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Discipline Determines Destiny - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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April 7, 2022 12:00 am

Discipline Determines Destiny - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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April 7, 2022 12:00 am

Discover what can happen when you live a disciplined life.

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Welcome to the intense podcasts of Charles Stanley for Thursday, April 7. Your actions and attitudes today are setting the course for your future tomorrow. Learn how to rely on the Holy Spirit to motivate and empower you to grow the kind of character that honors God not want you to think about this. It is discipline not desire to determine judicial discipline not desire that determines your destiny and if you look around is pretty evident that many people not living a disciplined life. Look at the prisons. For example, running over with people because somewhere along the way they did learn to live with the rules and live a disciplined life. Look at the indebtedness we have today is the same story. People spend their money recklessly, foolishly, without this one whatsoever look at him in a high school students drop out before they finish lack of discipline we could go on and on and on in our society, and so discipline is not something we like that is the truth is we don't really like somebody telling us what we can do and what we cannot do what we should do and should not do. We like to be furry. We boast of effective we live in a free country and free people, but will not free from the laws of God and for a person who does not like any kind of discipline. They set their course for disaster. Ultimately in their life and so I want to talk about in this message is simply this, that discipline determines the destiny let me settle one thing right up front. I'm not talking about your eternal destiny which was settled that you trusted Jesus Christ as your personal savior you trusted him as the atoning death for your all your sins not talk about that you saved your going to heaven. But I'm talking about life here and now and that is life here and now is a life that demands discipline the bus if we to fulfill God's purpose do the things that he would have us to do achieve the goals that he set for all of our lives. So the issue is this where this discipline fit in your life because discipline does determine your destiny and so in your life if you began to live a disciplined life. What area of your life would you first choose whether they were time you get up in the morning to be something about your relationship to the Lord be your finances would be a relationships to each other.

You see, if you live a disciplined life. You may have to say no to some folks who like to be your friends because you see the Bible says in Warren says about having the wrong kind of relationship wrong kind of friends will drag us down so you have to ask yourself the question whether my values live.

What matters most, that I live a godly life.

Walk the ways of the Lord accomplish his purpose and plan them alive or do I want a lot of accolades and a lot of achievements and a lot of this in light of that letter wears God no.

So what are the requirements I would simply say this. First of all, you gotta have a definite purpose and definitely go.

If you have no definite goal, you will accomplish much in life. If you have a definite purpose about to ask you what is your purpose today for living with what your purpose is there.

Well, I just want to enjoy life. Well, what else, what I want have enough how much is enough while not sure. And we can ask a lot of questions, but the issue is this what you living for. What is your purpose of being alive and staying alive. You want to live a long time you want to be healthy for the reason you have anything that's so demanding that it takes discipline to accomplish, namely, something that is of great value that it does not demand and require discipline in order to achieve it is a way God made us. He wants us to grow.

He says he predestined you and me to be conformed to the likeness of his son.

Think about this Jesus was absolutely perfect that you have is an image lots of it. Have a car let you know he did not but here lots of vendors. He lived a disciplined life. He said I must go through Samaria must go. He made a decision that meant he was going somewhere else and when you read the Gospels in the way Jesus spent his life.

He didn't spend that he invested it and believe me he was a very discipline person the same thing would be true of the apostle Paul. You not know disciplined people this when people are our encouragement to us, but you gotta have a go and then remember this when you decide what your goals may be, are your objectives and this may be a temporary goal is something you can accomplish in a short period time alone. Time or lifetime. Listen, you have to become attached there with that goal is at the same time you have to become detached to all those things to draw you away and you see one of the reasons people reach of the goals is because they can't detach they can't detach from things that have an appeal. It could be a monetary appeal or whatever it might be but you have to lay some things down.

If you're going to accomplish and then you have to pursue it with diligence. For example, somebody says on going on.listen, if we understood what real true discipline was all about and people practice it, you wouldn't have 49 different programs on the television every week and lose weight and everything. Alarm says the same thing. The secret how many secrets are that losing weight I continuing to seek it's just walk away. That's what you see.

And that doesn't cost you anything because you but it goes back to the whole issue how much value do our place on losing weight if I placed enough value on it. I walk away.

