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How to Reach Your Goals - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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July 30, 2022 12:00 am

How to Reach Your Goals - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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July 30, 2022 12:00 am

If you want to experience success God's way, it's key to know how to achieve your goals.

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Welcome to this weekend intensified The tile family to know your Bible story contains powerful principles for life today. Stay with us for practical lesson on think that God, if I were to draw a line and say to you if you step over this line. Your life will be better. Beginning today that you believe that you start with step over the line.

If you believe that somehow your life your future those goals that you have for your life could possibly be accomplished if you step over that line more than likely, you certainly would step over the line but what I want to say to you is this, I'm drawing a line today and if you will step over this line from where you are in the principles that I want to share in this message. Your life will be better.

Those goals that you have been hoping for, dreaming about those goals that are solid, maybe hazy and foggy. If you want to step across this land of these principles.

I believe without a doubt, your life will be better and so one should look if you will, in the verse 24 of first Samuel 17 now the title of this message is how to reach our goal just will only remember every single principal necessary to reaching your goals in life are all found in this one encounter of David facing Goliath and someone encourage you to get a pencil or pen and a piece of paper and jot these down because of drawing a line and if you will take note of these principles and apply them to your life, your life will not be the same.

You will be able to accomplish things in your life and maybe up until this point, you never dreamed you could achieve. So listen what's happening. Verse 24, but all the men of Israel saw the man they fled from him and were greatly afraid and the men of Israel said, speaking to David, have you seen this man who is coming up. Surely he's coming up to the fire through and it will be that the king will enrich the man who killed him with great riches and will give him his daughter and make his father's house, for in this role, which means they were no longer had to serve as slaves and likewise they would have to pay taxes. Then David spoke to the man who were standing by him say now what will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel but who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taught that is Mark and insult the armies of the living God. And so David here's C's and now understands what this is all about. And so with that in mind, let's ask the question, what are the steps that will help me reach those goals and God's help me to set in life will number one I want you to jot these down. I'm going to start them all over the sea so you have one for each finger so you will not forget. There are 10 of them and the first one is something that is very simple but extremely important is the foundation. The first one is a clear picture when David came upon the scene and he heard Goliath beginning to challenge the nation of Israel again and listen to what these other soldiers were saying he got a very clear picture of what the issue was and that is that the nation of initials being challenge the very God of visuals being challenged.

The king was being challenged and the armies of this role being verified by one John so the goal was very clear to David that is kill Goliath, very simple, very plain. His goal was crystal clear in his mind. Now, if you set a goal for your life or set goals that have different time limits on their foggy if there hazy if they're cloudy if they're not certain. And if you can't write it down.

It's not clear enough. David had a very clear goal and that's why he accomplished it so so simply hear the second step is this that is a consuming desire to accomplish her goal you say what you mean by consuming desire well, I simply made this the degree of that commitment will be evidenced by the sense of real motivation and urgency and passion and enthusiasm and excitement we have about reaching that goal.

If you had set a goal. For example, two years ago and that you are going to let's say Switzerland or someplace like that and you will be there for a month and you are just going to be able to enjoy yourself an incentive to mimic and you sent that go for two years and everything was is falling in place, would you say I'm going to Switzerland. I hope you have a good time certainly desired to go many places know you. Besides that you still in Tehran on the limit. Tehran going to art as I got the maps I got all these things and they was happening. You would be excited if there is no excitement about your goal, though passion about your goal more than likely, when you get will discourage what you can do is you can lay it down. David could not lay down this goal of destroying this man who challenged in the very name of God and so I Seville to ask you, do you have a goal that's challenging you. Do you have anything on the inside of you that in morning you wake up you thing a what can I do toward meeting that goal. Today or have you planned. For example the coming week of some step that you going to take that will help you achieve a reach that goal. If there is no harm motivation more than likely somebody will come along and steal it and you lay it down.

The third step is this and that is confidence.

Confidence here is something also one of those very very very basic and absolutely essential steps to reaching an account of goal confidence that you can one see if I David had any confidence you look, if you will, in the verse 45. Now he's standing before this giant whose clothes with all this armor and I has his sword in his armor bearer, and so forth and so here he is David sending looking at his what he said.

Verse 45 then David said the Philistine, you come to me with a sword or spear Magellan but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have taunted this day the Lord will deliver you up in the my hands and I will strike you down and remove your head from you and I will give the dead bodies of the Army of the listings this day to the birds of the sky, the wild beast of the earth that all the earth may know that there is a God in this room and that all this assembly may know that the Lord does not deliver bustled about spirit for the battle is the Lord's and he will give it into our hands. Is that confidence or is it not, he's not back then. Saul's court was told about this. He's facing a giant and he said like I'm going to cut off your hand on the feed you to the birds.

