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A Fresh Encounter with God - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 31, 2022 12:00 am

A Fresh Encounter with God - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 31, 2022 12:00 am

Renew your life with Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to the intense podcast for Tuesday, May 31 long for renewed closeness of Christ.

Today's program helps you understand and embrace the overflow of a fresh encounter with God. You will have the most awesome privilege of living in an intimate personal wall relationship with Christ and that's what he desires. He desires to have encounters with us to meet this person with the speaker does not simply to answer our prayer, not simply to enlightens in some verse of Scripture in a personal relationship agrees my spirit when I know that Jesus Christ desires to walk personally with you intimately with you closer than a friend close open a relative closer than a husband or wife, and to be a vital part of everything that you're a part of, and to be absolutely perfectly intimately interested in everything that interest you and the care for you in every single area of your life you can have a care he doesn't care about you can't be concerned about something he's not concerned about you can have a need. He's not already provided you can't hurt without him knowing it. You can't be sick without him knowing you can have a problem without him being perfectly aware of.

You can't face the crises that he is not in you see that's the kind of Christ.

He is he is not distant. He is not out yonder.

He is living on the inside of us. He said I am abiding in you and you and me, but I will ask is he an intimate friend or is he a distant somebody that you serve and saw the worship you satisfy what you know about Christ.

Are you satisfied with just applying some of the things that you've heard and known, or could you say I have a DVD earning hunger to know this man Christ are you so in tune to the world's entertainment that you want to come to church and be entertained. All you want to hear the truth that rivets itself in your soul and challenges and threatens your lifestyle because you know deep down inside. Christ is the friend that he desires to be. He's a distant Savior and somehow you're more comfortable with his distance well that's not the way he wants to be and that's not the way he's going to be in your life and mine is almost a look at the six chapter of Isaiah. In the light of a new encounter or fresh encounter with him when there is this sense with helm that I'm going to describe what can you expect with the first thing you can expect is an overwhelming awareness of his present juicy, you realize that God is, he has to compete with a lot of things in your life and mine.

He has to compete with our schedule.

He has to compete with the things that we love he has to compete with our friends. He has to compete with all of the thousands of voices. When does God ever having the time to say I want to talk to you when does he have any time to make you feel the awareness of his presence is what I will ask who you love the most.

The heroes of the world that are on drugs alcohol married 20 times, you name it, the ungodly lives they live.

Is that what you want to satisfy when you can't be alone.

Christ, he's not a fan him. He's not an imaginary thing. He is somebody Rio willing to encounter with you if you give them some time, but secondly I want you notices this in this passage. The Bible says in verse two seraphim stood above him, each having six wings with two he covered his face to recover his feet to he flew and he called out to another and said, holy, holy, holy is the Lord opposed the whole earth is full of his glory now.

The second thing you can expect an encounter with Christ. Is this that is an awareness of his holiness. He spoke of these two seraphim solar time of the Bible to mention their angelic beings that God created not here is there to cover their eyes, their face so as not to look upon the holiness of God to cover their feet sign of their being humble before him and modest before God and to with wings, ready to serve him to execute his will and his judgment and he said the whole place was full of smoke and the whole place was filled with his role and he said he heard them crying, holy, holy, holy is the Lord opposed holy father holding the son holy the Holy Spirit the Trinity, holy, holy, holy, let me ask you something that we live in a holy society. The most on holy but when there's an encounter with God through his son Jesus Christ is going to be an awareness of his presence and with the awareness of his presence is going to come in awareness of his holiness. Which leads me to the third thing that happened to him and he said in this fifth verse, having seen the Lord Jesus Christ and his lofty position in his home as he said whoa is me from because I'm a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips. My eyes have seen the King, the Lord opposed that is you and I can expect a sense of our own unworthiness. We have an encounter with Christ a sense of own unworthiness and what Isaiah is saying to his hearers for himself and so open for us, there will be those times and we have an encounter with him and what happens is we begin to see how sense of unworthiness and the more intimate we are with him, the easier that is the sea then would you notice what he said. He said not only was he a man of unclean lips, and nieces whoa is me from ruin because I'm a man of unclean lips, and you see unclean lips symbolize that his actions and his attitudes were not right because out of our mouth, we speak what we think and how we feel and our actions are going to follow. He says I dwell among people of unclean lips, and what happened was he allowed his environment to rub off on me ask you this. Now, let's be honest you have to answer for me but for yourself in your vocation, your office where you work or however you work. Would you be deadly honest about this question. Are you rubbing off on them or they rubbing off on you. Are you coloring them all they coloring you are you influencing them of a influencing you see pieces will always be because I am in a miserable and wretched condition. He says unclean lips. I live among people of unclean lips. He says that had a lot of this because my eyes have seen the Lord opposed in the presence of holy God, our sins are magnified to they become what they really are and then we must deal with, but I can stay busy enough and I can run long that I don't have to deal with the Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe I can escape it all into my great displeasure.

