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What Happened to Pastor Dana?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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January 13, 2021 1:00 am

What Happened to Pastor Dana?

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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January 13, 2021 1:00 am

In these tumultuous times, Pastor Dana Coverstone returns to talk with Mike & Robby about the state of the nation, some of his past prophetic dreams, and his most recent one.

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Your host might swing if not for God today with Mike. Her special great halfback Dana covers certainly had several dreams and interpretations of the times that are quite outstanding and forced beginning to see some things, and for such a time as this right it's today were recording. This is actually January 6 were recording it at approximately 1015 so as we speak and were praying for our country. There's a whole lot going on here Mike I'm so grateful that we got such wonderful Saints willing to humble themselves and seek God's face and such time absolutely and Robbie in on you were actually the one we were talking last week and you said hey Mike why don't we get Dana cover stone back on and ask whatever happened to Dana covers but Robbie you actually seen some of Dana's dreams and you said Mike I think a lot of them are right on the money is not right. Robbie oh yeah mean there. There's no doubt the interpretations are word like my own dreams and honestly Mike, I have to say last night.

Not unlike pastor Dana. I had two dreams last night. Okay, what were the terrifying actually really disturbing to me because one of them we were fleeing and we were in military uniforms. I've never seen before and nobody seemed to know where they were going and more importantly nobody even seem to know what we were fleeing from. But there was just terror and I really got upset at myself when I woke up because I never called on God. In the dream and it just seems so hopeless and so much desolation so I was bothered by that. I said God where was my family and this where were you in this and so I lay back down had another dream list and my family was in the dream yet once again we were fleeing this time without the military just everybody terrified and everybody in desolation, and so this morning like I word I got with God to try to get some interpretation. Looked up those words in Hebrew. Both terror and desolation realized that when you don't know her home is people to know where they were running to his desolation. I really got a sense from God that for such a time as this. We got to get people the information that there be terrified. If they don't know how to get home and they are going to be in desolation if they don't know how to find Jesus and really that stands for whatever happens today and so you know I was just like wow big stuff going on.

I know pastor I felt an open door at 1 o'clock this morning I woke up and it was like for whatever reason I felt so many people were praying for the country right now.

There such an open door that was what I prayed those prayers at that time fell asleep and had those dreams while while, and I've I've had dreams for a long time, long time now and in Dana a lot of the dreams that I've had that they haven't been good.

I mean it's just been one of the most recent dreams that I had was with Biden in office and it was bided in the dream and AOC. For whatever reason they were in the dream and it was just a state of shock. Things were uncontrollable and nobody could get things under control. But the good news is that we know who has everything under control is not right in absolutely a lot dreams by this written I learned a little dream in the last six months but dreams are very symbolic Pharaoh drinks Pharaoh had a dream of seven lean cows eating seven back outlet.

It really happened literally at the Joe said was back in agriculture and farming is able to okay is me seven great years and years and here's what you need to do the intake, then seven years of good and store up grain that will aid ourselves in the nation to help in a lot dreams are symbolic, but also notice that probably 35 interpretation of the dream that I had yesterday. I've also been said about the emails you have dream just like the both of you talked about running late. Terrible things are happening going on, what a constant thing is that a lot of people dreams.

The last segment of been difficulty frustration here care desolation.

Things like that at the God where trying to wake us up that he's trying to wake us that he will Pharaoh let the heater came to dreams like Pharaoh about the family, no.

Why would Conway Even came with the dream unless it was a godly man interpret that agreement. They hate Pharaoh let me what you need to do now.

I think documents of the people dreams to wake people up on the opulent person great. I've always had dreams about 15 years old, became Christian and never had dreams like the month that the thing I'm noticing other people.

Others are having great and they indicate, difficulty, frustration, hard times, like a moment when going to Babylon Daniel and the three guys earlier talk that charities in the video they had to walk in the Babylon knowing they were hostages knowing they would recommend in the statement that they had to change the culture, their language, and yet during that time they state they go you can encourage people to fill all your dreams and horrible, no, yet it felt horrible thing that the word God told me I could have hope because Christ and the heartbreaking life into this amenability martyred here, not Steve Martin of heaven in the country for God, though it felt really informs us that he is with us will never leave us or forsake us. No matter what happens in America starting today or tomorrow. Whatever the matter what happens documents from near peel out make things happen. The God allows things we can bring history to understand the consequences of why is it that a live for God in life that are not forgotten what happened nation know, also God's word says a judgment against Mascot and I fully believe in the context of that passage that the context of suffering and persecution because when God allows persecution. The church is to clean this up this but also spreads in churches scattered in places that you never go were gone so.

