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Dealing with Deceivers, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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June 30, 2020 7:05 am

Dealing with Deceivers, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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June 30, 2020 7:05 am

Living Right in a Wrong World

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Hello this is Dave Speicher reminding you that tonight June 30 at midnight Insight for living will close the books on another ministry year to give a much-needed donation before the deadline. Go to today. Chuck Swindoll talks about living right and a wrong world. About half of our country believe in extrasensory perception more than 1/3 believe in 1/4 believe in reincarnation. People are starving, spiritually yet what they're picking up to eat is the spiritual equivalent of a Twinkie there filling up on spiritual junk food when what they really need is the plane nourishing bread of the gospel of Jesus Christ pretreated by false teachers is a real and present danger. So how do we differentiate the fake from the real, how do we taste the difference between junk food and nutritional meal times when most people are starving relationship with God, but few people truly understand how to feast at the banquet table of the true today on Insight for living.

Chuck Swindoll concludes a discerning message about dealing with deceiver. It's based on our study. In first John series called living right and a wrong world you talk to someone about Christ and they say, why go to such and such a church that tells you nothing about their faith in Christ you talk to individuals about their faith and they refer to how long they have been in that church or what their grandfather did with her dad is a preacher tells you nothing about their relationship to Christ. A person individually must know Christ personally and these people, they never have never truly trusted in Christ for thing we would say is that they prey on the unsuspecting. They prey on the unsuspecting. They went out from us, but they were not a part of us had they been a part of us. They would remain with us, but they are not there� So all are not of us will I mean by unsuspecting I mean those who lack biblical knowledge genuine believers see them, but in verse 20, but unlike the heretics unlike the people who have embraced Orthodox faith, but you have an anointing from the holy one. You have the spirit of God. Why does he mention this because the spirit of God is the spirit of truth John 1613 the spirit of truth will calm and he will guide you into all truth. The second thing to say about genuine believers. You have the capacity to know the truth back to verse 20 verse 21 you have an anointing from the holy one, and you all will genuine believers are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and they understand the true, the first thing I would add, according to verse 21 is your your enabled with discernment. You're given discernment. I've not written to you because you do not know the truth but because you do know and because no lie is true that you found yourself at times. Listening to someone or maybe it's on television watching the person and thinking how could anybody believe in you look at and the places just with people you anywhere where they coming from.

Don't they realize now let me show you the real reality, the nature and the results of heresy and explained here from the Scriptures. Verses 22 and 23. The nature and the results of heresy. 22.

Who is the liar who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ. That is the antichrist.

First John four verse three that is the spirit of antichrist. He denies the father and son John tells it straight. The one who is in error denies that Jesus is the true Messiah, the son of God, come in flesh specifically is a denial of the deity and the incarnation of Christ, a denial of the deity and incarnation of Christ running by incarnation when God became man. Jesus was God.

God with flash God in human form, the deceivers say about Jesus. Well, they say things like he was a good man somebody would say a prophet invested for period of time, albeit temporarily as a member of the Godhead and and he had powers.

Yes, it yet.

They will deny that he is the eternal son that he is one of the same with the one who came as the one who had been before. Jesus has always been deity.

Deity. Before he became the baby in the manger deity while a baby and a young man, and finally crucified deity when he is ascended still deity. We will call eternal coexistent with the father. That's true, and what it boils down to truth, it comes down to the person of Christ. Satan would encourage you not to believe such nonsense. I could God be man and not be corrupted with the same nature as man secret is the virgin birth. That's why those doctrines are important God to handle that beautifully. By preserving the coming of his son any sin buried in the virgin birth of the perfect Lamb of God, without spot. Not only is the message of the deceiver defective. It is diabolical. Verse 23 goes on.

Whoever denies the sun does not have the father, the one who confesses the son has the father never's 23 says they deny the sun and therefore denying the sun's rightful role there would be the denial of any relationship with the father married you not to be too diplomatic marriage of against political correctness when it comes to the person of Jesus. Don't get sucked into the culture stay specific. John Stott put it like this. Christian theology is anchored not only to certain historical events culminating in the saving a career of Jesus but to the authoritative apostolic witness to these events. In other words, not just the life of Jesus, but the recording of the apostle Jesus lived the life and the life that he lived qualified him for the death that he died the death that he died qualifies us for the life that he lived and we learn of it in the letters of the New Testament and the other gospels as well so it is anchored in the apostolic witness of these.

He continues the Christian can never weigh anchor and launch out into the deep of speculative thought, nor can we forsake the primitive teaching of the apostles for the subsequent traditions of men. Stott is exactly right. That's what he's teach us what John is teaching here. I noticed the turn comes at verse 24 is for you and that again verse 27. As for you see the connectives.