Ultimately, this is what else he said, then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal in his hand, which is taken from the altar with tongs, a touch my mouth with it and said, behold this is touched your lips and your iniquities taken away and your sin is forgiven. One of the things you and I can expect an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ is listen. The awareness of the forgiveness of our sins, using the Lord Jesus Christ doesn't come to you and to me in our relationship with him just to condemn and condemn and condemn, but to do want to remind us of his forgiveness.

He always brings us back to the cross.

Let me ask you this one is the last time you thought about you contemplated you meditated on the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. The shedding of his blood for you and you wept about that. She was so overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving for what he had done that you did you just wept because you see the greatest act in human history in the mind of Almighty God was the crucifixion of his son.

The greatest act. It was the most previous act in the life of Almighty God of everything that is ever happened was the crucifixion of his son that doesn't move you that doesn't stir you that this nibble gratitude and thanksgiving. You never got on your knees and cried out to God just thanked him and thanked him and thanked him for dying on the cross for you and shedding his blood and atoning for your sin and making it such that the atonement is working today after 2000 years, and that your sins are paid for in full. Even now you mean that there's a million. That is a stereo and what you have to ask is Lord MI intimate with you or have I grown so religious. Have I grown so super spiritual that I'm about weeping and am above tears arm above those emotional feelings and getting all fired up about the cross in the blood of Jesus Christ and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The second coming.

All those things and settle which is now become so intellectual now those things that really matter. My friend, you really need an encounter with Christ because you see, the more that you understand the more grateful we are to be somebody says what you know you should do a lot of crying. Well, that may be one viewpoint that I meditate what I believe about that the more in love you are Jesus Christ, the more tears of joy. You are going to share at a pure gratitude. And so we see Isaiah he says the angel came in with a hot coal upon his lips symbolic of the whole religious system of sacrifices, what is he saying to us what's made us clean not straightening up ourselves, but the blood of Jesus Christ shed at Calvary. The last thing I want you notices what he says. He says not only did he touch his lips and cleanse him, but then he said then I heard the voice of the Lord say whom shall I send, and who will go for us in Austin, hereby send me I will not say every single solitary time because I don't think you can say that, but I believe that most of the time. One of things you and I can expect an encounter with Christ, is he will require about something aware of his presence of his holy presence of our sinfulness and unworthiness of his forgiveness at the cross. Usually he's going to say something that requires of us know.

Sometimes those encounters are for the purpose of comforting us in times of great ordeals and great sorrow and loss. Sometimes it is to heal us. Sometimes it is chilling to bring us face-to-face with sin in our life and genuine repentance in the chain so often what's going to happen is that he is going to say here's what I want you to do. You see, when I think about so many people who are so talented and so gifted is that God never tell me anything or God is never spoken to me and I'm wondering is it because you been so busy he couldn't he see I want to say this again. He is a genuine true loving intimate friend not a distant relative, not a stranger to believer and so what is he do.

