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Good News in Bad Times

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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March 24, 2021 1:00 am

Good News in Bad Times

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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March 24, 2021 1:00 am

Mike & Robby discuss the recent passing of Mike's father, trusting God in the hard times, and the power of prayer.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

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Then just keep this in mind if something happened so but yet there's a story I wanted to tell about my dad. The day my dad passed away on February 10 I had got everybody that I could think of praying for and get that in context for rebutting Mike. He had covered yet covet any he came down with it when you get a light heart attack and had a light heart attack.

He went to the VA in Durham and we went to the VA, they let about it when he got out of the VA he went to rehab and while he was in isolation a rehab he got covet. He already had the first shot, covet, and I don't know if you just got the second shot or not he had already got the first shot.

You know they're basically keeping them in quarantine two weeks at the end of the two weeks on the actually got covet in the few days later he passed away on he slowly deteriorated and that that was that.

But the day that he passed away February 10. He we had all sorts of people praying for Mike Rob you think you are praying for right at how absolutely not been praying for couple weeks form because you would know when you have a heart attack. We ran on that many got covert and you told us that. And then he started really bad. Wednesday when they took him and then shortly thereafter.

You texted me and said, man, my dad taken a turn for the worst pram you yeah and so we had people praying for his recovery. And then we also had people praying for his eternal recovery because the time he wasn't a believer but I got it at the time before and and but let's get will back story on that you can talk your dad. I know since I've known you write a little bit trying to pick his interest share the gospel that something yeah and and it it's funny, it's like sometimes 70 counties have not interest that interested, but not interested but sometimes he would is almost like his interest was Pete.

I remember when uphold you a football fan at all or not I am in the Paul Tim TiVo thing was going back in 2011 where he was when all these games. It was miraculous and I member my dad kind of think about that and this is something else. How this could happen and then just a few other times but yet mean nothing to me.

As far as you know, he said, I don't believe I don't believe in it. One point he said I don't hear it anymore and so I respected his wishes, but and go back a little bit further than that. Actually, for everybody to get the whole sense you and your dad.

You know it wasn't the easiest relationship wasn't easiest to me.

We had a really good times there were disagreements that we had, of course, and house were divorced they were divorced and I was very young and the last four years of my dad's life. He he became very unhappy and think he took it out on some other people but he is just unhappy and and I always would ask him.

I would say dad how you doing yes all not good. This happened that it was like you know nothing could happen but it is something to happen. It is always bad bad bad. So probably maybe a month or two ago I'd stop say dad how you doing to say dad to do gable or whatever, but the very last time that I talked to him on Monday, February 8 he called left message. And I said hey dad, how are you doing, he says pretty good. Oh well, I hadn't heard that a long time but he said yeah they said I got coated. He said that they Sam to get better. He says, but Michael he says I'm ready to go.

I been miserable yet and so I said okay and I said dad said would you like a Bible or anything virtual reading ready. He said no know he's a bit thank you for asking.

You know he's really nice about it and he was on the day that he passed away while I for me.

I know the stories I knew you the story.

Yeah listeners with joy will back story to know this is tough stuff and we had people praying for him for a long time, but the data he passed away. Everybody was right.

Would you worse do was just in hard and he said him him and his church were a friend down in South Carolina at a church. He was having his church for any everybody that we knew mama was having her church pray for everyone and my mom told me afterward she said Mike she set out I had a friend for my church and she said I would always she said I'm praying for more praying for more but the end of the day after my dad had passed away, or whatever. I saw Marcia set I was praying for your dad at 7:10 PM. I told her he passed away she so what time did he pass away as it will Dr. called me and told me the time of death with 715. She said will at seven. Turn it on and that she sell at the clock I looked at the clock and I pray that God would show him a glimpse of how that he would have one last chance to cry out to the Lord for salvation and she said when I asked him that I felt the Lord give me peace and say I'll do that for and so I thought it was pretty interesting that it was five minutes later that he passed away will the other night I was talking to my sister, Cindy, of New York and and I texted her and and I said yes, it is not amazing that five minutes before he passed away that this lady pray this prayer and Cindy text me she didn't know Mike, you didn't die at 715. He died at 711. The minute after she prayed that prayer and Robbie is not forgot AML and I and again we have a lot of folks we know. Praying is that this is always a really really difficult thing to me got somebody that you love and and you you know, I can imagine a life without Jesus life about love life about joy, peace, patience, kindness, you know you wouldn't worst you wouldn't wish that on any body at and so but then you're faced with this and denies, shocked today that you came in the record actually. I mean these these events.

