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The Power of Solitude - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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October 26, 2021 12:00 am

The Power of Solitude - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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October 26, 2021 12:00 am

Untangle yourself from earthly duties and focus on hearing God's voice.

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Welcome to the intensified cast maternal family for Tuesday, October 26 feel like you always have to much to do anyway and we need to seek seclusion. The Lord hears more on the power of solitude. When God created this world. He did a fantastic job. We all agree. A man did a fantastic job creating this planet, hang it out here in space storage rooms on the moon. Beautiful sandy beaches and boundaries, snowcapped mountains, flowers in the 60s for a minute. Think of all the things God's created but God didn't create anything that he personally could fellowship with until he created man. Do you realize why you're alive.

God created you for the purpose of fellow shipping with you, loving you and being loved by you is unknown at all. What about my parents said to me I was a mistake, though you weren't a mistake.

God allowed you to be born because God chose the fellowship with you and to express his love toward you and listen and to demonstrate to you how much he loves you. For example, he created angels to be servants send them out when he comes back, he's coming back with his holy angels about servants are created by God to serve him. You know why he created you to love him as services apart of loving but he created you to love him and listen to this he created you for the purpose of loving you. For example, he can create mountains by just thinking them into being, but they came loving. He can create all, animals. But they can loving he can create galaxies millions and millions and millions and millions of stars and planets and all the rest of that they came loving is only one part of his creation that can love him and that you you think about that. Therefore, because you're the only creation that can love him. That makes us very, very special and you think about what he said the very first chapter the Bible left us make man in our image, he didn't say that about dogs, cats, elephants of Wales even say that about trees forest heated so that about mountains. His other planes and deserts. The only thing about which he said lets us make in our own image. Why did he make you and in his image. Why did he make you and me in his image, to love us to demonstrate his love. Think about this, even when he created you and me to love him.

He created Adam and Eve to love him and they dissipated. The Bible says not as evident on their sins separated them from God. All of a sudden there's a wonderful fellowship between sovereign God who created all was broken and you know one of first things they felt loneliness and why would they hide themselves if they didn't feel something was wrong immediately.

God dealt with them. The Bible says he took skins and wrapped up their bodies so that they wouldn't feel naked. What is he doing immediately. God is shedding blood as a symbol of all of his messages that would come down to the centers all the way to the cross shows how much he loves us. Think about this God so loved you and me, and steeled us that he sent Jesus Christ to the cross. Put all the sin that of all mankind on him as the ultimate Lamb of God. The final sacrifice to take care of our sin. That's you know why because he loves us. He desires the fellowship as he wants us to listen to and he wants listen. He wants to speak to us. He wants to show was the best plan for our life.

He wants us to know who he is. Listen, the more somebody loves you, the more they want to know who you are and the more somebody loves you, the more they want you to know them.

Why do they love you, what is it within them that causes them to love you and you and I cannot look within ourselves and come up with anything that would cause us to say, will no one that he loves me, look at me. None of us would say that, but we look at him and think we look at ourselves and think how could you love me and with him it's no problem at all. You know why that's what he had in mind when you were born to love you express that awesome love with you. So when you look at the Scripture and you see what he says that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself why that's why we're here.

He wants us to know how much he loves us and he wants us to love him in return. Now fellowship with him is preparation for lots of things and so it isn't just a matter of a one over 2 Way St. between us.

This whole idea of solitude, spending time with him. If you don't understand who is to spend time with him. If you don't loving me and I can spend time with. If you don't recognize your need you and I can spend time with you don't like it if you if you think God's justice something out yonder you are going to spend time with and so we have to ask is this what is God up to in all this and so if you think about it if his primary purpose it is primary purpose is fellowship then whatever we do in this time of solitude is going to contribute to that. Now watch this. When I talk about setting aside time and just being alone with him by yourself. What do you do some us, as we know will not feel real foolish here by myself so that they can okay what's happening now listen when you decide to set aside time to be alone with him.

He is going to reward you. He's going to reveal himself in ways that you not going to find out any other way. He's going to speak to you about things that you not even listen you will even bring up he's going to answer questions and solve problems and deal with your life and give you direction and divine guidance because he loves you and because you have been wise enough and disciplined enough to set aside time so that it's not you, and somebody is just all you and God is he going toward you. Yes, he is will he bless you in ways that you never imagined.

Yes he will. And I think about how this person got to me I believe. I didn't even know what the word solitude meant I didn't even know what meditation meant and I just knew that when I was about 1415 16 along in those years, especially, I would do.

I lived next to Acree coming way up the hill from the creek and walk about a quarter-mile to get down to is called Fall Creek. Many times I would go to and then sit and just think I go by myself. I just I wanted God. I wanted to learn how to listen to him at that time I probably know very much about that, and I would just listen and ask God to show me speak to my heart. Help me to understand why Mr. kid not knowing what's going on but but something inside of me undo that I needed to be alone with him so God began to do is take those times is being quiet and he began to work in my life and told me one of the greatest lessons. I hope I've learned that spending time alone with him is the greatest timesaver. The greatest stress reliever tension reliever because I lived in a household. My mother love me to death.

Sweet wonderful godly woman but element of the household was totally different and sometimes I would go up there and get in the basement of the church and cry out to God for my mother and sometimes just be quiet and asked the Lord help me how to live in this circumstance and I learned that if I just be quiet. Somehow he would work it all out and so when you say will what do you do well sometimes you read the Bible sometimes you don't and here's the most difficult thing to learn. Don't do anything but listen, you say, but my mind is one does all of the place. Understand that, but if you say to him. Father, I want you to show me how to focus on you show me who you are.

