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Casting Out Demons Part 4

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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June 8, 2022 8:30 am

Casting Out Demons Part 4

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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June 8, 2022 8:30 am

Mike Zwick interviews special Guest Justin Knoop as they continue their discussion on demons. For more "If Not For God" Follow us on YouTube.


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We've heard you talk about everything that's going on in the world, but there are some sure there's some people who were saying Justin what do I do with all of this information. I think a lot of people here where I'm at now where we are at now is a family or they hear testimonies of ministers that a been doing this for 10, 20, 34 years and they compare themselves to that person and it seems quite distressed to say with that's normal, like I do know how I could ever get to that place and but if you talk to a lot of these people you realize that every single one of them had a journey of getting to where that we all have we all didn't start where we are the Lord graciously accommodated where we are at. If you will, and took us on a journey to get to where were going so I would say number one take a deep breath and and start where you are, where you personally. You know, even when when the Bible talks about the gifts of the spirit. It tells you to utilize them in accordance to your level of faith right. Hey, prophesy according to your faith.

Do this according to your faith, why say the same thing, cast out demons. According to your faith. You know, I guess one of the encouraging things and you knew it talked about this before was that the first time you what to cast out a demon you didn't have an instruction manual.

So now Jesus told us to cast out demons and you missing something. He didn't really tell us exactly how to do it, daddy. They did not end. Not only that he did it different ways in different incidents as he did the same thing with healing and so you got asked the question Jesus, why, why did you choose to do it that way.

Why didn't you give us some kind of systematic approach. I think the answer to that is, is that human beings ultimately whenever we see some kind of systematic approach. We have a tendency to rely on the formula as opposed to rely on God or the Holy Spirit who is who is actually in charge of doing what's getting done now. He wants to partner with us and he is given us his authority to do these things but we have to always come back to the place of dependency on Holy Spirit. So that's why can look different in different instances. You might, you know have an experience like our first deliverance where I did the Lord just gave me a word, to speak and the woman start manifesting wall. Ask yourself this question, what would you do in that scenario would you just leave her alone. I like to hear different perspectives. I listen to even some former Calvinist teachers or theologians and that are not secessionists their continuation.

They believe in the gifts of the spirit, but they don't operate in them. You know a lot, but there's even a testimony can find on YouTube of John Piper actually running into a demonized person in a situation where they had to cast the demon on the right. We do know what to do.

We began singing hymns and this is one experience and so the one thing I think I don't try to listen too much to people that have had one experience, or they just believe in it.

In theory, and they haven't done it.

We wouldn't do that anywhere else in the world like you know, go to a trainer and he's like, hey first day never worked out my life, but I'd love to help you 375 you so you know I do definitely be wise there's plenty of plenty of people out there that have been doing it for decades. And of course look in the Scriptures and see what that says. But listen, we can take away these people's experiences against the Scriptures and learn from each other so that's what I say. You know that that step one would like we talked about the end of our last episode would be start looking in the Scriptures and see if this is this is something that you see talked about inscriptions lot which I think you will and see if this is something that is actually commanded or is it something that's only near these merely suggested it's I think it's commanded.

They talk about it again and again and again and again.

Whether it's you know the speaking in tongues amidst talked about and in the book of acts, and so I don't understand how you would say, will that could happen today know it now. That's one of the guess where it says is does everybody speak in tongues you think it's first Corinthians 14 maybe or first Corinthians 12, but we are supposed to seek the gifts of the spirit. You know it. And another example that I've had and I told you this before. I was at the pool last summer. Not the time of the storm clouds went away right. We had the little sound box that said, the Truth Network, that steward given here and I was playing Christian music and all of a sudden a guy went up to the fit that went up to the speaker and gave the middle finger to the speaker. Yeah, that's not normal people don't normally do that know you and I realize something was going on with you and so he walked right past me, but he would not look me in the office right and I heard you talk about that here does that demons what they don't want to look you in the eyes that allows closure. They don't like exposure and then he walked right past so I didn't know what to do.

So I just started praying and I started praying.

