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Counting the Days

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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December 16, 2020 1:00 am

Counting the Days

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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December 16, 2020 1:00 am

Mike & Robby chat with Ray Comfort, founder and CEO of Living Waters Publications, about prophecy and his new book, "Counting the Days: Undeniable Signs of the Last Days."

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Your host Mike.

If not for God today. Wow my we have Ray comfort, and it doesn't get much more exciting, especially at Christmas time and I know the subject matter, he's gonna want to talk about the buckle up because it's good awesome ride. It is were excited to have Ray comfort he's been on once before but he really just a wonderful guy. He actually goes out and does street ministry in Southern California talk to atheist professors really anybody who will sit in front of him and he just has a real heart for the loss but were excited to have you Andre because you got you got a new book out are coming out, or it's out now. It's called counting the days. Undeniable signs of the last days. Can you tell us about that right now.

I noted that a lot of controversy when it comes to property some different habitation you want your church and up and say I think these are the signs of the end of the eight that we can agree to live just chosen the kind that are noncontroversial on the book 2 pages long. I'm just can't see very difficult to find an uncultivated manual for Jerusalem and means hot. I am here that which is coming up on the night to look for and 9048 the Jews got Israel and fulfilled the words of Jesus in Matthew 24, Luke 21 when they obtain Jerusalem.

The 90 no longer in the hands of the Gentiles that designed to look for to know we were living on and got timeline that the other big wanted man will hail them for fear that which is coming up on the June of this year. According to CDC, 25 million Americans seriously considered committing suicide. So read the book to take the gospel using the platform of prophecy to reach them in acts 25, 28 are similar in that whole said why didn't concerning Jesus, both out of the war most and out of the prophet. No one knows the future, the God of mainly the future that moved to Las Vegas and predict when they relate well and often become billionaires of the night. When the forecasters get along many operators rained upon and psychics don't know that only God knows the future of prophecy that we thing being fulfilled. This present time establishes the fingerprint of God Scripture and so both out of the will of Moses and the prophet law of Moses brings the knowledge of sin shows us that we need God's mercy and the prophet show us the Scriptures can be trusted so book is being written. With that in mind, in the gospel of the ungodly bring in light and darkness and we're thrilled we are able to get the publishers and get them down to 99 retail book now to $0.50 a copy when people buy a box of 100 to give out to the neighborhood that is awesome that is awesome and will deftly be online and then if you guys are listing deftly pick up 100 copies in and give it to your friends. I think you're actually saying. You could put it on people's doorknobs on their mailboxes. You can put up on people's windshields and sometimes I guess we have to get creative when it comes to the gospel window when you drive for the yeah what it whatever way you can get it out there.

We have, we have to get the message out, but we look at Luke chapter 1 and we talk about the virgin birth. He said this is actually been something that's been on your mind. Is that right yes I'm putting together a book that's been my hot mind you originally take to me and said what you say to someone who doesn't think that evidence of Jesus on the live of Jesus that when someone comes to me that question that had he know Jesus actually existed. I say what year that you think that what you weekly measure idea by counting them want to be up to the moment I say 2020 assistance went they felt was in Christ while they are the time and calendar data from him because he so impacted society and no philosophy or story and hold the handle to the words of Jesus. What actually brilliant look at the sermon on the Mount, who gave us the golden rule. If it wasn't Jesus who wanted why would anyone want to be Jesus and Jesus himself told us why it because he spoke of man's moral accountability to God.

And that's not a placement for person loving Senate people hate God without cause. In the name of Jesus is the only name throughout history that is being used as a curse with you.

Think about who in history had that the honor of the sinful world, taking the name and using it as a very popular and common consulate.

Napoleon, Mother Teresa, Hitler, nobody, but Jesus's name Jesus Christ of Jesus is used in place of the field would to express discussed which of the Academy of content that people have for God and the reason I hate them is in John chapter 7 verse seven Jesus said the world hates me because I testify that the that evil is a reason people don't want it to be Jesus that looked at them on the mountain told us that there accountability that if we left, we commit adultery in the hot if we hate similar gang without cause were in danger of judgment.

