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Crucial Truths, Rarely Understood, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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March 3, 2021 7:05 am

Crucial Truths, Rarely Understood, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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March 3, 2021 7:05 am

The King's Arrival: A Study of Matthew 1‑7: A Signature Series

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When Jesus presented his famous sermon on the mountain.

It wasn't well received by everyone in his audience. The religious leaders of his day clung to their traditional practices as sacred Jesus seem to be proposing a break in the laws that define their status today on Insight for living Chuck Swindoll will help us understand that Jesus didn't come to abolish the law, but instead to fulfill and in his sermon, Jesus described a path to holiness that will transform anyone who's willing to follow. Chuck titled today's message. Crucial truths rarely understood our father. We do love your son, my Jesus, I love the know the Lord mind and for you all stupid follies of sin are resigned. A gracious Redeemer Savior Argyle. If ever we love you we love you now in the world is running in the wrong direction because it's lost its way. We love you now surrounded by those who look upon you with skepticism and doubt. We love you now with all the unknowns of the future and all the bad news we hear every evening and all of the threat against us as a people, as a country as Christians, we love you now. Right now deep in our love for you father so that nothing nothing ever weakens that love that nothing else captures our love and makes us wander away from you that nothing tempts us to turn away from your love. We love you now may that love make a major difference in the way we think and motives behind our actions in opinions and thoughts behind our words and the way we treat other people at the store on the street. Our neighbors strangers.

Thank you, dear father for your sovereign hand in our lives that the prophet writes that a woman can forget her nursing child so that she would walk away from the son of her womb, but you will not forget us.

You have inscribed us in the palm of your hands are ways continually before you, you have a way through the wilderness one sitting here today computers struggling feeling abandoned, lost our ways are continually before you, you have a way of taking words from page of Scripture and then drilling them home to our hearts.

May that happen today. Matt proved to be altogether insignificant in the process get me out of the way so your word can run and have free course as our hearts absorb what you have written me and make a difference in our wills soften our stubbornness break our pride and arrogance create within us father a clean heart pure of deception free of hypocrisy. Place your hand on those in difficult places. Those who represent us on the mission fields around the world around the world who serve you and places will never be, and speak to those will never meet. We pray that you give them strength to press on for those who walk into the face of the enemy literally never knowing that the next step will lead to give them courage give them hope surround their families with the reassurance that you were there as well as with them. Bring them safely home. Our father, we realize we could not earn a living.

If it weren't for the strength you give us. We wouldn't have the brains to carry out our job, we wouldn't have the discipline to get up in the morning.

Face what it requires we wouldn't make the wage that we make. We realize all of this works together that we might have the ability to give to your work. May our gifts be given with the right heart made to be handled with integrity as they are used for your glory in the name of Jesus whom we love.

We pray and we get everyone said amen study the book of Matthew Chuck Swindoll. Be sure to download is searching the Scriptures. Studies by going to Insight and now Chuck's message titled crucial truths rarely understood. So when we get into the servant and when we work our way through it.

We shouldn't be surprised that there have been critics, even early on in his ministry was that he's abolishing the law he stands against the prophets because he took on the scribes and Pharisees, so Jesus and the law. Verses 17 and 18. In case you think he's soft on the law. Look at verse 18. Truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is account for you and I were growing up we carry the King James Bible. Some of you may still that's fine in the old King James Bible. He called it a shot in the table. Remember, every jot and tittle will be will be fulfilled will be What jot and what to tell. I remember quoting the verse years earlier.

I never knew what that meant until I became exposed to someone teaching the truth, who explained jot and tittle allow me to do that turn back to Psalm 119.

Let's just let's just do it right.

Psalm 119 right in the middle of your Bible is the longest Psalm and it's an acrostic song is what I mean by that. It's in stands as of eight versus each all the way through to the end of the Psalm, and each of the stanzas begins with the same Hebrew letter and there are successive letters in the alphabet look for yourself. If you have a new American Standard Bible is uncaring today you will see not only the name of the letter but you will see the character itself.

Look at Psalm 119 verse one and look right above verse one. Your Bible may read Alice what's that that's the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. If you wonder what it looks like you have a new American Standard Bible look to the left and you'll see the little alley but on the verse nine second stanza late there's a me right there that's what the BN Hebrew looks like okay go to verse 17, eight, versus later next stanza Jim all the verses in this section 17 through 24. Start with 1 of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

The next letter. Verse 25 is Dolly now will keep this all the way through, but I want you to understand this takes you through the Hebrew alphabet. Alec-based gimbal doll in a well designed That the oath of name Nymex oh so sentient top all the way to the no show you the job.

