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God’s Purpose In the Storm - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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February 16, 2022 12:00 am

God’s Purpose In the Storm - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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February 16, 2022 12:00 am

Gain knowledge on how to properly respond when trials come.

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Welcome to the intense podcast with Tyler Stanley Wednesday, February 16 hiding in hard times are no fun.

You can find the strength to endure from understanding God's purpose in the storm this series on building unshakable faith in uncertain times continues, God desires that you and I walk and live in an intimate relationship with him so his what happens to us, he blesses us and blesses ours and so what happens is the very blessing he sends his we allow to become a distraction from our relationship.

So when we get out of his will and our progress get out of all what happens. He oftentimes allows storms into her life that get our attention and make us right. Help us to understand makers realized we need him we need a ship with. We need this intimate relationship. We need to listen.

We need to be loved by him, and sometimes it takes install the Shakers out about lethargy Shakers out about disobedience shakers at about backslidden condition when everything has our attention. But him if it takes install. He's going to send in one fashion. Now what we like to do is to have him whisper all my will. He doesn't whisper you know what he does. He just knows every single one of us perfectly and he knows that for some people it takes up strong when but for some people it takes a hurricane to get their attention on earthquake to make them realize you are out of God's will, you heading for destruction in your life, the stronger the storm the deeper the ballet the more painful it is says something about how long I've been going in the wrong direction. And so when I think about the fact that he wants to conform us to his image simply because he loves you think about a compliment that is God loves you and me enough to want us to look like his son to act like his son to be a representative of his son, will he send an intense, painful storm into our life to get our attention. Yes, he will. And oftentimes that is exactly what is doing now watch this one.

Sometimes it's comfort oftentimes we think about comfort as being for us sometimes watch this very carefully. God will send the storm into our life. Get our attention, send us and allow us through to go through brokenness hardly pain, suffering, loss, watch this, not always for something he wants to do in this as much is his ultimate goal is something he wants to do through us. If you want to be a blessing to other people. You don't have to be broken into what Greg says storms of life. You will not be available vessel for God that he can use you to work in other people's lives, then you have to be willing to be broken and what breaks as his windbreak says because we have a resistance to being broken and because we came into this world with a sinful nature because we came as well with rebellion.

We won't have it our way. That's just normal. God has to break that he has to get us to the place in our lives as he did in the life of the apostle Paul. For example, where we are able to say not what I want God not what I want God, but what you want.

And until I am willing to get to that place shall never be up to be a blessing to some people.

In fact, hardly anybody and until you and I are broken until you and I are able to experience heartache and pain and suffering.

We can't say to somebody, I do know how you feel.

I walk that path to painful path is what happens. Listen to me carefully. He not only makes you useful is what I discovered.

It's like God props your heart door open. Once he breaks you once he gets to the core of your being.

It's like he props the door of your heart open and you become very sensitive.

The people around you who heard you have to open the door.

It's just there. You sense that somebody is hurting all of a sudden you hurt, you feel that somebody else got rejected.

You feel it. You feel that somebody else's suffering loss you feel it. You feel that somebody else is very lonely you feel it and what happens is euro walking valuable vessel into the hand of God. It isn't just longer be praying for you. But now it's what can I do for you. How can I help you. Maybe you can sample the understand because you've been there you may have to say I know I don't understand what you feel but I'm gonna pray for you and I want God to put some of your burden on my heart.

Remember what I said when God breaks you and he gets to the core of your being.

It's like he props the door open and for the rest of your life. You have a sensitivity to hurt, pain, suffering, and people around you.

They may not sense it, but you will sense it and before long they'll pick up on something in you that I don't quite understand how can you be so sensitive to their hurts and then needs because God took you through a storm that was dark enough I ballet long enough and pain, intense enough, and loneliness.

Listen in measurable, that now the only it matters is that God use you to the maximum of your potential, whatever that may be in remember this now.

The deeper the Valley dark of the storm, and the more intense the pain, the greater the preparation your heart to be a blessing to other people and the greater purpose God has in mind because you see he doesn't do things casually always has purpose. Never too much. Never too little.

Just right. Imagine the potential in your life when God is been allowed to break you because you surrender to.

Then he puts together what was there, but absent from that pride and arrogance, self-will, and that has a spirit of humility and a spirit of love and tenderness and kindness.

Does he not say. Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ Jesus has forgiven you. He's an awesome God and he's a God of love together desires the best was then convictions he see his what happens when storms come into our life, we discover what we believe about God is allowed to know what I believe about you know a lot of people say here's what I believe about God and everything is going right when the bottom drops out the storm hits. All of a sudden they have questions about God is what happens. Storms reveal our doubts listen. Storms reveal our doubts what teaches us not to doubt him is being walking through those difficulties and hardships and trials and storms of life. And then what happens. He proves himself present, powerful, sensitive, compassionate, protective, and providing through the strong then what happens when by been through enough of those. I don't doubt him anymore. Why because you've suffered enough hurdle not been desperate enough, helpless enough, and he's been there time. At the time of the time.

At the time or what happens you don't doubt it, but you and I will never understand what God is willing to do for us until we get to the place we can't do anything for ourselves and so we want to learn all these awesome truths about God, what an awesome God he is and what he'll do for us and so full but we don't want to walk the path and the path is a stormy path and sometimes we just like the reading in the book and say yes Lord, that's exactly what I wanted to and then the storm comes with a God where are you will if I should ask you if you believe God is living inside of you. Yes, you believe he's with you every moment of the day. Yes, and oftentimes the same people who say yes a little storm comes out of understand why God would do such a thing to be where does God know this will ease been raised always been what you just reveal is you don't believe in you. Since the difficulties the hardships the trial it's those things that Paul mentions.

