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Asking Better Questions

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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January 9, 2022 3:00 am

Asking Better Questions

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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January 9, 2022 3:00 am

Rabbi Eric Walker joined me again to talk about the questions we ask when faced with challenging circumstances. 

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According latest figures from the CDC approximately 1 million Americans are injured annually as result of falling on ice and snow computer Roseburg as a caregiver for my wife more than 35 years. I understand the importance of helping someone with a mobility impairment get in and out of the home safely, particularly in inclement weather and that's why this winter. I'm using heat track their snow and ice melting mats that you just plug in and they provide you a safe walkway to your garage to your mailbox to your deck to your business. Whatever the need heat track has a mat that will fit that need and make sure that you can get him safely during snow and ice.

You don't have to plow you don't have to shovel and you don't have to worry about falling because you're walking on something that is safe and secure and dry this winter. Let's stay out of the emergency room. Let's make sure were safe. Go to heat you know these make a great gift as well during inclement weather. Let's stay out of the emergency room and enjoy the winter. Instead, go to heat track.calm Roseburg. This is relations the program you as a family care 65 million American white male service you will. If so, are you going on with you. How's your health how's your heart mostly ends. How are all these things working together for you to stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not bringing 35 years of experience to help you stay strong and healthy in that process. As I've learned the hard way. I don't think I've ever learned anything the easy way. That's okay because you know precious life. We are glad that you're with us, whether you take care of somebody with Alzheimer's will you take care of especially his child with autism. Whether you get somebody in your family that's an alcoholic or addict as long as there's a chronic impairment. Your character and there are things that we fall into traps that we find ourselves in, and there matters of the heart in all of my years as a caregiver. I don't recall really struggling that hard on apprehending the task of caregiving. I learned how to give injections.

I learned how to deal with insurance companies to learn how to deal with doctors. I learned how to do all these things and I haven't had anybody take that knowledge from me where I have struggled in all of my years is the things that keep eluding me of peace of mind staying firm in in columnists being able to think clearly in the midst of a crisis dealing with the rage. The resentment, despair, all of these things that trouble the human soul that is a caregiver where you were living in kind of a in a crucible with you will wear these things just continue have that to have heat bringing things to the boiling point for us as caregivers.

It's relentless. It doesn't go away and except, well, we actually do know what goes away only way it's going to go away usually is through funeral. The question is whose funeral hours our loved ones and what kind of shape are we gonna be in if we outlived and we can guarantee that we will and do we need to be miserable until such time as that happens, and I would say to you know we don't.

But in order for us to navigate through this smooth were going to have to change the way we think about certain things. We have a demanding this that we go through his human beings to always want to know why always want to to to get this thing figured out a freedom on a long time ago told me get comfortable with ambiguity and never forgot that Frazier realize you know it's okay for us to not know why some things in there has to be better questions that we can consume ourselves with in this journey as we look at very painful things. So I asked my longtime friend you've heard before on this program is a frequent guest on this program Rabbi Eric Walker messianic Rabbi Eric Walker, who has with me, shepherded me through a lot of things and going back in Scriptures and seeing things from a different perspective from the Jewish perspective of okay. What does this mean if you remember, Jesus didn't have the New Testament was the New Testament. He looked at what we call the Old Testament, those with the Scriptures that he referenced and fulfilled and and so we want to explore that from the context of all the things we deal with in the human condition as amplified in the caregiving circumstances so Rabbi Walker is always a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for having me Peter always felt like thing to serve the caregiver community. I will us jump into it. I spent here's the setup I spent. I don't know how many years asking why God why God why God and to my recollection. I don't recall eating circumstance were God ever just showed up and said okay I'll answer all your questions now, and I had to make peace with it. Had to make peace with ambiguity.

Head shake hands with ambiguity and realize that God is not to answer my questions and occupancy get me out of this get me out of this get me out of this. You and I talked about this that Scriptures bring a different perspective. This so jump right in what your thoughts as you hear somebody say these things as we go back to the word of God. Scenario worked somebody out and you get the response that's not right to question your support human condition is that we want to get out of something and going to get up quickly and we go to the Lord and say Lord get me out of. And like you said veil of silence falls and covered God really is saying to you Peter your asking the wrong question word says ask and will be given unto you.

