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Casting Out Demons Part 3

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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June 1, 2022 8:30 am

Casting Out Demons Part 3

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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June 1, 2022 8:30 am

Mike Zwick interviews special Guest Justin Knoop continue their discussion on demons. For more "If Not For God" Follow us on YouTube.


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We got Justin knew back today. I just really had a really had a good time. Get to know you this morning, Justin. I wasn't planning on this but we ended up talking yesterday on the phone. I was just to confirm that you were meeting today with it up talking for like an hour is just a really easy guy to get to know really nice guy. I can tell you your your also filled with love, I think so many times will you know we see the exorcist of these people are real seriousness right yell at people or whatever, but Jesus actually tells us, and commands us to love other people.

That's right, but he also tells us, he says, feed my sheep.

As I said you love me says that feed my sheep, but we were talking about this a little bit before, but you know there are some people who may say in some there some doctrine out there that says hey this stuff the casting out demons and healing the sick, or even prophecy that happened in the first century. It doesn't necessarily happen anymore. What you think of that yet versing on to say is my love what you said about that about Jesus and his and his love, because Jesus operated in love. So a lot of times when Jesus would perform a miracle when he would cast out a demon when he would heal the sick, he was coming from a place of compassion and I always want my heart to be there if I ever get to a place to where I ministering people. This goes for any pastor or any minister, any person that is is praying for someone if it becomes a ticket or number or you know this is not a client, do not say yeah yeah you usually rated got a red rag is correct but sometimes when when you do it a lot. It's easy to slip in that mentality. So you have to step back and I think that's why it's important. Like you said to spend time with Christ and allowing to get his heart for people because then you'll operate out of a place of compassion and I promise your authority in your power is going to be more when you're operating out of compassion instead of routine. So you have to have compassion on people you have to care about people ever heard it said before, I'm sure you have to that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care so it's really cool but you know what I'm got a friend of mine Jeff Hoover he's not here this morning, but he grew up Baptist what he said was there was one time where they were doing a mission trip and he said when they were it was at some camp or something like that and he said during the day. He said they would go out they would witness the people and the other Christians would gotten witness to people they would know they would see fruit people were getting saved all these good things were heading within. At night when they had a worship service. One of those same girls was going out and witnessing to people who was a Christian, actually they would actually have to like holder downer doorkeeper in the back of the room. Her so she could not move because she was literally she had a demon and she would grow claws yeah and and and she would and in she kept saying I believe it night.

She says I hear him to get the worship leader and he says Mike that kind of threw everything that I taught it through my doctrine on its head, because I was always told that Christian Christians could not have demons, but we think so. That's a big argument. I think a big hindrance for a lot of people as well for I think a lot of people believe that demons exist on. I don't know anybody with the argument out there that says hey they just don't exist anymore. I don't know. They went on vacation but they don't, they must do a good deal Myrtle Beach. This time you're here and I saw you know so. But a lot of people fumble around in that and I realized that a lot of a lot of arguments a lot of kind of in-house debates can get a little tangled up in wording and so I began to deliver the study myself and you know under the help of some some other scholars and theologians that work with the original text in the original language. I found that the word possession in the Bible is actually a really poor translation and so you can look up Greek scholars on this and and and and you know to get to them, but they'll agree that the word in the Greek, which is actually diamond is in my is closer, translated, demonized, not demon possessed. And the reason I even get into the semantics of that you know of this is because the word possession communicates ownership and so I would 100% agree with people that say Christians cannot be demon possessed. Meaning Christians cannot be owned by demon Christians can be demon possessed, but they can listen to this possess a demon. They can be possessed by demon but they can possess a demon you like, whoa, wait a minute, where where you know where you know is right. But in the Bible. People say a Christian can be all pressed but not possessed, but again, that language is not in the Bible, only the word demonized is what is demonized mean the word demonized means they are under the influence of a demon. What is under the influence me well if you could be a level I influenced to where maybe you're like Paul and there's a messenger of Satan that's buffeting you.

Maybe there's something that is attacking you that is on you.