So although it is not to say all you will bring judgment bring persecution. The Chinese church is been praying for decades the guy would allow persecution become the American church because they knew that we were stopped and when your softy can't do the things you need Lola. Interesting times we live or share this week is public could be the most pivotal weeks in American history yet and right and actually right before we started the broadcast use another chapter but I actually got it. Daniel chapter 3 in its first 16 and it says Shadrach me shack and Abednego replied King Nebuchadnezzar. We do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace the God that we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from your Majesty's hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know your Majesty that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold that you have set up and then we know the rest of the story where Nebuchadnezzar he determined that the fire and in their walking route of the fire and they said there somebody else in the fire to look like the Son of Man, and they were okay and then the people who got them thrown in the fire.

Ended up getting thrown into the fire, so we know we know the end of the story, we know how it how it ends for us as Christians in Revelation 2122 when Jesus comes back in that he's gonna take us up with him in glory and that it can be wonderful but it does promise persecution in Scripture for us as Christians but you did have a dream you actually a couple of dreams, but the one dream that you had that I thought was really prophetic and was really good was about a separation of church and state. Is that right the church and the state I did. I do have one here that okay capital building was fully lit up.

The carport had large arms attached to it. The arms were very muscular arms and short sleeves and very rough looking hand. The building was flying a flag that you brought design with 13 stars in a circle and competent court and across the congressional building of the capital building was a traditional style looking church that you had alternate arms attached people in the art who disses muscular grace in the arms of Ability. Both had rough hands and arms, a new when you look at the hands of the arms you newbies and that arms that had a work. They knew the hardship. They were dirty, but they were dry obviously been working in the field on equipment behind the church were religious leaders bring red light when read the suspect in The Cardinals early 1900 pages of the black black jacket coat.

I behind the capital building older style congressman centers in the same timeframe and the clothing seemed older that it was it was to the period in which they live. They look very professional. Each group was cordial, kind and nice to each other.

I've been that nature can seem to get along that the new locations respecting each other supporting in the sky above them in the loop if you've seen the movie of the Time Machine bill of a Beit Lacey Wells, the can spend that everything gets real fast and the time change things slow down all the capital building arms were now longsleeved. They had very expensive cufflink gold and diamond league had manicured hands on 70 cans of piranha in the dirt hands to polished night clean, very smooth gray stop manicured hand left.

This was entirely gone of the building was well maintained and lit us out for that look like it was taken care of very polished. First though, the same kind of muscle are they still had the same rough hands dry cracked working in the hand was always live Arthur to smooth it all is happy with something. The capital suddenly put their hands together copper novel and important detergent accusingly in the church and Moving and working in the blood in her hand that they do recommend making sacrifices of the work they've done the Campbell hands then went out and that basically told to stop moving in the church and that will we need to do somebody by the capitalist that you got it do is representative the capital the ground the church tried to politely make his way around the building and finally the capital to push hard to get the church and entered the ground and after a few minutes Back up and got not back down nesting replay like this for work few more times but the people behind the church seem to be getting a little more tenant and the people behind the capital looking more intimidating arms folded grimaces on the base in the church pocket medical is faced with the capital try to walk by the state and the temperature since probably we need to get by going to do it right must be allowed.

State said very clearly not on our watch that was responses. Bateman grabbed her throat and pushed it back down that the church got back at the push to get space in others is conflict back and forth the church been itself overlaid in the state will racist up against the push and as they pushed against each other. One of the capital arms reached around behind the Justice Black's feed into the back of the church is the middle stand without the church at that moment Moody got behind the capital levels of the change sides. A delete Of for the church stand out. The church that we will and there was a standup is like those large thorny vines growing on that back talking church coming up over his back.

You know, weight the divide in the branches and that the capitalist all visited pushback respect because this will hit a golf trip in the flowers of the Bible red the Brighton church, but a Venus fly trap is to wrap around the lake and Growing it with him behind his back went into his mouth a little like pain failures that like Babbage's concrete even the green they Growing. One of the mouth.

