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Our Position in Christ - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 22, 2024 12:00 am

Our Position in Christ - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 22, 2024 12:00 am

Are you saved, but feel like the Christian life “isn’t working” somehow?


Welcome to this weekend's In Touch Podcast with Charles Stanley. Do you find it's a struggle to maintain a Christian walk? Our study of Colossians continues today with a powerful reminder from Chapter 3 about our position in Christ. But you'll understand your privileges and you'll understand the power that is within you and available to you. And you're also going to understand, I believe, why God has so prepared you to live victoriously, but on the other hand, why we're so often defeated in our Christian life.

Now, I want you to jot down this word first of all. We're talking about our relationship to Him, our position with Him, that is, our relationship with Him. And the first word is crucified. That is, the Bible says, first of all, that you and I have been crucified with Him, or as He says in Chapter 3 of Colossians, verse 1, that we died with Him. And verse 2, listen to this if you will. If then you've been raised up with Christ, why are we raised up? Because first of all, we died.

He says, keep seeking the things above. Now, He says in verse 3, for you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Now, in this verse, the Bible says that you now have died. That is, not only are we living, but we've also died. Now, how did all that take place?

This is the way it took place. When Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross, He was crucified. He died on the cross for your sin and mine. On the other side of that cross was every single believer. While Jesus was dying for sin, every single one of us was dying to sin. So the Bible says, and Paul said, when He died, He says, I died. He died for sin.

He says, I died to sin. So that every single believer in the mind of God has been identified, related to, placed into the crucifixion of Jesus Christ so that in the mind of God, when He died, every single believer's life was put on that cross. And the old sin nature of every single believer, past, present, and future, was placed on the cross.

Therefore, Paul can say, when He died, every single one of us was crucified. Because it is the old sin nature, not just a sin, but the old sinful nature ruling and dominating and governing and guiding the unbeliever. But the Bible says, you and I have been crucified to that. Inside of you, that ruling principle, that is that old sinful nature, which was in you, God had to deal with not only your sins, but your sin nature. Therefore, it wasn't enough for Him to take your sin. He had to take your old life. So that on the cross, not only were your S-I-N-S, but your old sinful nature, your life was there on the cross with Him. And therefore, he says, when He died, we died. You say, but how in the world can I be alive today like I am?

And that happened 2,000 years ago. Because in the mind of God, He identifies you. He, listen, He so closely relates you to the death of His Son that your death on the cross and the death of His Son are inseparable. Listen to this, inseparable events in the mind of God.

You cannot separate them. When Jesus died, we died. What is it that died? Our old sin nature.

Why did it die? In order that you and I would no longer be bound by, imprisoned by, governed by, dictated by, destroyed by an old sinful nature. God destroyed that and that's why He says He gave us a new spirit. He gave us a new heart. And that's why the Bible says you and I were born again into a new life. He says, therefore, if any person be in Christ on the cross with Him, He is a new creation. Old things have passed away.

What's passed away? The old sin nature. And now you and I are brand new persons. We are new creations in Christ Jesus. That's why the Bible says that Jesus Christ is indwelling us. We are in Him.

He is in us. And you are not what you used to be. Once you receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you can't ever be what you were because what you were was nailed to the cross inseparably in the death of Jesus Christ.

Now watch this. What God did in identifying us with His burial, not only crucifying us to our old sinful nature, but now placing us into the person of Jesus Christ. And the Bible says when we were resurrected from the grave with Him, we came out, the Bible says, in newness of life. So then in the burial, there is the picture of our being placed into Christ Jesus. And now He says something has happened.

Now remember, we're putting these in the sequence of events of something that happened faster than you can bat in your eye. He says, first of all, we're identified with His death. Secondly, we're identified with His burial. Thirdly, we're identified with His resurrection. Look, if you will, in verse 1 of chapter 3. Since then, you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above where Christ is seated, the right hand of God.

Go back again to chapter 2 and notice, if you will, in verse 12 again. Having been buried with Him in baptism in which you were also raised up with Him, how? Raised up with Him through faith in the working of God who raised Him from the dead. Now, raised up to what? That is, He says, identified His resurrection, raised up to what?

Raised up, my friend, to a brand new life. He says, you and I have been resurrected to walk in newness of life. Now look, He says, first of all, we were identified with His what? His death. Secondly, His what? His burial.

