see the day when the services interrupted and the terrorists arrive serious serious stuff. I might as well say it's in some responsible to tell the truth hearing it and even liking it means nothing in light of eternity must believe this set strict if you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior you will not go to heaven when you die, listen to this.

Don't wait for another message. Don't put it off until you feel better.

Don't think there'll be a better time. You may not have a better time. So today as you are alive and you are able to hear he is truth be different from those who listen. Pass it off and come back for another feeding. Make sure you know Jesus Christ came across this story in my reading this week that puts it very well listen carefully. The preacher pounded on the pulpit and looked over at the casket and said it's too late for Joe.

He might've wanted to get his life together. EEP might've wanted to spend more time with his family. PP me might've wanted to do that even believe in Jesus but his dad now it's too late for Joe but is not too late for you there's still time for you. You can still decide you're still alive today is the day of decision for you. Then he went further.

He told how a Greyhound bus several weeks ago had run into a funeral procession. Once on the way to the cemetery and he said that could happen today in our funeral procession, so you should decide today now today is the day decide to get your life together too late for Joe but is not too late for you husband wife left, got in her car to offended to go one further to the burial site on the way home he said was what ever see anything as manipulative and as insensitive to that poor family. I found that disgusting.

She said I don't.

I have to admit I've never heard anything like it either. It was a little manipulative and it was a little disgusting and insensitive. But you know what bothers me most. It was true.

It was all true. My commitment is to tell you the truth I will do that to my last day. All I ask in return. More importantly, all the Lord expects in return is that you give yourself to Jesus Christ. I mean, you personally trust him and invite him to invade take up residence and change your whole direction so that you become different than you have been all your previous years, and he will come and please bow with me just sit right there and be very still. Are you absolutely certain without a doubt without a question that the Lord Jesus Christ lives in your life because you have trusted him as your Savior. If you are not your future is frightening. Not only will you know a restlessness and an uneasiness about carrying on through the day that your living hello awaits you, it need not be your destiny. Trust in the Lord Jesus turned to him now believe in him at this moment since you were really small. You remember, Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so little ones to him belong there week, but he is strong, but I speak now to big ones.

Unfortunately, you've gotten strong and independent and you tend to go your own way you dare not do that. I warn you, trust in the Lord Jesus.

He who has the son SON has the life.

He who does not have the son of God does not have the life trusted if we can help you in that journey from earth to heaven.

That is why we are here not just a pack food for the hungry, not just to sing our songs to the needy or to visit those who can't come to church. Our desire is to touch your life with the gospel of Jesus Christ and have your life changed because you believe it come today believe today, our father, we find ourselves in an evangelical circle and it is easy in this hothouse to become indifferent to yawn our way through our lives. While bragging about a church we attend as possible to be living our lives without heaven is our destination. I pray that you would give a sense of restlessness and sleeplessness and uneasiness.

Those who have never trusted in Christ bring them by faith in your son Jesus might begin the work of transformation transferring their sin, for his righteousness commit each one who was lost to you. They may come to Christ in whose name I pray, and for his sake, everyone said amen. This is insight for living and please keep listening because we set aside several minutes at the close of today's program to your final comment from Chuck and learn more about this ministry. Please visit us is possibly been listening to this message from Chuck Swindoll with a strong sense of personal conviction. Maybe you're dealing with the truth in a manner that's never occurred to you before, and you're ready to take your next steps toward Jesus, will you find a variety of free resources on our website designed to help you. Just go to and then I like to point you to a resource that's been helpful to thousands of readers referring to Chuck's insightful book called finding God when the world's on fire were living in extraordinary times of uncertainty in our lifetime.

We've never witnessed this level of chaos not only in regard to the culture wars the global pandemic is change the course of history. This convergence of tragedies has caused many people to live in fear will in this book Chuck reminds us that God knows about our plight. Not only that, but God has provided a way to conquer fear with courage and hope it's the theme of this excellent book from our teacher called finding God when the world's on fire and you can purchase a copy right now by going to or by calling us if you're listening in the US dial 1-800-772-8888 okay okay I'm not one for long spells of nostalgia, but sometimes reflecting on the past is entirely healthy. In fact, it's biblical. Looking back, provides ample evidence of God's enduring faithfulness and that's what this season does for Cynthia and me on June 30 insight for living closes the books on another financial year, but more important than that.

The following day, July 1. We celebrate God's faithfulness to insight for living he's been with us every step of the way every week, every month of every year, surprising us beyond measure with twists and turns in the plot that he had planned for us every chapter in his book has been filled with evidence of his grace and his abundant provision and what began as one man's voice. Mine is now multiplied many times over with resources and ministries.

We never dreamed about. Back in 1979 you been part of our story to think about that you been listening and many times investing in this ministry and were so grateful and now as we reach another milestone, call on you to express your gratitude to God. Maybe for the first time or maybe once again all I need is for you to give a generous donation to insight. This is a place where you grow. Spiritual strength. Please make this an occasion to express your gratitude by giving so that others can hear inside for living issued.

Thanks so much and let me explain how you can respond today. The quickest and most convenient way to give is to click on the donate you can also speak with someone about getting a donation by calling us directly listening in the US dial 1-800-772-8888 or go online to insight.more Swindoll presents a comforting message about taking time to rest insight for living. The preceding message when Jesus turned up the heat is copyrighted in 2016 and 2021 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2021 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. all rights are reserved worldwide.

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