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A Second Chance Now - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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April 19, 2022 12:00 am

A Second Chance Now - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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Welcome to the index podcast with Charles Stanley for Tuesday, April 19 you ever wondered what makes God's grace still amazing explore this subject today I was reminded of God's offer of a secondhand. Why does Paul begin all of his epistles with grace and why is it that he is out. Many of them again with talking about grace because that is his message. The message of the gospel is the gospel of the grace of God. If it is in the gospel of the grace of God. What must it be. It must be the gospel of the works of mankind.

If it is the gospel of grace.

It's got a good gospel work you gabba one of the it's either a gospel of grace or gospel works a gospel of grace or gospel of law. You can't have both at the same time it can be grace and law grace and works is just grace. And so the word of God is a an expression of the grace of God.

Now if someone should ask you what is grace. I want you to jump this down because usually sable grace is God's unmerited and undeserved favor and that is true, but let me give you little full of definition of grace is God's kindness and graciousness toward humanity without regard without regard to the worth all the merit of those who receive and without their deserving, all you could say in spite of the fact that they do not deserve, that is, it is God's kindness and graciousness toward humanity without regard to merit or our worthiness to those who receive it in spite of the fact that we don't deserve it. That is, God does something for Ross in spite of the fact that we do not deserve that many, many people probably most people if they were really honest would have to say yes I do believe that I was saved by grace. Yes, I do believe I live by grace and yet deep down inside they spend most of their lives trying to pay God back in some fashion, even for something good he's done all pay him back for sins that they committed are looking back over the years in the past five years and years ago something happened in their life or some guilt back there in spite of the fact that they know God is forgiven.

Deep down inside. Satan keeps bringing it up, but look at your past. Look at your past. Look at you but you don't think God bless you look at your past. That's what grace is all about grace is God's eradication about past due. Grace is God's favor, that depends upon nothing more than a juicy God didn't look inside of you and me and find something worth saving grace is God's unmerited undeserved non-Barnett love. We came by week eight Barbara PC is a gift that it is a gift. He came to give plus works cave. The a gift plus my merit and so many people trapped in that attitude while know that God is save me but but what well you see I just feel like deep down inside he's been so good to me. I got a payback you campaign back. God is no manipulator. He doesn't barter with anybody. He didn't say we are saved by bartering he said was saved by grace and grace is an undeserved unmerited. You cannot purchase the gift of God. And so if I think that somehow got a pay God back on the live in at some certain form of bondage that I've got to do and I got to work and as a result, I'm not going to be able to join the Christian life will always be wondering what the score is up in heaven.

Grace is my motivation for living and loving Almighty God. And so you ask yourself this question. Deep down inside, if you really did level level honest, are you trying to get God's approval. Are you trying to live up to. Are you trying to pay them back for something he's done with the do so is the frustrate the grace of God because it is the gift is listed unmerited undeserved nonpurchased non-bartered gift. That's what grace is another difficulty we have is this something inside a buzz that wants the pain back you said what you mean to tell me not to serve God and say that, but rather service and devotion and love for God is because of our freedom and liberty in him not to pay them back and there's lot of difference there a lot of people who working to be Savior once in a while when I share my faith in someone else. I will I'm working for an eye does one unload about 40 sermons on the right quick know you not working for it.

You work because you already have it, you got it. And if you don't have it working for never get it for you because you don't work to be saved and listen to me carefully paren I know that a lot of people and maybe you've never heard this before in your life and maybe you have. But even if you have when asking, are you still trying to please. Are you still trying to work up something average you just want to be sure that you keep his favor utilizing when Jesus died for your sins and you receive him as your Savior is like God put the envelope of his favor over you. You settled if he put his umbrella favorably. Why am I not experiencing it that were the reason you're not is mentioned twice. Here he says we are justified by faith, and we live we we stand on the canopy of grace we stand upon the rock immovable rock of grace by faith. Listen we have obtained our introduction, our access that is, we have been privileged to be brought into the presence of God into a relationship with God, whereby we now have our in the position to receive the blessings and the favor of God. We are the children of God. And the thing that I was to get across here. Is this you can't do anything to make him love you anymore. Listen to this one.

You can't do anything to make him love you any less you so you mean to tell me that if I went committed some heinous sin. Some horrible sin that God was wouldn't stop loving me.