That's because of that moral accountability while and then Psalm 107 31 it says oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men and and we really went when we think about all the things that the Lord is done for us and is continue to do for us. We really ought to give him praise, but he II see you on the street with with all sorts of people in and they were I guess bright people, but you know you asked them questions like will can you make something out of nothing. That right yeah we make a grain of sand out of nothing and just thinking recently that night it did to make that 70 trillion cells make up the human body, 70 trillion. I mean, just beyond comprehension that each of those fell below 70 trillion cells is made up of 100 trillion FM of unified and how many atoms are in your body multiply 70 trillion by hundred trillion on the lower God knows every single knows it inside out intimately familiar with it because he made it not just that he has a bitter number not just an hundred and 37 million cells that make up the human eye is intimately familiar with every part of the body, he put it together to make you you and that's the God that we have to face on Judgment Day. Nesta God created all things and we can't create a grandstand for nothing is let him come like a frog or flower builder actually, let alone human Ohio human salary think living in so that that knowledge tends to take away the fall of the God snowman in the sky reaching out to touch the finger of Adam and all sitting on a cloud that's anthropomorphic it's actually idolatrous.

It's ridiculous.

God is nothing like what we can see from the plea money for God is much as we understand them and us Christians what we want to do is put the fear of God in the hearts of the ungodly. Why is the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom in the Bible says, through the fear of the Lord and depart from evil.

While people think that God is just no man in the sky, reaching up to touch Adams finger it wont fear him, and they wanted toughness then and I'll be damned on Judgment Day. Ghastly because of that idolatry that they embrace yeah and and when you when you read the first chapter of Luke in and in the Gospels and in everything. It talks about the virgin birth of Jesus in there one time somebody asked Larry King from Larry King why they said Larry King if you could interview anybody anybody in history who would you interview and he said I would interview Jesus Christ and they said why would you want interview Jesus Christ and he said I would ask him if he was virgin born.

He said because if the answer to that question is yes. It defines everything. Yeah, my heart went out to left King because he was so searching and yet so sinful in the sense that he does in here truth want to find the truth and yet he just held back year after year semi godly men become less program and share the gospel with my friend Kirk Cameron actually met him privately and through the 10 Commandments. Many years ago related. One of the books that yeah I don't know why the victim with such a stumbling block for sentence when you think how great God is.

Nothing is impossible with God that we often open a can of worms. When we address somebody's intellect if you can intellectually talk someone to the virgin birth existing. All it takes is the stronger intellectual arguments talk them out of it and so you don't want to do that what you want to do is change the heart through the power of the gospel.

Jesus had the best to understand his laws can come and say, give us a sign will Jesus could give an assignment, the virgin birth, according to Isaiah 714 was God himself, giving a sign of the virgin birth of Jesus didn't want to the virgin birth is no sign shall be given to the slick generation except the sign of Jonah the prophet Jonah was in the whale's belly of the big fish's belly for three days and three nights socialist on the man be in the house. If one Jesus was alluding to was the gospel and is the sign for the skeptic.

That's the sign for someone seeking truth is what happens when someone embraces the gospel is that God gives them in you heart with new design so that they of course walked in God's statutes. He said all right my lore upon your what happens to a sin loving center that drinks vermiculite water loves darkness and hates the light is belief only when one again begins to thirst for righteousness, and that's a miracle for sin, loving sentence. That was my miracle man. I don't live by sexual lust before I was a Christian.

Every girl I looked at I can share with my eyes eyes were full of adultery as the Bible says I got tremendous pleasure out of Noah's no different than any other red-blooded young male, I just hit it secretly, but I used to have to go surfing and dangle my feet in cold water shark bait to get pleasure before is a Christian, but the pleasure that sexual left gives his non-ending and it's incredibly powerful Bible speaks of the pleasure of sin, when it speaks of Moses on the night of my conversion. I read the words of Jesus with the looks upon a woman to laughter has committed adultery already with the net law, broader knowledge of sin I realized on Judgment Day of God in life or life. My uncleanness I be damned to hell.

That's when I understood the cross and the miracle was. I began to thirst for righteousness, I became pro-life instantly. I became a lover of righteousness, anti-adultery, antiabortion anti-lying, stealing a plastic anything God loved. I love because God had written lore upon my and calls me to walk in the statutes that was my personal miracle that showed me that the virgin birth, actually nothing from God that he can create anything. Nothing is impossible with God of someone seeking a miracle. I'm so sign from God and obey the gospel and embrace Jesus as Savior and Lord, call upon his name be given a new hot what you desire so you love righteousness and that'll be a personal miracle you pass from death to life in an instant, absolutely need you actually had a story about. I think when you were young man before you could became a Christian and you said you had a young lady and you're out in the field or something and and and she said something to remember what that was all. Do I get that they'll never forget that life throughout eternity.

Amazing experience.

I was 16 years old, six years before I came to Christ. I found myself behind a dump school in the long grass at night with a beautiful young girl named Ann Marie. She was just gorgeous.