Whatever or you're the kerosene demoniac a level X right cutting yourself in the teams and there's every which way in between.

So this is where we start to discuss. Okay, now that we've communicated a more accurate language in the Bible, can we discuss how we can be actually possible that like your friends experience this woman who is showing the fruit of being a Christian can actually be dealing with not a demonic attack but a demon that is living internally and need to be in cast out absolutely and so some of the listeners. Right now their single like wire you argued me shows on demons bar you get shows on healing miracles like I'm doing this because I've experienced a lot of the things Sir talked about almost tell you it all on the right over here for little bit but I said that I was actually in my room you want it good and bad. By the way, I seem to give that I was.

It was in my room one morning and this was before her baby was born in I was last summer and all of a sudden I woke up and I saw something on the wall that looked like a centipede but it was huge been real and within probably less than the second it went from above the baby's bed to over our bed and forgot to me. I said in the name of Jesus go yet it disappeared. So this stuff happens.

That does there was another time and this is we talked about you know cessation is whatever but humans do miracles still happen today. Yes, I told you I was at the pool last year.

All of a sudden this is don't try this at home, but if you see a bad storm and it's lightning outside. Whatever about tell you to try this or don't do that, but I don't get sued you know what I'm telling you this is that the storm cloud was coming right up and I just hit. I actually had a dream is what happened. I had a dream in my dream right before I woke up that morning says there was a voice that told me that says you need to have more okay storm was coming right at me and I said, Lord Jesus, I said the storm is not to come right over the pool deck and friends are not lying to you I'm telling you the truth that cloud literally wet. One side would around the pool. This way the other side would around the pool. That way, and I stayed in the pool and so I know that miracles happen today. I was right there was another story lit and this is a true story as well. Cost was 12 years ago, but I was struggling with sin.

At that time and so I never forgot I one night stand like you took talked about for show but I woke up the next morning and all I could feel was death part with the young lady that I was with and so remember to something didn't feel right. So I ended up I said okay why I went to go get a test to get checked out or whatever for HIV and STD stuff like that and so they did a quick test in it and it came back and it said negative no but a couple weeks later and all never forget this.

The guy called me up. He says Mike he says do you remember me and I'm like no he's like I'm the guy from High Point and now he's like you need to come in here and I'm like okay and so I drive to this place in High Point where I took the test and this is Mikey's is one of the test for HIV: one of yes and so I said holy crap on Martin. I went ahead by the way, had no plans of sharing this on the show you one of the test said no one but said yes in this well and I remember I went back to the place where I was living that night and I prayed and I was like sweating member would Jesus was sweating strike and then the garden and I 70 button. Finally I kept praying until I heard a voice and it said it is: and so I actually went back in and II got the test on they retested and they said nothing. So I ended up going to Duke University because I was trying to figure out an answer to this right, yeah. Is this is you know sure if this stuff doesn't happen it will okay so that I went in and I went to see why was Duke University and the head guy there he was, he that he was the guy who studied HIV and stuff like that and the guy said RM to go talk to them.

He's like well he's like it could be possible that your body fought it off my body to fight at all felt was God so this get off happens the day. Yeah. What are some miracles that you've seen all my goodness I sure should be.

She actually coming out with her testimony soon, but we have a close friend that just stay with us recently who had a tremendous miracle take place to where she is Shaklee header.

Her gluteus maximus muscle was torn from the bone and her doctor said that they couldn't repair it because it is literally began to deteriorate because we don't address those things soon made up soon.

They begin to lose their integrity and you can fix him so he said be like literally putting threading a needle through hamburger meat and also she just left like that and she receives in prayer and I mean fought for this miracle and then eventually in a God miraculously healed her.

