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The Reality of Your Relationship - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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September 24, 2021 12:00 am

The Reality of Your Relationship - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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September 24, 2021 12:00 am

Reexamine how you’ve been living and find out all that God can do in your life.

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Welcome to the Entech podcast with Charles Stanley and her Friday timber 24th serving God, is extremely important that doing things for him to never replace our relationship continue listening to the series pointing you to some practical helps to holiness.

What I will be moments used to examine our hearts of this bout of our relationship with you and just get this in your mind to ask yourself, whatever you doing wherever it may be am I doing this on the basis of my human resources or am I doing this on the basis of a heavenly relationship.

I do not mean simply what you do at church I mean in your home life and your social life in your business. Whatever your business may be, are you operating that on the basis of an intimate relationship you have with God or are you operating that on the basis of your human resources what you can come up with what you can do what you can manipulate what you can manage what you can finagle upon which of these two bases are we living our lives and laboring everyday. Now let's look at the three things look in John's chapter 17 promote what you notice he prayed this prayer about his apostles that he comes to verse 21 and he begins to talk about unity and oneness and harmony of believers is prayer was that we might build a relationship with each other and relationship with him. Verse 21, that they may all be one, as thou, father, art in me and I in the that they also may be one on in us that the world may believe that thou has sent me this.

What is he saying he's praying oneness he's praying that we might have a relationship on watch this now a horizontal relationship with each other and what you notice what he said a horizontal relationship with each other. A vertical relationship with him. And if you notice what he said. He said that the world may believe that thou has sent me this.

Although working for God in the world minus relationship with him will not impress the world one bit. I watch this.

Don't miss this in order for the world to be impressed and influence of the church of Jesus Christ goes to relationships must be right by a horizontal relationship with my brother must be right.

My vertical relationship with my father must be right. If those two are not right. The world is not going to be impressed. He says in order that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

If the world is going to believe in Jesus Christ, the world has got to see Jesus Christ in us, and they cannot see him at us unless we are building a relationship with him and with each other that what is the objective of God's building relationship that three things to write these down number one is oneness oneness with Christ oneness with Christ as his object number two likeness to Christ likeness to Christ, and number three fullness of Christ. You see, he says abide in me, oneness with him likeness to him. Fullness of him. He wants a relationship whereby you in the Lord Jesus Christ might be one with each other, harmony, unity, oneness of mine and that there might be the fullness and the likeness of Jesus Christ for the outside world looks into the heart of the believer and sees an intimate relationship with the living Christ.

Are you impressed with the God of some of the religion. No, and the unbelieving world until they see the living Christ within us.

They are not going to be impressed by Jesus Christ as the unbelieving world not impressed back by crosses on top of church.

The then not impressed by crosses around your neck, then not even impressed by religious books on television programs.

They are impress and influence when they see the living relationship of Jesus Christ, having changed her man's life that they cannot deny that blocks them and stalks them and that confronts them and frustrates them and confuses them until their hearts are enlightened, they say something about that lady. Something about the developments different. What is it is not much work you do, it's the relationship, what is he saying he saying that he wants us to build a personal relationship with him whereby we might be one in Christ one in Christ likened to Christ and what just filled up with him.

I will tell you something sweet is on Ohio.

The churches today are filled with men and women and mostly men who are churchmen who are committed to an institution called a church, many of whom are committed to a church building, many of whom are committed to an institutional philosophy but who have no personal relationship with a person, Jesus Christ.

And that's the reason churches have trouble that that people within the fellowship if they were building a relationship with each other and with God anyway you look at that is love both ways oneness with him. Fullness of him likeness to him. That's going to be able not only in my heart but is going to be evident in my conduct with my brother and you see his objective is to bring us to a sense of oneness and fullness and likeness for himself and when that happens, and as it happens, the unbelieving world will be drawn like a magnet to loving believers and it's all based not on my work, but my relationship that's why some of God's greatest Saints don't stand behind focused on spendable classes don't spend inquires. They are quiet believers whose life wrapped up in the person of Jesus Christ and moment by moment, day by day in their growth in him there is a likeness and a reflection of the him with in their phase that cannot be denied.

The basket this what is the supreme desire of your heart this morning.

What is the one thing that go to the one thing that product to the one thing that motivates you. The one thing that pushes you the one thing that keeps driving you. I believe that it is the will of God that our relationship with him be humble one objective of our life because you know what, that's right. Every thing else gets right and when that's wrong, nothing else can be right now is 22, three things. It was like a true three Scriptures for equipment which is think about some things Jesus said number one. He said come on the me Matthew 11 Alaska few verses there, come unto me. Then he said in John 15 abide in me. Then he said in Matthew four follow after me and he said Matthew 26 watch with me that he said. Matthew 28 go with me. I watch this, he says, come on to me. Personal relationship abide in me, personal relationship. Follow after me personal relationship watch with me. Personal relationship go with me. Personal relationship.

You see he was interested in building man building women building a relationship with the music.

He came to reveal the father and one of the reasons we know so little about God is because we know so little about she's and the reason we know so little about it. We don't take the time to learn to fellowship and to be built up by him using God's objective in everything he does in our life is to do what the strengthen deepen and make more meaningful that relationship with him that he prayed in the 70 chapter all the rest of those verses. There the last verse says that the law of wherewith thou has loved me may be in them, and I in them. The law of wherewith thou has loved me may be in them, and I in them.

