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God Desires Your Success - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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July 2, 2022 12:00 am

God Desires Your Success - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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July 2, 2022 12:00 am

Dr. Stanley puts true success in perspective.

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And significant impact podcasts without actually think that is more than just coming out on top. Beginning theories and methods is that is it right.

There will be a success in life and can you live a godly life and still be a success in vectors got even interested in our being a success and cannot count on him in any fashion, to help me to succeed in whatever is call me to do. Are there any scriptural principles on instructions in the word of God that will help me succeed in whatever I'm doing in life and his successor Alyssa limited to a certain group of people are certain segment of society. All can anyone succeed in what they're doing in life.

All these are good questions, and the relevant questions because you and I live in a world where there are many people out there who claim to be successful. We don't want to be like them. Yet the same people oftentimes look with disdain upon people who want to live a godly life. So this is the beginning of a series entitled success God's way and I want to turn if you will, the Joshua chapter 1.

The title of this message. God desires your success in this first chapter of Joshua. God certainly has made it very clear that he has given to Joshua and also responsibility and that God is certainly committed to his success. Now you may be thinking well success at what one of my doing in life and how important and why should I be thinking in terms of success really only get to that so much like if you will. In this first chapter Joshua beginning in verse one, remembering that Moses has died in now. God has spoken to Joshua about carrying on the work that Moses began, so the Scripture says it came about after the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, that the Lord spoke to Joshua the son of non-Moses servant say Moses my servant is dead now therefore arise cross this Jordan you and all the people to the language I'm giving to them.

That is, the sons of Israel every place on which the sole of your foot treads I have given it to you just as I spoke to Moses from the wilderness and this Lebanon even as far as the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and as far as the great sea toward the setting of the sun will be your territory. No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. Just as I had been with Moses, I will be with you. I will not fail you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous. You shall give this people possession of the land which I swore to their fathers to give them only be strong and very courageous. Be careful to do according to all the law which Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right or to the left so that you may have success wherever you go.

This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. Then you make your way prosperous, then you have success have I not commanded you.

Be strong and courageous. Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Well the first thing that I will talk about in this whole series here, and especially this message is the confusion that oftentimes surrounds this whole idea of being success now. Sometimes a Christian will read the Bible and then they'll hear about all these quotes that people give about being a success in life and SAC there. I don't know how to what you could be a godly person walk in the spirit and be concerned about being a success in life and will bring up things like this, they'll save now.

Doesn't the Bible and don't come to some passive Scripture and the main they'll flip through, they'll fail on diversity will be in this they will now I know that somewhere in the Bible.

The Bible talks about not being concerned about the bond they can't quite get that right and so did Delta say but the folks who are into this goal. Business in the success. Ms. Knight told that sitting go, but does not the Bible say, take no thought for tomorrow looks like a contradiction, and so then they'll bring up that there will if you talk about success. You gotta talk about self-control and does the Bible talk about spirit control another similar contradiction. Although say will now anybody talks about success talks about self-confidence and does the Bible talk about the whole idea of having no confidence in the flesh. Another contradiction and is it not true that people usually think in terms of successes being number one.

Does the Bible say humble yourself before the Lord's and see their you can't walk in God in life you can't be concerned about being a success in your life and walking in the spirit being a godly person.

Well, now on the surface that may appear, what it seems to be, let's go back to what happened to Joshua God said to Joshua, I want you to take this also responsibility of the leadership of the nation of Israel over 2 million. I waited take them cross this Jordan into the promised land and win this land. This is the home of my people. So Joshua, you have a big responsibility is how you gonna do it and if you do not tell you, you will be successful. He said it twice, you will be successful if God were opposed to success. He certainly would not have said this to Joshua and someone we think in terms of of what success is all about.

Usually it's because a person first of all, does not understand what a true genuine meaning of success is from God's viewpoint and secondly they confuse the verses of Scripture. So if I should ask if somebody should come up. You disable tell me what is your idea about success, but they said the you would you please give me a definition of success the way you see it more than likely many people would sort of stumble around, say, will you not setting a goal of accomplishing that goal.

Well, now that could be an evil goal as well as a good goal of financial goal or whatever it might be in so just necessarily setting a goal accomplishing a goal doesn't necessarily mean that you be a success. And so when I think about success.

