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Kathie Lee Gifford Discusses Her New Book, "It's Never Too Late."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 12, 2020 7:00 am

Kathie Lee Gifford Discusses Her New Book, "It's Never Too Late."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 12, 2020 7:00 am

Kathie Lee Gifford called the show to discuss her new book, "It's Never Too Late."  While Kathie Lee remains a household name, Gracie and I have had the privilege of getting to know her a little more up close and personal. You'll hear this in our candid conversation about trusting God in heartache, forgiveness, and loneliness. 

Yet, you will also hear a lot of laughter. But as Kathie Lee says about moments of great sorrow that often right turn into joy "...that's life!" 

You will want to listen and then share this wonderful interview with delightful woman who's brought joy and laughter ...and inspiration to millions of us for a lifetime. 

About Peter Rosenberger

Now in his 35th year as a caregiver for his wife, Gracie, Peter Rosenberger offers a lifetime of experience as a lifeline to fellow caregivers. His show, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER, is syndicated on more than 200 stations, and he is author of several books and a lengthy list of published commentaries. 

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Christmas gift why not want the chicken under the tree and leaving applicable as Christmas gifts chicken maybe it's not the get for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia. 100% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family. Jesus family this Christmas, give them six explanation see chickens and camping family caregiver and he does the small was Gracie from her CD, resilient, and she is indeed resulting I got another lady on the phone who was resilient and had the privilege to get to know her for lo these many years and heard her talking about her new book and it really grabbed me the title of it in the message of it because so many family caregivers think that it's too late. It's that their life is forfeit in exchange for the person or caring for and they struggle under this burden. I thought I would reach out want to come on the show and that is another woman who has a powerful voice and a lover singing in the liver musical of her heart.

I love her laughter, and I've made her laugh and that's Kathy Lee Gifford she's with us at the high side.

You have made me laugh. I have made. When you greatly came on the paycheck that was I was telling Jonathan before you will and I sit for whatever reason, I tend to be a little bit unfiltered things just pop out of my mouth that I'm a proud grandpa bring him back but I Just Let It Go so You Know What I Made a Career Because I like That. I Say That I Can't Believe I Haven't Changed and You Have Either. With John Made the Way We Are Far-Reaching. She Did Bless Her Heart He You You Just Moved to Nashville after 35 Years Grace and I Left.

Nationally Live up in the Rockies of Montana Your House. It Is Gorgeous and I Have a Traffic Light Intercounty Part of American Now and for Mediating the Culture of the Northeast Is Really What I Was Leaving I Was Left a Job, but I People That I Love and Adore and Tell My Friends They Always Will Be, but It Was the Culture That Was Killing Me. The Culture of Chaos Now and Many, Many of Our Major City.

I Was Working on a Movie Here in Nashville Coming up for a Whole Year Back and Forth, Back and Forth Working on Cowriting All the Music for a Movie Called Then Came You Writing with a Brilliant Writer Named James and down Every Time I Get on a Plane Peter to Go Home on a Sunday Evening I Go Speaking, I Thought I Had Difficult Kind.

I've Been through Now to Election in This Area and Never Once Did, and That I Get an Argument with Anybody about Anything Minutes and Always Thank You. Now, after You about You Not Get Together and Have a Drink in My File. When They down Here but Usually in a Football Game Is Different World and I Literally My Spirit Was Being Crushed and and Might My Soul Was Rotting.