The church would down it wrote back and see Transparently was it was circling the hearts try to grow the root into the heart of film. By this time the capital Will been concerned about church scrubbing the right hand was white and let him read in the Flight back and forth they kept it divine. 20 with her hands above the hand. Despite his plants try to grow around church.choking to death.

Whatever the legal divine look like they were flagged all little red flag +100 usable symbols. They were not recognizable to me at all the red flags that believe a red flag symbol in the left-hand church was trying to pull the by the get the right answer for the line out in the red hands, grab a slap in the hand way and find it trying to keep it from: the result in a fight and find that you hands one you at protect the mind what one tried protectable transcript away as the strap of the capital kept looking at the church like this testing was going on that he kept handing out money to the capital handing out money assigning bill shaking hands, business leaders and professional of the people, many nations, it was business as usual.

The turtle struggles with but circle the church began to shake violently little bit of grand mal seizure in the chest, split open just enough to rebuild the Spartans we almost to death. The heart is not pumping very well in the white hand took this night and just here's here's that the divine route that was wrapped around the heart and alternate line begin let go the heart begin with a little bit and the red handmade. This visitor pension people trying to grab Whitehead because he is the vine with Diane left-hand with Diane to them enhance and that bounty just drop the church took a few steps and in the white.

The white hand pulled the root away and that kind of bet that the shirt again church filled with knees and asked for forgiveness for allowing that the red roots are growing pocket and then then that Christ figure. In any race the church.

He also pointed capital needs that you never one of the church is the gates of hell will not stop her from those who stain the root pruning the vine and cut off the poisonous part return the church today should be about my father's business. Stay pure and fear, not the state, for they know not what they do. While in the church walked slowly past the capital begin to run after passing by a few yards of healing you get better.

The bow Campanella white leg.

The capital is the root of the seed that had been planted church that pocket that Chrysler came up last time he says they braced stay focused and stay on task line coming soon while wow that sucks you know in you had recently had a dream about it was the birds in the mall. Is that right yeah I had that dream between Saturday and Monday night.

Yeah, that's what I just released yesterday.

It was, I saw these two distinct blocks of birds that were flying above the four lane interstate with a median between traffic was heavy bumper-to-bumper at driving faster than that should Be detailed a little drive. They were driving erratically. The drivers were coming and going as angry but white knuckle grips of the strain will compound the – screaming at people and you get your get to a traffic was going north will doubtlessly come and the two groups of birds, they're all crows very, very distinct crows and there were two tight groups there.

Elect tens of thousands of birds in the scrivener, both this lien along the group for Northern you would be driving your car. They were had the same direction of the traffic they were hit with how I could see a tunnel like miles and miles ahead huge huge tunnel in both lanes of traffic coming in and out of these birds.

These blocks they would play with bumpy trip almost violently. Almost like on purpose, and each time they would abridge the birds would would fall out. They would drop dead on the on the ground. They did that continuously and also the two groups at times were doing it on purpose. You could tell he would figure out and commit each other not head on the just emerged and Byron.

Then I saw on groups that are heading heading towards the tunnel. The little flashes of lightning or fire in one birds of each group would take off in the 25, 30, 80, 50 birds will follow it clearly birds were just doing crazy maneuvers. There are diabolic with the ground and going here and go on there and just write your final pass and then they would leave these bird bird started getting dizzy could tell you just another fast and finally on the left side that birds leading the fight in the traffic coming towards a semi and the lead Burgess life strata. The last moment old birds hit the truck all bit the other burden on the right side leading them with an overcast, rough, elastic and fly straight up in the birds of the overcast, they go back to the group, and legal people. So that was the visit interesting thing to see within the birthing leadership plant was the tunnel, Carol explained the traffic and I saw the large river large American flags going back on over the history of the pledge is a bunch of them over the overpass in any given passes this title abridge medical within the flags.

They were dirty. They were baguette. They put at her. They were connected to strips of candy canes of the thing advancing the barbershop know the red whitening down the black fabric like that connected between all, despite all the way across the past and the wind was blowing flags member rip they were being ripped violently up and down strongmen and then the man I've seen so often agreeing that the Christ, that figure. He appeared to be standing on the flags on the abatement is his foot up there looking at what's in the birds concordant.