That's no excuse for doing it. Mark that one down but you can't cause God to stop loving you. There's not a thing in this world that you could possibly do to make God stop loving you is and will always people dying and a lost for eternity. That is make God stop loving. He warns and warns warrants in his only begotten son to die on the cross, God still loves us.

I will ask a question, do you deep down inside, can you experience the love of God can use. Since God loving you. You just know in your heart and your spirit in your so that he went into middle loves you and that you don't need to do anything to make him love you and them or try to get them to habitable favor toward you.

You see all the favor and the blessing and the love that God could possibly express he's Artie done so, if I'm going to experience it. Here's the key, he says, through whom also we have obtained we already have our standing in grace, he says, by faith in this grace in which we stand, how you say you trusted and you receive his forgiveness.

How do we experience his favor. Day by day. We stand in that grace which sprints it. We trust in part II want to thank you father that you love me today.

I will think of your goodness and lovingkindness told me today he said.

But suppose everything around me is falling apart. Let me ask a question, does the love of God depend upon your circumstances. Never does the love of God depend upon what you feel good I feel rotten no is the love of God depend upon what you feel that love you don't feel that love know what can change the everlasting eternal love of God. Nothing in this universe are in heaven can change that we are the children of a loving father who loves us with all the heart that God himself can love and he says that he introduced us into this love through Jesus not think about your condition before Christ came in your heart. The Bible says that sin separates us from God. Jesus said, no man comes to the father but by me. That's what Jesus and the GC the telling the truth that he's a lot. You see About what and I say that with all the sincerity of my heart. You can't have it both ways. One way is that you come through Jesus. That's what he said. Jesus said, no man comes to the father but by me and the whole book of Hebrews is about God opening the way to himself through the death of his son used to lie know Jesus is a good man all the stuff I don't believe that know he's either a liar and an imposter in a caliphate or he's the only way to the father. You can't have it both ways and I said that is loving as I know how you can have it both ways.

Jesus said the only where the father is through him through his death at Calvary shed his blood on the temple was rent open open the way to every single one of us.

Now we can come straight to God the father through his son Jesus Christ.

He's our only mediator we need you eliminate the cross, you have no access to the father because it is the sinfulness of man against the holiness of God and those who will never meet the holiness of God and the sinfulness of man no way. The only way that Discloses the blood of Jesus Christ close that gap and makes is one with the father now. So what is that all that is the expression of the grace of God, he says introduced into this grace in which we stand now, we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God and what will you see is this you not know how to pay them back. You mean to tell me that I'm not to serve God. I didn't say that knots while repeated. You don't have to pay them back. You say, but I want to pay back you campaign back you say, but he's been so good to me after like I owe them something. Now watch this carefully, you misunderstand me. If God the father at some point in your life because of some sin in your life or to withdraw his grace, and it wasn't grace to begin with because grace can't elicit grace can be conditional. Anything within us.

It is the eternal love of the father being expressed. Secondly, if God were to say to you and to me now that I've saved you. You are indebted to me that would be grace. That's not a gift that's bartering again God saying I'm doing this for you. You do this really is similar what happened but what about all the serving God know this, giving, and so forth. What about why we do it we do it because we loving.

He says we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.

On the good works that we should walk in them not listen. Not that we work in order to get God's approval because if he withdrew his grace for any reason, it wasn't grace.

Grace is the unmerited undeserved love of the father being expressed toward those of us who do not deserve it, and none of us knew notice of this. He didn't say he didn't deserve it when you got it. He said we don't deserve it. We'll never be able to deserve eternal life will never be able to pay them back is in bondage to live with the idea that I got a pay them back because I will ask again how you know when you paid up. Is there well when I doubt they got paid up one about the person doesn't pay as well as you do what the person gives lots and lots of money does lots and lots of service for God are they more paid up and you are not listen. I want to say this because I don't want to be misunderstood, but let me just put it this way that people who believe when you die that you go and if you send while you have been a Christian that you die and you go to this place and you suffer and then when you finally cleaned up. Then you go to heaven. You know what that is, as paying God back I will tell you my friend that absolutely eliminates the grace of God unmerited undeserved because what happens if you pay, you deserve if you pay, you rewarded for what you pay. Best not grace and I think about people who believe that what a terrible thing up to go to bed every night thinking if I was out at night I go to 12 and had to pay and found out get out one how long a little be there hallelujah you go. Mrs. brother.