I Just I Got It Make New Memories for the Old Ones Are Going to Kill and I'm Not Ready to Die. Well We We Can Change That Same Epiphany for Several Reasons. One Is the Humidity I'm a Child of the Celtics Was Gracie Coming on Country with a K and We Came out Here Because the Low Humidity in the Cool Air Is Just Easier on Her Arthritis We Become Another for 30 Years and I Was Sitting on and Bumper-To-Bumper Traffic in 9000 Heat and Humidity Built about 65 after Hundred of Syria and I'm Thinking Why Am I Doing This so the Biggest Traffic Jam. I Have out Here Is Usually Cattle and Then You Have To Stop for Now and That's What I'm Having Her Orient and I'm so Glad for You. You Know We We Need P and I like to Paycheck and a Roof over Our Heads. We Need P after Frank Passed and after My Children Had Had Left and They Were Pursuing Their Own Lives, Which That's What I Reason to Do Happy That They Were Doing That in Los Angeles You Know I Just I Would and Crushing Loneliness and I Think That's True for Many, Many People As They Get Older As Well That We Start We Start to Lose so Much That That's What We Basically Just You Know Seem to Be Much Much More Aware of the Loss in Our Life Rather Than What We Still Have Weak Mechanical A Lot More Funerals Than the Kind Meetings We Can Take on Anything Anymore. But You Know Anything at a Certain Point of Your Age You yet. It's All about People Losing Losing Your Job Losing Your Luck Losing Your Spouse Losing Control of Your Body Losing All of That Losing Hope and out, but That's Not the That's Not the Way God Wants Us to Live Our Lives. Nobody and Retired in the Bible. They Just Got and I Think We Should Take a Extra Look at That and Say Okay When My What Should I Still Be Doing Even Though I Am Older, Even Though I Don't Have the Same Job Anymore, but What Can I Still Do. That's Going to Make Me Feel Fulfilled to Make Me Feel like Somebody Needed Me, and I Could Be There for Them and That's Something Everybody Can Do. Truly, Anybody Can Do. Look at Your Life. Look at You Gracie. Gracie Has Had More Happen to Her Than Almost Anybody I Know. But She's Wakes up in the Morning. Is That Okay in Order to Have a Pulse. I Have a Perk As She Does and She She Was Somebody Was. She Just Says Be Little Bit Because His Intelligence Was 2020 Would Go with You This Deceases.

She Says Stop There.

A Lot Of People Wish They Could Have One More Day with Someone Even Even in 2020 and She Lives with A Lot Of Gratitude and This Place out Here.

If You Slow down Here and We Had so Many Surgeries Initial She's up to over 80 Male and so I Spent so Many Surgeries and It Was so Much Pain and She Said You Know I Want to Be Surrounded by Beauty and Slow Slow Things down a Little Bit and Feed the Horses in the Winter of Fuller Slid Fully behind My Snowmobile in Most of the Local Rancher out Here and She Said She Loves Feeding the Livestock Because They're Always Happy to See You Horses up to Be the Letter Even If What It's 20 below That There Always Happy to See Me and Walk outside Sometimes and I See the Stars and That the Sunsets Must Soul Was so Tired from All the Chaos of of Our Life Even inside and out for Places Nashville That Somebody Mother Said Must Soul Was Weird and so I Get It When I'm Not Quite so I'm so Wary Exactly When. A Lot Of People Anywhere in the Caregiver Might That's Arab My My Parents before They Both past and She Lived near Them since She Got the Bulk of It and My Mom's Been Gone Now Three Years and and Yeah Frank Died in 2015 My Mom Died 2073 Years Now and I Can't Keep Track of Anything More. But My Fixture Is Now Enjoying Life like She Hasn't in Decades and Decades to 3.and but but but Boy Did She Understand the Fellow Wearing Everything.

The Day They Needed Something and She Felt like How Can I Get Any More Northern. I'm Already Getting and Every Day. He Gave Her Manner. He Gave the Hebrews and What They Needed. One Day at a Time.

That's What He Did for Current 20 Send Me I Have Done for Anybody in a Draw near to God. We Have Drawn near to You. If You're Feeling Far Away from God. Could You Not Him but a Lady Calling the Show Last Week and She Said We Know the Lord Never Puts More Money Than You Can Handle This. Dr. Said No That's Not Actually True. He Asked the Blind Man to See a Deaf Man to Hear the Dead Men Walk Out Of the Great, He Doesn't Put More on You Than He Can Handle That I Have Anything to Scripture. When You Ask Them Okay Where It Got Chapter and Verse on That It Not in the Bible Know That It Been Found of It but It Said That My God Will Supply All My Needs, All According to His Glorious Rest in Christ Jesus for 19 Not Sure I'm Not Not That I Know That That's What That and I Agree with That and He Does Give Us More Than We Can Bear. And That's Right We Cling to Him and It's Hard to Get That through. It's Hard to Cry out to Save You Don't Think You Need and Not the Truth.

So This Is When One Started the Show.