He comes to deal with us and usually he tells us something about the direction of our life. Usually, if I were in the process of making a decision for my life at this time and I know what I was going to let my vocation to know what I was gonna do about Mark major in school or maybe lost my job. Whatever might be friend. I would be in the air trying to get a job quickly, I would be on my face saying, Lord, let me be aware of your presence surfaced anything in my life. It's not right, let me thank you for your forgiveness and God. I just want to hear from you.

I want to do exactly what you stated you see nothing so pleases him as the come to him and to humble ourselves before him acknowledged and needed him and have him speak to us audibly. I doubt it.

Through his word, primarily are in prayer. He'll impress your spirit in the birth specific, clear, distinct passion, you don't have to wonder what to do and fumbled your way through life and and just figure what one day praise God. I can tell you he is right there ready and willing to listen and to confront and to give us a sense of direction.

I think about so many of you who are young people in your 20s and you got your whole life before you. If you live a normal life friend listen don't spend your life and wasted out yonder somewhere doing your thing, until finally you decide to let God in on listen. The wisest, most intelligent, brilliant thing you could possibly do at this point in your life is to make a full complete surrender of your life to Christ and ask him, Lord, what you want to do with my life. You help me set goals for my life.

You guide me in the direction you want me to go God is ready to meet your needs.

Listen, he loves you and he wants to think about the millions of young people on drugs and alcohol and sex. And wrecking an absolutely running their lives in shutting down God's great plan for their life before they reach the age of 18.

Tragedy of tragedies of tragedies of prejudice, but I would say something more tragic than that is to walk in the discharge week after week on the listen on the radio and disregard what you hear and decide in spite of everything you hear.

You going to do it your way.

You don't follow drugs, and trial alcohol travel sex and you can decide what you will do with your life you call God when you need him. But stay out of my life until I did.

I want to tell you is what you doing you absolutely shut the doors slammed the door on God's great exciting will for your life. That is the most foolish thing you can do about heard the sermon. I hope I would be smart not to say God.

I'm not sure I quite understand all of what it means to have an encounter but I wanted and I want you to have all of my life and I choose to give it to you God and I'm gonna wait for you to speak to my heart. I'm gonna wait for your direction in my life. No ruin your life before it ever get started and you know that the millions of people who really move whatever get started and the reason they do this because they come to the helm of the ship of life and they decide they are going to guide their life through the storms around the rocks.

What happens is not 99% but 100% crash. Sooner or later. I want to say to you if you young person's smartest, wisest, most brilliant intellectual intelligent thing you can do is to surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now whether you are 919 29. Now absolutely now and begin to develop an intimate relationship with Christ while you young don't wait to your old to do it now, then you have your whole life to learn your whole life to experience your whole life to allow God to bless you all of your life and all you have to do is make a decision is ever your mama circumstances.

It doesn't make any difference. I know Christ, know what you do in your life if you let you see, listen to me. I know some folks are hurt bad. Some of you going to mess that up in so many ways you say what do I do you ask God to forgive you and I'm sure you probably are to have done that.

Thank him for his forgiveness and say to him, Lord above everything else. I want to know you because you see, listen, that is, in some theological idea knowing God, but knowing him is billing an intimate relationship with someone who walk with you and guide you and lead you give you wisdom and provide every single need. Listen in this life. All of us have four have strikes against. We need Christ. Some of you grew up in homes. Your parents are not Christians they can help you some of you dropping your parents left before you ever knew you've never know they can help you with the Lord Jesus Christ can and all I challenge you to do is simply this, he loves you, wants to have an intimate personal relationship. He wants to bless you, wants to provide you least want you to succeed in life. I just ask you one question you available to meet with the listen you wise enough to obey. Thank you for listening to part two, and a fresh encounter with God as InTEXT ministries continues to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ like to encourage you to visit our 24 75 radio station great biblical teaching and encouragement is a presentation of ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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