Clarity is what you're asking to get out of the circumstance that God has allowed the permissive world allows things that happened and so we look at God's sovereignty sovereign over the problem, but what you trying to redefine the problems. Try to refine you and I refinement process. You get what you how to like it.

You want to ask the Lord what do you want me to get out what do you want me to look then you draw closer to hear that still small voice as the new year. This is what I have in this astonishingly ask the right questions of God are so quick to answer the silent week here is a barometer. I'm not asking the right question I need to change my question naturally. The lesson here.

Are we asking the right Peter asking how to get out of something that God allowed to happen is like saying God, you made a mistake like Moses, saying, I can't speak to God to make your mouth you know that that brings me up to grade point because one of things I looked at the God never asked the wrong question. He always asked the right question and in his questions become that the truth is revealed. It was out. Is that a fair statement. Yes, very much so obviously Jesus but a crippled man cripple. Why did he ask what you want. We are not arming with God.

Harmony with missile and were on the same page with so you can ask a probative question you want man might've said I want well man might've said I want that woman man what I might've said something else but no it confirm what Messiah Bob if you want to walk. He wanted to see. He wanted to do whatever it was that could not choose Estella's was a not omniscient you not know that I love that when we asked the woman who touched me, who touched me when well, not the woman he asked his disciples who touched me. Now right fringe of the garment theater is called heat 15 CI the I EVI look at my main links, so she touched his wing now is not an angel but read Psalm 91 under the shelter of so all this is reconnecting back to the supernatural provision of God in touching his wing, so you look at the Sprint hem of his garment was not sewn down like we think about the world garment was an observant Jew wrapping himself with the four corner garment with friends on wings to talk some more about this. This is Rabbi Eric Walker and were discussing how we as caregivers and really as human beings can retrain our minds to ask better questions.

We spent a lot of time in the juvenile child is not childlike childish place of petulance and get me out of this get me out of God has something else in store and in the process we learn more about him as we discover him deeply in these things is hope for the caregiver, Peter Rosenberg will be right in Rosenberg and this is new. As a family. My wife Grace give you hope is always give you answers. He is, and whether or not we trust in him is the challenge for us as human beings. And it is the human condition that condition is relentlessly amplified in the caregiving journey in 35 years into this now I am seeing these kinds of things with the level of clarity that I couldn't have it. I was a young man when I started this out.

If we have something bad happen to us. Then we got to dispel that as quickly as possible.

We classified as bad and then it could be something this painful and heartbreaking, but it we've somehow equated that with the level of God's displeasure and God allows all kinds of very uncomfortable things. As I said to my father the other day. He doesn't seem to be uncomfortable with our discomfort and because he understands is a greater work going on that he is in involving himself in ways we can't even see or really even process and when you deal with the relentless journey of caring for someone who was impaired on any level in the dynamics that come to the surface of that these kinds of things are what keep us up at night, having conversations with the ceiling fan and so where do you go for that. I mean, I know who to call and ask on how to deal with a particular you know situation with an insurance company. I know where to get medical supply, but when you have matters of the heart with a heart is truly struggling. Where do you go in the world would like to offer this and this and this this this, we see that we we know what the world offers.

I've seen it myself.

I've had lots of counselors and all these kinds of things and they they give me a lot of good advice on some practical levels but they don't speak to the core of what's going on with me, why, why is God doing this, why does he allow these things.

Where easy, what is it look like to trust him in this. And so the only place to go if you want to know what God has to say this to his word resort. He said it and it crosses over into every human condition. We can deal with as a caregiver on the heart level.

If you have despair Scripture speaks and that if you have rates Scripture speaks that you have this just depression, resentment, all these thing whatever you troubled within your heart and your soul Scripture speaks to note the question is do we want to listen and I asked a friend of mine whose walk with me through a lot of these things we we we pounded out very complex things that he's taking me into some some deep waters with that's my friend Rabbi Eric Walker and we've explored these things the same Scriptures that Jesus quoted extensively as did Paul and his did all this up because that was what they leaned on him speak the Hebrew Scriptures that we call the Old Testament but is the very word of God. What does it have to say about this.