And it's funny. I mean literally she's running 3 miles after that you can't explain it like flicking a medically documented miracle so these things are are are here thorough value of available for us to get our hands on. And the funny thing is is the doctor after they did the MRI. They said you know maybe it was never torn and that like they know is this money will try everything to get on it, but I want I want to do a little plug here because there's a scholar by the name of Craig Keener who actually has a two-volume work where he has spent years finding medically documented miracles and he wrote a two-volume work on that to where you can literally read testimonies of healings, miracles, dead raisings. All of these things and and and and most of them are actually medically documented thousands if not millions and it's it's a great resource for encouragement. He's got a larger two-volume like a scholarly work. Describe Metallica book a week and not really, but in then he's got more of, more of a digestible version I can't member. The names of it with author's name is Craig Keener stuff like that just keep you fired up and I think you know the early apostles experience that on a regular basis and that's why they were so crazy for the faith they saw in front of their face. Would Jesus could do and they just believed. Yeah, there was a book that came out a while back is that I don't have enough faith to be an atheist but on the way over here. You actually set something up to me, that I thought was pretty interesting that Mike he said the atheists are necessarily the ones who were really, I guess it are the biggest problem.

He said it's actually the people who are spiritual or that yeah yeah will not Christian. Yeah, I'm not saying that you know atheism is not is not an issue I think is less of an issue than it seems to be blown up in our mind we think because I think if you challenge the most people who don't believe in God, they're more agnostic than they are atheistic, but what I see on the rise, and this is just personal observation is a type of spirituality outside of Christ, i.e. the New Age that takes ancient ancient witchcraft from other religions in his now polished it up and I'm saying in them is being incorporated into our culture because the enemy is very cunning in the sense of he will take these witchcraft practices and he'll slide them into regular culture so that he can use more doors to begin to demonize people and then you don't realize that you've been practicing this thing and you begin to look at the origin and find out it's got its roots in ancient Hinduism or something like that or it's it was actually created to worship a false God, and we know that Paul says that when the pagans worship idols are actually worshiping demons he says in Corinthians, that's, you know people today would say with harsh journal. If it's true, don't you need to tell people correct in this is this is a this is what they did throughout the New Testament. This is a warning of love. This is saying hey, this is not a religious thing.

This is not hey, you know, don't do this because it's bad or blah blah this is this is you know, crying out to people saying hey that there's danger in this.

You don't want to be in bondage to do so.

I think that's why these conversations are healthy people that what you like you said, why are you talking about demons well and what does Jesus talk about Satan more than anybody else, but he talked about it with a purpose not to inflate him, but to expose him because we see that as things are exposed. The Bible also says that when things come into the light. They become light enemy. The biggest thing so use the biggest bondage to create in your life are things that remain in the dark while you know III actually had somebody say this to me the other day and she claimed to be a Catholic Christian I'm seeing. There are more more people who were saying this actually just thought of something the other day was that up to 50% of Christians who are in America, self identifying Christian believe that other religions or other people who don't have faith in Christ can go to heaven is through work. I mean, observationally, I think, yeah, there's a lot a lot going on with professing Christians in in our openness to progressive Christianity of of all-inclusive enough clues and clues of his him and and things like that. I mean you can get into the discussion of what what the early church taught on not on views of final judgment and things like that.

So there were some early church fathers that had a view of what's called universal reconciliation not to be confused with universalism. Universalism is that all roads lead to heaven but there was a view in the early church. That said, ultimately, that people after death will be purified and will ultimately come to God through Christ.

But I think what people are doing nowadays with just wanting to tolerate everything is just trying just really just if you challenge people they don't have any basis for NASA thing. I always go back to the Scripture on like yeah you now listen, we can chat about it, but ultimately the Scriptures can be by authority on it. If I can find in the Scripture than I don't really think it's worth you know discussing whether this is this is real or not we, I mean it. Jesus actually seven SE. it's John 14 six. He says I am the way the truth and the life he sets out to get to the father but by me is pretty exclusive. Yeah, you know, John, and we all quote John 36 for God so loved the world that is on the begotten son, that whosoever believes in. This should not perish but have everlasting life. But it also says in John 336 he who believes in the son has life that he does not believe in the son has been condemned already in heaven. So you know II remember seeing sign when I was up in the Calvary Baptist when I was it said what is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular, but I mean if if if everybody just going to heaven and in no then then why even bother.