Frederick the guy went into his car. He got a got some headphones or whatever and then came back so I guess if nothing else we can start praying for people right. That's actually right and I think this is this is from our own personal spin experience.

This is how this kinda developed. You know that first instance that we encounter. There was another 66+ months were nothing happened were still just processing and praying and in another instance happened then in 2018. I didn't actually get to the point of this testimony, but we had a woman reach out to us because we started meeting in these fellowships in the home people were saying like I need to be baptized before getting born again in pools in bathtubs and in all the stuff to start is spread. People are witnessing that even our family members and you know one of our family members reached out to us and said I need to be baptized and I've had. Every time I open the Bible, it's baptism after the baptism, the Lord is leading me to do this we said sure will will baptize you and I and so this was you know we had only seen one other experience of demonic manifestations.

We called up a friend of ours who is now an extremely close friend of ours because she's been through this experience with us. We say, can we use your pool. It was the middle of summer in 2018 and so we go in and we bring this woman into the water and something we do and have mentioned this, but we always do. Whether you been in the church for 30 years.

When it whatever your background is as we preach the gospel. We share the gospel with people we show the truth of Jesus Christ. I don't care what I'm Your pastor because Paul would would repeatedly preach the good news of Christ because I don't know what gospel you responded to and I want to make sure that that that it's a biblical gospel, and also you have to be putting your faith into something and so we share the gospel with this woman and believe it or not even know she had been in the church for 20+ years. She was still harboring some unforgiveness and bitterness and so that gave opportunity will we said, is there anything you want to verbally repent of.

Is there anything that the Holy Spirit is highlighting for you to get rid of right now, so she literally repents of unforgiveness that she is held for years and now this is created is beautiful opportunity where she is. She is literally parting ways with with VP old life and so we baptize her under the water. We bring her back up. This is where it gets interesting.

Instead of just clapping our hands like we normally do nothing against that.

But just saying all great. You note this is amazing. We waited and we watched and just and in we looked at her and she started to kind of like squirm and she started to kinda sway back and forth I look at my wife and I'm like the something doesn't feel right about this and so I look back at the woman I said I'm going for. I said you unclean spirit, I command you to come out and then Jesus this woman's mouth opens wide number score 20+ years begins to let out these terrifying screams yeah and manifest a demon in the pool are friend who had had only one previous experience with the deliverance was sitting on the edge of the pool and were like get in here this woman. I mean that the demons trying to take her down into the water store having to hold her so that she doesn't go under the water. This is not your typical baptism right were starting to see this more and more like I told you in our previous conversations. The act of water baptism is is is is obedience to Christ and if we put our faith in the action of hey we are actually parting ways with the old life were going into the grave. Right now your faith could possibly irritate something demonic that is inside. We've seen that time and time again create a manifestation in someone during the act of water baptism. That's what this did so we prayed and prayed and prayed commanded this thing to come out. This is the craziest appearances will have so this woman and I don't know where your listeners stand on the gift of tongues and all that summer she had never prayed in tongues. Never anything like that but she had been asking for the gift of tongues for quite some time and she just never experienced it. So we pray for quite some time, probably close to an hour. You know which most christens are willing to do, but we keep we were just going after it wheat when you're someone manifesting in front you will you stop and say I have a nest. Good luck and so we're just going until tilt to it till came out and eventually it did this thing powerfully released everybody standing around do it while she falls back into the water.

I have to catch her and then she begins to pray out in tongues and the gift of tongues. And I mean I'm like MI in the Bible so you think that would be enough right are friend behind us says, look and turns, no lie. A dove flies down and lands on the fence of the pool and I'm like, as she begins to pray in tongues in all of this stuff so we had encountered experiences like this. This what I want to say to the listeners just following and obeying Jesus and that willingness for us to step out and obey. I believe stirred God's heart to begin to put people in our path that needed help.