If you been savor the grace of God. First of all, there is no such place and secondly when you doubt the Bible says listen this for every site.

He didn't say unless there's some sin in your life.

He says absent from the body. What present with the Lord not going to torment on your way. That's not what he said he didn't say there's a detour between death and glory.

He said absent from the body present with the Lord.

No detours, no punishment and no penalty. Savor the grace of God you serve and wait a minute, what about the judgments of the Christian right, it is a judgment of rewards is a judgment of rewards has nothing to do with salvation in the judgment seat of Christ. Salvation is not even an issue.

You won't be in that judgment. If you been savor the grace of God, the great white throne judgment is the judgment of the lost and those people will be judged according to their deeds. And that will determine the degree to which they suffer, and our good deeds will determine the degree to which we are blessed forever in heaven, but to see you campaign back that that is no license for sin.

That is liberty that is freedom.

We live in the favor and the freedom and the blessings of God.

Don't try to pay them back just serving because you love it because if you do it any other way to turn the pan back you grieve in the heart of God.

Notice of this carefully.

You don't get forgiveness because of confession, you get forgiveness because of the what the cross listen to me if you go to church somewhere and nobody ever mentions the cross and nobody ever mentions the blood of Jesus Christ. Nobody ever mentions the atonement you need to get out of that place. Something wrong when you eliminate the cross.

You don't have any Christianity. You don't have any grace you have any forgiveness you have an eternal life apart from the cross of Jesus Christ in his shed blood and There is no forgiveness, no access to God, no grace, no nothing. I will send again, not even God can. We can sin and say all your forgiven. He cannot and remain God.

It is the cross that makes it possible for God himself. This way teaches the book of third chapter of Romans. He says how can God be just and justify those of us who are guilty. How can he remain a true God and declarer is no longer guilty one way that Jesus Christ took my penalty in his death at Calvary and that makes it possible for God to remain just and still the clear you and me not guilty. We are the children of grace with the recipients of the grace of God. He says listen we have been saved by grace in which you live in it, moment by moment, day by day. He says we been introduced into it.

I noticed a sexy versus not going into detail just comment because look what you have here in verse two he says this is your position what is our spiritual position. We live, we are in the sphere of grace look at this, through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Look at verse three and not only this, but we also rejoice or exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance. Perseverance, proven character, proven character whole and hope doesn't disappoint. Now that you and I have been savor the grace of God.

He says we going to go and that notice if you will be fifth verse, and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God, look at this, the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to watch this, the Holy Spirit was given is how much of the Holy Spirit was given to he says the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us, that is you and are indwelt by the Holy Spirit person maternity that he says the love of God was poured out within our hearts.

Let me ask is how much law was poured into our hearts a little bit. The truth is, all the love that Almighty God has he supported throughout heart wants this heat in poor 16 ounces into his life. 32 and his and six into his the love of God has been poured out. Listen, he talks about the riches of his grace in the abundance of his grace, the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit. While we were still helpless at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. The love of God is within you the love of God is there to express itself through you. God wants you to understand all pay me back just love me you campaign back we loving and we serving and we give and we witness to me preaching me saying we do all the things we did because we love them not to pay back you can repay a holy God within a gift because it would be unacceptable. The first step is trusting Jesus Christ as your personal savior and we enter into the life of grace. It's by grace that was saved and then we walk in grace, moment by moment, day by day. And if you've never trusted him as your personal savior. I will challenge you to ask him to forgive you of your sins. Based on the death of his son at Calvary and that he pages send that info and if you want those believers who struggling in your life and you look around you and things not like they ought to be. You wish you could change a lot of things back there. Just remember this when God forgives you.

He says he remembers your sins against you know more. That is pure grace. You have to pay them back.

His law has been ported in his perfect love.

Listen to this. He says perfect love casts out all fear you not to be afraid of God. He's a loving father to fear him.

That is the respect and honor him as God, yes. But is a loving father and when you are full of his love. We have no reason to fear because will not a loving and omnipotent and omniscient and omnipresent heavenly father take good care of his children perfect care and that's his over to all of his children. Thank you for listening to part two, and I think intense now if you like to know more about Charles Stanley more in touch ministries in text that OIG is not the presentation of intact ministries advantage origin

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