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Based on Relationship

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 15, 2022 12:00 am

Based on Relationship

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 15, 2022 12:00 am

Dr. Stanley explains why we sometimes struggle to bear fruit in our lives.

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Welcome to this weekend that's podcast with Carl anything worthwhile. I believe you guys must be based on relations and it just doesn't matter. Here's part three and the life that when eternity will the John chapter 15 now was read beginning in verse one through the fifth verses, because here he describes the relationship of a bottom of the branch. He says I am the true God, which is an implication that there are bonds that are not true. I am the true vine, and my father is the husband but he's the one who oversees the vineyard. Every branch in me that bears not fruit he takes away every branch that bears fruit. He purges approves it, that it may bring forth more fruit that you clean through the word which I have spoken to you watch this relationship about where in me and where in you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself accepted about where in the vine. No more can you accept you about where inmate I am the vine you the branches he did about it where inmate and are in him the same bring forth much fruit forward without me you can do nothing now one of the reasons that many people who receive Jesus Christ as their Savior never enjoy the Christian experience is because they never grasp on in a personal experience what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ well in a person's relationship with Jesus Christ as long as he's upset you down here you doing this is not doing that adding these and subtracting these, and he's up there watching all and he's up there helping you. You will never understand what it means to live a life that went because you see the likely winds. As we said, is the life of Christ living his life within us. We have a friend within us, who is the Holy Spirit who came to sealers as a child of God. And when he did that he severed his from a formal relationship and that's what I want us to see.

First of all, this morning, that is the relationship that you and I had before we became children of God in Ephesians chapter 2. If you look there for a moment the verse one and two, he says, and you had he quickened that is made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, where in times past you walk the court in the course of this world.

So he says before you were in Christ worrywart. He says you are in Adam all that man could do. Then he says you are living where in sin.

That is your relationship to sin was that you yielded to since it was a part of your life. You are in joy sin as far as that the old Adamic nature can enjoy peace is not only were we in Adam. Not only were we in sin, but he says we also were in their he that hath the son hath life even have not the son of God have not like. So beforehand he says you are in Adam.

You are in sin, you were in their he says in first John, if you move on about the chapter 4 for second chapter 4 of first John is what he says. He says you are of God. Chapter 4 verse four. You are of God's children and have overcome them, because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world, which is speaking of the Holy Spirit. They he says are all the world. Therefore speak they of the world and the world hear them. I watched as he says the unbelievers where he's in Adam. The old Adamic nature. He's in sin he's in there and he's in the world. He says the 15 chapter John he's is you, not of the world you are in the world but not of the world because you see the unbeliever is in the world and all the world, the nature of the world is his nature.

Then he says if you move back to our Romans chapter 7 I believe our Romans seven and look if you will, in verse five he says something else about where we were before Christ came in pieces for when we were in the flesh, the motions of sin, which were above the law did work in our members to bring forth fruit under the he says were when we were in the place that is our old defiled temperament, that sin was working its works in our life to the person who is without the Holy Spirit is worth. He's in Adam.

He's in sin he's in there.

He's the world he's not like, but he says there's something else. If your turn to Romans chapter 6 there for a moment and look if you will, what he says in verse 18 he says being then made free from sin, you became the servants of righteousness. I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh for as you have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and do iniquity unto iniquity. Even so, now yield your members servants the righteousness and on the holiness that what for. When you were the servants of sin, you are free from righteousness. So here is the condition of a person who is without Christ. Where is the first of all, he's in who is in Adam. He's in sin he's in there. He's in the world. He's in the flash what he's enslavement to sin. So the person says no on the Christian, but I like it like it is. What he doesn't understand is where he is my friend. If you never receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. Satan has blinded your eyes, your true condition and right now you think that everything is going on all right but the real truth is that from God's point of view you are living the root of your life. The core of your life. The nature of your life is in only what man can do and that is the Adamic nature. You are living you are clothed with feel where permitted by sin since nature is controlling your life dominated by you a dead man whose walking around the physical life, but because God made his spiritual beings as well as physical being when a man is spiritual, dead from God's point of view. These day and you were enslaved by sin dominated by the lust of the flesh, the old college year old defiled unregenerate temperament is dominating and controlling your life is something. It even when you become a Christian and the spirit of God comes in your life and watch this, the spirit of God comes in your life. Once the spirit of God sealed you. You can go back into your old Adamic night. Neither can you be in sin, the way you were in sin before, nor can you be in death because he said he says we have his light and he says if we had his light. We had a brother and nothing can puckers out of the father's name. So once you say you're in Christ in life and your in righteousness, you may not act like it but that's where you are, you still what about those other three about in the world in the flesh and enslavement. Once you become a Christian, you still have the power to do what to drift or to take definite steps back in the one well back in the world you begin to mess around the world.