There is an awesome sense of confidence was that confidence based on that confidence was not some spelling over the amount that confidence was based on number one past experience bear and Lyle that confidence was also based on his relationship to God. This is a young man who either before or later wrote the 23rd Psalm.

This is a young man that you not read Psalms by altering the Scriptures when maybe open them for going through difficult and hardships and trials and valleys in our life and who is in the Old Testament gives us the most courage no sense of confidence the face and it is David. His confidence was based on his past experience of successes, but most of all on his relationship to God and the fact that he could depend upon God to help him through it. Now my friend if you do not have confidence that you can do something first of all you not go through all of the energy into it.

If you don't have confidence that you can do it, somebody will quickly steal your goal front. They'll be able to discourage you while you think you can do it well. I have been thinking about that I have been questioning that if your sense of confidence is based on your energy, your strength, your knowledge or understanding and only yours, more than likely even laid down but our confidence listen must be based ultimately on God. But listen.

Secondly, it must be based on the fact that we can do. We can do anything and everything Almighty God calls us to do when ever God requires anything of you. God assumes the responsibility to enable you equip you and provide all the resources necessary for you to accomplish whatever he wants you to do. Therefore God enabled you to set a goal for your life, whatever that goal may be something personal and your family and your business, your finances is making.

It was what if God helps you and lead you to set ago God is committed to enabling you to fulfill that and to accomplish achieve that goal, whatever it may be. I think many many people lose it right there. They say will II think I can. While I certainly hope I can one know I've seen other people to this. Would you know. After all, I'm really not anybody special and I'm really don't have all that many skills and I'm sure the some of the folks who could do it better. So what, that's not even the issue. The issue is what does God want you to do what does God want you to accomplish that is the right attitude, confidence, listen not egotism based on self strength, but listen confidence based on the living presence of the living God within you. Whatever he calls you to do.

God has decided he's artist that is not, as the Scripture says in Psalms God is on your side. He will enable you to accomplish whatever it is, God has led you to set for a goal for your life now. The fourth one I would mention here, let me just say there's one other thing about that. You hear people say what I certainly hope I can imitate something forget this whole business when it comes the region goes well I hope I can just hoping so is a confession of little doubt movement of uncertain loss of hope so a lot on planning and now I'm working in us and I hope I do know I'm confident that if God has set this goal for my life.

I meant to give it all I've got.

I'm confident I'm going to accomplish this goal.

It may not be the day you sent the week you set the month you said or even the year you said but you know what, if you accomplish and that's the most important thing will comes a time in a moment, but the very idea of saying well you know I hope so we say will not don't you believe in hope. Yes, I believe and hope only comes the goal that God has given me and it's very crystal-clear and he says yes. When I'm in Utah accomplish the nano hope so enable I know so.

But suppose you don't say that's not the issue you see faith ultimately is visualizing is done what God says he's willing to do in your life.

And so if you and I are able to really trust them really believe what he says and listen and look to see what he's done in the Scriptures all the way through the Old Testament and New Testament. Any time he gave someone a responsibility a goal to accomplish. He was there to enable them to do it. If history proves, and the Bible proves that God is there to do what he promises new body. You think you and I have any real legitimate reason for believing God will not enable us to achieve that goal. Well, that's three of number four. That is a cause of action.

I would be able that when that David got through telling him what he was going to do. Scripture says that old Goliath couldn't handle it. Here he comes. That's exactly what that David didn't back up when he started toward David.

David started told him he had a very clear strategy. He had very clear steps as to exactly what he was going to do and so of course he was victorious. Now it's one thing to say. Well I went home last Sunday wrote down these goals and I have five goes out got a go for my family goal personal goals vacation finances. I have all these goals praise the Lord I'm on my way know you not. Now that is step number one very important that you're able to write them down, but you see, for example, if I have goals and no steps to make them work. That's like me buying this wonderful, beautiful, automobile, and refused to put gasoline in it well is good to look at me knows I don't get anywhere you can have the finest and most challenging goals possible. But if you don't have some steps if you don't have a cause of action. If you don't have something that that that you're working on his all right here.

Here's the goal now how do I make this goal come to pass.