As for you, this is for the believers reading John's letter is for you. Let that abide in you, which you heard from the beginning.

Now he's providing us with safeguard. How can I be guarded against the message of the of the adversary. How can I keep from being deceived. Number one. Stay with the truth of holy Scripture as he puts it, that which you heard from the beginning.

If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you will abide in the sun and you will abide with father stay there abide in it.

Don't be lured from it.

I had a medical doctor stop me after the first morning service today tell me that he had a patient that was facing some pretty severe of pretty severe future and he said to her very carefully and tactfully, may I met Matt pray with you she said yes to, so it isn't in the name of Christ sauce and what to do. He said while I wish her well, and I didn't pray as I pray through Christ to God, he cares about her, but not to the point of leaving her astray so sure that's fine dear mentioned a name that would be offensive. Sorry no I'm not sorry speak of Christ personally and directly if he abides in you word abides in you, you will abide in the sun. Father stay with the truth of holy Scripture. Not everyone does popular author and television personality Wayne W. Dyer want you to believe another message I quote from his lecture he tells us that glowing celestial light is within you and you are to let you and you are to know the wonder of having your sacred self tryout over the demands of the ego self which wants more than anything to hold you back. Worse, Christ Irwin lutes or Pastor Moody church says contemporary spirituality defines God as an equal opportunity employer. The universal source of energy, waiting to be tapped by all of us what we believe is not important. The challenge is to understand ourselves in light of this higher power already within us.

If we need forgiveness, we must simply granted to ourselves.

We have broken the commands of no personal God. Since there is no God to offend. There is no God's forgiveness. We must seek the craze of self-satisfaction by self-knowledge is all around us.

Watch out for be sucked in by the so he says the safeguard is the word of God and second to rely on what the Holy Spirit teaches you. This is the promise that he himself made to us eternal life you have here you have, what would you please look at first John 511 and 12. First John five. Probably the clearest verses on the gospel in the New Testament the testimony is this that God has given us eternal life. This life is in his son watch closely. He who has the son has the life. He who does not have the son of God does not have the life you see man that is narrow rye when I go to the airport and has the go will win.

The flight leaves. She says why do you feel about it. I know what is the flight leave all you know if you like it. Believe it, 12, 15, maybe around then or 130 are what you brought him to lunch so about 2 o'clock. Tell me the time the flight you go up to him.

They say it leaves at 1:27 PM, what if I'm not there. Get the next flight.

Buster, you missed the flight will that's pretty narrow good night work on airline is wise and narrow. It's right or you missed the flight there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof are the ways of right Solomon, the why this is the promise. Back to first John two verse 25 he himself made eternal life by the way, no one else can offer that no one else these things are written to you concerning those who are trying to deceive you.

As for you, he says again the anointing which you received from him abides in you and you have no need for anyone to teach you, but his anointing teaches you about all things and is true is not a lie just as it has taught he is taught you, you abide in him is that rely on what the Spirit of God teaches you and what it says you have no need that anyone teaching it it it isn't decrying the importance of human teachers is you saying you have the capacity to grasp it, whatever it is you have the capacity you want a lot of help from the culture culture around.

I think one of Charles Colson's best book is a dance with deception, though it's not that well known by the general public. Unfortunately in a dance with deception. He writes about half of our country believe in extrasensory perception more than 1/3 believe in mental telepathy. 1/4 of all Americans believe in astrology 1/4 believe in reincarnation. Vast numbers of Americans accept certain New Age beliefs and practices, and 1/5 of our country say they have been in touch with the dead one testimony he writes to the sorry state of America's spiritual condition.

People are starving spiritually. Yet what they're picking up to eat is the spiritual equivalent of a Twinkie there filling up on spiritual junk food when what they really need is the plane nourishing bread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So how do I walk in tryout since I'm surrounded by a world that's lost its way. Three simple statements I leave with you first renew your commitment to the word of God, renew your commitment to the word of God. Don't let the sun set on any day without spending some time on your own. Reading the Scriptures renew that commitment to the word think of it as filling your tank with gas so that you're able to run your course without running out running dry. Renew your commitment to the word about it'll give you direction from decisions you must make you'll find hope in its promises and stories and become more eloquent to you than anything else you hear renew your commitment to the Scriptures second stand firm in your convictions. Stand firm in your convictions and believe me you will stand out in most groups. If you have conviction, be ready to give an answer and don't be shy about, be gracious, but don't be shy. Speak your mind. Tell the truth stand up and be heard. Third, stay focused on Christ. Think of it as a laser beam. Let your mind like a laser dwell on Christ make Christ your specialty exam in his life emulate his methods.