This was a week ago today in an but like me, you know, my dad died the day before my Boot Camp you know is I was usually my dad died on a Tuesday and I usually leave for boot camp Wednesday morning and I talked my wife interest and I was like I want no she said go. I thought about it was the best thing ever did visit it put me somewhere in a piece of mind that I mean I had to prepare for chemicals of speaking all but now I was speaking of boot camp several times but actually it really helps me because some people that may be work for me. It's time with God and he was helping me process in my dad's relationship with me and what that meant for me and and as I got a chance to Sheridan's funeral at you and others were precious times and in one of the most precious times for me.

Mike was when I was preparing to give you my father's eulogy. The entire masculine journey team and they were all there. Then they pulled me arranged to pray with me, so is Bob Young, my Christian junkyard guy. Jerry was there always people waiting at something and all these people were there to support me.

I'll never ever like that was God's hand is not coming down Sam Robbie on their yeah and he is. He says all I'll never leave you nor forsake you.

And no, like when things are Conoco's in the long things are going well, you know you you always know that you know that God is there, but it's interesting that that Psalm 3416 that work.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted where that you think about you who was who was brokenhearted and look at Jesus look at God's only some of them. He came to earth and he was rejected by man I mean each you know the people didn't really like him. They were celebrating him and he had some followers and then he gained a following.

I get that but for the most part mean they wanted to throw off a cliff at one point and they crucified.

I mean so I can see why it says that he's close to the brokenhearted and in his own son was was treated that way but yeah I mute but he will bring you through it to bring through your situation. I can't help but observe the what and I knew this from shortly thereafter.

You texted me and told me there was a story in a supply got to hear the story is as I look back in my own life. Part of knowing Christ. I never friend in the I really didn't. I mean, I knew people but I don't have anybody that I would call friends Amir would text and say my dad just, you know what I'm saying right. I wouldn't have people that would know things in my life like that because there was nobody that was that close to me, but in your own case right point when you listen to the store with a list of the stories what meant the most was those friends that were praying and that gave you information about your situation that to give you some hope. And so, if you're listening right now and and in you evaluate your life and youth anything cheap you know who do I text when things go wrong in my life.

You know it's an interesting thing in order to have friends, you know you gotta be able to share what's really going on in your life the hard stuff right and so you know it's amazing to me Mike it really is but disciples are like this. I met you, you're going January or some like that Megan threatened only long right, and I bet I had known him three weeks and I started tax regularly like him. I think you have had this dream arrived. I you know I'm really good for you. He would be just straight honest with me on what he was experiencing and I was not. You know how cool is that the beat that you could meet somebody in this quickly may be that vulnerable with you. But Christians can be that way because you know Jesus is like a chiropractor. He has your back yet.

The NIV version actually says one who has unreliable friend students soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother Psalm or Proverbs 1824 night. I know that because I have a brother 64 years old, but my brother hadn't spoken my dad and for years and I never met her brother and so serious yet is a part of the story. I'm do you have a brother I have a half-brother yeah and for my first my dad's first marriage, and for whatever reason he quit talking on 40 years ago and yeah so and it was funny. I talked my half-sister, who I've spoken to probably a handful of times in my life maybe 10 we not not much but she said Mike she said my she said my brother how, by the way his name is that she said he's been really, he's been real comforting and he's been able to talk to me and he didn't have a relationship with God but I heard, I think people have regrets. My unit, my sisters husband. We talked as he said that you know Cindy feels bad that she never came down to North Carolina and you know it it's it's almost like whole sin.