Some Years Ago I Was Determined to Do Two Things I Wanted to Penetrate into the Isolation of Caregivers Because You Can Test for This with Your Sister and Some of Things That You Dealt with Was Frank and You Don't Have To Went to All the Details of His Last Days, and so Forth. But I Know They Were Painful Times, but the Loneliness That Comes the Isolation That Comes from Caregivers and Caregivers Can Feel Isolated in a Crowded Room and We Can Feel Isolated on a Crowded Pew and in Some Wanted to Penetrate into That with Hopefully Some Some Insights and Some Wisdom. I'm in My 35th Year of This Now and Also Help Bring Some Good Theology. Tutsis Cover so You Do Not Just Give You a Greeting Card Messages. What I Heard You Talking I Was Listening on Martha McCallum on Fox and Grayson Are Watching Together in It. She Still about What She's Doing Okay. We FedEx a Couple Leg Issues out Here That We Will Try to Just with Her Prosthetics and That's Always Been a Little Bit Challenging Because It's Not Because She's an Amputee.

It's Because the Rest of Her so Broken She's Orthopedic Train Wreck and so They Have. There's A Lot Of Allotment Issues. In This She Cut the Coronavirus. Then She Just She's Just Coming off of the Belt Was Single so She's Not Really Had the Best Hour of Our Sewing and Then in This She's Married to Me. You Know That's Not Alone. We Were We Were at Walter Reed Want with a Young Woman and She Lost Her Leg on the Field. There Are ED and She Was Just Precious Young Lady and and She Looked Gracie and She Had Big Tears in Her Eyes. She Said You Ever Think of Going to Find a Boyfriend and Grace through Her Thumb over Me Simplify This Got Us a Gracie Has Suffered Really Grace but No III Wanted to Do This and What I Listen to the Enthusiasm You Had and I and I Could Just See so Many My Caller so Only These Listeners Who Are Just Living in Such Heartbreaking Isolation Thinking That God Is Forgotten That There Stuck All of Ours All Night You Don't Cheat Doing Laundry and Changing Adult Diapers and Cleaning up Messes and and and Everything Else. Or or Special-Needs Families and so Forth. And I Thought No, and One Thing That You Said I Want You to Unpack This Take As Long As You Want, Because This Is Really Important to My Audience into Me Personally What You Have To Say on This.

The Goal for All of Us Is Caregivers Is to Stand at a Grave One Day That We May Not Do That. Lord May Choose to Do It Differently, but That's Our Goals.

We Don't Want Our Love Will to Live without Us.

But I Am Trying to Help My Caregivers and Myself. See the Net. We Don't Want to Stand There with Her Fist Clenched at Resentment at Our Love Wanted Family and Friends Who Didn't Help the Way We Thought They Should or Doctors or Even That God and Interest in When You Said It's Never Too Late for Forgiveness and so Many People Think That They Can't Forgive Because the Love What's Going on or Whatever.

And Forgiveness Doesn't Mean It Doesn't Matter. It Just Means That You're Going to Trust God to Sort This out and Not Yourself You to Take Your Hands off of Someone Else's Throat Talk Little Bit about That. Well I Think I Shall Become like Family. Kind of like Working Again 770 at the Perfect Perfect Number 44 Love.

It's What Happened on the Cross 770 What Happened What It It's What Happens When We Love Unconditionally Get Out Of Our Own Pain and Say April Anything about Me. The Trouble Is Our Own Selfishness, Even Not When I Create My Husband's Infidelity. It Didn't Mean All Our Problems Went Away. We Had No One. We I Had to Learn to Trust Him Again. He Had to Earn and You Know but but but If I Had Never Forgiven Him Whose Life Would've Been Destroyed. Besides My Mind Would've Been Thankfully Bent Our Children but Again and Then Everybody Else That Works Trust with the Family and All the People We Take Care Of. I've Been Doing Looked to Her for about Two Weeks Now and That's the First Time I Cough Someone Went Back. Don't Forget We Only Hurt Ourselves When We Hate It Doesn't Hurt for Haiti and Hate Hate Her.

And Jesus Said Forgive Them Father for They Know Not What They Do. How Many Times Have We Had to Say That in Our Life. Jesus Did Not Use the King James Language That Father They Don't Know Their Crucifying the Creator. They Don't Know. I'd Come to Set Them Free. They Don't Know. I Love You and I Are One Fatherly Love a Check and That I Try to Model My Life on Our Lord and I'm Glad Somebody Time but I Keep Getting Not Kiki for Giving Me and There Is No Condemnation in Christ the Lord so He Can and I'm Not to Condemn Anyone You Could Truth and We Don't Have the Right to Lead You, You Love People.