I got yeah but would you question you have to ask is where is this deception coming from. That's where it becomes important to have the spiritual type. These types of conversations where we recognize their demonic doctrines creeping into the church and I say this in love.

But the doctrine.

The doctrine that Christians can't have demons not be possessed but have in need of Christians cannot need deliverance bumps up against that because it disclosed it disqualifies you from the ministry of deliverance.

Now if it is possible for a Christian to need deliverance in Christ wants you to to be set free and you come to me and you're dealing with something that is your like this is controlling. This is I've been trying to fix this problem for five years and nothing seems to work and it's controlling me and I'm like well brother you can't have a demon so you don't need deliverance just read your Bible and pray more, I feel you can be you could. You can venture into doing a great deal of harm to somebody by turning them away instead of saying you know what maybe this issue is demonic because I tell you what Jesus never cast demons off the people he only cast demons out of people and so either you're dealing with a heavy attack or there is something internally. When I say internally.

I don't mean that the demon is living in your spirit. If the Holy Spirit lives in your spirit than a demon cannot be there, but people make the argument. If you are a temple of the Holy Spirit. How can the Holy Spirit share a space with a demon.

I say he doesn't say that the that the demon doesn't live in your Holy Spirit, but your body and your soul's realm.

Your mind, your will and emotions. As everybody knows is still susceptible to attack by demon. So if you can think an evil thought. Can you think an evil thought. That thought has entered into your physical mind can a Christian can a spirit filled Christian commit the act of adultery. Can you commit the act of adultery with the Holy Spirit and you yeah I'm pretty sure he's pretty grieved over that, but you're not eliminated from having the freedom to do that, your argument people bring up his men.

Hey, a light and darkness cannot mix and I say will wait a minute you misquoted that verse, Paul says, light and darkness should not mix. He says what business to light and dark Together and he's talking about the Christian non-Christian union.

See, saying they shouldn't dwell together, but sometimes they do because we all know a Christian can marry a non-Christian.

How can that union take place at the Holy Spirit in one Christian not yet how can they be unified has the same question two. How can a Christian actually be demonized and be in need of deliverance. You actually said that would in 2009 you had you had been you got saved and thereafter that I struggle to church. That's right. He said there came a point was it 2016. Were you are actually on the floor for 30 minutes is yeah I have any language for okay that's what I said early you know in and one of the past episodes is you know my testimony was that certain things I was set free of I no longer cost. I no longer wanted to sin, but I was still dealing with that. I would say stronger than a temptation, but I was driven towards alcoholism. I member I quit drinking beer.

When I first became a Christian because I was and that I didn't share this but I was an everyday drinker. I was a heavy drinker and so I thought well it's more civilized to drink wine so I'll switch over the wine that was now that I'm a Christian. I drink wine and I found myself drinking two bottles of wine like let's not working is and is yeah and so in 2016. Not that might my drinking was like that, but in 2016, I was still dealing with with controlling panic attacks and hear me when I say this, saying that all of these issues are always demonic, but I am saying that the Bible says that sometimes they are either caused or influenced by demon as an absent but I was dealing with a type of anxiety that was constant, and I'm a Christian, I might want to deal with this anymore and when I received prayer that time I told you I fell to the floor felt like electricity was running through my body. I mean there was an instant change and so I was set free from those in that anxiety that that was in 2016 source Aachen six years later, I've not had a panic attack.

I'm not dealt with anxiety.