Was Jesus have to say about this. And so we worked with Tom at this the last segment of of the question we always is how I get out of this if you're if you notice that all of her medicine doesn't go to a grocery store, pharmacy, whatever. It's always extra strength. There's no more regular strength anything maximum strength.

Whatever will kill the human body back off a little bit. That's what we want. Getting out of pain at all cost. Getting out of discomfort at all cost. But that is antithetical to what Scripture teaches there are some things we need to learn in our discomfort and in our distress, we cry out to him, he hears us any ministers to us in it, but he doesn't necessarily take us out of. He says he'll be with us so Eric continue on with that thought take us deeper and that with what Scripture says and what are your thoughts on this great question and that you were talking in describing Lord spoke to me and said that no greater gift investment to one man laid out like another and show the sacrifices that a caregiver makes putting another question for all says to esteem the other more than your cell caregivers are not volunteer their like you are circumstance rose often and you had some knowledge not full knowledge and love as many people are in situations change and something happens and I think God looks at the caregiver is the most fertile tree orchard because you're putting in a circumstance where you cannot put yourself no matter how hard you try. And when you finally come to the reality of God speaking to the right to come to the end of yourself to begin a life with someone your caring and so the first figure bearing good fruit because it's free is so important to God's economy 65 million of these trees out there. Bearing fruit for the kingdom, and one is God to when a tree bears so will grow more fair, more pruning feels like discipline, pruned and you take those those clippers to the rosebush. The rosebush screams out and says oh my goodness, you're killing me two months three months down the road. All loans looking out there saying look at how radiant I am because I'm not bearing the benefits of this pruning because God wanted more from me and he wants more for me and the more I do with him not sure him.

But with him to bear March with and so when I look at you Gracie and I know the troubles challenge is shared everything yet.

Second, long between the two that provoke people that you may see that incredible bond that it is the on all copy on all natural understanding of that gift, a compassionate God is so lavishly poured out on cash.

Jesus caregivers are probably more Jesus like than anybody else must I the fruit that you bear so glorious it's so wonderful it's so love the love that was honest. Isaiah 53 is not the wounded condition of the caregivers provide small wound rejected by man scorn. Nothing about it makes me want circumstance that was the caregivers are creating so as I'm sitting there the Lord speaking to me.

Telling me that this is a message of hope and encouragement to caregivers everywhere you look in the mirror. A single reflection of God when you don't think you can do one more thing. Remember that next step that Jesus took Karen across the same step that I took walking up that mountain carrying the wood tree is offering no young boy was 30 something years old a lot of wood to carry it required a donkey and probably weighed the same amount as the false Jesus, we know what back walk was like not 39 lashes 39 lashes the cat of nine tails 939. Getty took that walk us the same way you take recent you walk in so much in the image of Messiah when he called us to do that.

He gave a 65 million living examples on the face of this country to look upon them say if I want to know what example messiahs right there. Steaming, the other more than yourself selfless love and not cursing the obstacle to come in your path. I was about the brace to appointment a point there that you brought out is that we sometimes cursed the very thing that God is using to teach us and we become resentful and and we are if I could just get out of this if I can just have this removed and you know Paul discussed that whatever his thorn in the flesh was but we somehow think of these things as these are obstacles to her own happiness and you said something medical he wants more for us and more from us and we are that then we could possibly understand what we think will bring us the joy and the satisfaction it is it's elusive it's it's not even real.

It's it's a mirage, and in I have learned this over the years is that you know you take away the stress of seeing this with with other caregivers to if they have a reprieve for two, three, four days they don't know how to function very well because are not used to not having that that constant challenge and I've seen this with family with those who lost a loved one. The venting care for long time and they didn't own what to do with the client with the silence with the absence of the journey, however painful it was and part of that is I think Eric is that we we somehow think that we cannot have an abiding, joyful, abundant meaningful life of purpose in the midst of great suffering and sorrow and challenges. It seems counterintuitive to us like why do we always go to the punishment why we always go to that place but we think that God is pouring out some kind of laugh. You are uniquely chosen to be beat up because something that you do not know Paul writes in second Quinton 517 that anybody is the Messiah is a new creation the old is gone, the newest, on MSI every time I wake up in my wake up in the morning.