Play with the world and you see that's the reason many people are saying but they don't have the victory in the light they say you know you talk about the life that wins man up back over here. I'm having to fight the same old battle. Some have in the by the same old temptation. In fact, I'm back over here hung up on the same things I used to when you talk about it like that wins what I will know is how do I stay out of this mess.

I keep drifting back into what is the central theme of the whole life that went that he is what he's saying in this particular passage. He says that before we were in Christ. You and I were in Adam in sin in the world, and death and slavery in the flash.

All of this, but once you and I become a child of God. The Bible says it is heated.

Jesus said I and you and you and me, so that when you and I become a Christian.

What is God the father. He puts us in the Christ Jesus. Now, given the 17th chapter of John as Jesus was praying he said father as I am in you and you and me. So I'm praying that they will be in me so that they will be one with all is as you and I are one together so that before Jesus left this world, his prayer and his purpose was that you and I would be in Christ and to be in Christ is to be in the father so that when a person becomes a believer what they do. They are placed in the Christ Jesus, and we begin to live in him, he that hath the son hath life he that hath not the son of God have not like now.

Jesus said, no man cometh in the father but by me. Here's a righteous holy father and his sinful man. The man says must I'm gonna subtract all these things add a few things in my life and I would about do that I'll be able to get together and God and I will be one together. You see, his sin has got to be taken care of and what he saying. Apart from Jesus Christ that he's going to take care of it. How in the world is not going to be covered. The only way in the world that's going to be covered is that it hears the father and only as that man sinks his life in the Jesus Christ and he's covered with the blood of Jesus Christ. Only then will the father receive the music. The only way in the world you and I will ever be able to be received by God the father is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. The cross does what makes it possible for us to become the children of God. Now is a well that's where I am. I know that God the father and Jesus Christ won because the Bible teaches at second.

I know that I'm in Christ because I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. But in spite of that, I'm still be here drifting by the same old battles like the same old send and every once in a while I get hung up over here and I get trapped by the same old thing. How is it that a man can be in Christ Jesus, who's in the father and all the supernatural power of the father is released within you and me, why is it we are still not living the life that wins. Why is it when not having the victory wise with not having contentment. Why is it when not having fees.

Where is that joy because you seek the very best that God has to offer is available to every single one of his children, but I know some folks who are rightly related these three areas down and then defeated, and they can figure out why they could be in Christ Jesus. In Christ Jesus in them and why things are not right, there's a reason for that, and you see if you turned back to John chapter 14 and if you recall what he said in the 16th verse of John chapter 14, I don't mind repeating this because some folks over at the first time, and some of us need to hear it over and over and over until the relationship and the concept becomes a part of. I think I to sleep everybody who say that's why they are in Christ Jesus in the phone numbers and what he said. He said I will pray to the father and he shall give you another follows in the Greek just like me another comforter, that he may abide with you for how long. Forever. Even the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, neither know of him, but you know him, for he shall he dreaded with you and Shelby where where in you. I'll will not leave you comfortless I will come to you are now. This Jesus in the 16th chapter of John. It is expedient that is absolutely essential for you that I go away, but he's as if I go, I will send the comforter he will be in you with you and upon yard now. He says now he's with you I'm going away and I'm going to send him on the relationship and what is their relationship. He has been with you. He will be where in you and he says when he comes, he will seal you another question is, is that all he intended to do is to seal me, but I was as he wants to teach me comfort me. But the Bible says that he wants to rule in your life in my life. He wants not co-robust single room.

He wants to govern our life. He wants to fill us because we are in Christ Jesus. In Christ Jesus is in the interest of the Holy Spirit. His idea is that the life of Christ were just bubbling in our life. The joy of the Lord, the piece the Lord, the forgiveness of the Lord all that is a relationship. The abundant life you see me in Christ and the spirit of God within me that's not all of it.