I'll discipline myself but if I say will I think I'm going to and so you exercise, let's say for example you exercise for a week in Army unit is doing fantastic and you wake up and once all of them think on the next thing you know you're also working on your God somebody says let's go to lunch and I wanted big burgers. I can hardly wait.

No one diligence says I may want to remotely send the beginning discipline not desire determines our destiny and I may want to do a lot of right things but if I'm not willing to be discipline.

It's not going to happen and so you got a person with diligence and you you gotta be consistent. You can do one day and forget the other. It's easy to start, but you can be consistently gotta be diligent you can really work at it and are you going to practice self-control you say let's would you know what this was all about right reason I said practice because that's what is you want you won't succeed the first time you get at that time she got him his issue just become watch this just because I failed the day doesn't mean I'm a failure.

It means I start tomorrow, but I'm not going to quit, start to start again and again and again and again and so you have to decide what is the value of this thing that you want to get under control in your life. You only get your finances under control. To what degree do you want to control how much real value do you place on that will get you out of debt. You can sleep better at night.

You won't be worried about them calling you over the numbers and lots and lots of things you consider the value placed on controlling my finances is I will feel free because the Bible says the borrower is a slave to the lender and we have a whole nation of slaves. People who financially insulated because they did not practice discipline resale right you start you start today Islam thing about start. You never did get that away. You make a decision you said today on this day I'm starting I'm gonna practice discipline in the way I handle my money. Otherwise you get deeper and deeper in debt and the lack of that causes problem after problem after problem and causes people to do things say things things happen in the life that never would've happened if they had gotten themselves. There is a difficult to practice this yesterday. As I've said that over and over again. What's the value you place on the thing you want to be disciplined about and then you have to just say no and the power of the Holy Spirit. Now watch this.

He says he sent the Holy Spirit to live within us. He called the helper that he would enable us to do anything and everything God would cause the dual achieve the goals and God would have us to achieve. So we have a helper so that means we have within us one who will empower us to look at the situation and say no when we need to say no then thank the Lord that rewards minimum the rewards for this member. We talked about controlling ourselves in the power of the Holy Spirit which builds character in our life enables us to live a life that is fulfilling, which we achieve and which is orderly and so then what about the rewards. Well, I just say first of all, their ward number one is a lifestyle that is more orderly and less stressful. God doesn't want his children being depressed he wants, is living a godly orderly life and there's going to be pleased is going to be confidence that can be happen is there's gonna be a joy in a person's life and you going to feel good about yourself. People who don't feel good about themselves.

There's something going on on the inside and lots from its confusion.

There's no order about the life and what they see is get up tomorrow morning go to work get paid on Friday. Start all over again on Monday.

That's not like that's existence. Discipline says I need some goals, something that will require something of me that something that man something in me that I have to stretch that the work at. I have to have to go after and be diligent about. If I don't like you to be aimless and I think there are many many people who are really gifted who have talents and skills and abilities in their life, but there aimless because they never stop to think that God has a plan for your life. Number one. And secondly, you can achieve.

You can be discipline you can prove yourself you can be the person God wants you to be. But you have to make a choice and that choice demands discipline, I can't do this. I can't go where this doesn't fit who I am. But all these fantastic things that God has set before me if I will follow him. This is what I'll be able to achieve in life.

But it demands discipline, self-control, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I cannot said strong enough. I know it works.

I know it works in children under works in adults.

I know it works in all kinds of goals that people set for their life, but the problem is you might have to give up their members. All of those are where we are because of what we've been thinking that parents may put some things and I think it was somebody else got whatever it might be.

We all where we are today because the way we been thinking is a year, but I had a bad time will we will hello bad times. Well, we can always make excuses look if you live excuses down and and accept the fact that discipline is a godly way to live your life. It's the best way to live your life the most productive way to live your life the happiest and most peaceful of the most contently in the most joyful way to live your life then is that what you want is that not what you want. It's a choice, then of course it's going to make a positive impact on others when you meet somebody who's very discipline. Now don't mean they're so legalistic that even know how to have fun and thus I will be talking about but a person who is discipline. The some contagious about that because you see them accomplishing things you see them going somewhere you see them having a sense of direction is contagious and what you certainly want to happen in your among your children, your grandchildren, you want them to see in you. Those qualities that will help them become the person's God wants them to be, and the truth is, all of us should want our children to do better way to will having to do better is and how perfect the parent is believed, that's not it. It's seeing us work at it. We may fail about many many things, but seeing as work at it and think that we don't give up, and that we don't quit and they with diligently persistent and no matter what happens if we fall down we get up we get knocked down we get back up. We don't quit that deals with inner child a sense of determination and builds within them a sense of accomplishment with my dad that it if my mother did whatever it might be I can do it.