I can almost guarantee you this if you just open your heart searching the Scriptures and say Lord I want to help people every person that I've seen has done that. All the sudden they get, you know somebody from high school reaches out there like hey I been thinking about you or they run into somebody else and then they open up about their life because now you are finally open and you know partially equipped to help people supernaturally with it with problems that you could have never touch with a 10 foot pole. And now in Christ, you are empowered to do so. So I truly believe he will begin to bring people in your pet. He'll meet you.

Basically, yes. You go out in the in the authority of the gospel and the authority of Christ. But he's going to begin to bring people in your path that's out happen to us. Then it went from every six months every three months every month. Listen in 2019.

So my wife got pregnant with our fourth child, 2019. We are doing deliverance is almost price six days a week sometimes stayed up until 1 o'clock in the morning in Alamance County so I promise you if you're open to this and you begin to tell the Holy Spirit you be as holy God to use you you you got a lot of work ahead of you because there's a lot of people that need freedom and I don't try to convince out. I really don't try to convince anybody. We got enough people coming to us for help without me having gotten chase people down and tell them they have demons out of Unilever don't care. I always want to help the people that want to be helped and you actually said something to me if it was yesterday. Were you said you were to the point now where we we you're actually having to turn people what you can't cannot can't see everybody right you would have life now. Yeah I know we've actually have cleaver and I when I leave here today.

This evening we have one we had to certain people may have differences about this but sometimes will schedule prayer time for people just because were busy family and stuff like that's were part of deliverance scheduled for tonight. This evening, and then I had a guy from Louisiana just reach out to me last night through email asking for.

He needs deliverance is so I actually have is that work visa.

Well, well, believe it or not and then and then this weekend we had a woman drive down from trip from Florida, so we've had people drive fly from Ohio Florida different places. We traveled up to Canada and I we got some friends in Canada that have started a group of fellowship up there and we will will do his will. Going to a place and will have a meeting and will begin to just share the gospel share what God's doing them will open up a time of prayer and not say what the biggest thing to break argument Derek Prince will say this to when he first got into deliverance as he came from Pentecostal background which I believe strongly from what I understand that Christians cannot have demons as the background.

He came from and he was pastoring a church. We had a that his is organ player was the first one to manifest a demon in front of the whole congregation and out, and they cast the demon out of that woman. The demon spoke out of the woman. You know, said he commanded it to say what is your name in his bed lies and you can find this testimony online. It's all I think he said is actually recorded.

The event is recorded and he said I never had argue with a single person in the congregation.

They saw themselves better fact if you go to the book of acts asked to asked to starting in 16 X2 16 it says no. This is what was spoken by the prophet Joel.

It says in the last days, God says I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions in your old men will dream dreams. I think or talk about this yesterday to her that you're not forcing anybody to do this for having anybody leave this if you have your listen to this today and and you know all the gifts of the spirit. You don't have to have that God drives us a choice that's registered us by you said it also be pretty darn exciting to write. Yeah, absolutely. It's deftly comes with a cost which I think following Jesus like the Bible instructs us to do as you mentioned earlier comes with persecution.

It comes with a cost to comes with people looking at you like you're abnormal when you're just trying to be normal according to what the Bible says it does come with a cost but is completely worth it.

I'll tell you what that some of the most beautiful moments have been literally earlier in the day we've had someone make up a rumor about us or or say we you know were unloving or we do something weird or something like that and then later after after having your Michelle not to do that real experience.

We had a week ago and I literally wheat we talked with a couple prayed for a man and man, he's actually ordained minister and are no longer in actively involved in ministry, but he is he's ordained and we pray stuff and he's like, listen ups open for whatever God wants to do and I'm like you're getting it free because he he's like I know what I have is tormenting. I know it's not of God. I know it needs to go lime open to whatever God wants to do.

We pray for him.

He began to manifest within minutes and fell to the floor and he did vomit and he has.

Sometimes it looks like that and he is completely set free and I'm on the ground just weeping with this man. His tears are pouring down his face, and I mean he is just crying God, thank you because he's been in bondage to this thing.

He said this to me. He said went when he got delivered. He said he didn't realize what it was like to have peace of mind. He said my mind used to race thoughts all the times we dealt with insomnia.