I love the Anda is lying there with intentions of an auditable honor of she turned to me and said five words that stated me actually checked my mind next weekend. My life direction. She turned to me and said you know God is watching us and that was like a packet of ice water came from the heavens. I just fill it go back in the time for much he actually said that she put the fear of God in me.

She made me realize something. I knew intuitively knew this God is omnipresent he sees everything he knows everything I'm going to be held accountable and that saved me making terrible decision. I could've gotten Craig Niekro for sturgeon apportionment, brought shame to a family.

My family and I thank God through the fear the Lord and depart from evil is the beginning of wisdom.

When you put the fear of God into the heart of the nation keyless which is where nation is at the moment but got a semblance of the fear of God and since that we believe in God's existence as a nation we say God bless America that we don't obey him. So the fear is not enough to cause us to obey him.

The Bible says there is no fear of God before their eyes in the way put the fear of God.

The Hutchison assistance give them what I got to give them the lore of God say God hold you morally accountable to uphold it in acts 17 and asked him, he before the whole city was given to idolatry and that's what's happening now nation were idolatrous nation is just a form of godliness. The image of God is erroneous is not biblical. He stood up and he said God is appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness.

God is not grading my man's device is not a night will preach future punishment by the law, once wisely said wall without consequences. Nothing but good advice that is so powerful, long without consequences. Nothing but good advice. Another was that came to mama the moral law. A good advice shall not steal. You shall not kill shall commit adultery. Yeah, that's great advice. Good thing good thing that lore with consequent changes everything and when Cole said God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness he was saying that God is going to hold you accountable for violation of that law. For your idolatry walk lying and stealing all liability upon the lake of fire. That's the accountability and that was the fear of God in their hearts because we intuitively know it's wrong to lie on. Perhaps the grace we can understand why Christ died on the cross. Yeah. And one of the things that I'm looking at us first John 17 and it says but if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses, cleanses us from all sin.

And I know a lot of us we we like to look at the second part of the verse, leaving off the first part where it says the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all sin. But it does say in the first part but if we walk in the light as he is in the light, and that what I hear you talking it it it shows that no matter really what you've done before, like you you you know you could you could steel you were a liar and all these other things before but that when you come to Christ he really starts to change.

You, if any man be in Christ he is a new creation opens apostolate holding the come you and what happens is that God opened the eyes your understanding. I do pray before as a Christian I prayed every night Lord's prayer is that it is a, sleeping pill to get sleepy Sterrett left Ray quickly is no fear of God before my mom and I become a Christian family creation look different. I could see the genius of his hands that the flowers blossom to his glory that the trees raise their praise of God. The good on his praises everything the heavens declare his glory known.

I need an atheist I don't believe he's an atheist. I know that the heavens declare the glory of God. When America broke from Britain.

We didn't say hey we we would like to break away if that's okay. No Declaration of Independence. We declare that this is that buddy will leave it and the Bible does the heavens declare the glory of God. Whenever any atheist who supposedly he's a sunrise or sunset owners incredibly. Puffy white clouds of the incredible blue sky. They intuitively know God exists, the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith.

Even creation that, without excuses. Romans one tells us so that's what so important not just a in the intellect and Augie was sentenced up to address the conscience as Jesus did amount in verse 17 by opening up the law and bringing them to a knowledge of sense of see the danger, I may need a Savior.

Is it is it hard for you to go out and do what you do. Talking to people face-to-face on the street or does it is it doesn't just come natural know. It's always always fearful people think I'm fearless. Actually not true. I tremble every time I approach a sinner I have to make an effort.

I go out of my bike every day.

I've got a platform on my bike for my dog my dog with sunglasses. He slightly looks re-cool woman almost always must daily cool at how cute is I go past Michael back so is the dog my dog is my my way of reaching strange I can write up straight in the middle of a game or any group of people yesterday to meet and they say they'll like it dog has to keep her sunglasses off and an ice we talk about dogs for a minute that takes my YouTube channel with 141 million views.

I asked people if they think is an afterlife. You think there's an afterlife, and away we go. My dog is been my icebreaker, but it takes effort every day to go out on rather just sit and do nothing will sit and write a book or something that we don't report strained and my fear is actually controlled.

Still, the evidence control. It's like okay I'm feeling scared or not, listen like a firefighter cleanser ladder five stories.reaches out to grab a woman. Her five kids as flames licked for closes. He terrified absolutely is not thinking of himself. He sing of that woman and children and their fate annexed the key to overcoming your fears.

You don't think of your own silly fields you think of the fate of the ungodly others, having compassion, making it different only in from the file hating even the garment spotted by the flesh so what overcoming fears is not gratefully fear. Pray for more love.