Now let's look at the relationship for just a moment the character the first of all, is a positional relationship that is we were placed in the Jesus Christ, that is, the relationship was executed by God. That was the work of the Holy Spirit is a positional relationship. Secondly, it is a personal relationship that is that you and I have the privilege of personal and talking to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. We build our relationship with the song and with the father we have the right to talk to them personally and intimately about anything and everything. Anytime every time. That means not only is it a positional relationship.

We been placed into it is a personal relationship is a practical relationship that is anytime, anywhere, in any circumstance.

I have the privilege of talking about the and he's going to listen again. It is a productive relationship because what does it do he says as you abide in me. He says you going to bear fruit.

That makes it productive and apart from the relationship.

There is no product. It we are bearing what he produces. It is a very productive relationship. It is a protective relationship because he says the first part of the chapter he says the husbandman fathers, the husbandman, who is the heavenly father is the keeper of the vineyard, and he watches over the trees, the vines in the he watches over the relationship of the branch to the bar. He watches the productivity is a protected relationship and then I think you could say it is a powerful relationship limitation while because of man in Jesus Christ has within him the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. That means there are no limitations in the life of the believer with him the will of God. Not one single limitation what ever it is the will of God for you to become due the there is the potential resting within you available for release and liberating with in your life to make you the sum total of everything God wants you to be you see that kind of relationship has to be of God, but he's placed within us a potential that is beyond anything you and I could ever create or manipulate. He ascribed to us is what come unto me by in me. Follow me watch with me and then go with me but here's what we did ways all right. Let's go with God. He's not impressed with her. He's not impressed with going until first of all, there has been the coming antibody and in following a watch this because here's what happens in coming to him. I am trusting him in abiding in him. I am triumphing with him in following him. I am being trained by him in watching with him. I am going through trials with him and then in going with him.

I am telling for him and you see God his work at his total relationship with us that everything he requires of us is built on a heaven relationship and not on a human resource that's why a man whose relationship with Jesus Christ is intimate and growing, and productive knows that. Watch this that the limitations of his capacity are continuously being pushed further and further and further and further back you see if we're going to be a Christian. While not be the sum total of all, we are potentially able to become now how do you build a relationship with God. Not until you very quickly if I spent all day only one making a difference, but spent two minutes RRR 20 minutes. You don't have to commit yourself to do another number one if you going to build an account relationship with God is going to be worth anything at all.

You've got to decide you willing to be quiet in the quiet time you're there three things your listen your prey and you read the Bible and when you read the Bible.

Remember this radio should write this down and read it through. Number two prayed in prayer about what you read, read it through, prayed, and number three. Write it down.

You see, what if you write something down you keep an awful lot longer and number four work it out. That is in your daily life of that date didn't just work it out what you've read what he said to your heart, you begin to look for ways to put that in practice and then watch this now rated through selection prayed in writing down work it out and pass it on Izzy as you are reading the word in the morning. What you don't you building a relationship with Jesus Christ. Your billing relationship is going to do what that's going to bear fruit for the day. If you going to build relationship there must be a quiet time. Secondly, if you have the relationship there must be worship when you learn to build a relationship you worship God, seven days a week, not one morning on Sunday. Let me just say one of two things about worship. Worship demands submission. If I'm going to be a relationship with Jesus Christ must submit to him what he is who he is and what he requires of me.

And third, if I'm going to be relationship must be willing to share when you share with somebody else what God is doing in your life.

What that's doing is giving you a better understanding of your relationship to God because as you share with someone else. They'll challenge you sometime you have to rethink the whole thing. It sends you back to re-examine your your fellowship and your relationship with him so that as you have a quiet time and as you submit worship to him and as you share that with someone else. All of that is part of building up a relationship and it remember what he said. He said abide in me and I in you. What is he doing he's doing something in us in order to do something through us in order to do something for someone else. All right that'll acquire time the worship terminal and sharing time. One of God's choices, ways to build a relationship is to send difficult into our life and what is that build relationship. It sits me. It polishes me.

It groans me.

It burns the dross out of me and you see difficulties and trials force us into a new dimension and our relationship. Now watch this. At this point in your life. All of us are in on some spiritual level right now that what we like to do is for God's relaxing I got. I like to take a giant step followed my spiritual life just like this Lord with ease, comfort and pleasure who P here I go.

All right God says yes I heard what you prayed. You want take a giant step. So he comes down upon us in some great difficulty and if you're likely going to be crushed under it all. What happens when it's all over.

We've taken 10 giant leaps in our spiritual life. Izzy often times the very thing we resist is the very thing that builds depth of relationship you see trials and heartaches of part of the building process of relationship with him. Well, I can mention other things about that this let me say this I don't know what your primary objective in life is but you can't name one higher than this to build and all going relationship with Jesus Christ where I will become one in him I will grow in the likeness to him I will be fulfilled by him and in the process. All those who know you will want the most important thing in your life is your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you for listening to the reality of relationship if you like to know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministries that my hands had started writing this podcast is a presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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