That's not the abundant life that's being saved and being seal does not abundant listen when you are saved by the grace of God, you get how much of the Holy Spirit you get all of another question is how much of you has he got. He can only have as much as you give, and you will never get in the more him. Then when you say the question is how much of you this, he had to be failing of the spirit means that I gotta be tempted. I got to come. The place that I gotta be into the wholesale dad to sell out. Got to be willing for God to do our work in my life whereby the spirit of God isn't just in the but the spirit of God is filling the numbers.

God never intended for you to stop it being say he didn't even intend for you to stop it being seal. He never intends for you to stop in your relationship with him until you are willing to turn your life upside down and let God into you, of all that you are and then let the Holy Spirit who is in drilling you fill you up and you see until you and I are surrendered to the spiritual leadership and guidance and domination control of our life. We gonna keep on losing Brent it's going to be winning the day losing tomorrow.

God never intended for us to live a roller coaster live music summarizes well I'll tell you what I want to revive a meet and I heard a sermon and I mean this before eyewitnesses whereas living you not of the spirit of God is in my life but I went to some revolving got got a hold of me and me to tell you brother. He really work meal. God really did something in my life, and man things are really better now where they are better but they're not right right there better but they're not right. It does mean you got and the more the spirit and the spirit of God's got more of you. You got some things in your life. They want right where you go back to Nixon then he got work your begin using more to you right now, that's it. God really got me today and you see you may be better off, but you know where God wants you to be your birthday something that some folks sitting at their menu. Subtracting this, and subtracted that subtracted on these There is anything else to subtract.

That is, from your point of view. My point of view, there may not be like God isn't satisfied until you and I will say Lord that's given of all of it. I want you listen now eligible to be in the father in Christ, I don't, I will be filled and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

I want him to have all of my life, my attitudes, my actions, my habits, I wanted to have all of me and nothing of wholesale is an automatic you mean to tell me sinless perfection on the atonement sin is perfection because you see anytime any day online.

I choose to just add a little bit of this junk back in there I can do. In fact, I can add just enough that you can hardly feel the difference.

But you still not feel until he is God searches your heart and you will in the coming to the scrutiny of God Almighty himself, and you want to say Lord, you name it and is got names that you willing to get rid of it and he puts his finger on something they'll never be any filling never be any filling as long as God's got his finger on something in your life. It's not right now he wants to fill is not to do what, in order that his life within us the life of the spirit overflowing overflowing with what overflowing with love, overflowing with joy overflowing with peas, overflowing with goodness overflowing with kindness overflowing with gentleness overflowing with patients overflowing with temperance overflowing with faithfulness that is the life of the Spirit filled believer, but you see, it'll never overflow as long as I short-circuited by putting something of old self. Having my will absolutely gonna have my way in something it cannot be an overflow in this. This is the heart of the whole Christian life. All of the spirit of God you love or have you got right now.

The question is am I willing for him to have absolute authority and I will say Lord Jesus, whatever you will and I wouldn't say Lord whatever the spirit of God leads me to do. That's what I'm going to do. I'm committed to him. I'm willing view the into me in order that you might have all of me seeking ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all the things that I need most orders are live everything it is I was in the will of the father is going to be mine. And the reason for continuous defeat is my insistence on keeping something over here that God cannot have.

God doesn't want any dirty rags hanging out of our life. He wants is clean and pure does mean that you stay that way. 24 hours a day, but all I've got to do if something slips into my life a lot got loose confess of him asking to remove it can and repent of it right then and there. God takes away fill the spirit but you see, unless you realize that the Christian life is a relationship at a we get there. We simply said by faith we receive the Lord Jesus Christ is in the father we are in him during the fall, the spirit of God seals us the spirit of God feels and when he feels is he sealed his and does what being in Christ fits me to go to heaven. The spirit of God sealing me and living within me. The life of Jesus Christ fits me to live in the city of Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere else in the world. That's what he said don't be drunk with wine wears in excess he said, but be filled with the Holy Spirit of the living God, and only as the spirit of God fills and walked to the as they validate you and I live the life that wins is not our life is Christlike through the Holy Spirit living within us a life. We are absolutely and totally incapable of living that is a picture of the life and wins. Thank you for listening to you based on relationship if you like to know more about Charles Stanley more in touch ministries that sign intact, start OIG's podcast is a presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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