The problem is a lack of love we let fear overtake us yet. And what one of the things that a lot of people are talking about now is that the possible persecution that could be coming to America and I sent you an article yesterday was from Christian headlines. It says the end of religious liberty in Canada where they've actually passed laws. Now where if you believe the Bible on issues such as marriage or homosexuality or abortion or whatever it is that you can actually be criminally prosecuted and how do we handle this. We handle it with great joy when told her created hand written out floor against the church that was scattered aboard a movie of preaching the word network brought revival. Nothing like persecution to shake us out of their empathy and sort out the juices from genuine and if you know you gonna get prosecuted for believing the Bible what he going to become a secret believer. There's no such thing. We just have to sale God make me strong in one things grieve me in animation is that at churches of field with false confidence hostas who never been converted that not repented and put their faith in Jesus demo like motivational speakers, while persecution is gonna clean up the church is going to purify the church's gonna make a strong the gates of hell cannot prevail against the church, the wind of adversity. Since the roots of the trees and deeper and so it's good to make a strong, gonna see revival and I've never seen so many people so open of the gospel. As with this coronavirus death is something in the minds of the ungodly.

When things are going fine. This virus is made everybody think about the that's a good thing because I will deliver such a strong thing is God-given when not like animals were not like the beasts of the field of dogs or cats dogs placed eternally on a hot and a legitimate thing to do with an ungodly person is just say to someone you go up and say if you want to witness those cartoons.

Item to think as an afterlife, I do it all the time. You don't mention God, Jesus, the Bible, it will help just say what you think is there afterlife and let them talk then say you fearful of dying and I just on Saturday and if you do guide it seems a fitting went while while in on the inference was out of the sky. No one skated dying. It's because Hebrews to this 14 and 15th of every human being is tormented by the fear of death or their lifetime left the plaster out and have been a will to live in with God.

The answer in Christ, and will got the cure that got the disease they just have to realize will be made to realize that got the disease need God's mercy and when the gospel comes and embraces the dying man quick embrace to secure Jesus as the care. Jesus is the cure and and Robbie. We were just talking a minute ago about the virgin birth as well and and Robbie had looked up some of actually was the Hebrew words. Robbie, is that right yeah I one of those just love to ponder things and in no the idea Jesus was given, as Isaiah prophesied in Isaiah 7 that elders can be a sign and in that word sign in Hebrew. You know starts with the toe of which of the oldest Hebrew Scriptures across and so is not like there's no be the sign hello by the way, you know, if you're looking at the Scripture to cross at an insurgent. You can't miss it from my perspective that it's always been about the cross and get right with God. That's right Ray. What you think Natalie like they have hidden this 14 cell it doesn't pay virgin uses the word mate will why would say why the Bible say God himself will send you assign a major will have a child not a line if the made seven jobs by the millions daily almost throughout the world. But one of virgin complete that the site and the reason Jesus had to be born of a virgin that this blood had to be pure. He couldn't be of Adam's race and Joseph had impregnated his wife with Mary. When I married and Jesus was conceived.

He would had tainted blood.

The blood is blocked by the mail and God himself thought the blood of Jesus, of his blood was Puritans, his blood, as you said earlier that cleanses us from all sin, because he is the spotless Lamb. His blood was shed for the fun forgiveness of sins absolutely, and we we have about two minutes left on their I have heard that there up to 40% of the people who listen to the show are actually not Christians. Now there could be an array of reasons why they are listening.

Maybe they're searching maybe to try to make fun of it.

I don't know but what would you say to somebody, Ray, who has never said yes to Jesus why would I would remind them that don't die. That's a good sign that God is angry and give me the death sentence and embrace the gospel and she had, or even watch videos that completely free to fit 141 million views and that just a living and YouTube channel and even get a copy of the book. No one at $0.50 and read it, we can actually read online, free of charge is get a living The new book called counting the days and you can read it freely online. No chargeable the whole book and that she is the prophecy that little help. Suffice when it comes to death. Regarding the credibility of Scripture and present the gospel, not in an understandable way.

Hopefully you'll come to think their feelings upon you and you feel free to and it says in Scripture that today is the day of salvation. In one of the things that I that I see when I just saw a younger couple who you are interviewing atheist changes his mind after one simple question gentleman with the hat is his young girlfriend but that there is coming a day of judgment and an array we we certainly appreciate everything that you do. Once again, you said you go to living and you can check out the book and please check out Ray on YouTube in pick up the book by some books send it out to folks in real we certainly appreciate appreciate really do think, not this is the Truth Network

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