You have to think about in the light of what God says it is because you not know some people who would claim to be successful, we wouldn't swap places with them for anything in this world. And so when I look to see what God said to Joshua and he said to them here.

He says I'm gonna make you successful. Here's what he said to me said that here's the task. Here's what you do it and you will be a success. Be strong and courageous, and I'm going to be with. Now when you look and see what Joshua did and how God worked in his life God work in his life in a marvelous way.

God said to him I want you to be successful at what I called you to do because getting my people out of this wilderness in the promised land which I promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That list I want you to be successful.

I've planned you to be successful at chosen you to do this and I'm going to be with you to see to it. You succeed in what I'll call you to do. The question is do you not have a right to ask God do we have the right to expect God to anticipate to be able to call upon him there. We believe that God is on our side. Enabling this, and desiring that you and I succeed in whatever he's call is in life unless there was something I know that a lot of folks think about). From this it will no intimate here I am, I'm just a homemaker. What's his success, business continuity, washing dishes and cleaning beds and taken care of my children.

It has a great deal to do with because every great man and woman out there had parents somewhere and if they were really and truly great.

And especially if they work great godly men and women.

They had parents that instilled something within them that help to make a difference even though they may have come out of a bad home. It was something about the character that instilled those children so you can't take your particular position are where you are in life this point.

Say what you success and what will it success at whatever God has chosen for you to do in life, whatever he's chosen few to do in life.

He desires that you succeed at it. He is plan that you be a success. And so when I look at the Scripture and see what God said to him, and then I think about how people interpret the whole idea of success, depending upon where they can move in life then I can understand why people have difficulty in defining it, so somebody says will success is setting a goal and having the satisfaction of achieving that goal. While that's true up to a point with you and not just goals that the juvenile the sons and daughters of the living God.

And if by chance you happen not to be able to challenge you listen this message very carefully so that you ask yourself an honest-to-goodness question. Would it be possible for me to have far greater success and what I may consider success.

If I were a follower of Jesus Christ on the look of this report to view of a believer and think in terms of this way. So we talk about success. Here is what success is from God's viewpoint and he is the one who knows more about success than anybody else. What is success from God's viewpoint success from God's viewpoint is this. It is a continuing desire to be the person God called me to be and to achieve those goals that God has helped me to set is the continuing desire to be the person that God wants me to be and to achieve the goals that God has helped me to set you cannot be successful and leave God out of your life that you not to look back in history look around us and see all kinds of people out there who from the world's viewpoint would be considered a success because they've achieved lots of fame they have achieved lots of a well and so lots of notoriety in every single aspect of life that is a Computerworld of the rock music world, or some other part of the world. It is make an image you got people out there who appeared to be very successful. And so what we have to ask is what's involved in success is success just simply achieving certain goals in life is success simply a matter of amassing a so much fortune or having your name and picture and enough magazines and newspapers out there enough variety that you become a very famous person.

Is that what success is all about.

That's what the world thinks because the two words that best define the way they look at success is fame and fortune if they have enough fame and enough money, then sure that's a success.

So when you think about the world's idea of success. You don't want that. He won't success. Listen when you have reached your goal you have content peace a sense of joy and sense of satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment that you have done what God is ask you to do in life and I don't mean just once in a while but I mean continue because remotely said we said a continuing growing a continuing achieving the life that God wants us to live in this life it's something that goes on a no-nonsense, something to separated from me because you see real genuine success is something that happens on the inside of us. And if you look at Joshua.

Certainly, God gave him a goal he gave him the encouragement he told him exactly how to do it and he said I'm going to be with you and he said to him, he said, you will be a success. Now, with that in mind, I want to thank you for just a moment about this whole idea of the how God gets involved in this issue of our success. I think there are three ways that God certainly is an encourager are three ways that he provides works in your life in my life to enable us to be a success because he desires that we be now let's look in the Scriptures for a few moments when you look in the Scriptures and go to the Bible… Go through some characters of the Bible and I will take time to give you all the Scriptures because you know most of these people about heart so let's begin back there with Joseph and the one I want you to sleep. I want you to see that God desired the success of each one of these men, and he planned it and listen. The truth is, will come loose later. The principles that make for success. You can find them in these men's lives right first. Always go back to Joe's Joseph Ewert will recall found himself in part of his household, as a slave you know what Josie did. He set is his goal to be the best slave he could possibly be, and what happens.

