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A Covenant Promise

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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December 11, 2021 12:00 am

A Covenant Promise

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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December 11, 2021 12:00 am

What would it take for you to believe that God is trustworthy?

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Welcome to this "intense podcast for child family where God elaborate plan that unfolded before after the birth of Christ. Here's part one of the series explaining why Jesus came.

I will begin the series of three messages to answer the question of why Jesus came so and out of the new attitude lay real foundation for that if you turn the Genesis chapter 12 and want us to read the first three verses together.

Genesis chapter 12 now the Lord had said of Abram, get the out of the country and from thy kindred, and from my father's house, unto a land that I will surely and I will make of the great nation and I will bless the make thy name great thou shalt be a blessing and I will bless them that bless the and curse him that curses the and indeed shall all the families of the earth be blessed that I should ask you, why did Jesus Christ come to this earth.

2000 years ago. 90% of the people probably answer in order to save me from my sin and that is true but that is not the only reason Jesus came and I think one of the most beautiful demonstrations of the faithfulness of God is wrapped up in the whole concept of Christmas and Bethlehem and what happened the night that Jesus Christ was born, but I want us to see something here because what God did for Abraham.

He has also done for us and so the first reason I want us to see for Jesus Christ coming was this that Jesus Christ came in order to fulfill and a revocable, unchanging, unalterable covenant promise, which he made to Abraham, some 6000 years ago about 4000 years before Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, so will describe something to you about a cabinet and that I was the look to see what God said and how he operated the life of Abraham and then how that applies to us today and I want you to see the great detail to which God went to in order to fulfill what he promised that if you will think for just a moment about what's happened here are Abraham's name at this point is Abram that will call of Abraham because God changed his name God reached down out of nowhere. It seems and chose to reveal himself to Abraham, not because Abraham was good, not because he was going to be good, not for any other reason except God and his sovereign wisdom and sovereignty chose to speak to so having chosen him, he just he said what we just read here in the Genesis chapter 12 and verse two and three and then if you move over to our chapter 15 and notice what he says in verse one into after these things the word of the Lord came of Abram in a vision, saying, fear not, Abraham, I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward. I will be your protection and I will be your provision because I am making a covenant with you then. If you notice up in the verse six the same chapter, the Bible says, and he believed in the Lord and he counted it to him for righteousness. Now the word believe here is the word meaning that he stayed upon God. That is, he rested upon him, he trusted upon him. He rested in him. He rested in the Lord in faith and he counted to him for righteousness. And so he had made in this promise about her son and so forth and so verse eight Abraham says how do I know that I'm going to inherit his land and all the things that you're talking about here. So then the Bible says a lot since the Bible says that God put them to sleep and putting him to sleep something happened he saw something and that is these animals which he noted. If you notice here, he said to them, take me and have a three years old was she goat three years old, a ram of three years old and a turtledove and a young pigeon.

He took on the him all of these and he divided them in the midst, and laid each piece one against another of the birds divided. He not then he of course the kept the following verse 12 and when the sun was going down a deep sleep fell upon Abraham and a hollow of great darkness fell upon God said, Abraham know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years, which is this prophecy of the time of the Egyptian bondage of 400 years. Then he says in verse 16, but in the fourth generation they shall come hither again for the iniquity of the Amorites are not yet full. So for 400 years. He said your family will be in the slavery in this particular land which you and I know the V-chip then if you notice he said in verse 17 it came to pass that when the sun went down. It was dark the whole smoking furnace and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces in the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, under thy seed have I given this land, and so for is what about you to see God chose to reach down and unveil himself to a man who did not know Jehovah God. Likewise, the Bible said he made a covenant with him and explain to you very briefly what we mean by company or a covenant is a binding contract between two people.

But here God is making a covenant with Abraham and at the same time God is as Sumi the total responsibility for fulfilling that covenant promise or that bonding relationship. So when two groups are to mid-May to come.

That is what they would do.

They would take an animal and divide or say a series is guarded here and spread them apart. Then they would strike with a knife apartment, say the wrist of the hand of this palm and he was that the hand of his palm and they put these two together raise their hands and make a covenant and mixing their blood and so they became blood brothers covenant brothers and a covenant brother was really stronger than a blood brother, so that when they made this, then oftentimes they would take a torch and walk up and down between these animals and that torch was a symbol of judgment upon the one who broke that covenant that I was accounted binding upon both of them and likewise it bound their families together and their families them. So a covenant was more than a promise. It was a promise binding by not only their old, but their blood. It was a covenant promise binding two people together involving everything they possessed in the light of that here is God saying to Abraham I'm going to make a covenant with you and but here's the difference on this occasion he tells Abraham to divide these animals in the future, says that God put Abraham to sleep but in the midst of all that God allowed Abraham to see this smoking furnace.

If you notice here in this particular chapter he says a smoking furnace and a burning lamp and so what does that symbolize that here is God symbolical in the smoking furnace and here is the Lord Jesus Christ symbolized in that burning lamp because you see Abraham was put to sleep. God did not say to Abraham. Now here's what I'm going to do, and here's what you must do, but God said to Abraham, I am assuming the full responsibility for this company so it is God the father and God, his son, the smoking furnace and the bright shining lamp walking up and down through those animals as the symbolism of the covenant relationship that God was making Abraham is what I want you to see when God made his covenant promise with the nation of Israel with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Each one of Abraham's sons Isaac.