I Command You to Lock People Leave Everything out to Me. Leave All Judgment Leave All Jack Lead Everything up to Me Because I Am God, and Guess What You Want and It It We Been Battling This since the Gardening Would Get. We Want to Be God. We Think We Know Better. We Have a Better Way and We Certainly Don't Understand Suffering We Don't Understand like a Loving God Would Allow Suffering, but I Me Gave As You Know Peter You Gator Three Will Separate from the Rest of the of the Animal Kingdom. We Have, We Can Make Choices about the Way We Want to Live Our Lives, and Too Often We Have Chosen Enmity with Chosen Anger with Chosen Bitterness with Chosen Hatred with Chosen Racism We Chemically Make Those Choices Not Want That for Anybody's Life but We Choose It and Then We Blame Him When Our Life Will Turn out That They Would like to Be No We Don't Remember the Fact That All Yeah like That. That's True. I Didn't Do That.

I Did Think That I Did Choose That Yeah That Was Me, but We Blame and the Beautiful Thing about It Is That He Can Take You Know You Can Take All of It When He Can't Take the Heart Ache about Rejecting and and so Many People Reject Him from All Different Kinds of Reasons, Many of Them Rejected Because They Feel That He Could Never Love Them Because of What They've Done in My Life Again Decided That They Are Better Judge of Themselves Than God Himself. God Says I Love You God Because I Feel It As a Child of Mine.

I'm Been a Wreck You in a Robe of Righteousness, Put a Ring on Your Finger and I'm Been a Call for the Added To Be Prepared Because I Love You and You Come Home Looking Started to Got a Celebration Not a God Condemnation That Is All of Those Are Terrible, Terrible Translation Out Of the Bible by People Who Never Read the Greek Never-Ending Hebrew and Just Think They Know What That They Don't. And the Worst One You Will Probably Get People to Crucify Me I Don't Care. I Think Adding Rabbinic Lady in That It Was the Way That Rabbis Do. The Bill In the New Testament for Years and Years and Years and and the King James Version, Which Some People Think Is the Only Divinely Inspired Word of God Is the Worst Translation of Any of Them out. Jesus Did Not Speak the King's English, He Spoke He Spoke Aramaic and He Spoke Greek and He Can and I Connected with 1510 Whatever That That That That King James Version Was Written Know Jesus Was a Jew, He Would Not English. Jesus Was a Jew. His Mother Wasn't You Partly Thought It Was a Jew and All of His Disciples Were You People Are so Biblically Sort of Ignorant and I'm Not Condemning Them 400 Telling You the Truth I Have People Come up to Mail All the Time about Catholic Right. I Don't Joke When They Say That They Been Taught All Their Lives Could Truth and Downright Lock If You Want to Get Joy in Your Life You Want to Get an Understanding with the Scriptures Say Start Studying It Genetically Read a Bible Called the Tree of Life, Written by Messianic Rabbi, and It'll Tell You What the Bible Really Really Sad We Could Going to That for Hours and Hours That but but I Know from It Is That God Did Not Want Us to Suffer. He Put It in a Garden Community with Him.

He Put It in Garden for Love Each Other, Be Fruitful and Multiply, and Any Putting in a Garden to Work. You Think in Perfection and yet He Still Felt Steward's Ownership Is Big Part of What We Talked about on This That We Don't Own This. I Don't Own the Siding Do This to Gracie and I Can't Undo It on the Steward of It, and Ultimately This Is to My Listeners a Salute Look at Your Hands If You Don't See Male Princes Agers to Fix and Ragweed. We Were Spitting Some Some Trite Way That They Appear Will We Spent so Much Time Trying to Fix Something That That Is Not Ours to Fix That. I Don't Know Why Gracie Suffers to Know What Think Back I Know Why She Suffers. I Don't Know Why God Doesn't Intervene and Are Suffering and and I I Don't Understand It and I Struggle with. But As I Struggle with and There's Nothing like Caring for a Woman with Disabilities for Couple Decades to Expose the Gunk in the. The Bad Theology in Your Own Soul and End God Has Use These Things to As a Crucible for Me to to Explore His Goodness and Provision Mess with the Cross Looms so Large and and This Is the Message I Want My Fellow Caregivers to Understand Is That This Is Not Punishment, Gracious, Loving Politics, That Was All Taken Care Of at the Cross. This Is Part of This Broken World. But It Is Being Redeemed Even As We Watch It in Front of Us and You Know and and I See so Many People in Bondage. This Is When You Started with It. It's Never Too Late and I Look at This over the People Need to Hear This, That Their Life Is Not over Me. I'm Working through Lunch.