Keep reading.

Go over to verse 73. I love this kind of teaching some you're going what time is he through so I for you, I apologize, but for the rest of you look look at you is the word translated jot in the King James Bible YODHOUN with your tongue between your teeth is not your owed its yield like you would say load say go with me. Go tell somebody at lunch you are little Hebrew now looks like' that's the smallest Hebrew letter and all the alphabet, not one you not even the verse but not one of the smallest letter, the smallest letter will pass away, not one you know him so you tittle look at velvet go back. We were there earlier. See verse 20 5J stay with me hold you place and go all the way to range that would be like our our here we go search for Ray verse 153.

Our look at it see the rush. See the dollar the race uses a little like a right angle little soft curve. The Dolly has a then it goes down that is the tittle it's a part of a letter. It distinguishes the dollar from the rush is about Scripture.

How important is it that we take Scripture literally.

He protects right down to you in the tip.

God cares so much about his word that not even the smallest letter of any part of the word of any verse of Scripture of any book of the Bible will pass away. Right down to the very stroke that distinguishes the dollar from now you back to Matthew chapter 5 my master something no answer out loud. Did you know that probably you didn't and you know what that's okay.

But now that you know what you're beginning to see what I mean when I say by attending a church that teaches the Bible not just the gospel story, but the Bible you get into the details that begin to make sense and if a yoga table will make sense. Think of the difference it will make you understand the sermon on the Mount and how it can impact your luck suddenly is not just a section of Scripture you put in the coffee table Bible and say we believe all of it. No, this is true, to live by diversity I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished which Jesus often the Scriptures, not about believers 18 known on your life. I will change one thing I will remove one part of one letter of one verse you're surrounded by those who teach otherwise I will not do that.

I believed you would to the true, the word is true. Now the Christian and the laws 19 and 20 move their whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven never doubted there are those who do that. There are there are those who are in various cults and different kinds of churches that will cause you to question your faith they will weaken your trust in the Scriptures. They spend their time picking and choosing at those places that they called contradictions which are not that at all, but because that is true. There is a there is a desire to weaken your confidence in the word, never doubted every generation. The watershed issue is the word of God have nothing to do with any church or any kind of teaching that diminishes the word of God say away from run from it move toward those who, wherever they may be in whoever they may be, who take the Scripture literally and teach the Scriptures carefully accurately clearly practically, so that when you have finished with the message you go. I got something I could to go with me.

This makes sense. So the next verse, for I say to you, unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom it wasn't me. You gotta think about that. What is it mean to surpass the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees may give you a little bit of help. Think of the words go beyond or goes deeper or comes from within, not without to the scribes and Pharisees taught an external righteousness. So the way Dwight Pentecost describes it, scribes and Pharisees had interpreted the law of God to apply only to outward acts never to the thoughts that produce the act.

They said it was wrong to murder but they said nothing about the hate that produces murder. They said it was wrong to commit adultery but nothing about the lost that produces adultery. They said it was wrong to steal but they said nothing about the covetousness which leads to stealing as long as you were not caught in some act, you are righteous in the side of the Pharisee and Jesus is not on. You gotta go beyond that, I'm going to talk and he does as the sermon unfolds. I'm in a talk about the covetousness of your own heart. I'm going to talk about the lost dwells. There that causes you to look at the opposite sex with adultery in mind is not the act of adultery that leads to the problem. It's the thought that leads to the and Jesus goes right back to the thought that a righteousness that goes beyond the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisee you have proud those people were of their own traditional teaching.

There was a saying among the Jews in the first century of only two people go to heaven. One will be ascribed in the other affairs really Jesus says neither. Why do you think they nailed into across because the majority were led by the traditionalists. Get rid of him. He is exposing the evil of our lives. Those who don't want to be expose get rid of the one who does have covered only for verses but I want to apply them because II think they're worth remembering and carrying with us about three thoughts. I want to share with one is for verses 17 of 18 nether from verse 19 on the third from verse 20 is the first based on 17 through 18. I respect for the Scriptures must be absolute not almost I respect for the Scriptures must be absolute not almost say what tech is pretty narrow. I know let's say you were going into surgery and just before you were under the influence of the anesthesia. The doctor says to you, I just want you to know that that my gloves are almost sterile, and I have a video I why is all know what you are really thirsty and I brought you a jug of water.