Rest in him. Think about him daily. Ask yourself what would my Savior do with you were right here in this circumstance specialty Christ this past week. Cynthia and I had a reason to visit with the physician regarding thyroid little difficulty. She was facing and we were concerned about this module and she checked out all the possibilities and she found an individual who not only as an endocrinologist, but he specializes in the thyroid is hold practice is a thyroid right here so when ox met him. He came in and we were there areas get rated the procedure and and see you. You work with the thyroid pieces I do like what else do you do nothing you like teach on the thought teach on the thigh really you do research I do on the thyroid like about other no is that you do certain no surgery. I do thyroid pieces, weird, and it doesn't matter of fact, no I love. I wish you majored in nodules thyroid like this. In fact, he does like looking through a toilet paper roll. There's just nodules, thyroid. She's right.

He called us after the exam and said everything's great.

You know what I don't even question why is he does not mess around with working on cars on the weekend. Reason roses not doing psychology on the side thyroid thyroid. What about like that because she's got a problem with the thyroid and I want to know how that thyroid great great uneven question. I didn't say are you sure you kidding I do thyroid's you do Christ, you do Christ that your specialty. He's our master keys RC there's not another. There's no other way to know God. Apart from Christ. Makes it so simple. So what is a culture to around they offer 45 different opportunities. Aside from Christ, all of which are wrong because they don't know anything about Christ which together. This is no time to dance with deception. This is no time to feel good. This is a time to think straight or salvation and no other, only the name of Jesus can give you eternal life broad is the gate that leads to destruction narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life. Christ. Christ never trusted him as your room Savior. What a perfect opportunity. You can join us in the specialty would love to have you part of the ranks, but I can't promise you everything is going to turn out fabulous. I can't assure you that you cannot have every prayer answered yes. But I will tell you, you will have a God who will never leave you never abandon you never deceive you. There's a voice you can trust these things are written that you might have eternal life. You've come to Christ today would love to hear from you. That's why were in existence connect with us say I just come to Christ and I need to know what to do now take it from there. Thank you father for your son we love you and we serve. We believe in him we stand alongside the rest are eternity, we it's even in his name. The name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray everybody's a man as Chuck Swindoll mentioned if you've come to Christ today would love to hear from you.

You can connect with us here at Insight for living by calling us if you're listening in the United States dial 1-800-772-8888 or by going to inside we take delight when God uses this ministry to bring someone into his family.

Not long ago someone left a message that said Chuck as a teenager I gave my life to Christ while listening to your message. I was driving home from my job. I pulled my car over to the side of the road and prayed along with you. You have been a trusted friend in my walk with Jesus well is for this very reason Insight for living exists even when the message feels countercultural, even when the truth of God's word feels politically incorrect. We are committed to presenting the unfiltered teaching of the Bible. So men and women can cultivate an authentic relationship with their Creator as one who financially gives to this nonprofit ministry you're playing a significant role in making the spiritual moments occur.

Chuck often reminds us that we couldn't possibly accomplish our mission. Without you Insight for living ministries represents a true partnership and were doing this together. Chuck thank you Dave, how can it be that Cynthia and I've been isolated for several weeks on in. But it never felt more intimate relationship with our listening family. It's really true.

Most mornings long before the sun rises.

Cynthia denies sent in our family room over on our back porch just quietly talking together and our fondness toward listeners like you is often the subject how all that God would use these isolated moments hunkered down in our respective caves to draw us together with a stronger sense of unity than we've ever known before.

We are truly in this pandemic together. Maybe his isolation in the cave inspired David to say of his Lord for you God are my hiding place. You protect me from trouble you surround me with songs of victory as we shelter in place. Let's remember we are not alone. First, our faithful Lord is never absent for many of us. Let's hide our souls in him. Second, though the miles may separate you and me. We are never apart in third of this be absolutely certain Insight for living is right here for you just as you were there for us. We have a critical deadline coming on June 30 is the day we close our financial books on another year of ministry and let me assure you this isn't an arbitrary date next year's ministry hangs in the balance as we wait on God's people to financially supply what we need in order to continue. I know many people are struggling financially right now Insight for living ministries is also struggling in a serious way as well. Please as you were able send a generous donation and do that today. Your gift is urgently needed to touch men and women who are isolated in God's hiding place. They desperately need to hear the life-giving songs of victory. You can be the one to help make that possible. Cannot count on you to respond today. I believe I can and let me give you several different ways to respond to Chuck Swindoll.

Some find it easy to simply pick up the phone and give us a call if you're listening in the United States are numbers 1-800-772-8888. To be clear insight for living will close the books on another ministry year at midnight tonight so please call right now listening in the United States dial 1-800-772-8888. You can also use our convenient mobile app to get by clicking on the heart, but then to give a donation online visit insight.Swindoll describes our Lord's return on insight for living.

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