I'm not the same creation. I was want the bad I've lost cell I've lost harassment grown new errors, lost cell created new cells in my body.

I haven't got all that is in the creation talks more about this in the next segment. This is Rabbi has been with me on many occasions on this program and I've been on his programs will as we've explore these deep things it's it's hard for us caregivers to wrap our minds around some of these things but Scripture gently leads us down this if willing to learn. Are we willing to have our minds transformed by the renewing of our minds. We talked about Qubec dispute Roseburg.

This is hope the caregiver hope the Roseburg this is a family caregiver. Below we have a lot of things to offer you free of charge and go out to her website. Hope the subscribe to our podcast.

We have enclosed almost 700 episodes out there that you can take advantage of. Go back and listen. This library of of all kinds of things by topic, we have written articles. There's a book that's always available. The audiobook is available all the sinks are available. Please take advantage of it. Don't don't try to do this by yourself.

I did this for a long time by myself nobody knew what to say to me that I had to forage for an II was undetermined that I'm going to speak into my fellow caregivers with some hard-won insights in a way that makes sense. I speak fluent caregiver of learn to speak fluent caregiver, but the greater news is that it's our Savior's native tongue. And that's who he is and he's the ultimate caregiver of a wounded bride is taking care of my wife with great wounds to her body and her partner so I'm reminded that our Savior cares for his wounded bride and that's us as believers and so I want you to take advantage of of explore this don't isolate yourself and let yourself be engulfed in dark thoughts with this. I've done that. It's not a good place. I'm not of their there,, hey, don't go down there have been dented. That's a bad place to do that, you know, I am the wily coyote of caregivers. So take advantage of this and hope for the were talking with my longtime friend Rabbi Eric Walker and were exploring with the word of God says about the six about the conditions of the heart yes finances are a problem for us is caregivers and they certainly make certain some things easier, but I have talked to more caregivers who have great resources. Money is not an issue with and yet they are torqued by guilt and obligation by resentment by despair, and what do you think speaks to those things more than the Scriptures nothing and so let's go back to the Scriptures, but this time was go back. Understanding what the real issue is with us were asking the right question God, what would you have me learn in this, as opposed to God, get me out of this in my going to be like bailment of the profit bailment cursed his doggies beat his donkey with donkey stopping the he thought the donkey was the obstacle the donkey saw the angel, the donkey filing date to let the donkey speak is a why you beat me for the crazy stores in Scriptures, but there's a great teachable moment in their of that we are we beating and cursing the very thing that saving us from being cut down that donkey knew not to go any further and you know I look it, the president of Scripture using great wisdom and great things God using a donkey's jawbone to do things that gives me hope for my program with these once a kid use it.

It's all about the donkey and just leave that there but anyway I Rabbi Walker Eric Walker what are your thoughts on this as we continue this discussion of exploring what Scripture says to the human condition that we as caregivers find yourselves in and we were struggling.

Get me out of this get me out of this week, we cursed the obstacle we don't know how to even think proper. This we don't know what to ask what are you thoughts on that one would expect Scripture is not hello I'm me comfort my people, God sent the great comforter the Holy Spirit throughout the silently comforted even our flexion, but most of us will I come across an obstacle, we cursed the obstacle in our statements are no not again on I just thought we were past that now this going to the monument persona that curses the obstacle instead of embracing the often say, wait a second what's on the other side of this obstacle that God wants me to persevere through so I can grab my boric on the other side of that wall are blessing is on the other side of breakthrough on this side go back to the tree trade not growing it die something down its root depots can be blown over by the storm, so God can continue to put obstacle because he wants perseverance and perseverance build so it would person fear of the obstacle we need to embrace and say Lord I know you equip me for this, because you would not take me here if I was not able through your strength pass through. All around climb over break down so I can grab that blessing on the other side of break, knowing that as I navigate through these obstacles that there will be another obstacle. Maybe not in sight one is coming as long as I'm moving forward and not backward. Paul says not that I've accomplished all this, but this I do, forgetting what's behind.

