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How To Deal with Temptation Wisely - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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March 30, 2022 12:00 am

How To Deal with Temptation Wisely - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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March 30, 2022 12:00 am

Catch temptation in its tracks before it gets you into trouble.

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To the intensive podcast with Charles Stanley when March 30 in group of like-minded believers is essential to ever getting temptation.

Learn why there's safety in numbers as you listen to fact you have how to deal with temptation wisely when you think about the things attempt to what is the strongest temptation you have on a daily basis. That is, that after day what is it that gives you the most problem with the temptation.

Would you say that you yield more often than you resist.

What is it about that the particular temptation that motivates you to want to give in, no matter what the word of God says about. I wonder if you've ever identified those particular areas of your life in which you know that you are vulnerable, most vulnerable in those areas thought about the times the moments in your daily life. When you the most well, and the truth is, all of us have one or more week areas we have to watch all of us have those moments when we are less strong than we are.

At other times. How do you respond and I want to hear even thought about the idea and then the question comes. What is your reaction is your first reaction to blame God.

Someone else your circumstance who you are, your background, your past is your reaction to blame or is it that you willing to assume responsibility realizing that nobody forced you. Nobody made you yield the temptation.

It was a choice that you made will often times we get in trouble because we know how to build things and one of the most important things we have to learn to deal with this temptation.

The simple reason it's always going to be with us and so what I want to talk about is how to deal with temptation wisely. Listen carefully in order to deal with it wisely must build a defense against those times of temptation someone eternity will to first Corinthians chapter 10 and I want us to readjust the 13 verse which is loaded with truth the 13th versus first Corinthians chapter 10 and Paul writing about. It says what verse 12 he says therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall, which is a warning about what he's about to say in verse 13 because anytime you think you're above temptation you're headed for a fall in a town that you think you're so mature and so strong within yourself. You're headed for trouble.

Listen to what he says in this awesome promise in verse 13 no temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man. God and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.

What is saying is simply this, all the temptations that we face when at the persons of basic there common to everybody that he says but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what God knows you can bear. That is when you trust him rely upon him to enable you to bear, that would not be applicable to a person is not a Christian, you're on your own doing your own thing you living your life apart from God. Without God, and therefore the only thing you've got to deal with your temptation is your own human strength and you are to know by now that that is absolutely inadequate and insufficient, and you will falter and fall God. He says God is faithful will not let you be tempted beyond what you are able, but will with the temptation make a way of escape. Listen, he did not say he would remove it. Sometimes he will sometimes he won't.

And so with that in mind, I want us to think about how do you deal with temptation wisely.

The first thing we said is remember there's a divine control the output control and vulnerability depends on got to know that my God is involved in defending me so he's put a limitation of what Satan can do in our life's number one number two determined to resist temptation in the power of the Holy Spirit. I don't mean after you get in the heat of I don't mean when you down the road 10 miles in the middle of an arm say before you attempt to determine God in the power of the Holy Spirit. I choose to resist temptation. I choose to be obedient to you. I know I'm going to be tempted. I know I'll have to face that. But I choose to be obedient to you.

I choose to resist temptation.

I cannot deal with in my own strength and choosing to do it in the power of the Holy Spirit and you said he would enable me to live a godly life. So I determine step number two I determine to resist that temptation.

No matter what it is.

Three. Number three immediately focus on the big picture when temptation comes immediately focus in the big picture is that you know what double telephoto lens on your get it right down. So that's all you think about is the pleasure not the pain so number three is you want to focus the big picture now I want to give you some questions to ask under that point you're focused on the big picture and the word you not narrowed down the pure pleasure you're asking some questions.

Number one with question you ask is this is this temptation a specific violation of the word of God.

There are no this temptation is a violation of the Scripture what you've done.

You've got got a little again now and and CAS for when you have the big picture you not narrowed down the displeasure of no consequence. Now you thinking about it wisely. Is there a specific Scripture that tells me this a violation of Scripture. The second question you want to ask him. The point is this one of the consequences if I yield of this sin now we think about the consequences for the consequences.

Now what I consequences in the future.

What are the consequences to others what the consequences to my personal life. If I yield to this temptation very important. That's why you gotta keep the big picture because one of Satan's tactics is get your mind off the consequences get it own pleasure. Get it off the consequences with the big picture says I'm going to ask these questions all right. The third, the question under this issue of the big pictures this am I prepared to pay the price.