My mind was racing all the time.

There was never a time where I didn't have thoughts bouncing in my head and he's like it's so quiet right now I don't even know what to do because I hear nothing live net he's like I've never heard nothing.

And then he begins to cry, and so when you experience freedom, true freedom like Pat yeah you should know the truth and the truth shall set shall set you free.

Christ set you free. The cross accomplishes everything, but sometimes there is an actual working out of those things that needs to take place. Otherwise, the ministry of deliverance is irrelevant if everything just happens at salvation, then just get people saved and move on.

No should be and deal with any kinds of problems with Jesus and his apostles and his disciples, and the early church operated in the ministry of deliverance and we call it the ministry of the bill of deliverance. There is no ministry of deliverance. There is a ministry of Jesus, and he cast out demons. We should do it. What is the next step for you is there a vision that you have a year or five years network where you see got taken yeah a lot a lot of people have this this ministry visit vision right they want to build their vision for the Lord told us. I had a dream very early on. A few years back, before we got into anything because we are to follow the typical typical ministry path which is build your ministry grow grow the ministry and things like that but the Lord revealed to them is I did you want to build my kingdom or your kingdom. So I say had a dream and in this dream I was walking up a set of steps and there was up this this public figure at the top. He was symbolically in my dream, he was a public minister somebody that everybody knows and knows as a speaker from the stage and I go up to shake his hand in three times. I try to shake his hand and are our thumbs hit each other and we can't shake hands like they just won't hit oddly enough, sometimes people talk about the fivefold ministry and the thumb represents the apostolic so I believe that the Lord was saying like, hey, there's there's something apostolic that I want you guys to do here and if you try to get underneath the ministry. You guys are going up but heads demeanor something I'm trying to do through you. But regardless of that. I remember he said he said to me he said he said well we tried and he turned over and he walked to my left is right and he got on a stage and he began to preach and there was lights and there was a crowd and I knew in my heart. I had to go to the right and when I look to the right. All I saw was an open field and then I walked down when on the field. I woke up in the Lord showed me he said. He said there's something I want you guys to do and is going to involve building from the ground up and it's going to be something that doesn't look like the typical ministry model. But what I want to do through you is create a multigenerational movement that eventually your name may not even be attached to, but it continues to multiply outward because a lot of times in the typical ministry mountain model where in addition mode so we just had people to our ministry, but will we try to do is equip and train believers to send them out into their sphere of influence, then they can therefore multiply outward. That's the model that we see in the early church in the book of acts as the model that we seen a lot of discipleship making movements overseas in different places and those are the things that rapidly and organically reproduce best that is so when you say goal do I have a a set goal. No, I want to see people impacted by Christ, and I want to see you know what God has done through me or what you know what I've done for God impact generations to come.

I don't want to just look be.

It is good basically is going to be stuff that I can't measure and that's challenging to me. I'm sure that's challenging to a lot of us because we've always been taught to do it the way that other guys doing it yet.

With the lights of the church in a study of what you know but one of the things I really liked about what you set up on the way over here was you said. I'm not going to control every that's right right yeah I think I think you can in order to get in order to get say if you use illustration of cattle you can either build a fence around those cattle right or you can dig a well that they can drink from so that makes sense, could, that's the difference between trying to control a movement trying to control people. I can keep people by trying to control and limit them in infant nitpick what they do or I can introduce them to Christ in them, and what he commanded that to do that Christ would be the well that they'll drink from and and that's what's actually going to draw people into the community, but then you have to say. So this this is the way that is in excess is the way that I look at it when Jesus talked to on a much out how much time we have, but went when Jesus talked to believe it was Nicodemus. He was talk about being born again and he said if you understand the physical things. How are you can understand spiritual things that I'm speaking out right so I think in certain things there. There is, is purpose in creation there is purpose God displaces attributes through creation right so this is a question I have for God what you what was the family unit really created for.