On the Day of My Funeral When I'm Not Stopping in and I It's Never Too Late to Not Require Doing God's Work, but It's Never Too Late to Forgive.

It's Never Too Late to Trust God with What Ever Is Going on and I a Deal with People Calling Him with Just Heartbreaking Realities. And yet This Is into This.

I Want Them to Hear the Special Want to Hear from You.

You Know What I Went through My Own Moral Failures Myself As I Outed Myself on Your Show but There Was the Story behind Even Why Did That That Was Not Arbitrary. I Did It Intentionally, but Then I'm I'm in a Position Where I Am Caring for the Very Woman That I Wound and I I Look at This and in the Context of the Cross in the Context of God's Provision in and in You the Depth of His Mercy and Grace in This and What He's Able to Reach into the Most Horrific of Things and Weave Redemption in Ways We Can Even Imagine. And That That's What That's What I Heard from You the Other Night When You're Doing This Interview.

That's What I'm Hearing from You in This Book and from Your Hard from Years of Known You Is That If You If Were Willing to Trust It However Scared until This Month.

Fellow Caregivers Just Understand That His Scarred Hand Is Holding onto Your Scared and in and Gracie Scars Are Temporary There Not to Be and She Never Have the Scores in Eternity, but His Scars Are Eternal and That Means Everything to Us That He Did This in and so As We Timidly, However, Timidly We Do Trust You, but I Know You've Been Very Public about A Lot Of the Things in Your You Been Public about Everything in Your Life. Get Be Honest.

I Got Help. Everybody Got What I Keep My Own and I Keep I Think It Got to Go to My Grave with Me to Pick up People That Never Could Tell I Won't Been Very Open about My Life and I Tried to Live in on One You like Me or Don't like Me Thought It on Faith That I Can That Will Be to Gracie Everybody Know She's and If You Did with That I Mean Everybody Just to See Her Limb and We Don't. It Is Not How Limited the Tale Was How Great the Savior and Index Arm Exemption. It Is in and I Remember One Time Grace Don't Go through with Me Personally Know This Many Years Ago and I Just Came off the Public for Loan, Then Play the Piano to Respect I'm Thinking but He Knew I Played and and and Then One Wednesday Night Right before Thanks Giving Him a Communion Service at Church.

The Pastor Would Walk with through All the Stuff He Said I Want You to Play While the People Are Having Communion I Looked in a Minute but Tears from Us Us and I'm Not Worthy to Do This and He Said If an Employee and in Another. Pastor Toby Said We Excommunicate People from the Church, but We Also Come Home Indicate the Gospel in This Is What You Been Doing in This Book Is Co-Muting the Beauty of the Gospel to People Whose Lives Are so Wounded and so Lonely and so Scared and and I I Know That Must It Cost You Something to Write This Book.

You Don't Write a Book like This and Just Glibly Show Me This You There There.

I Would Imagine There Tears on the Page. At Some Point This Thing Every Oh but Sometimes I Think Out Of the Story Hold That Now I Feel Feel Free That I Can Or Just Because I Learned More Information, I Don't Know but I Just Prayed over Every Word Court and Every Every Paycheck, the Lord, I Don't Want to Hurt Anybody. I Want to Help Hurting People. So I Thought It How All Book to Embarrass or to Hurt Anyone. I Tell Truth about People That Hurt Me, but I Have No Enmity toward Hatred and Internet People People Hurt Out Of Their Own and That's Why Been Able to Always Forgive Whatever Somebody Did or Said Because I Know That Good People, Happy People, Joyful People Don't Go around Hurting People Get Woken People and I Can Know I Can Print One Here and You Know What They're Going to Help Them Learn and Help Me Help Me Get Mobbed on the Way You You Love Me and What the Hurt and See the Following like Somebody like Howard Stern. I Thought about the 30 Years It Took for Us to Come to a Place of This Kind of Redemption in Our Crazy Story for Things like That.