My mother left me a lot of great great great qualities that I wish I can live up to. She didn't drilled into my head. She lived it in front of me and orderliness and self-control hold and diligence and persistence and all those things and you see he has had helped me when I saw the way she operated then I got my first job is taking newspapers. I had taken every morning at 530 I take him again that afternoon to spend Friday and Saturday collected so I don't have the time to date. Much you can play sports can do any of that. But she taught me diligence and then I got the paper out that taught me diligence. I woke up and is pouring down rain. I want to get out and do that then I come home to get dressed and go to school all day long. Come home run the same route again. I know something about diligence and determination and discipline.

I had to and I thank God for it. I thank God that my mother didn't have enough money just give me anything I wanted worst thing you can do that you will give him anything they want on my kids came along. They thought that I was low telephone, but it worked. You heard any preaching artwork to lease a little bit anyway. One of the good things that happens is it opens those of opportunity if you will have somebody with you has many came and said Robinson looking for somebody I don't know if you got a job, I'll take it if somebody came and said, like in the job I got some goals for my life.

I want to do my best to promise shall be honest you encounter me to do a good job which, when you are you know which one I would be well then we should be an example of all that then of course it's going to enable you to reach your goals in life.

A person who is discipline. They will be diligent and persistent and consistent and determine no matter what the Holy Spirit will actively enable you to accomplish what you trying to accomplish because that's his will for you. You cannot lose an unlimited who you doing it for think about is if you and I could get 10 seconds, standing before Jesus and looking at the reward that would be possible for us. Nobody ever have talking about being disciplined again see what we don't realize is we have no that we are missing. When we do not do what God wants us to do now when I think about the real contribution it makes think about this with diligent in life we discipline our life to be consistent and one day we stand before him, and he says well done is worth it. It'll be worth it for all eternity is the week we living too much of the temple instead of eternal value. So how do you start being disciplined you on those. Amen.

Real simple.

You decide today that beginning today I'm going to read a portion of the word of God every day. Is anybody here who could not do that right every single one of us can read the Bible every day is going teach me this is normal.

Start with that second thing to do is I'm gonna pray and talk to God every day not just below my knees, told him of what he says in his word, but I'm gonna read his word and I'm gonna pray every day.

That's two steps I can take the becoming disciplined. That means nominally control my time if I have to get up early to do it and I get up early if that means I can do something else to rely on print, get rid of that but you can. The third thing I'm going there is this and you can do is you can tide your income is all and I've given on the phone that money no I'm getting around talking about your success. I'm talking about how you can become the person God wants you to be because what's this when you and discipline of your finances and you give God what he says, what you doing is you giving God an opportunity to build your faith, which is one of most powerful things you have. If you want to learn discipline yourself renewal to God, pray, giving a good way to start. Discipline also is this and that is attend worship every Sunday. Discipline says you know when Sunday comes I'm going to be there for because I'm going to meet with the people of God to fellowship in the saying listen to the word of God and I want to grow every single week. I have an opportunity to grow to learn something that will deepen my relationship with him and make me more valuable to God and help me to make an impact and make a difference in somebody's life now is there was suppose I'm not a Christian. On this night no work like to have will work so wonderful if you asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and you ask him to forgive you and to cleanse you because you want to become the person God wants you to be you want your life to count and you want to fulfill.

You asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from your sin by his death and Calvin took care of you send that info. Once you ask him to forget cleanse you surrender your life to him. He seals use one of the children comes in your life in the Holy Spirit and that point will enable you to become the person God wants you, thank you for listening to particular discipline determines destiny. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley enticed ministries intact started writing this back after the presentation and intense ministry advantage to

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