Thirdly, His what? Resurrection. Now, notice what He says in this passage. He says, if then you've been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Where is Christ? Seated at the right hand of God. Go back to Ephesians for just a moment.

Now, I want you to stay with me because you're thinking, how can this be? All right, Ephesians chapter 2 verse 6. Listen to what He says. He says, He raised us up, verse 6, with Him that is with Christ and did what?

Seated us with Him in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Is that a contradiction or is it that God, listen, does God see something you and I do not see? Does He know something we don't know? Listen, if He knows something I don't know, I want to know it. Amen?

If He sees something I don't see, I want to see what it is, especially if it has to do with my relationship to Him and His relationship to me. And He says that when He died, we died. When He was buried, we were buried. When He arose, we arose. And when He sat down, we sat down.

Now, what is this that sat down? Because I'm walking around. The Bible says I'm seated, but I say I'm walking around. God says you're seated.

My physical body is walking around, but my spiritual life is seated in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus. Where does God view us? God views every single believer with their feet on the ground, but their real life is in the heavenlies, seated with Him in heavenly places. Now, what in the world does that imply and what does it say to us? Well, first of all, it says that we are seated with Him in heavenly places. You say, but I'm still seated down here, but do you want God's viewpoint? God says He sees you seated in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus with Him.

That is our relationship. How did He do that? He identified us with Him. Now, think about this. Are you saved?

Yeah. How did you get saved? Put your trust in Him. How did that work? He died for me and you placed your trust in Him.

Well, how did that work? You see, there is a point at which you cannot understand why God loves you so much. There's a point at which you cannot understand all that is behind God's plan. That's why He gave us the Bible, His instruction book to tell us how to live and encourage our heart and remind us of who we are, where we are and God's attitude. Listen, we are talking about God's viewpoint, which He sees not in sequence of time, but in one split second, that you and I have been seated in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus.

And the Bible says that He is seated at the Father's right hand. Now, what does that say? It says that something's finished. Listen, when Jesus sat down, brother, you better believe it was finished.

The Bible says that Jesus said on the cross, it is finished. What was finished? God's redemptive plan was complete. Now, what made it complete?

Here's what made it complete. On the cross, Jesus was crucified in behalf of your sin. He was the sin bearer bearing all of your sin. On the other side of that cross, there you were crucified.

You too likewise died. That's what made it complete. If you hadn't been on the other side of the cross, it wouldn't have been complete because, listen, it's one thing to save my spirit, my soul.

What about my life? And in order for my life to be saved, I had to die to the old life and have a brand new life, born into a brand new life, which is the life of Christ living within us. When Jesus died on the cross, the Bible says that the work was all finished. Not only did He die, but we died, and therefore He sat down God's great, eternal, redemptive plan beyond man's comprehension was completed once and for all.

Settled, completed, finished, He sat down. Because you and I were identified in His death, identified in His burial, identified in His resurrection, likewise we're identified in His being seated at the right hand of God. That's where your life is.

That's where you are. We, listen, we are pilgrims and foreigners in this land. Our citizenship is not here, but it is in heaven. We have a citizenship as an American citizen here, but let me tell you something.

Your citizenship in mind is in a place that will always be, forever and ever and ever, and that is in heaven. So He says we're identified in His being seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Now, He says something else.

Look if you will. Verse, chapter three, verse one. If then or since then you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth, for you have died, we agreed with that, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

My life is what? My life is hidden. Notice He didn't say hidden in the world, but hidden with Christ where?

In God. Well, there are four words that come to mind when we think about hiding something. The first word is secrecy. Well, what's so secret about being a Christian? There is something secret about being a Christian, at least it's a secret to the world.

They don't understand it. Remember the Bible says that when you are placed into Christ, that when you receive the Lord Jesus Christ, you have it all. He says you have been made complete in Him. Now, here is the secrecy every believer experiences, but the world can't figure it out.

That's what makes it a secret. That you and I are secretly nourished. That is every moment and every day of our life, the one who lives inside of you, who is the person of Jesus Christ is what?

Continuously providing for you, continuously nourishing you, continuously doing whatever is necessary to make your life what God wants it to be. That's why you can face all kinds of difficulty, hardship, trials, tribulations, heartaches, burdens, disappointments, and all the rest. You can keep on and on and on going and the world says, how did you face that?

How could you overcome that temptation? They don't understand us. That's why sometimes the world wars against the church. They don't understand where we are coming from.