I Meant to People Are That Are Well Known in the World but I Didn't Try to Write a Book about Who Is to Visit My People That I Think It Is in the People That I Had Impact with an Interest in Interaction with Everything in My Life Because of the Nature Who I Was Married to What I Did for a Living, but What Makes for I Get Interesting Reading, but behind Every One of Those Howard Stern about the People That Have Had Somebody for 30 Years That That They Needed to Forget or Needed to Get Right. I Forgave Howard 30 Years Ago the First, but He Didn't Know It and Think Story in the Book.

I Tried to Interesting Stories I Want for Anybody I'm an Entertainer, I Learned That a Long Time Ago. The Worst Thing You Can Do More, You Know Entertainment but I Hope It Goes from Malaria. For Hardy and Heartbreaking Because like That in the Blink of an Eye.

Laughing Yourself Sick over Something and Crying Her Eyes out. The Next Hour. That's Life. But Life We Doing with Your Right Exactly RTM and Are Scared When I Love That Beautiful but Would That I Think That Really Will.

This Is Something I've Learned about You in the Fetal Position, Asking God for Mercy and Understanding That Mercy There Was Great and Free Pardon, There Was Multiplied to Me There. My Burden so for Liberty at Calvary When You See the Goodness of God. It Does Change How You Fit, How You Interact with Other People with These Things and This Is Something I Yearn for My Fellow Caregivers and Myself to Is That Is That What Ever Your Caring Right Now. Whatever It Is and I Know It's Painful, I Get It It It's Hard to Watch Things That You Can Control Is Hard What Someone Suffer.

I Get That to but He Who Began a Good Work Is Faithful to Complete and This Is the Message Kathy Lee Has Is That It's Never Too Late.

As Long As You Breathing You Have Purpose in the Kingdom of God. And Then When He Takes You Home yet Purpose in That Kingdom and It's It's a Beautiful It's a Beautiful Testimony to a Remarkable Life, Kathy Lee and I Appreciate You Taking the Time on the Show with Me Today or Always Will I Become on with This.

This Was the Message I Wanted People to Hear and Thank You and When People Go to Your Website Right Is Kathy Lee The Book Is Wherever Books Are Sold. Correct Sled Dogs Bring Our Books out Here with You. I Heard That We Always Get We Always Have a White Christmas Here and I Hope That You Get by Lawyer Write Yourself As a Brother While You Enjoy Being a Mother-In-Law All My God I Had Out Of Their Lives and Let Them Live. I Only I Only Knew What They What They Want Me to Do. I Only Come Visit When They Invite Me. I Only Get My Opinion It for We All Get along Great with. We Have Three Grandchildren. We We Started Young Doctor Said You Know If You Guys Going to Have Children You Need More. Your Conscription Was Broken so I Went to Gracing Us. It Will We Gotta Do This. Maybe the Doctor Says We Have To Not Get a Prescription Everything.

I Don't Know If It's Covered under Obama Care Which Is Covered on the Plunger and No I Can Tell You More If You Are a Delight.

You Are Just a Delight. Thank You Taking the Time We Will Suffer and Train Smoke. That's What We Need to Record Resilient Train Smoke but You Are As You Have a Typewritten Hero to Be Able to Christmas around and in the Nashville Area You'll Enjoy Heather Know I'm Going off with Their with Their Effective In-Laws and I Have a Gender like My Friend in All Years and That Is Will Have Will We Will Have More Snow. It's Not A Lot, My Love You Peter You Hair Thank You Very Much. Did You Do. Christmas in Their Book Is Called. It's Never Too Late. Thank Gracie Rosenberger 26 Years Ago I Walked for the First Time in Two Prosthetic Legs.

I Saw Firsthand How Important Quality Prosthetic Limbs Are 20 PT This Understanding Compelled Me to Establish Standing without More Than a Dozen Years We've Been Working with the Government of Ghana in West Africa, Equipping and Training Local Workers to Build and Maintain Quality Prosthetic Limbs for Their Own People on a Regular Basis We Purchase and Ship Equipment and Supplies and with the Help and Inmates in a Tennessee Prison. We Also Recycle Parts from Donated Lambs. All of This Is to Point Others to Christ. The Source of My Help and Strength These Visit Standing to Learn More and Participate in Lifting Others out That Standing with I'm Gracie and I'm Standing with Help

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