The covenant promise was reiterated to him Jacob because the promise was reiterated to him the sun that is key above all the rest is the son of Judah, and Jesus has been call the lion of the tribe of Judah. It was for the genealogical line of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and through the Jacob line son Judah, and through that line. If you recall that when Matthew wrote the book of Matthew the gospel that he started out by saying the genealogical line of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham to get Isaac and Isaac to get Jacob any traces of all the way down the Joseph he says, whose wife was Mary, of whom was born the Lord Jesus Christ in the mind of God is what I want you to say they don't miss this in the mind of God went all mighty God makes a promise the sovereign creator of this universe will move heaven and earth in order to fulfill every single promise. He's made precisely and exactly how much you listen to what he says you have to turn to mark the verse.

If you like. In Deuteronomy 2321 he says when you shall file about under the Lord thy God.

Thou shall not slack to pay it for the Lord thy God will surely require that the anti-would be sin, MD, that is if you failed to keep that vile is what I want you to see in the 12 chapter Genesis the sovereign God of this universe made about he made a covenant promise with Abraham and he and his son the Lord Jesus Christ walked up and down in the midst of that cut animal those animals in order to declare to Abraham that the covenant would be fulfilled. Listen, it would not be fulfilled through Abraham along. In fact, it would never be in the strength of Abraham, but it was that the in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ smoking furnace burning like God the father, God the son, joining hands, walking up and down through those animals to verify the inevitability and the everlasting power that promise, and of the covenant, I want you to go back for just a moment I want to show you something in the 12 chapter when God made his covenant promise with Abraham. He says in verse three and I will bless them that bless the and curse him that curses be. Then he says, and in the shell all the families of the earth be blessed and notice what he said. He said MD that is out of the evil combat which will bless all the nations of the earth, the night Jesus Christ was born God the father was fulfilling the last of that covenant promise when he said to him that all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in the 14 Jesus Christ the whole world has the opportunity of being say it is in Jesus prays that God's redemptive plan was offered to mankind is in Jesus prays that men found out hope of life everlasting is in Jesus Christ, but men found a purpose for living is in Jesus Christ, we find direction for life is in Jesus Christ, we discover who God really is, is in the coming of Jesus Christ for all the world, all the nations of the earth have been blessed. Salvation was all put to the world that day. I would you think about something. If you turn to Matthew chapter 26 because he came not only to fulfill the covenant promise that he made to Abraham which he fulfill precisely and exactly what you recall, in the upper room that night before he was crucified that he spoke Avenue, the old account of Abraham, Jesus Christ, that he came to fulfill the covenant promise which he is not but he likewise came out to fulfill the old covenant but to establish a new one and this is what he says in Matthew chapter 26. Look, if you will, beginning in verse 26 and as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed and broke and gave his disciples and said, take E this is my body that watch verse 27, 28 a, took the cup he gave thanks, and he gave it to them, saying that each one of them was to drink a little out of that cup drinking all of it for this is my blood of the New Testament which is in essence the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. Listen, here's what Jesus was saying, and some others is widely explained what he was saying I'll tell you what. When Jesus spoke most of the time. The reason he made no explanation is because the people who heard them speak in that day understood exactly what he meant. He said this is my blood of a new covenant, which I'm establishing with you and with all who believe after you. That is a covenant that listen God Almighty.

The same God who made the capital Abraham who moved history change nations who are proven emperors and who guided the stars of the heavens, so that they would be in the right place at the right time, at the very time the Jesus Christ was born God move the heavens listen before the foundation of the world. When he put everything in our business and think about this God Almighty sent the timeclock of the orbits of the universe is in order that the Reichstag would be at the right place at the right time to announce the most difficult thing that had ever happened in the universe. After that time, my friend, you worried about whether God has forgotten his last promise to you know way.

Amen no way you see that was a covenant promise between Abraham and God look at this promise. He says this is my covenant cases.

This is the blood of a new cabinet that I'm making with you and the new covenant is this. Listen, what's this, the new company is that I am now assuming the responsibility for your life. I am assuming responsibility for the pardon of your sins on the cross.

I'm assuming responsibility for your provision. I am assuming responsibility for your protection, I'm assuming responsibility for your everlasting and eternal future. I am assuming responsibility your life so therefore under the new covenant when man receive me as their Savior, they also get me as their lying and Jesus Christ comes in to the light of men today to live through them alive which no man can live because man is not capable of living the Christian life is Christ living within us dwelling within is living through the life that he promised. So when someone is as well not believe that you can receive Jesus Christ to be saved. I just don't know that I believe Jesus Christ will live through me know what I want you to see this when God makes a covenant promise God will move heaven and earth to make a covenant promise come the pass all history is proof of that for the Old Testament covenant now in the New Testament, listen, if God shows with the blood of animals to make a comfortable Abraham and lived up to that, will he not much more live up to his divine sovereign everlasting covenant with his son when it is the blood of Jesus Christ and seal the cabinet between you and Almighty God, my friend. That's why you and I do not have one single legitimate reason for ever doubting one single promise in this book when he said this is a new cabinet which I'm ceiling with my blood.

When Jesus Christ was saying, in essence, was this every single thing I have promised you, you can bet my blood but it will come to pass God the father and love for you and me sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. In this world. Born in a manger in Bethlehem. He was God come in the flesh, but he came to die and he hang there upon the cross between God and humanity to say by the shedding of this blood.

I'm establishing a new That all who will accept me as their Savior that master in the Lord already internally kept by my father and let me tell you what that means to us. He who said, I'm establishing a new company who said I will save you likewise said I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am that you may be also. I don't need but one reason for believing that Jesus Christ is coming again just because he said so.

Amen. It God the father will keep a promise to Abraham will not, God the father keep his promise to you and me when the ceiling of that Was the blood of his own guns that is at least the beginning of what the Bethlehem story is all about. Thank you for listening to why Jesus came. If you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley for intense tax data lighting is typecast as a presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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