Full gallon and I say to you, there's only one drop of poison, go right ahead and break up you wouldn't put that container to your mouth, one drop because it's almost pure. Be very careful. Men and women about picking and choosing your way through the Scriptures. Be very careful before you exit out some things that are pretty convicting for you what you need to ask out as the sin of your own life.

God's word speaks for itself and speaks with absolute authority. I want to tell you when I read something here that rebukes me. I've learned don't fight it, address it deals with the power of the spirit of God. Let that be taking care of in your life. So our respect for, the Scriptures must be absolute.

Verse 19. Here's a second our obedience to the Scripture should be total not partial before you're tempted to compromise.

Remember the principle our obedience to the Scriptures should be total not partial to get downright specific. Okay Scripture says don't be unequally yoked. And let's say you're not married. Let's say you are attracted to this individual who is not a believer in the Scripture says don't yoke yourself up with, don't marry someone who is an unbeliever, don't go there. Don't do that either you will obey that or you are led by your emotions you fall in love and you marry, say, well, you know, God's got a great deal understand way way over it no cheaper and grace to apologize for your sinful decision. Grace was never meant to give you a pass through things that are little bit uncomfortable for you or little bit exacting to make a decision that you go to obey Scripture and obey Scripture regarding its compromise that leads to corruption, cares about the John Tittle cares about the details. Here's the third.

Our commitment to a scriptural lifestyle is to be in word and deed, not external and superficial.

Our commitment to a scriptural lifestyle is to be inward in deep, not external and superficial. I'm not to conduct myself in a way that I impress you. That's not my goal. My goal is not to tell you what you want to hear. I do that because I want to please people stop doing that I used to do that. As you've noticed, I don't do that anymore. I decided that's external that's designed to make you think well of me, I'd rather you not like me at all and be reproved by the truth of Scripture than to like me and let me help you compromise my lifestyles to be marked by what's on the inside is not have a look study Manella sound. It's how I think it's the hidden motive of my heart, so missed in Psalm 139 search me oh God, and know my heart try me and know my thoughts get that part thoughts.

See if there be any wicked way in me and leave me into the way everlasting. Let's do that. We balconies just for a moment right there you stay right there. I think the prophet writes though your sins be as scarlet, they will be white as snow.

The beauty of the of the cross of Christ is that it's able to change a dark heart heart given to selfishness, arrogance, lost covetousness, pride, similar wash clean through the blood of Christ. So if you've never met Christ. This is the promise believe in him, you will have eternal life. It's nothing you do that urgent way in is what you believe about the death and resurrection of Christ something in your life that is displeasing to the Lord. Only you know but if you spoken to you today in any special way is a great moment to let them search you and change you may even be a need to apologize for those you been offending making things right with those you have done wrong by it's a great time to relieve yourself of any garage and forgiven just forgiven Florida the these are these are great truths and not much. I did a great job of explaining them and I pray that you will take these halting words and that you will help people on line then unravel them so they see the value of your word may believe impressed with your word maybe want to follow Jesus closer, not some preacher made me long for the good word of God, not just an exciting event or a few outward actions, cleanest Lord, purify thoughts lead us in the right direction. I pray this in the name everyone's a man. Jesus made it clear that he was entirely unimpressed with the legalistic performance of the Pharisees. He cares much more about the condition of our hearts than the legalistic rules were prone to follow your listening to Insight for living and to learn more about this ministry. Visit us we're moving forward through Matthew chapters 5, six and seven and are Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll refers to these chapters is Jesus sermon of all sermons as you're ready to learn more. We invite you to request Chuck's book on the topic. It's called simple faith. People tend to complicate what it means to follow Jesus in the process. Some of muddied up his clear teaching they've added extra ideas to do little more than make our minds spin with self-imposed expectations. While in this classic book called simple faith job focuses on the sermon. Jesus delivered our Lord made it very clear that we can easily replace hypocritical performance-based religion with a far better joy based kingdom living to purchase a copy of simple faith because if you're listening in the US dial 1-800-772-8888 or using your mobile device or computer go directly to Insight for living ministries is a nonprofit organization made possible not by the purchase of study tools but through the voluntary gifts of grateful friends to help us continue providing these daily programs and all the collateral resources give a donation right now. When you go online to when you give a donation.

Your gift is channeled directly into supplying this daily program so people here at home and around the world will know the power of simple faith, we have ample evidence through thousands of phone calls, letters and emails that your gifts are truly making a difference. Again, you can give a generous gift today when you call listening in the US dial 1-800-772-8880 or give online insight.join us again Thursday or Chuck Swindoll and insight for living. The preceding message.

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