Things like it be worse if she didn't feel that in order mean or if she didn't say you know it's it feeling bad about Synod is probably the first step right and so you might've heard the proverb it's better to be in the house of mourning right in the house of feasting and I think it's always wondered about that because like it's real here mean that there it you know everything ain't fine it's it's real. And so you can hear some real feeling a real emotion and recently have been studying that whole concept that like when Moses asked God what his name was the great common Jewish commentator wrote this way that underneath that question. He was asking God. Where have you been for the last 400 like him what he was saying is, who should I tell them is calling because you you have answered the phone's perspective. I write for 400 years and Rashi went on to quote this is absolutely beautiful.

He said Moses, I am in other words, I existed. I am in every one of those baby's cries that was thrown into the mile I I am with every bit of the blood that was shed every whip that was struck every cry of every thing he said I am a realist thing that you in this universe you have ever experienced on the interesting thing when you think about this mine is the realist thing in the universe. You can't see. You can just see that he is in on us and you can see that clearly you have dear friends include Emily and I dear mother to help you in this time that had to be just beyond difficult and my wife is been great if of rarely help you and yeah I know that's a huge thing is, your family, because here it comes. So in the house of mourning who's who's there.

First and foremost is your family. I think Benjamin talked to my sister quite a bit that we haven't really talked to her relationship with and she actually reached out to me and she said Mike maybe we can heal together you know what Philippians 48 it says. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things and so when I'm reminded of that is that there's good and bad in everybody life cutting mind everybody. I mean, you know what I try to focus on that was you know and and and and to look back at what was going to mean mean I don't know why people would want to focus on the data… Depressive. I'm not saying that we close our eyes and stick her head under the sand, but there is a lot of beauty in this world God created and so when I look at that. I mean II look at the guy didn't have to give my dad a last chance at 710 where they called the 20 23rd hour any whatever you do whatever you want to call it but he didn't have to do that, but he's a good God, absolutely. And then you had a story that you wanted to share from which one Jeffrey Jeff Hoover, yet he he had a story about how there was that it was a time in Russia under communism and during the during this time they were killing Christians and what they would do is they would throw the Christians in the ice likes ice water and so what they said is that if the Christians would come up and reject Christ, then then they would try to warm them up they would have this device that would warm the Christians up and then they would try to save their lives.

But if if they didn't, and would just die on in one of the guards was an armed guard who had gone up there and what he said was he saw some of the Christians who were being killed and from the sky he saw these crowns come downriver each one of ice holes for the Christians were thrown into and with the arm guard saw this, he put his gun down or whatever and he says I'll get in there to really you a you and in and he said that there was one Christian who was thrown down there and he said he actually came up and denied Christ and ended up dying anyways, you know, so it kind of reminds me, you know, whosoever whosoever wants to save their life will lose it, but he who loses his life for my sake will find it and anything that's going on in this world any any trouble that you may be having his it's a whole lot easier when you have the King of Kings and Lord of lords versus trying to goad better by yourself and Jesus said many of you will be persecuted even a death.

And if that happens then we just have to be prepared for.

It's an amazing thing that we don't understand so much of what's going on but God has of lot bigger story than than we see, because clearly, not all of us get out of this alive was Jesus comes back right right and so every minute actually that you spend outside of Christ.

From my perspective is like man you're missing out because there is so much love that's available for you not obviously clearly from God but God reflects his love through so many people that he will bring into your life because again I'm shocked and beyond amazed when I look at my life today versus what it was because before I became a Christian I had no real friends I I had all sorts of doubts. I had all sorts of fears. I was terrified of the dark. You know I had sin problems. I couldn't get under control. There were so many differences I can begin to tell you, you know what it is like, but this is the point where your faith gets real quick because you know I remember my parents both died within the last five years and is like now, it matters. It matters whether or not there is impeachment didn't matter.

You know when I was six, seven, eight, 10 years old. Her but in my life and my parents died. You know I'm in my 60s and now all of a sudden, my faith really really matters because I want to know that I get to go back with them a minimum, see them and have them up more man I want to know now I see Jesus. But if you're sitting out there and you don't know these things and you're still struggling with these things. This is a great opportunity and and I wouldn't waste another second. Michael get to do is just right.