Am I prepared to pay the price for this particular pleasure in life.

As I look at the consequences and are prepared to pay the consequent amount prepared whatever is going to cost me my willing to do that when I look at the possible consequences of my willing to pay that this particular thing of pleasure.

The next question on that. Is this. Is there some other way.

A good way a right way to get this need of this desire met in my life. Is there some other way elicit whenever there is a need no matter what it is in no matter what the desires of its of God. He's going to show you how to have your need met the right way and may not in may not be exact. What you want but you know what, that's not the issue.

The issue is how do I get these needs met and still live a godly life of dominance and living a godly life and go to but pay the consequence paid up there it's gonna cost you. The consequences are terrible in some situations and circumstances. Now we are back to those 10 points necessary reset number one we want to remember that everything is on God's control.

Secondly, we are determined to resist in the power of the Holy Spirit. Number three.

We don't keep the big picture. All that's the big picture now number four stop and identify what other areas of your life that you know our areas of weakness. Everybody's got one or more so, while having you would go back and read for strange 10 verse 13 verse 12. Last you fall one of those areas of weakness.

You just know that is best not to head not direction because you know what that leads you.

It's best not to get the thinking about that's best not to get the looking at that is not the handle that because that doesn't, you know, you heading in the wrong direction.

And so what you have to ask is one of those areas and then identify the and ask the Lord, Lord, help me to be sensitive, help me to be sensitive to these areas.

Not just tell me what the RB sensitive. The next one is this that is develop an awareness to your weak moments. You remember the word I gave you give into several times H ALT, be careful that you don't get too hungry to angry to lonely or too tired.

Satan loves the ghettos and anyone of all of those if you get real hungry real angry real lonely and real tired and real trouble.

I'm telling you that little halt has made a difference in lot of people's lives. A lot of people are said to me over these last two years.

That is really help me because I realized in one of those usually don't tell me which one is not my business usually are safe in one of these. I realize that's one of the most vulnerable to doing the wrong thing. Don't get too hungry to angry to lonely or too tired now that may not be the only moments in your life what you have to ask is one of those moments that you feel the most vulnerable that you feel the most needy that you feel like you just want this or more that I want him. I want her as long as we know what those moments are and as long as we know what those areas are we already have some great welding blocks in their defense because we know what to look for and we know when to look for them and what happens is we understand what's going on inside of these minds of hours these emotions in our physical bodies and so the truth is when people did not in there that won't face it won't look at it. What happens is Satan's trips you up Scripture fix you up if you understand the areas and understand those moments your long ways ahead because you know what to look for and you know when to be extremely cautious then number six and what's this number six. Visualize your success when being tempted that what does that mean I know that the world uses that word in a way that we, you and I will not use but the truth is this a legitimate word is what I'm able to. I'm going to visualize myself. That means I'm going to in my mind. I'm going to foresee myself in a similar situation as I was the last time when I fail, but this time I'm going to see myself and say thank you Lord that you adequate thank you God you know to meet this need in my life. Thank you Lord that you provide every single thing on as one. Thank you that I love you more than I love this. I want to thank you Lord that I am adequate in the Holy Spirit.

I will thank you. I don't have to do this. I want to thank you that you living on inside of it. What you doing is you are vocalizing you are verbalizing your faith your faith in what you gonna trust God to do in your life and how you can respond this and that is a powerful powerful powerful mechanism for building a defense against temptation and against sin, so visualizing is very important in billing. That defense mechanism then number seven. Make yourself accountable to somebody if you have an area that you just weekend you have an area that you know that you just have a difficult time. You just think I want to but I don't. I want to but I can't. I wish I could.

I hope I do not listen. Some very, very loyal, devoted friend of yours who you can share the deepest most intimate things in your heart so you know what is air weakness in my life and I need some help in what I need you I need you to ask me how I'm doing. I need to know that I rather tell you the truth about what I did what I did what I had a what I did NetWare window where I didn't go. If you really want to overcome it. Whatever it is you make yourself accountable. Somebody that person can be a great help to you but you gotta be honest you got to want to be healed want to be freed want to be liberated want to have victory in your life and then another very very important part and that's this is the word of God. If you want to build a defense against temptation.

