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Avoiding Falls

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 8, 2021 12:21 pm

Avoiding Falls

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 8, 2021 12:21 pm

We can publish this podcast FREE to you - because we have great sponsors. I want to introduce our newest sponsor: HEAT TRAK. 
These are heated mats that can be left out all winter long - that help keep you and your loved one SAFE while getting in and out of the car, walking on the deck, or going to the mailbox.

What about your business or church - are the entryways safe, dry, and stable? 
With Heat Trak, they can be!  and use the coupon code CAREGIVER for a 10% discount. They have all kinds of sizes and will customize the mats to fit the needs of your home, business, or church. 

I have them at my home - and now family members' home to help keep them, Gracie, and myself safe during snowy and icy conditions. 

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According to latest figures from CDC approximately 1 million people each year experience ice or snow related fall and sadly 17,000 of those in fatality computer Roseburg. This is hope for the caregiver. I want to tell you about our new sponsor. The call to keep track of these are snow and ice melting mats that are engineered to leave out all winter long. And I first heard about these from a friend of mine down the road who has mobility impairments uses crutches, and I was looking at his set up the head and we live in Montana. We live up of the Rockies. So we get quite a bit of snow out here and I moved out here from Tennessee were we got quite a bit of ice was always a problem because Gracie has two prosthetic legs and I'm back and forth all the time bringing in groceries and so forth and slipping and falling. Yeah, I've done it.

I've had it and she's fallen and cleaning off the driveway and making sure there's no ice in an implement, or even water in inclement conditions. This is been a problem and thus solve this with my friend head and I watched him navigate these things and man. It was wonderful. We got to the car safely to the garage safely. Everything was just nice and dry and safe. That's the whole point so I bought a couple of these myself and I put about Brite's interests as you come into our home. There's a the doorway would've pulled right up. I can get right out of the car integration can get out and safely get into the home and then I put another runner there for the rail so that when she's in the wheelchair if she needs to be in the Wiltshire can easily get around. This is been my introduction to this, and they do exactly what they are advertised to do and it's really easy it's it's very cost-effective particularly to a cost-effective it is.

It is far more affordable than your deductible and co-pay at the emergency room and that's the whole point of this. These things are energy-efficient they don't cause that must run you not running 24 seven you look at the weather report about an hour before bad weather hits you plug a man you got a safe dry surface for you and your loved one walk of all the times that your back and forth in the car pulling in groceries at your your helping with all the kind of things that we do as caregivers, and you're always in a hurry. You may be on your phone like I am all the time and I use Bluetooth earpiece is still not holding the phone to my ear but I'm still talking on and that's distracted and if you have slippery conditions while you're distracted carrying groceries whatever it's only a matter of time I have fallen before Gracie's fallen. This is the part of our life and to get a chapter my book called they're going to fall. Well guess what we're going to fall to and I know how to fall well. I have trained in martial arts for several years and so I can slap out of a fall that I could fall pretty well but is still hurts still uncomfortable and want take the chance when you could have a smooth dry surface that is safe for you to walk on air free caregiver in the 20s and you can go out to heat a TAT TR a put in the coupon code caregiver get a 10% discount they will customize this to whatever your needs are. You called and there's a service representative that a little work with you. Whatever your needs are. They have all kinds of different shapes and sizes of these that can connect maybe just need one maybe you need three maybe you need whole pathway. Whatever your needs are.

They can do it get 36 inch with that you can safely push a wheelchair on, you've got runners like like what I have got big wide mats that 48 inches long. You go 60 or you can get one this 30 feet long and if you have a set up where you can plug it into 240 they could do that they could customize what ever you need went to good time for you to take a tumble as a caregiver because of slippery conditions to good time for your level, the fall because of snow and ice with the people coming into your business. What about people coming in your church or synagogue. Think about all the entrances are the accessible think about your congregation. Think about the age group or the needs of that are the safe, getting in and out during inclement weather. Do you have to get out there and make sure you salted squeegee and shovel and everything else you have a safe place for them to be able to walk in and out for their car and not worry about false you can put it on a metal ramp if you got a ramp outside your business. You could put it on a ramp 700 thing you can put it on concrete and put it on wood.

All of the above and it will keep it nice and safe for your customers for your family for you.

By the way, you need steps they can help you with that as well. All types of ways that you and your loved one in your customers can stay safe and maybe you're not caregiver but you know someone who is. This is a great gift. Think about that special needs mom who is taking care of her child back and forth all the time having to do a lot of lifting and so forth, getting in and out of the house. I have several family members with mobility impairments, special needs kids aging parents. All of the above. Everybody needs to be able to get in safely to the house over. They walked out of the house to know that there standing on firm dry solid loading heat track.calm no more backbreaking shoveling snow before I got my match. We had a pretty big snowfall with we have an early snowfall out here in Montana. We had 3 feet of snow piled up on our deck and that was the last straw for me. I would heat track that week and they do exactly what they say they would do and I don't have to shovel anymore. I don't have to salt anymore. Even when you saw is still literally moisture on the ground and that becomes its own fall risk as well so I will walk outwards nice, safe, dry, and I will make sure I can get Gracie in and out of the car safely. Whether she's in a wheelchair whether she's using her prosthetic limbs. I will make sure she safe and he tracking helps me do that and I know to help you and your love as well. There is no need to put yourself in any of this drama getting keep track day coupon code

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