For example, in second pending Chapter 11 when he says he was a stone beaten and left for dead in the streets of Leicester jailed in prison. Time after time, not because he done anything wrong because he had enemies he says, in perils, day and night sleepless without food, shipwrecked and what is he say is what he says. He says in second Corinthians chapter 12 and he would never said this otherwise. He says here's what I've learned. He said God sent to my grace is sufficient for my power is perfected in weakness, and so Paul said most gladly therefore I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. The apostle Paul went through enough difficulty enough hardship and enough pain and suffering and trial it when he wrote these big pencils. For example, writing out of a prison sale falsely accuse unjust treatment and he talked about the grace of God and how he how he had learned the grace of God and and then he comes to say I'm persuaded that God causes all things that are working together for good to those who love to those who are called according to his purpose. Why you see his what happens.

It's pain and suffering and heartache that solidifies our conviction that my God is sufficient. My God is with me, my God will take care of me even though I'm walking through this valley is exactly who he said he would be everything I've said and you see a people who have my responsibility. Whoever they are. You can't stand and tell it to other people convincingly.

If you are not absolutely listen willing to lay down your life for your conviction of the truth of what you say it's one thing to say it. It's something else to know that you live and die by the apostle Paul wrote, listen writing out of these prison sales awesome things. For example, that he teaches us all through the Scriptures over and over and over again in epistle after epistle after epistle.

What's he doing he simply teaching us the things that he learned not that he thought about and you see when you and I look at his life and everything will have possibly could amend leave all of this because he'd been there and God had proved sufficient and here's a man who says I'm suffering from this this thing that God has allowed in his life. It was physical or emotional. Whatever it was we don't know what it was is what he said.

Here's what I've learned.

The grace of God is sufficient and he says when I feel the weakest and the most in attic is just like is not going to work. That's when the power of God's surges through me to make me adequate for the moment.

How with the apostle Paul ever know what God was willing to do through him. Listen, and in him shipwrecked, imprisoned, beaten and left for dead in the stocks only noted on he goes and what does he do. He's not complaining about God is what he says I'm fully persuaded that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him. Those are called according to his purpose. You want to be a happy Christian and friend get read the from of obit because storms make us from. But when we respond right we begin the smile. Why because he kept you did exactly what you promise to do your exactly who you said you are, but I probably doubted you through times, but thank you thank you thank you you did exactly then what happens how testimony is not moaning groaning will yes I do believe in God know we are happy, excited Christians have an impact. The simple reason we are fully persuaded not in our mind. Listen, not just in our heart. But in our total being. It's a solidified thing totally convicted that is who he says is well let me give you one of the word, and that's the word change and you recall turn to acts chapter 9 from you. Recall that the apostle Paul was on his way a Pharisee listen.

A big time leader of the Pharisees big-time persecutor of Christians because even after he was saved Christians down. In fact, they were afraid of letting believe that he was really converted.

He was so ruthless and he said he was ruthless and aggressive persecutor of Christians sitting on top and all of a sudden the storm hit him one day in the storm had nothing to do with the weather. It was a storm of instantaneous blindness struck failed to the ground totally blind hearing this voice but not knowing what was going on for three days.

He couldn't see anything. I watch this he did, there was no end in three days, this strange voice that he never heard before, but three days. He was blind. He probably thought he would never have his site, but in three days. God melted this but into blindness. Total helplessness total helplessness to get his attention. God try to get his attention. You remember when he watched and heard Stephen crying out to Jesus Christ when he was being stoned to death. Not complaining but crying out to the Lord Jesus Christ and talk and him and Saul. The Bible says was consenting to his death did he get the message. No, what did it take what storm did it take total blindness and helplessness.

What happened change his life on his way to persecute the Christians listen few days later he found his way to preach the gospel and spent the rest of his life propagating the very gospel he tried to destroy. Let me ask you, you never trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You rejected him. Everything seems be going real well in your life you know you don't have any need of God. Suppose God struck you blind instantly.

I know what you would say most of you is what you'd say oh my God I got you never prayed to God you weren't interested in and all of a sudden you see, watch this remember what we said the intensity of the storm. The length of the valley, the depth of the Valley is determined by God. Listen based on your rebellion, your indifference to Almighty God who created you simply want to say to you as an unbeliever somewhere sometime God is going to send the storm into your life and I trust that you will be wise not to recognize where it came from and what the purposes change your life. Paul became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ changed his whole life that he became a preacher of the gospel, a missionary to the world in his day and you know what Paul's doing. Paul is still speaking the day he still speaking the day to the word of God and through every man of God, a woman about who stands with his book in their hand and proclaims the truth of the gospel, but it took the stoma blindness change the direction of his life silent simply asking what kind of storm is going to take to turn your heart from your way to God's way. If you're a believer you're out of God's will market down. Storms come, you know, sometimes when the storms coming you can smell it in the air, catching you smell in the air gets cool sometime you can see the card you know the storms come in.

So what you do but forgets that you get your umbrella or your raincoat and get out of here you go inside, but foolish people, foolish people, techno preparation, they just ignore the storm clouds. They know all the smell in the air. They just keep on having it their way and they get caught before this week is over you going to get one of those stones. It may be a little bit of a stone and maybe just a little, just enough to get your attention.

Or it could be a water. The key is this. Ask yourself the question, Lord, what are you saying to me.

Does it have to do something. You are clean out of my life. My thinking what about my personal, intimate relationship with you is is something you want to reshape in my life. What's going on the right down the list. God would use that to take a step life to move you in the Christlike and make your blessings somebody else. Thank you for listening to part two have God's purpose in the storm.

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