Why did you design the family unit like you did like a mother and a father and a children and what happens when the children grow up to, they stay with mom and dad to they invite their spouse into live in the home. We will call that an unhealthy home that would be out of the ordinary. Actually what happens is you raise up children you send them out to start their own families. And that's actually the original commission of how to reproduce and fill the earth right with God was showing us something about how the church was supposed to work in that way with as leaders in the church were actually supposed to write raise up children in the faith, equip them, send them out to start their own families and how successful we are as parents would not be based on the growth of our ministry in our personal success, but it would be measured by the success of our children of our disciples. So once I figured out that once I started measuring my success based on the impact I have in other people and not my own personal ministry. It drove me in a different way. When you do things for own selfish reasons. You tend to get more excited about it because it's not all about you and having to build up my ministry or whatever and then you know that you're doing it for truly benevolent lapses really is a lot of pressure to I want that pressure I served in ministry at a church to and we we are very small and we weave and lead worship for a youth group. I mean I do and I and I taught from time to time there and the pressure that I put on myself to perform and we met this with other people that have come out of you know say there were worship leaders at one point, there's this pressure that they put on themselves to perform because if they don't perform then then you know God's not to be able to move or whatever I'm like, once I start feeling that type of on unhealthy pressure on myself. I know that I'm depending too much on myself and so I just want to depend on God and you know utilize a healthy structure, but that did the purpose of the structure is meant to keep people to help people stay on a path of pursuing Christ. It's not meant to to control people in key people under Mike under my care under my authority when I look at what was happening. Jesus's day, and maybe even in the first century. I'm sure it was a little bit different than maybe what we see a lot now were it wasn't just about coming to some church building on Sunday. They are actually going out matter. Five Jesus said, he said and and I like where you can it take the pressure off of yourself because he says you got to a certain town.

He says don't even take anything with you and he says anybody who will not listen to you. Yeah, shake the dust off of your shoes are off of your sandals. He says it'll be worse. It'll be easier for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgment than for that city and I think when when you're doing it to truly help people but also saying hey look I can't control how they're gonna react to this and I think even said for hay if if somebody does what was me.

That's fine, but that you still go out there and you share the truth of Jesus Christ. But if they don't receive it.

You've done your part is right, absolutely.

I like a lot of this we learn on the mission field to we went out were like so we were we were we were using a type of a evangelism in a model of church on the mission field that seem to be working fantastic and was really good for organic growth, spontaneous growth. Listen the church. The church is is organic is living. It's alive right yes we should reproduce like anything that is a lie.

But why, why, when Jesus says I will build my church right he commands us to go make disciples and says I will build my church, but will we do as we say no I'll build the church and will make discipleship a program he's known and no why are you working backwards, so the typical not not then this is not this is just saying hey, let's work with some different ideas to see if we are doing this, the biblical way. We have a business mentality okay which means that we have to create the structure first and then we filled the structure with people and programs. Jesus said, convert the disciples first build the structure around the disciples to facilitate them, not the other way around, which is why we run into a lot of issues and we end up having to run a lot of our churches like businesses instead of an organic family member go back to the idea of a family of family as it is a is a mom and dad that are that that have the time and that care for their family stuff like this and this is not I'm assuming this is criticism. I'm just saying this is his. Maybe we can start to talk about these different ideas of what what can work for actual organic growth likely seemed church so glad today. We don't shows who do you know people to check you out unshakable kingdom search that on YouTube so you'll find our channel we got an email address on there if you want to reach out to us personally. You can also find Justin PRN tick-tock forgot RA for my YouTube channel. If not for God with Mike Zwick is like driving that notification will be awarded verdict video, consider joining the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, also known as PRC a life PRC life is a fraternal benefit society offers a variety of different life insurance folios for all stages of life. PRC UA life also offers fixed indexed annuity plans with the yield at 3.75%. AP why as a fraternal organization PRC UA provides member benefits such as education, scholarships, sports tournaments, numerous Polish American cultural programs and much more to become a member and for more details visit PRC or contact local PRC UA representatives at 336-776-7456. Consider joining the PRC UA life this week

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