Help me to understand your love for me. Help me to understand if I'm making mistakes.

Help me to understand. If I'm not doing my best to help me understand you know what he he will speak unit summarizes why does he speak the limited say this God has a unique way of revealing himself and speaking to you in a way that you can't really explain that anybody else I could explain to some degree, but he's got to speak to you you there's only one of you and if you will listen to him. He will speak to you and make it very clear what he wants you to do if he didn't when expression of love. He knows the hunger of your heart he could. He he he he consents. Listen the intensity of your thirst, or lack of it for him and Irma.

While you're there every single one of us. You are being loved by God. Today, no matter what. He's loving you and your pain in your suffering and your sickness and your sorrow and your joy and your pleasure.

He's loving you sometime you don't get that we know understand we think will live if he doesn't do it a certain way, then certainly it must not be true genuine love. Yes, he does and one thing for certain, there'll be times in your life when he is the he's all you have and remember we said the very beginning. Loneliness is not from God. As a result of our circumstances and things that happen in life and I can member the longest time in my life I get out of bed at night get out on Mondays and cry out to God to help me strengthen me change whatever needs to be changed in me, but God don't leave me like this. And how many times I would just kneel there and be quiet after that express all of my anxiety and my frustration and my fears is I got to give me this awesome sense of assurance. It's going to be all right.

Remember how many times I crawl back in the bed next thing I know it was morning.

That's the way God deals with long sometimes you just. Next thing you know it's all over you see the reason that solitude is the best way to handle all that. If you dealing with whether it's tension, stress, aloneness, whatever it might be is that I can change this for the moment but I can't keep it changed. I can go talk to this person that they'll be gone or this person. And while wise, godly counsel may be what God sent you to. But here's the thing you have to remember because he loves you. He will never walk out on the something about being alone with him in solitude.

He I can to you.

He will surprise you what he says he will surprise you.

He will say things to you that our moments of absolute is essential knowledge to defend you from something that's going to happen to make you aware of what's out there that you're about to face. He will surprise you with awesome promises, and this divine energy that flows through you. You will be able to be more productive you will be able to be more capable of doing more than you ever dreamed without even being tired you see it isn't summers like Splenda. Thank God I don't have to explain it UK numbers you can explain a miracle if you can explain the miracle that is not a miracle if you can explain what God does in the human heart in the human body and the mind is not a miracle that's that's who he is what I want you to see is this he loves you. He wants the best for you.

All he wants is listen. Give him some time. That is not you and but yes you just you and every single one can surmise is Rolando I live in plays.

I find my houses of people everywhere will my mother if I locked the door in my bedroom. She knew what I soon she knew I was talking to Guy Gossett and Vanessa and sometimes as need be by myself not talk to anybody. She since we don't understand that my mother she came and tried open the door, turn the doorknob is locked never came back.

I came out she encourage me listen to me as a parent when the wisest things you can teach your children or your grandchildren is the necessity the absolutely essential necessity of being able listen to spend time with the Lord Jesus God by yourself. No music, no TV. This by yourself and learn to listen to you. See if you encourage your children you practice it, I don't think I can ever remember saying to a younger person but it's a small part of a small grandchildren or some all of that no one's ever just turn me off when I've said if you let him, God will teach you how to listen to him it be a very foolish person who doesn't want to learn how to listen to God and so you see it's not that whether he'll decide to teach you not know what is waiting for you to give in the time to get you in the position or your questions are not the issue. Tomorrow's schedule is not the issue.

Just you and him focused upon him you so I don't know that work for me.

Oh yes, it'll work for you. What you have to decide is the you really and truly want to get to know this awesome God who created you for the sole primary purpose of loving you being loved by you and allowing him to demonstrate this awesome love the summit of which is the cross of Jesus and from that point on. His love spans from every direction.

Why because he loves you.

So when I think about loneliness and I think about solitude and the difference is a great deal of difference now so let me just take a moment to mention this. How do you turn loneliness in the solitude having a referral can be lonely times have you turn loneliness in the solitude reversible. Look at it as a gift from God that he's given you to spend time with him. I can remember when loneliness hit me really bad. I complained and moaned and groaned and prayed over and everything else and slight one. The Huron said to me, do you realize that you're being alone is made it possible for us to spend more time together. Do you realize this is a gift from the that you and I can have a deeper relationship than ever before.

You need to make this an appointment instead of complaining recognize that I love you I'm always going to be there and this is this is a time that you nocturnes put together. You open the word and I'll teach you things not you know any other way. Do you realize that this is an expression of my goodness to you to give you time and I want to challenge you to look at your longer times is a wonderful opportunity to you to get to know who this God is you say you believe that one thing for certain he'll open the doors of your mind and your heart in your spirit, your emotions, you will learn so much more. You will experience more more productive, more energy, more happiness, more joy, more peace, more confidence, more assurance, more courage, you name and why because you've been spending time in living in the presence of all of that given to you freely by God who loves you unconditionally no matter what. You can't beat that. So away with the pills and alcohol in their affairs and all the other stuff and get smart. And remember, you have a loving heavenly father is totally committed to you and all listen to this, all he wants from you is just yourself loving him quietly in solitude and allowing him to forever express himself to you and you and through you for his glory in your good, thank you for listening to piety lab the power solitude. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley my intense ministry intent started writing the presentation intense ministry advantage of

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