I press onto the prize that waits for me so I'll work out the lots wife either. Looking back now, does one is looking back he was looking forward to looking back, her head turned away from him and all I can hear the back of our head. He doesn't know if were engaged in certain because that's the same looking St. Lawrence sent the back of our home. Reminds me of Scripture in Isaiah Isaiah 43 is this came to mind because of some of this is so just forget the former things do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing now it springs up, do you not perceive it. I am making away in the wilderness and streams in the waistline and if one thing that caregivers can understand his wilderness voice left us. It looks bleak at times but but God is not limited by what we call bleak man and these are hard truths Eric I'm not of dates around that these are hard things to understand when you're in the throes of particularly and and I think about all the family members out there who are taking care of an alcoholic or an addict when the behavior is so aberrant and so out of control and it it waistline is a great word because it just seems like this is this is not going to end well this is going to end tragically. But God says I'm due to new thing in those situations of fear and trepidation uncertainty graphic paying homage to follow God and family half man half goat.

It was an panda grotto that Jesus has Peter heard of the people say that I am right there at the Temple of Pam.

People were making living sacrifices hold the ground called the gates of hell. He says to Peter you said I should hear the silence of God, so that could only be revealed to you by my father. On this rock I will build my church. While you're there in a place called Tanya's with the waters of the Jordan River. One of the three main tributaries and waters rushing around the seat pans Temple and you realize that every word the "PAN pays homage to this false God panacea panic pandemic.

All of this pays homage insulin people have these panic attacks are the looking for panacea that one ultimate solution to all of their problems are turning to a false God that answer, not the God of Abraham, Isaac, stunning the amount of spiritual warfare. The dons those who have a victim mentality and feel like they are lesser than what they been chosen for the pointed something that they did because they don't understand God's ways. This forgiveness hash and long-suffering his willingness to sacrifice his own son so that we could how a relationship with*shalom the principal's money when you were saying that I it took me a long time to to embrace this concept but share with you and II struggle alone time with it because I look at the panacea, if you will that we we are always seem to be as a culture going towards. If it feels bad. Get rid of it till it destroyed euthanize aborted whatever is causing you inconvenience from self-actualization.

Let's get rid of it that's that's our culture that's what the world offers.

God says, trust me. In it, and share the sufferings of Christ and part of the sufferings of Christ and if you look at this that you see this groaning. This this groaning over this world is Jesus looked out over Jerusalem just you could it picture him just groaning, just grab you and hold you because he felt he knew what was coming for Jerusalem. Not long after his death in the Holy Spirit is groaning and I remember doing an interview went. When Gracie first sees first-order county that was diagnosed with with covert out here in Montana and it was an odd way.

She got it when she went to go get her prosthetics worked on in Billings and evidently she got there because we lift in muscle pave roads or what cobra did make its way up here on itself and I did an interview with Shannon bream on Fox News and she was just on the program recently on this program but I shared with her some thoughts that I had that as I look around in Montana where I am and it is spectacularly beautiful, but Scripture also says that all creation is groaning and yet I see beauty but it's groaning, but I see beauty but is groaning. I share this on Fox that that is the that is the. The hard thing for us to wrap our minds around is it that it seems seems contradictory that we have all this brokenness and yet there is great beauty that we can also see as we embrace the brokenness I think this is what Jesus when he sees us. That's what he sees, easily broken. He has done what it did the unthinkable. To redeem us, and yet he sees beauty and exquisite disinvest so much so that he laid out his own life. Is that a fair representation beauty from ashes workout computing from hash so we look at Sequoia the giant redwoods, California if you understand their ecology.

There where machine dynamics is that it requires buyer on those planning called the resident within the giant oil notes find homes for my good. I just was in Yellowstone with her sister and her family just recently we see still evidence of the fire back in 1988, a memo that happened in those with that here we see the evidence of the regrowth of what that fire did we don't like the fire we see the value that God uses through this with Rabbi Eric Walker. This is over the caregiver.