If you will read this book every day and you will talk to the father every day.

This book is like an anchor in this essay that this is the anchor and it is a spiritual anchor.

Well, as long as I am.

That's the anchor and untainted anchor. I can only get arm's-length as far as I can get because no matter what I'm facing in life. Whatever the situation where the circumstance that is a passage of Scripture in here that relate to it. And so what I want to do is not especially want to underline and mark those verses that relate to the area in which I am the weakest or maybe the moments it had to do the moments in which I'm weakest read the song listen to David talk about his temptations and his trials and his failures find those verses.

But you got to stay in God's word not open yet.

The pullout dictionaries and encyclopedias in and I concordances and likable but I'm not home at about a study I'm talking about you reading the script and asking God to fill up your cup today. Father today.

I want you to speak to my heart strengthened me today. I want to talk. I want to talk to about what's going on molecular here's what I'm going to be facing his homecoming is one of mildew and Lord, you know, today, today I'm going to be over there and got you nuts a tough place for me and understands the district because what you said in your word what you're doing is your building strength into your mind. Listen if you want a plus junk is the volume on God's word because what the word of God does.

It just flushes that stuff right now, but I've got to want to.

I've got the desire to do it. I can't make preparation for sin and make preparation to disobey God and expect him to clean up my life element that brings me to something about talk about. For example, I know that if I don't want to eat ice cream. Don't put it in my freezer if I don't want to eat cookies don't bother bringing home because if I put strawberry chocolate about to become a peach in my freezer. I'm going to have some no matter what. I know that I will so if I will get rid of it don't buy don't bring it home that we all agree that right amen that is a little bit more personal. I will look at nudity junkie ugly, ungodly, sinful, wicked stuff on TV that don't have the program on my television. Now watch this. When you, for example, order a dish so you can get lots and lots of things usually what they'll do, they'll give you a whole bunch of stuff up front because you got signed up and you had them to place in your home. If you look through there and see what's on their if you are a godly person you are, walk obedient for God. You call them and say I want you to remove the following thing because they put them on that to entice you listen if you don't want junk in your life. Don't let in your house because a lot of things you don't have to have the what you can have that without having everything decide how you want to live you will live a godly life. And so there was a viewer to keep your body healthy. You don't drink you don't smoke, you don't over eat. You don't take drugs. You will do a lot of things well and original. Just keep some handy just in case you will deaden your life.

You know it's destructive. The same thing is true about Amano Harkness. We want in our life. Don't don't let it in their so we have to be careful. We will be anchor the word of God and then number 91, the wisest things you can do literally help and help a lot of people.

Lots of folks have told me this before you get out of bed in the morning you just say what I want to put on the arm of the day if you know what the arm is the sixth chapter of the book of Ephesians you think about how God so beautiful design called to do this.

He said he put in this order, but this is where I said to myself, put on the helmet of salvation that protects what I think the breastplate of righteousness that protects my emotions belongs girt about with truth, so that I'm walking in truth and not an error. I will know the truth about things featuring the preparation of the gospel piece. I want to be a good messenger. Not a bad messenger. I want take the sword of the Spirit. I want God's word working in my heart during the day. I want to take the shield of faith is so in one of those fiery darts of temptation comes all had to say thank you Lord that I don't have that can descendent right owned by his let that go right owned by and reviewed it.

Some if some temptation hitching is the law I let that go by.

I choose to let that go by.

I don't think I'd let that go by, you don't have to stop darts and let them go back and no matter how accurately Satan made parliament yet you have the shield of faith covered by your faith is trusting God to protect you trusting God to guide you through these time and then one last thing I would say number 10 that's this affirm the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. He will enable you to do every single thing we said because every single point is as scriptural as it can be straight from the word of God.

They will help you no matter what you're facing in life. That's the way you handled temptation was you deal with it understanding what it's all about how it works where it came from what it is the nature of the distinction between that and trial. You understand that and then you build a defense you build a defense mechanism and you watch God begin to give you victory in your life in ways that you have never known before. Thank you for listening to part 211 how to deal with temptation wisely. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley in touch ministries intact start OIG's back. After the presentation of intense ministry advantage right at

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