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Don't Stress About Christmas Shopping - Try This Instead

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 2, 2021 8:34 am

Don't Stress About Christmas Shopping - Try This Instead

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 2, 2021 8:34 am

As a caregiver, do you like shopping?  Do you enjoy traffic, crowds, lines, etc? 

Here's a suggestion that I worked out for fellow caregivers. 

Get all your shopping done at and use the promo code: caregiver 

You'll get a special discount on EVERYTHING on the site! 

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Nothing says Christmas like a wonderful family in Asia, getting a water buffalo is like getting a farm truck while working on getting the stand of the market.

A water buffalo open. More importantly, it opens the door to talk about Jesus and nothing says Christmas better than that.

Join Truth Network in supporting gospel for Asia gift and click on the Christmas critter campaign this be Rosenberger.

Do you like shopping.

Which of us does is caregivers shopping becomes even more excruciating that we just the thought of going up stores fighting the traffic, parking, going there trying to find something, whatever is just easier to call or go online and look for stuff that I get that I do that, but I also would.

What's the right product will want to just search through all the zillions of things it at Amazon or is there something specific that I can do.

Where it's all one place and this can be great gifts for for everyone on the list. Well, that's what I did I go to my you heard Mike Lindell's commercials and all the stuff that they do and I would have checked it out couple years ago I found that these pillows were everything they said they were there wonderful pillows and I called up the company exit hey would you all be willing to use a special promo code. A special discount for caregivers and they said yeah we would talk about what I do and the people and try to reach they said yes just use the promo code caregiver they they set it up so you can use the promo code caregiver and you can get a discount on everything at the site that promo code is caregiver and try it out and see. I bought pillows about backstop or subplot sheets and give them as gifts. I took when Gracie went to the hospital couple months ago and she had to have surgery when she could've fallen she broke her femur on her leg and so she's in the hospital for a while. Mattress topper over there and I took some of her pillows is just more comfortable for her that a hospital bed and in hospital pillows by the end she loved him and that when she gets home I just told him the washer hunt and I clean them and they use them in the dryer and get rid of all the hospital cooties and those sheets are extremely luxurious, delicate slippers and so forth have asked for these for Christmas except for myself, and there are lots of different gifts that you can get there for loved ones in your life. What's it worth to you.

Have a good night sleep to be comfortable.

You know that's a great gift for yourself what are you what are you getting this Christmas whose spine the gifts and maybe your love one can buy just for you but you do what you can do this for yourself and use that promo code caregiver listening time to get a good night sleep is about time comfortable as you journey on this. It doesn't take much of me I don't need exotic things as a caregiver to to help me be a little more comfortable, and I found that sleeping on great sheets and having wonderful pillows in all these mattress toppers that they have in things such as that towels things are wonderful. Go to my type in the promo code caregiver and get your list done today one-stop shopping. No traffic, no fuss, no must know, getting out and trying to coordinate schedules and everything else done just the click of my promo code is caregiver and look at all the discount you will get 11

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