This is Peter Rosenberg will be right in Rosenberg. This is the program for you as a family caregiver not so collaborating on that song committed for the bumper that is gracing my wife with rest have an extra proceeding, resilient copy that day. That song every villager done and go after websites usually get a copy of the CD into your to do that but I love that because the joy of the Lord is our strength that had a friend of mine. The pastor who told me not to Tivoli loan go because I still struggle with this and I'm just being candid with you. I still struggle because I think I haven't achieved this why my you know still just try to keep my nose above water and he said perseverance is his own success and I really subscribe that for us as caregivers that we are persevering to this and the joy of the Lord is our strength in this that were not just doing this and depleting everything we have that we have an inexhaustible supply of strength that comes from the joy of the Lord, not the happiness that we all seem as a culture determined to fill our lives with his happiness, but joy which is this this almost indescribable sense of all the work of God in our life and just to be with him in his presence and the peace the calmness the acceptance of trusting him in his hand of sovereignty and this all of those things Lynn together to strengthen us in this journey, knowing that he who began a good work is faithful to complete to the day of Christ Jesus is Paul's I have my longtime friend Eric Walker, Rabbi Eric Walker here with us today and we go to end on that note of instead of we started off with so many of us ask, how do I get out of this and then the question becomes reframed. What do I get this that we are stuck we going to stop cursing the obstacle stop beating the donkey that is stopping because the donkey sees an angel like bailiffs. Donkey did and we can't so we just beat the donkey gives stop with the cursing of the obstacle and ask a better question Lord what do I get out of this Lord. How can I grow in this. How can I experience your joy in this. These are much better questions for us as caregivers as human beings and take is that with that. All I can hear my God will revive all my needs according to his riches in glory in Christ, my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, shed blood of man provide for all of my needs according to his riches in glory, but the trees of the field, clap their hands at all creation, saying, glory to God's will. Peter I think about the refiner's fire burning off of it to also list the crucible get Hotmail message separates the impurities from the perfect has to go through refiner's fire, you can't rub it out. You can't press it out. You can't beat it out. You have to put it into the silver, the silversmith can't disbelieve it and set it and forget yes the work that sober until he can see his reflection and that's when he knows it's ready. And so we have to embrace the refiner's fire and say Lord whatever it is you want for me, not from me.

For me, I stayed earlier. God doesn't want to do more for him. What does God need my father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. God need to do more with you invite them to your table. Invite them to your problems is not a surprise, but after Jesus asked the obvious question. The man was a paralytic he could not walk.

He asked me what you want want to walk and I knew that though I hear him ask what hear him say it out loud because the power of life and death was in the speak it now that secret place and make it known repairs and petition a written petition with bunker signatures on your voice, your petition before God.

God's plans are perfect. If we would just allow the perfection of his will so narrow cited was also shortsighted.

We can only see so while we can't see past the horizon. Nowhere in the world, can any man, woman or child see past the Verizon is the same for everybody when they can see the whole picture. God. No man can sleep on shore limited by sight. But if we walk by faith and not by sight and some of God is telling us to do the walk by faith not by sight.

They can look impossible, but that doesn't make it impossible you don't have the power to determine what's possible is not possible because you're not the creator. Your the creation on make all this. I didn't make all this, we are but dust.

You know that's that's what Joe discovered in MO struck by that God allowed thirtysomething chapters of bad theology to be on display as Job's friends try to wrestle with why God was doing what he was doing and when God shows up at the end he speaks to Job.

He asked the right questions.

Where were you.

Where were you at a gave Job the perspective of dealing with the Almighty. In a way that he did not expect where were you in you when you start to see in the question that God ask of us the I love that existed up at all of us to address you as a man, and it is it's of its of magnificent place and it doesn't it doesn't ease a lot of our fears and doubts in and in pain.

Certainly, of things. These these are humbling things that we have to deal with this caregivers and particularly up to watch others suffer, and these are these are very humbling things and perspective generating if we allow them in. You know I had to come to a place where I realize for Gracie, for example, she has a Savior I'm not that Savior knows her husband that is your character and I half to take my hands off whatever God is doing in this thing and serve in a way that he directs. I get that right. Sometimes I get really wrong. A lot of times, but that's where grace and mercy are extended and NI I is I hear you say these things and I know that there are those listing today who are who are struggling in this area think they look, it's that their lives are so defeated because they just wake up every day to new task in or the same task in an and more misery within everybody, the Scripture says each morning I see new mercies, and these are things I wanted to offer to just buy fellow caregivers to say look, there is a different perspective here, but but unless you've done this for a long time.