So for my personal experience I received deliverance was that an attack. I don't believe so. I believe that was a spirit that actually left my body it was tormenting my physical body using Luke chapter 13 the woman. Jesus prays for that is bent over for 18 years. He says daughter of Abraham. Jesus did use that terminology with everybody to call her a daughter of Abraham was to call her a believer in God and he said should I not lose this woman from her bondage whom Satan has bound for 18 years and he cast a spirit out of infirm of infirmity out of a believer in God. A woman he's not like well did. I'm sorry, ma'am, you know that that's not possible. You cannot, you know, he just sets the woman free. Satan has bound an asset and this is not something that's just theoretical. And you, Gary asked if Christians any and I've hundreds, you know videos and you put them out there you actually said that it and I thought this was interesting. Where were you said that Mikey said that Jesus when he cast out a demon. It wasn't like this private thing that's correct. Yes, most people argue because we do have a few public deliverance is recorded on our YouTube channel. Some of those are intense so I warn you, if you go to watch them but but hey Jesus ministry was intense, but yeah he a lot of people argue hey, this is something that should be done privately and so we do we start off actually doing a lot of private deliverance as we still do we invite people in our home and we talk to them because sometimes he could take two hours to work through some of the issues and people are like oh you're not loving and I'm like I just sat with that person for three hours talking about their their family history because there there there have unforgiveness that is bound up in this thing that we need to work through because it's really important that you not only get set free from the spirit. This unclean spirit, but it's important that you forgive your relative that abuse you, you forget your traumatize or you forget not forget, but forgive the people that have hurt you. You know that's also to bear fruit in someone's life. But Jesus you go back to what you said.

Jesus wasn't taking people into the home in a room is an art everybody out and working as private deliverance lessen their scriptures. If you were in the synagogue, casting out demons in front of the religious paper he was in the streets and they said they were bringing their demonized to him at all hours of the day in the night and he was casting out demons in the spirit and I always tell people when they come for deliverance. I say hey dignity is not a fruit of the spirit, so I'm sorry but if you want to keep your dignity and pride. It's probably gonna be really hard to see you get set free because we know the Bible says people in pride are in opposition to God. While in the and so while yeah that's so you know somebody in this is probably my favorite passage in the Bible.

I believe it's Luke. Luke 1810 reasons there were two guys who went up to the synagogue on Sunday or Saturday at my hand out one of the guys said, Lord, II think you are not like this other is right. He says II give 10% of my money on, but adultery basically I'm a good person is in second guy could look up in the in the Senate to beat on his chest and he said God have mercy on me a sinner and Jesus is the truth. This is the second guy guy who humbled himself, that's right. What a way justified not the first guiding so it's almost like hey do you want to be set free from this or do you want to have your pride and that's that's that's good man Mary Magdalene is known as the woman whom Jesus cast out seven demons was also you know part of the group of women that first saw his resurrection and were actually the sent ones to the apostles. They brought the message of Jesus's resurrection to the apostles, and they were and they were known. These women were knowing that that this promiscuous women woman was known to have been completely set free of demonic bondage in the Bible does not shy away from from revealing that while it and it's absolutely worth it.

You know what and when I think about the stuff that I just you wait. We do hundred shows we sure he can't tell you everything that you could find out and you know what I would encourage listeners to do is to check what just the same body Bible read the of God, you'll know the things I saw with you was that when we were talking on the phone instead of saying well, like I think this because of this, whatever you would go back to Scripture and you said says in the book of Mark yes is in the book of Matthew. So if there's something that you're unsure of.

Go back to the Bible in this right if what he saying for what I'm saying today goes against what the word of God is, by all means don't listen to it. But if what were saying.

Just goes against what you been taught.

That's right the word of God is where we have our ultimate authority I.

Jesus himself says when he comes upon the Pharisees. He said you nullify the word of God by your traditions is the same traditions are bad know he saying but if your traditions elevate themselves above the word of God then you're actually going to see powerlessness because you believe it's it's it's it's a sense of pride and that's what they were doing. They continued that you know that the religious leaders kept adding to the law, adding to the law, adding to the law until their own personal laws had elevated himself over the word of God.

So it's healthy to sit back and say hey which which of my traditions are actually helping the purposes of God in which of them are hurting and get those things, like we want to see the gospel go forth, we want to see people respond to Jesus unhindered whatever I need to get out whatever I need to shake off I'm willing to do because I only got one like here I want to spend it serving Christ that the check out for your YouTube channel will insert either my name Justin K and or unshakable kingdom and find it in our YouTube channel is specifically Spanish RA for my YouTube channel.

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