It takes time. Now it may be something for your children something for your finances, whatever it may be saving you money to take a trip but you see, if you don't have steps. If you don't have a course of action is not going to get done very important that you have a cause of action.

The fifth step. Here is a calendar of events we zoning account of events simply this. If you don't have some time limits. It's not going to get done one of these days we got a reject from the house.

One of these days we're gonna start saving money back is in college one of these days that we know Bosnia got one of these days we going on those big vacation. One of these days one of these days one of these days, that's a dream that's an idea that may be some fantasy of yours that younger somewhere that's not ago is going to be crystal clear, and if it's crystal clear then you got to decide when I want to accomplish their supposed David said well I'll tell you what I got to go back to see my dad and the I may be back at some point he still out there. I'll see what I can do no today's the day killing right now so you and I have to be willing to put dates that another reason people want is there freight all Ninos. They then does work will so what so what if it doesn't work on that they will win not omniscient God knows were not omniscient, and I will put some dates now that we will accomplish them before what we thought we would sound that will be laid up with the study the issue. So what if you miss a week or month or even a year if it's a big goal but a course of action must have a calendar events when do I want to get this done. So let's say you're redecorating your house for example and so you say well by next week I want to have but a chosen someone if it possible some decorated to help me and then not and in two months from now on. This will have a plan and that the new Osama I'm to give myself six months or nine months to do this, whatever it might be and so here's what happens when you put a date down by everything in you begins to move and what happens is this of this care, but your conscious mind and your subconscious begins to go to work because you lot and let you think you will have this look and how would that look in one visit that he and I wonder how this carpet within one what all these things going the month so what's happening is you are consciously thinking about one thing you subconscious all also has antennas out and that you come to this thought and that thought and things are click in your mind that you thought you had thought about before.

What's happening. God is using every facet of you will be to enable you and to help you to accomplish the goal that you sent and so putting a date down but is extremely important if you don't put a date down when you go to put a date down by the steps as a safe you wouldn't be all that concerned about putting down dates and times. If it's something that is immediate something you have to do tomorrow but you think about the business world.

Most of the work somewhere that you have to give an account to someone else and you have deadline. You have to get it done by a certain time.

It's got to be done and they said you got 30 days to do it. You say well I got three weeks on this relaxant last week may get to know there's some things that you know that you have 30 days to do you really just on the first morning, they give you that a son will in the Christian life. We can't afford to waste time. We can afford to waste resources. We just have one life just one life, and soon is gone before we know it. And so whatever we're going to accomplish whatever going achieve whatever we going to become in life we need to be working at it and so part of becoming the person God wants you and me to be is that we set one of their steps is to attend church listen to the word of God. Write down the principles that will help me become the person God wants me to be therefore achieving that part of the goal that got us at the my life to be a godly person to walk in his ways and to be used of him to be fruitful and productive for the kingdom of God and so whatever the goal is there are specific steps and those specific steps need some kind of a date on them or else what will happen is you get discouraged you laid aside and let go will no longer be a goal in your life now. I would never say to somebody, you set your on your goal apart from God. No, if it is a God given goal your I must always be upon him. Listen upon him to help you keep your on the goal is that his accomplishments in your everyday life, he must enable you and strengthen you and so having your own.

Your goal is not a conflict because your are ultimately is on the Lord God seeking his direction for your life and how he wants you to achieve that he is so willing to give us so many wonderful ideas that just out there. We will stop to say okay what can I do at this point I did, and certainly not want to be drifting. I don't want time to be wasted on resources to be wasted out of my mind to get cloudy. God focus my attention, and this seal me to what you want me to accomplish.

There are some big goal in your life. If there were the goals you have to keep your item or else you're going to lose them. And if you get your off of them and it's very easy to do that is going to drift off and say well you know what that was one of those big goals I had agenda but somewhere along the way. I guess I just laid it down. Why because either you didn't have the motivation to begin with, either.

It was not worthy of it did not deserve your time deserve your energy deserve your thought and deserve your focus and mission deserve your being steadfast in your lead now. Not a whole lot of things that we deserve all of that, but there's some things in life that deserve all of that I'm surveilling at the Prince would you have to choose between you and God. What those goals are and if you can sit through all these messages on success God's way and end up with no goals that my friend, you desperately need help because God's plan.

July he has a good plan for you.

There's not a single verse in the Scripture that you can look inside. God has a bad plan from online God is not looking out for my best interest. Yes he is and he's looking out to do more through you than you can ever imagine. If you are limited. Thank you for listening to how to reach your goals know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministries that are lagging back after the presentation of incense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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