You may not see the stakes in UT. We need people around us that can help us see we need people that help us tear up the roof and lower us down to Jesus. I've had to have people like that in my life that I just couldn't see it that sometimes I didn't want to see it. Eric I am want see I wanted.

I just wanted God to fix it. I wanted to be done to me. What good is this God would allow somebody to suffer on this level and I struggled with all those things and I went through those dynamics and so I'm I'm offering these things that I've struggled with over a lifetime to my fellow caregivers to say okay. Does this make sense with where you are. You understand what I'm saying to you now and does it do you feel less isolated to know that others are or have and are struggling with the same things, and here's what we're learning from it, and here's what I am gleaning from this journey and the thing that I am gleaning is that it is possible.

This is the whole point of hope for the caregiver. It is possible for us is caregivers through Christ that we can live calmly. We can live healthier and we can live more joyful life in the midst of the brokenness that we see every day.

We cannot do this on our own close so with God all things are possible without God you can make progress on your own never goes you never find that peace that passes all understanding. Even in your circumstances become a piece you can perfect but God is in charge and if you share the gospel with love or you yourself need to hear that God Landfield light takes a decision on your part.

If you want to give up if up to him your agenda take his teaching porch light. The menu don't have to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has its own problem. Jesus said in Matthew six. Why do you worry about tomorrow. What community do you can add one error tier 1 dark-haired year had Peter right here in the Arctic block my Arctic blonde hair that listen I have so enjoyed this irregular I got another topic that were going to get into next time I cannot help but think when the show airs the reason doing this with you right now is because I'll be with Gracie in Denver as she goes through this very, very, very serious surgery is something to be listening to my Prograf that morning, not as the host of the listening is an audience member to these words because I know it'll be airing right after the surgery and we are going into the biggest surgical that she's had since her car wreck 38 years ago and this will be her 82nd that I know of, and so these words mean something to me that this the worst kept secret is that the whole reason I do this program is to speak to my own heart. Like David did exactly just encourage myself to the Lord as I continue on my journey as a caregiver and brings me a great deal of comfort and joy.

Know that other caregivers respond to this and are able to doing this will think the truth of God is a string, Eric Walker has been a great friend through this and having once more he's in igniting the What this website, igniting a to learn more of him and get a hold of his vast library dispute. Roseburg will see you next. Some of you know the remarkable story of Peter's wife Gracie and recently Peter talk to Gracie about all the wonderful things that have emerged from her difficult journey. Take a listen Gracie. When you envision doing a prosthetic limb outreach.

Did you ever think the inmates would help you do that, not in a million years. When you go to the facility run by core civic and you see the faces of these inmates that are working on prosthetic limbs that you helped collect from all of the country that you put out the plea for and their disassembly sell these legs like what you have your own prosody and arms and orange everything when you see all this makes me cry as I see this on their faces and I know what it is been locked in place where you can't get out without somebody else allowing you to get out me in the hospital. These men are so glad they get to be doing is one thing said something good with my did you know before you became in a PT that parts of prosthetic limbs could be recycled and had no idea I thought Peg leg. I thought it wouldn't legs. I never thought of titanium and carbon legs and flexibly see legs and all that. I never thought about. As you watch these inmates participate in something like this, knowing that there there helping other people available providing the means for the supplies to get over there.

What is it do you just on the heart level. I wish I could explain to the world.

What I see in here and I wish that I can be able to come and say the this guy right here in Africa with that.

I never not feel that way out every time you know you always make me have to lead I don't want to leave. I feel like I'm at home with them and I feel like that we have a common bond that would never expected that only God could put together.

Now that you've had experience with it what you think of the faith based programs. The core civic offers.

I think there is absolutely awesome and I think every prisoner out there that have faith-based program ties the return rate at the man that are involved in this particular faith-based program and other ones like it, but I know that this one, is amazingly low rate here has and I think that is that is with me just has something to do with God is broken want to donating use prosthetic limbs Weatherford and Loveland passed away or you know somebody well-groomed you donated some of your own for the data out of the please go to staining gain. We

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