The Bible says he ended up in children's whole household.

He was learning the principles of administration. He was learning how to govern. He ends up in jail before long. He's in charge of the whole jail and what happens because of his faithfulness because he sent a God-given goal in his life to be the best he could be. No matter what he ends up Prime Minister of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh.

God made him a success, then here is Joshua God is the one who chose him listen. He was Moses general at the fight in war after war after war, and now because of his administrative abilities God has chosen him, and because of his commitment to God to lead the nation of Israel across Jordan to the promised land, God gave in those abilities showed them how to do it and he practice the principles that God-given and he says I'm going to be with you all the way.

Then of course there was no mile Delmar came from Babylonian captivity and got back to the promised land and back to Jerusalem by another key Persian king who is an ungodly person, but he letting go, and he provided what he needed what he knew. He rebuilt the wall. We rebuilt the gates God gave them a go. God was with and God encouraged him.

God made a success out of near mile and then a for example, you could date this gold of the Old Testament list of the apostle Paul when God saved him. He had a lot of things going against him exactly at all the religion around them against even the Christians suspected him but he had a go with his go. He had such a passion for Jesus Christ. Such an awesome compassion they get the message out what he needed it, and so long as I go somewhere and preach. No, he looked at the map of the of his day, and he plotted out where he wanted to go and he went to the big cities, primarily because he knew I called the plan that God give him that was the place established churches to get the gospel to the most people as quickly as possible as clearly as possible. Here was a man who is an absolute awesome success, but you look at all and they had their moments of defeat. But great successes in life, did they all end up with lots of plaudits from the world know they did not many of them ended up missing being killed because of their faith where they think is because they would kill know they were not what made them a success. They found that what God wanted them to do. They committed themselves to it. They followed godly principles and their accomplishment and achievement.

And God made him a success.

How will I know that God wants you and me to succeed you will be doing the is very interesting that the patterns of success. All the Scriptures, and men and women alike who were willing to follow God's leadership and guidance in the plans and the goals and got it set for the life listen (to make the mistake of saying well, but you know I'm not one of those biblical characters right. But here's what you know must think about an open company to get this this is a real comfort to me.

I go through some situations and circumstances. I think okay all right how did the apostle Paul pillar they like this will all his days. Glorious know. Did he have those Monday, days, it was all the drab days.

It must've been cloudy and that things weren't going exactly like he wants to hear those counties. Yes he did. You see when we look for example life of Moses will also tremendously inspiring life it was but what you forget sometimes is 40 long years, 40 long as a whole generation of years. All he did was feed sheep watch over sheep after the backside of the desert.

An absolute nobody until he was ready and so we all have those moments and have those periods in life but is very clear from Scripture what God has done in the lives of those people and is still doing in the lives of people today. He listen he is still desiring and planning phase people, the succeed in whatever areas of life. He's called yes, oftentimes we accept defeats as becoming a failure, and (people give a listen. Don't give up. It is negative how to defeat you have you should ask Edison how many times are you defeated about a lightbulb.

How many times you defeated what was 2000 times you think about all the inventions that people just invent something the first time, though. You see, his only remember it is in our moments of defeat is in periods of defeat is an those trying difficult times in life. Listen carefully. It is in those times we decide whether to fail or whether to succeed is what happens when we decide we're not going to give up we going to be persistent. We only keep at it we not going to say I quit. We got McCain hanging in there, no matter what no matter what somebody says about what's about a dozen about how they treated no matter what happens I'm not giving up and are not putting a moving on doing that ugly gods, new. Here's what happens. You develop listen in those trying difficult adversity times you and develop the very characteristics the very characteristics that make for success.

It listen if it were easy it would work is in those difficult times when you have to be persistent when everything around you is against what you got to be trusting and believing in God. When nobody else believes in. When you gotta have confidence when everything around you somewhat in his striking existence and self-esteem is a very adverse it is in the midst of the trials and circumstances that build the very qualities that make for success in a person's life. Thank you for listening to God desires are things that know more about Charles Stanley more intense ministries intense satirizing is not have to the presentation and intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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