The truth is we have a relationship in which we are secretly. That means it's blinded to the world. That is, it's still veiled to the world. The shades down on it, they can't understand it. They don't understand why we live the way we live, how we live the way we live, because we are nourished not from without as the world does. You see, the world's got to have this, that, and the other in order to make them happy and successful. And they still don't have any of that. You and I don't have to have any of that because, you see, the source of our satisfaction, the source of our peace, the source of our power, the source of our contentment, the source of our joy, the source of our success is not in the world, but in Christ, and where is He?

But in us. So the first word is secrecy. The second word is security. I want you to think about this. The Bible says that when you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, the Holy Spirit sealed you into the day of redemption. Secondly, that you've been identified with Christ in His crucifixion, in His burial, that as you died to your old sinful nature, you were buried with Him, you rose with His nature, His life within you, that you had been seated at the Father's right hand, which is the place of great sovereign authority. Now the Bible says you have been hidden away in Christ in God. Look at these two phrases.

They're absolutely phenomenal. Listen, verse 3, you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Now let me ask you a question. How in the world can you have been crucified to your old nature, buried in Christ Jesus, rising to walk in newness of life because you have a new heart, a new spirit, a new nature, a new life, a new destiny, a new home, and now you're seated at the right hand of God. That is, God sees you seated at the right hand of the Father with the Lord Jesus Christ. He also sees you hidden away with Him.

That is, speaking of your security in Him. Let me ask you a question. Who's going into heaven and eject you from your seat, seated with the Lord Jesus Christ, and who's going to find you and unwrap you with the wrappings of Jesus and the wrappings of God? Who's going to do it and send you to hell?

Nobody. Because once you're a child of God, you can't go to hell. We're talking about God's viewpoint. You see, the truth is it doesn't add up. The reason it doesn't add up is because it's not true. I want God to free you from the harassment of Satan telling you, oh, you're saved, but if you don't watch that, you're going to hell.

No possibility of it. But listen to what he says. Not only is the word secrecy there in the word hidden and the word security, but the word separation. I want you to get this. I love this.

When I think about this, my heart just wants to soar. Listen to this. When you and I are hidden in Christ, we are separated. That is, our spirit, the real you, is separated from this whole world. Do you realize that you are the, listen, you are the exclusive possession of Jesus? Nobody can own you but him because he bought you with the price of his own blood. Now, my friend, if he is your protector, has anybody going to eject you out of your heavenly seat? Has anybody going to send you to hell when you're the exclusive possession of Jesus Christ? Did Jesus not say, my sheep hear my voice, I know them not, and they follow me, and I give unto them eternal life, and they shall never perish? Neither shall anyone pluck them out of my hand.

Why? Seated and sealed and covered forever in the grace of God. Well, the word separation, but then the last word is satisfaction. Listen, Jesus Christ is your life. You're wrapped up in him. He's wrapped up in you. There is going to be satisfaction.

What do these next verses say? Don't set your affection on the things of the world. What? They don't satisfy. They, listen, the world can't give you any security, and the world can't satisfy.

Where is the only real security? In Jesus. Who's the only one who can give you satisfaction?

Jesus. Proof of that is people who go from one marriage partner to one, two, three, four, five, six, seven times they get married, more and more and more and more and more and more money, higher and higher and higher on the scale and their job, still looking, still searching, still trying to find fulfillment. I want to tell you, you don't have to climb anything to get Jesus. And my friend, if you're willing to humble yourself before the Lord Jesus Christ, all the satisfaction you'll ever want in life is yours as a gift.

It isn't something you have to work up. It is the gift of God. Now here's what I want you to see. You don't have to have some strange, indescribable, mystical kind of experience to begin a radical change in your Christian life.

It's this simple. There is the truth. I choose to believe the truth. Beginning at this moment, I choose to act on the truth of the Word of God, which is the unveiled revelation of truth from God Himself. I choose to begin to live on the truth. You know what that means? Beginning today, your Christian life can be radically revolutionized.

How? It is an act of faith. I choose to believe the testimony of Scripture. I choose to act on that beginning today in my relationship to God, to Christ, to the Holy Spirit, to myself, to others, to my family, to my friends, to my enemies. Because wherever I am, there He is, inseparable relationship.

That is a glorious position in Him. Amen? Thank you for listening to Our Position in Christ. If you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley or In Touch Ministries, stop by This podcast is a presentation of In Touch Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia.
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