He was meant was white as metal, meeting evil pipe helmet like a Crusaders help was also wearing chain mail and he also had the large metal spike and that attached to the side of his guilt was a large Scottish Claymore one with larger swords that you words ever use the sword Scottish Claymore that were the best to handle and that you had large metal spike in the pan. Huge metal mall you would hit the wedge something of the split would use the mall get the wet huge thing is the birds got closer, he now like he was about 10 feet called me to this position. On top of that the we overpass for this bike down is holding his hand… Small ages begins to be the appellant and also prevent mold.

The blood was dripping from and the traffic disappears. The rope becomes like a runway and in both groups of the birds they can emerge together into groups. The one that looks almost from the satellite or stealth bombers passed quickly heading towards that day and then the guy begins the pound. This this small in the spike in the ground is currently cracking open, we can see at the ceiling part of the title the debris rubble start appalled in that tunnel was a bunch of people. They got masks over their head of their faces and not like like a medical matter, whole head of government in a bag or something little got the white cane that that was blind Jesus on the street. Notice tenant walking the ball got one of those old people blind. The cantina has recovered the ground. Keep shaking and shaking and shaking he's driving the spike in the and the faster you pound the board agreed more rubble grouts wrapping find the tunnel to get the collapse of the ground shaking incredibly take his helmet off PayPal mafia starts pounding more more more.

And the people were unaware of the rock: and they just continue to me and they would like like like Blondie was walking with no ideas of the misspelling and when I got hit dispel the ground. It would it the birds kept coming into the tunnel right the entire tunnel collapse on all of them. Everything was crushed flat on on the retina of the rubble. The flags were now on fire. They were burning to ash directly disappeared and the wind was coming long employed in the ass, which is, blown away was nothing left flags and then out that rubble can the nanny put his helmet back on you place them on the ground and he said just as for always coming but will not be seen by the many who needed it for racing is required to stay the course, but it will be a course of consequence metallized all of the ground began to shake again. I saw men, no military, no soldier iPhone man summary camouflage jacket for an error 15 shoulders at the end are lined up like British soldiers of the American Revolution. They were taking up arms. They were lining up the fight and then out background, I began to hear the sound of reveille call for: Battle in the landmarks on the step of the Martin and Martin Martin that I was here and shouts in the background, people yelling and I woke up and it will come like that first dream I had six months ago when I woke up, my heart rate was just through the roof and that I was up probably for 24 hours. I woke about 330 when I had that dream and what impact that route down.

Bennett walked apace to praise your great do it and then shared that they use that I would look at longer like I just felt this was important because the things that were facing especially this week in America and while you were talking about the past dream Dana that the verse that came into my mind when you said that that that the church would not be overcome. It says in Matthew 1618 and I say also unto the that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

One of the things I keep hearing and we got about 2 1/2 minutes left. One of the things I keep hearing from people is your messiest separation in America of the real Christians versus those who were just plain it for Sunday morning. What you think.

Absolutely because persecution is what reveals the heart of the church. Persecution is what reveals the depth of the root in each believer's heart in the mind of the spirit. Persecution is not revealed absolute grip that a believer have on his fate and anyone is not committed for the death younger children during the Roth agreement be a lot of people who have ice with the church at all you know is there and I find that it cost too much and faith is supposed to cause the something causes the discipline, but we have to build our lives and walk it. It causes friendships and relationships often times with the most important thing we could have the discipline to be a Christian we have to deny ourselves the cross and follow him in that the hard road of Jesus dead all you want on the white road construction of the narrow road and then down to get the door. That road is narrow and can't get your G.I.

Keep your eyes on the path to have luggage or baggage. The way you work on the Jesus said many trials and tribulations en route to heaven he was serious that he Sola persecution going to bring us close blithely and reveal who is his appeal is not absolutely and probably what you think about that. I think is wonderful opportunity for those listening who are thinking. No, I don't have that kind of relationship with Christ and you can make a decision right now mother what you have and say I need a place to go home.

I need a place to run this kind of thing begins to happen and I and I need a Savior that strong enough to take on these kind of pictures that we've heard about today so if you train with us right now might Jesus, thank you that we know you're in control and the traditional women simply want to take on your help that that's not heavy and and and we want to take on your hope and so we surrender our lives to ask that you would cleanse us in your blood from all that we've done to offend you show us the show us the path, you would have us walk help us keep our eyes and hearts on you, and we assess Jesus name for, if not for God sake. Yes, thank you.

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