Yeah me just just cry out to the Lord. It says all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved and you all you you you repent and turn from your sins and mean and you look to the cross, you look to Jesus. Matter fact, the first thing you do is you look to Jesus and then a and he'll help you with the other stuff I you know any. I've heard people say before that you know you people want to eat in churches that they would want to clean you up first and then get you saved us a know you get saved first and then got a cleaned up and I am and that's all it is is really just admit that while I've turned my back on you God and men believe right believe that Jesus is in fact the son of God. He really really really is the son of God is so, then you know then you confess that you sin against him right right and then you ask them to come into your heart, which is real yeah and and and you can do that in prayer with a simple prayer pray with me right now Jesus, thank you that I would listen to the show right this minute and you made yourself real to me and I understand you are in fact the son of God and ask you to come in my heart and save me my semi-type declare that you are Lord of my life that my mouth take my direction from you that I am going to enter into relationship with you that I could spend eternity in heaven with Robbie and with Mike and with with all those who turn from their sin and in joining you. When I asked this in Jesus name out on praying you prayed that with us. I really really am. Let me also say that if you did pray that there is nothing like like you just now. Have you been given the that the key to the Bible okay the Bible may not made sense to you before now that you have Christ in your heart and he comes with the Holy Spirit right of the deal and the Holy Spirit will help you read that Bible like you never have before. And so, here's the greatest if I could give anybody the advice. The best advice I ever got my life was before you read the Bible, pray as the Holy Spirit help you interpret okay so here's your opportunity get up an hour early tomorrow morning. Get out your Bible asked the Holy Spirit and wait for the adventure that's coming because all of a sudden in your mind as you begin to read these passages, it made no sense to you before, I'm all my goodness. All of a sudden it will come alive for you and God will begin interpreting your heart and you have questions because every disciple ever met has all kinds of questions as comes with the package that's beautiful because just like little kids have all kinds of questions will so the little Christian a minute not in the people he just came across have all kinds a question so hopefully got somebody in your life a church or somebody that you know that you know is in fact a Christian and you go to that person start asking those questions or Mike would be like beyond thrilled to help you with those questions right yet. That's where you got this website. This way, as this radio shows podcast anywhere that you can reach out to Mike.

He wants to hear from you and in total I of course Robbie demos all over the place, but you know that we could help you with any questions you have help you further in your journey with God. It's going to be an amazing trip.

We have our Facebook page. If not for God with Mike Zwick. You know, send us a message you I get given like you like and you can follow pretty much every week, what with what we have going on there.

I'm almost my 5000 friend limit. But if you catch me before we get 5000 send me a friend request and send me a message saying Allison your show that's fine you know. Check out the podcast we had the if not for God with Mike Zwick podcast. I know Robbie you have kingdom pursuits podcast which is really good. You got the Christian car guy radio show and you know it's but it's interesting that we've you been doing this for so long and and I feel like I've been doing this for a year now and I just every Wednesday. It's like no matter what's going on.

Even if I got 15 shows in the canned that I've I'm writing ready to but II just I enjoy this and it's it's something that you look forward to and if if you're afraid to really give yourself fully to Jesus. I think what what I've heard people know that they problems that they outlawed have to give up this I have to give up that it's like man you get a whole lot more. You get a whole lot more and then summon in your life is filled with joy as the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We can't do that, but he him living through us gives out are you know I was married before, came to Christ and I wondered how in the world, you know, that worked out because oh my goodness what God has done since I came to Christ to give me the relationship of marriage that what what what I would really thought that could be so if you're married and you're entering into this is a Christian wow what a gift that is to actually have the marriage of hope for to have relationships that you hope for.

I know it doesn't always work out that way for a lot of folks but oh my goodness. God will be there in a way for you through that relationship that will continue to pursue will be is that he is the great pursuer. It's think people look at this God where he we have to really try to find him and search them out and it does say in verse in the Bible that you will find a search for me about our it also says in the New Testament that no one success. So if you find yourself wanting to get closer to God because he is drawing you closer and not for not really not. This is the Truth Network

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